OneDrive Sync After Upgrading

Jul 29, 2015

Onedrive on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 allowed me to view all my Onedrive files whether they were "available online only" or "available offline only". After upgrading to Windows 10, just a handful of folders appear and the folders display as empty.

I right-clicked on the folders but there's no option to see "Available Online" or "Available Offline" anymore. All my files appear on Onedrive via the browser so they didn't go anywhere.

I unlinked my Onedrive through the desktop and removed my PC from the Onedrive website. I signed set them up fresh again. Onedrive Setup Wizard only gives me the option to choose what files to sync or only a few. I would like to sync everything, but that's over 1 terabyte of data that doesn't fit on my 128GB Surface.

Only the Documents and Music folders show me the folders stored within that folder, and now Onedrive says those can't be synced either. I've installed all necessary firmware updates and fixes after upgrading to Windows 10. I love the UI but no working Onedrive means I'll most likely downgrade until a fix is available.

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Onedrive Sync Selection

Jan 16, 2016

So, I am just now getting around to trying to solve this problem due to the fact that I am needing to use the computer that has this problem at the moment. When ever anything that would put crap in My Documents (I.E. Rockstar) it instead goes to onedrive. The System will not let me change the setting on where documents get saved automatically. when I try to change it the selection box just goes blank. if I try to select "This PC" again it will then show up, however if I go away and come back the setting is back to saying "OneDrive".

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How To Easily Sync Onedrive Files

Aug 24, 2015

I just upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday and now I have a serious problem with Onedrive. All of my save files for programs like Quickbooks are stored on Onedrive. Further, photos and other files that I use for my real estate business are stored on Onedrive. Many files can go as far as 15 folders deep.

Now that smart files are gone, I have no access to all of my folders in Onedrive, which means that I can no longer easily drag and drop files that I need saved on onedrive. Nor can I access my files if I need to send a file as an attachment in an email, or open up a company in Quickbooks.

Basically, the onedrive client is completely useless. Is there an alternative? What do I do? My files are way larger than my local HD space

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OneDrive App - Can't See Any Of Content Unless Sync It Down To Device

Aug 18, 2015

So the new OneDrive experience in windows 10 sucks, I can't see any of my content unless I sync it down to the device. It also appears that there is no longer a OneDrive App that you Can download for the store. Is this correct or am I just missing it? So my only option to access my 30GB of OneDrive data is the browser???

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OneDrive Online Not Updating - Out Of Sync

Feb 7, 2016

My one drive in my computer does not update One drive on line.
I had to do a reinstall of Win 10 pro and ever since this has been out of sync.

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Apps :: Can't Get OneDrive To Sync Properly And Can Only See It As Folder

Feb 23, 2016

I upgraded my samsung laptop to w10 & recently bought a linx w10 tablet. I also have an Android 5.1 smartphone. I set up onedrive on all 3.

The tablet & smartphone function properly. They see the docs i loaded from the laptop, tablet & phone. The pc only sees the files that I uploaded from the pc.

I tried following tutorials about "fetch files", but I don't have the onedrive icon in my pc task bar. I can't find it as an app on my computer, only as a folder in file explorer. therefore I can't get into any of the settings.

I forgot to mention : onenote functions without issues on all 3 machines & works on the same microsoft account.

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Cannot Sync OneDrive Music Folder - It Contains Too Much Data

Aug 10, 2015

I don't sync my OneDrive music folder because it contains too much data. However, everytime I open Groove music, it creates a folder called Music in my local onedrive space. This folder then tries to sync and gives a conflict.

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OneDrive Sync / Access - Folder Empty On Laptop

Aug 3, 2015

I might be clueless about onedrive syncing and access, but why is my onedrive folder on my laptop empty?

Is there way I could link/sync it with my Microsoft account so when I open onedrive on my laptop (file explorer) so it displays what I have on the "online onedrive"?

I hardly see the point of the onedrive on the PC if it cannot show what's already stored on onedrive (I have a bunch of stuff from my windows phone saved on onedrive)...

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OneDrive Not Signed In At All Or Properly Sync From Desktop Client

Jan 9, 2016

One drive has not signed in at all or properly from desktop sync client this morning. No official info, status or ETA ....

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SMS And Call Sync

Jun 15, 2015

I was wondering, could we expect from Microsoft to see anything like synchronizing GSM SMS and calls from our phones( for example Win Phone 10, but also and other mobile platforms) with new Windows 10.

Something like features that is available in OSX Yosemite. For example I'm working on Windows 10 on my PC, and someone calls me on my phone and I don't want to get up to reach my phone, instead I just answer from my PC, also for SMS.

I'm very excited for new Microsoft campaign about Windows 10 and all innovation, but I thing that this would be significant omission since they stand out Continuum.

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Mail Won't Sync?

Sep 14, 2015

When I first loaded windows 10 everything worked great now I can't get my email through the mail app. I try to sync it and after awhile I get the message error code 0x8007274D.

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Why Won't Settings Sync

Aug 3, 2015

I have a desktop (Dell) and a Surface Pro 3 - both on Windows 10. I have the syncing setting under My Account on both machines onto ON. However, no syncing occurs between the two machines!

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How To Sync Email

Nov 27, 2015

How do I sync my email on windows 10

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Mail Does Not Sync Automatically

Jul 31, 2015

I've configured several e-mail accounts in Mail. Three of them are Microsoft Outlook accounts and two are Gmail accounts. For each account I've set Mail to:

(a) Fetch new messages as they arrive
(b) Download messages from all time

There is no other special setting.However, Mail never seems to fetch anything automatically as they arrive. In fact, I always receive my e-mail on my phone long before they show up in my inbox. As a test, for most of yesterday and today I waited about an hour after messages arrived in my phone, and each time I found that until I had manually synced the account, the messages did not appear in Mail.

Some additional information : I am certain that my Internet connection is working, because I get Skype messages in real time; I am sure my computer has the correct drivers, because not only did I install everything from the manufacturer's site, I even ensured that there were no errors in Device Manager; my computer has plenty of RAM and CPU horsepower. There is no reason for Mail not to sync except if it has a bug.

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Sync Your Settings Not Working

Aug 14, 2015

I have updated a win7 laptop and a win 8.1pc to win 10. I also have an ipad on the network. I have followed all instructions to "Sync your settings" but whatever I try it does not work. This is critical for my work flow and for th moment I have reverted to Google Chrome. I would like to keep everything Microsoft. This is the first time I have had the same OS on my devices and I thought that it would work Seamlessly. 

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Cannot Sync Yahoo Email

Feb 26, 2016

Can`t sync yahoo email with Windows 10 to send out email. I`ve tried and tried but it just doesn`t work.

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Does Cortana PC And Mobile Sync

Jul 30, 2015

Well, When I set a location based reminder in PC in cortana, does it remind me when I take my phone there? I use both the OS with my same hotmail id.

Or is it like PC based reminders, will be noted only when you take your pc to that location?

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Performance :: Time Is Constantly Out Of Sync

Sep 26, 2015

My time is always out of sync, it makes it increasingly difficult to follow conversations on Skype, for instance. I try to manually update the time and it tells me fairly often that there's an error when trying to update. It doesn't matter if my PC is powered off or if I'm using it, the time is bound to get out of sync, so I doubt it has anything to do w/ the CMOS battery. Should I be using a different time server other than I'm also using Webroot SecureAnywhere Anti-virus. Not sure if that's causing a conflict or not.

I'm on Windows 10 RTM... I'm not connected to a domain, just a regular Windows Home network...

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Apps :: Settings Sync Between Devices?

Aug 11, 2015

In win 8 if I made a change to a setting in mail or IE or added a favourite this information would sync to my other devices so everything was identical

with Mail or Edge in 10, they seem to run totally independent on my machine, no settings or favourites get synced, so I have to do the same config/changes on both devices

If syncing will come back at some point or are all devices independent now same MS account on both and all syncing options turned on

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Performance :: Sync Host At Shut Down

Jan 14, 2016

One drive is disabled, No store and no Microsoft account on this desktop. At shut down this event error will be reported "Sync Host 386de service terminated unexpectedly....corrective action in 10000mlsec ..restart the service

Searching the registry results in that there is no 386de sync host service , There are others in the registry but not this recent 386de

In the past I did edit the START to be 4 (suggested in this forum general discussion on similar sync host errors) . The setting was returned to 2 when no change was observed.

This error tends to appear when external drives remain plugged in. Since the Nov. upgrade if externals are left in a usb3 port the system restarts. I now unplug but last night after recent Jan updates I tested by leaving in 1 Usb3 external.

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Customization :: Can't Sync Background Picture

Nov 2, 2015

I have a tablet, a laptop and a desktop computer all running Windows 10. I log on to each with my Microsoft account. Each has all of its settings set to sync yet I have a different background picture on each device. Shouldn't I have the same background on each one in these circumstances? And if so, what determines which background takes precedence?

Since writing this I have found my laptop has suddenly changed the background to match with the desktop computer, so now it is only the tablet that is out of sync.

Oh, now the tablet has synced as well. I assume, then, that there must be some sort of delay before syncing takes place. But I still wonder what determines which background takes precedence.

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Audio And Video Stutter And Out Of Sync

Oct 4, 2015

If we're watching a movie from Netflix or another source, or even the news, the audio and video have a stutter to them, they're out of sync, and when you move the mouse to the spot where a progress bar SHOULD be, nothing happens for minutes. When the bar finally DOES appear, it could take as long as 10 minutes for it to finally pause.

I checked it while ago while I was talking with a Windows "tech", who did nothing except update the driver for the mouse. She had me disconnect the modem which I told her that would disconnect her being able to work on the pc, but she said to go ahead, so I did.

Windows 10 is turning into the new version of Vista where nothing works as it should. I'd rather have 7 back, or even XP rather than this, free or not! I've spent more time restarting the computer and getting maybe 5 minutes of video/audio that works right than anything. The new Windows is free, and now I know why.

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Can't Sync Exchange Account To Mail App

Jun 8, 2015

the mail app refuses to sync my university's account although I added all the details. The app says its for "security reasons" not sure what that means

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Sync Playlists With The Phone Companion App?

Dec 8, 2015

I have a L1520 and I can't seem to see how the phone companion app does anything but tell me what I can do with Win10 and my phone. I know I can manually drop songs via file explorer but not sync playlists and the songs on those playlists.

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How To Sync Contacts From Yahoo Into The People App

Sep 19, 2015

I set up my Yahoo mail account in the new Windows 10 email but my contacts aren't listed. So, I see I need to add my contacts from Yahoo to the new People App but when I go into the People app, Yahoo isn't listed as an option to import from.

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Can't Seem To Get Edge To Sync Favorites After Update

Nov 13, 2015

I've updated 3 of my PCs with the fall update and I can't seem to get Edge to sync favorites. I imported favorites on the first PC, and the other two onyl show the option to import from another browser on the favorites bar. All three are signed in under the same MS account and set to sync under settings. I'm assuming that the favorites bar should just start sync.

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