OneDrive App - Can't See Any Of Content Unless Sync It Down To Device

Aug 18, 2015

So the new OneDrive experience in windows 10 sucks, I can't see any of my content unless I sync it down to the device. It also appears that there is no longer a OneDrive App that you Can download for the store. Is this correct or am I just missing it? So my only option to access my 30GB of OneDrive data is the browser???

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Edge Settings - Sync Your Content Grayed Out

Nov 15, 2015

Following the November Update, I was expecting the favorites to sync across my 3 pcs! They don't! What I noticed in one of them is that in Edge Settings under "Sync your content" the switch is set to off and an instruction and link to set on the Windows Sync Settings (!!!) - something I have already done!

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OneDrive To Make Available Content From All Devices For Same User

Dec 17, 2015

I use OneDrive on 3 Devices. The each show their own data that I uploaded to OneDrive. I don't use the sync feature and upload only files that I want to save on OneDrive. I want OneDrive to show files from all 3 devices so that when I sign onto any one device I see the files from the other devices. How do I set this up please?

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Onedrive Sync Selection

Jan 16, 2016

So, I am just now getting around to trying to solve this problem due to the fact that I am needing to use the computer that has this problem at the moment. When ever anything that would put crap in My Documents (I.E. Rockstar) it instead goes to onedrive. The System will not let me change the setting on where documents get saved automatically. when I try to change it the selection box just goes blank. if I try to select "This PC" again it will then show up, however if I go away and come back the setting is back to saying "OneDrive".

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OneDrive Sync After Upgrading

Jul 29, 2015

Onedrive on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 allowed me to view all my Onedrive files whether they were "available online only" or "available offline only". After upgrading to Windows 10, just a handful of folders appear and the folders display as empty.

I right-clicked on the folders but there's no option to see "Available Online" or "Available Offline" anymore. All my files appear on Onedrive via the browser so they didn't go anywhere.

I unlinked my Onedrive through the desktop and removed my PC from the Onedrive website. I signed set them up fresh again. Onedrive Setup Wizard only gives me the option to choose what files to sync or only a few. I would like to sync everything, but that's over 1 terabyte of data that doesn't fit on my 128GB Surface.

Only the Documents and Music folders show me the folders stored within that folder, and now Onedrive says those can't be synced either. I've installed all necessary firmware updates and fixes after upgrading to Windows 10. I love the UI but no working Onedrive means I'll most likely downgrade until a fix is available.

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How To Easily Sync Onedrive Files

Aug 24, 2015

I just upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday and now I have a serious problem with Onedrive. All of my save files for programs like Quickbooks are stored on Onedrive. Further, photos and other files that I use for my real estate business are stored on Onedrive. Many files can go as far as 15 folders deep.

Now that smart files are gone, I have no access to all of my folders in Onedrive, which means that I can no longer easily drag and drop files that I need saved on onedrive. Nor can I access my files if I need to send a file as an attachment in an email, or open up a company in Quickbooks.

Basically, the onedrive client is completely useless. Is there an alternative? What do I do? My files are way larger than my local HD space

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OneDrive Online Not Updating - Out Of Sync

Feb 7, 2016

My one drive in my computer does not update One drive on line.
I had to do a reinstall of Win 10 pro and ever since this has been out of sync.

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Apps :: Can't Get OneDrive To Sync Properly And Can Only See It As Folder

Feb 23, 2016

I upgraded my samsung laptop to w10 & recently bought a linx w10 tablet. I also have an Android 5.1 smartphone. I set up onedrive on all 3.

The tablet & smartphone function properly. They see the docs i loaded from the laptop, tablet & phone. The pc only sees the files that I uploaded from the pc.

I tried following tutorials about "fetch files", but I don't have the onedrive icon in my pc task bar. I can't find it as an app on my computer, only as a folder in file explorer. therefore I can't get into any of the settings.

I forgot to mention : onenote functions without issues on all 3 machines & works on the same microsoft account.

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Cannot Sync OneDrive Music Folder - It Contains Too Much Data

Aug 10, 2015

I don't sync my OneDrive music folder because it contains too much data. However, everytime I open Groove music, it creates a folder called Music in my local onedrive space. This folder then tries to sync and gives a conflict.

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OneDrive Sync / Access - Folder Empty On Laptop

Aug 3, 2015

I might be clueless about onedrive syncing and access, but why is my onedrive folder on my laptop empty?

Is there way I could link/sync it with my Microsoft account so when I open onedrive on my laptop (file explorer) so it displays what I have on the "online onedrive"?

I hardly see the point of the onedrive on the PC if it cannot show what's already stored on onedrive (I have a bunch of stuff from my windows phone saved on onedrive)...

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OneDrive Not Signed In At All Or Properly Sync From Desktop Client

Jan 9, 2016

One drive has not signed in at all or properly from desktop sync client this morning. No official info, status or ETA ....

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Will Have To Re-sync Bluetooth To Windows Device After Upgrade

Aug 11, 2015

Do I have to sync my Bluetooth after I upgrade to Windows 10? Or will all of my device just work fine without me doing anything?

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How To Sync Calendar App To Google Calendar Across Android Device

Mar 7, 2016

I have used my laptop to type in the calendar event but I want to sync with my Google Calendar across my Android device using my Google account. How Can I do it?

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Show Certain Content On TV

Sep 21, 2015

Ok basically I've been thinking about getting a Android / Windows box for my live TV streaming but I've been told that RAM is key and they don't seem to put more than 2gb in boxes so what I now want to do is run a HDMI from my laptop (with 12gb ram) to my TV. My question is can I set Windows up to only project the streaming playing to the TV and leave me to use my laptop for other tasks?

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Search Within Content Of Only Certain Files

Dec 26, 2015

How can i search within the content of only certain files ?

Also, is there a page that contains the list for all Win10 search functions ? I'm looking it up since 30 minutes but can't find anything.

I need to search the term in all .doc files, how is that syntaxed in the Win-Explorer search. Seems its nothing like it was in previous win8 version.

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SD Card Not Showing Content?

Oct 1, 2015

I have windows 10 on my new system and when I insert my SD card it wont show its content. I plugged my camera directly into the computer and still not showing up. I go into windows manager and I can see my SD card in there but when I right click I cannot assign a drive letter. Everything is grayed out. My USB flash drives are all showing up and all additional hard drives. The SD cards I saw are FAT32 format from the camera. When I put them in my laptop and another desktop the pictures show up.

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Mail App Not Displaying Email Content

Oct 20, 2015

I've been having this problem with the Mail app. The app is able to receive new emails but when you click on a new email to show the contents on the right side, it's blank. This is all true for new emails but for the old emails before the issue occurred the contents are shown properly.

I tried also sending email twice and it was stuck in outbox and there was an error sending my email.

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Apps :: Where Is Mail Content Stored On Computer

Jan 6, 2016

E.g. the locally stored e-mail and/or the contact lists?

I don't particularly like Mail, so I have decided to use to send and receive/consolidate all my e-mail accounts as I did for years. (As soon as MS gets its act together so the "old" and the "new/Preview" versions will talk to each other or converts all the "old" accounts to the "new/Preview" version. For now, I have to use one base "old" account and one base "new" account. I have been told privately that it may be a year before that disaster is resolved).

So far, I have removed the linked accounts, and then disabled Mail by using a local account for Windows 10. Does that remove all the previously stored mail?

I guess I can even remove Mail completely as described on the forum but it doesn't seem necessary. If what I have already done doesn't remove the content, does that remove it?

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Public Folders Content Visibility For Other Users?

Oct 10, 2015

In Windows 7 every user inherited content of "Public" user folders such as Images/Music/Video.Now I don't see "Public" content in my user folders anymore. What could be done to unlock this functionality?

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Dialog / Pop Up Boxes Not Displaying Content Fully?

Jan 27, 2016

I have a problem with pop up dialog boxes on Windows 10 not displaying the content fully. Its rather frustrating as I can not see most of the text or the buttons to click on. I have changed my resolutions to different ones and also display size but the problem still persists. It only seems to do this with pop up dialog boxes, such as software installation boxes. My display is a 48" Samsung 4K TV rung HDMI from a Nvidia GTX 980Ti GPU.

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Installation :: Duplicate / Triplicate And More Of Content Icons

Dec 18, 2015

Since upgrading, when I go to file explorer I have duplicates of everything, e.g., several desk tops, several My PCs, several libraries. It's hard to judge how many because inside each on are duplicate icons. So every folder I have appears multiple times. I counted at least 4 for each of my HD's (internal and external) all my USB drives (which shouldn't even show up unless they are in use), etc.

I've included a screen shot but it's a little confusing since there are so many duplications, I couldn't show them in one shot. If you look you will that the first image goes down to Library > Network. The remaining icons are on the second page (though the second page also includes stuff from the first). Just start with Network on the second page.

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Disable Popup (Only Secure Content Is Displayed)

Dec 2, 2015

I have followed the advice a number of times by going to Internet Options> Security tab>scroll down to display mixed content> enable, apply, and reboot.

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Lumia 929 / Why Can't Open Media Content In Messaging

Feb 18, 2016

I have a lumia 929 that I installed w10 on. I receive texts containing media content and cannot open them. is there an additional app required to do this or is this an issue with mobile 10? how do I open the media contents, I am able to receive texts and respond to them, just cannot open the ones that have media content, all I get is an illustration that says download, when I tap that nothing happens.

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Networking :: Streaming Web Content From One Server To Multi-HDTV?

Feb 23, 2016

I am dated on things HTPC/Home-Entertainment and need a puzzle piece: What is the right way to pull content off the web [say PBS documentaries from their site] and make available to all the HDTV's connected by ethernet and COAX to household fabric? Presumably the same network & server setup would stream stored movies, home vid, etc to any of the HDTV's.

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Transfer All Content From SSD To HDD And Delete Old Files

Nov 9, 2015

i'm on Windows 10 on a 240gb ssd, I want to transfer to an WD caviar blue-[URL] I don't know if I should boot from the hdd, but when I plugged it in, it had all the old files from my previous pc and is split into 3 How do I delete everything on it? Do I set it as default from the setup utility? I don't really want to re-install windows 10 on the hdd the only files I have on the ssd is mostly drivers but documents and music I want to carry over

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How To Remove Star Wars Content From HP Laptop (model 15-an050ca)

Feb 10, 2016

I'm about to buy the HP Star Wars - Special Edition (15-an050ca) Notebook. It's running Win10 home edition.

My question is: Is there a way for me to remove the Star Wars content safely while it's new. I just don't want the SW stuff to clutter up my computer.

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