Performance :: Boot Logo Shows Up Twice And Then Start Menu Stops Working

Feb 10, 2016

I have had this issue for a long fing time now. like at least 10 clean installations of windows and it still keeps on happening. you can only imaging the amount to frustration im going through right now. I just did another clean install and now im trying everything to avoid this. I even tried switching to enterprise version of windows

I get this issue where the boot logo (win logo with circle) shows up twice. like once and then the screen goes blank for a sec and then i see that shitty thing again but its laggy this time.... I think this is the problem that finally leads to the start menu disappear thingy..

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Start Menu Stops Working?

Sep 27, 2015

Been happening alot lately I can't open my start menu it just stops working. Only a restart or log off works.

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Critical Error - Start Menu Stops Working

Dec 30, 2015

Having the start menu critical error in Windows 10? (The error message says the issue will be fixed when you sign off, but that never fixes it.)

Since the start menu doesn't work, that also means you can't access any of your programs (apps) OR the internet, via Edge.

After searching on Microsoft's site, it appears this problem has been around at least since August, but there don't appear to be any real fixes for it.

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Performance :: Critical Error - Start Menu Not Working

Oct 15, 2015

For the last 3 hours, I have tried several solutions to resolve this issue. My taskbar is accessible, my right-click functionality works. The Just Plain Ol' Restart Method. I tried two restarts and even a shutdown-and-restart, but received the same message.

First Method :

1. Opened a command prompt and tried sfc / scannow and then chkdsk c: /f
2. Nothing wrong was found.
3. A restart after that yielded the same result.

Second Method : Some Youtube hunting brought me a dism method. Again from the command prompt:

1. dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
2. dism /online /cleanup-image / restorehealth
3. sfc / scannow

Each task completed without error, yet a restart brought me the same resulting error.

Third Method : It was at this point I thought I was overcomplicating the issue, and attempted a system restore. I restored to yesterday's backup (apparently there was an update to Windows 10 overnight), and continue to receive the same error message.

I have another computer to use (from which I'm currently writing this), but the primary computer is the one without the Start menu functionality. It is vexing that aside from a lack of Start Menu everything seems fine. There's no detected viruses or malware.

If the issue is incompatible drivers (yesterday morning I updated my keyboard and mouse driver without incident), I think that will be my next method, perhaps uninstalling them may work.

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Performance :: Machine Intermittently Just Stops Working?

Oct 17, 2015

I have three machines with Win10 Pro. Two behaving quite well, however one machine ABit IP35 Pro, 256 SSD, 1 TB hard drive, Nvidia 750 ti, 8 GB ram just intermittently just hangs up during operation. This is a very fast machine with a quad Intel Processor. This machine ran perfectly with all of same hardware on Win7 Pro. You can just move the cursor to send an email and we get the little blue circle and the machine is hung. It is not program dependant! Same thing can happen working in any browser.

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Start Menu Stops After Startup

Jan 20, 2016

Why would my start menu work when I boot up...then stop working a few minutes later? It was just happening at update time and wiuld be fine after but there are no updates to install atm. Should I still try the command prompt fix? I get that disappearing taskbar icons problem sometime too .

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Tray Icons And Windows Start Button Stops Working?

Oct 18, 2015

The Tray icons and Windows start button stop working at random times, when this happens nothing shows up when i click the icons. know a fix for this issue?

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Performance :: ASUS G74SX Doesn't Boot Past The ASUS Logo?

Feb 10, 2016

The other day, I tried to do a factory reset on my laptop, but it failed, and I could only click cancel. Now, when I booted up my computer, it goes to the ASUS logo, then a black screen, still backlit, with an underscore flashing in the upper left corner of the screen. I can access the BIOS, and have been trying to do boot overrides. I don't have the ASUS Recovery partition installed on the laptop, and I don't have any possible ways to install an ISO. T

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Performance :: F8 Boot Menu Partition

Nov 3, 2015

I have decided to get ready to remove my pesky 4.88GB Windows 8.1 Partition (partition 5) from my PC because now I have Windows 10 and no longer have the option to go back. I have used a Command in the Elevated Command Prompt to enable the F8 boot menu as a substitute to the manufacturers boot menu (Press Esc.) I know the boot menu by the manufacturer will be removed with the (partition 5) too. I have also found that the WinRE is on a different partition (partition 4), and so my question is... If I delete the manufacturers partition (p 5), will the F8 menu also be gone as well? It seems the F8 menu was put there by windows and not the manufacturer, but is it on partition 5 or is it on the same one as the WinRE partition (p 4)?

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Performance :: Email Program Auto-start At Boot-up?

Oct 23, 2015

As of late, I no longer have my email program auto-start at boot-up.

Also I have never been able to solve the problem of no left click function on the Task Bar and no right click function on the Start button.

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Performance :: Taskbar Search And Start Menu

Oct 30, 2015

I did the sfc scannow, the powershell app thing, I think I did the DSIM thing too.

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Performance :: SFC Stops At 22% And Cannot Complete

Dec 27, 2015

SFC stops at 22% and cannot complete.

DISM returns "The specified buffer contains ill-formed data."

RESOLVED via a Windows 10 refresh second attempt that succeeded after the first would not allow files to be retained.

After again creating an ISO file, the second install resulted in retained files and no SFC errors.

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Performance :: Reboots After Logo Then Black Screen

Nov 23, 2015

My basic specs:

CPU - 5960X
MOBO: ASUS Rampage V Extreme
GPU: GTX 980

I turn my computer on, see the BIOS just fine, it shows the Windows 10 logo, then a black screen. If I move my mouse around, I see the cursor. After nearly 30 seconds (i'm guessing), my computer reboots itself, and the cycle repeats.

My motherboard is kind of funky. By pressing F8, it actually goes into a BIOS menu that allows me to select which device I want to boot from, instead of going to Safe Mode. This is what I'd like to do, actually, so I can choose my last known good configuration.

Is there any other way to get to this screen to choose my last known good configuration, can I use a USB flash drive and boot to it to get to a repair screen or what course of action should I take?

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Customization :: How To Boot Directly To The Start Menu

Nov 10, 2015

how to I boot directly to the start menu in windows 10? 

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Start Menu Is Not Working

Jan 24, 2016

When im using local admin account, start menu is working. if im using network account start menu is not working. laptop is joined in our domain.

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Start Menu Not Working

Feb 5, 2015

The Windows 10 start menu has stopped working. If I click on the Start button, nothing happens. I did a repair install and that corrected the problem for a few days. The problem has returned. No start menu. All updates have been installed.

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Start Menu Isn't Working?

Nov 9, 2015

Has the Start Menu problem actually have dropbox installed as I do...

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Start Menu Is Not Working?

Sep 28, 2015

My start menu and all my default apps and apps from STORE are not working. 

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Start Menu Not Working?

Jan 17, 2016

Lost the ability to left button click on start menu. getting "critical error" "Your star menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in." I have tried the cmd prompt and run several of the fixes suggested and still no luck. What next?

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How To Get Start Menu Working Again

Mar 27, 2015

I recently installed Windows 10. I had this problem where explore.exe kept restarting. My friend had this problem too. He told me to create a new user. So I did. He also said to go to "c:usersold user" and copy everything from there to save my stuff. It was about 50 gbs so I did folder by folder.

When I goto Appdata, I copied everything from the old user onto the new one. But I accidentally deleted almost everything in Local. Now, the start menu isn't working and Windows Update isn't either. When I click on the start menu, nothing happens. I do have a system restore from before I deleted it. Should I restore it?

As I am typing this, I am running sfc /scannow

Got an error " Windows Resource Protection could not preforom the requested operation."

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Start Menu Isn't Working

Dec 4, 2015

I'm looking at precisely this error message, in a blue box, on a friend's Samsung XE500T1C after an upgrade, via GWX, to Windows 10.  The only option is to "Sign out now".  Needless to say repeated log outs and log ins have not resolved the issue.  Also the Windows Search/Cortana box doesn't work. I would suggest a Reset Install but, without the Start menu to get to Settings, I can find no other way to get to where one needs to be to do a Reset Install.

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Start Menu Not Working

Aug 8, 2015

So I just upgraded windows 10 from windows 7 Pro and I when I got it I set up cortana. The next day I am not able to open the start menu or search for anything in the search bar. I've tried the powershell option both times but it just hasn't worked. Don't know what to do.

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Customization :: Any Way To Change Boot Logo?

Sep 28, 2015

Is there currently any know way to change the windows 10 boot logo? I have searched around and found nothing.

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Boot Froze On Windows Logo

Mar 27, 2016

Yesterday morning the PC worked fine. Last night it refused to load Windows (10) but rather froze on the logo, with the whirly loader. Forced shut down, tried again, same deal. Next time it said "Starting Windows repair", but froze. Next time it said it too, and the next time it didn't. It hasn't said it since. I left it sitting on the frozen screen for about a half an hour, and it gave an error message "Boot disk inaccessible". Unhooked everything, reset CMOS, checked BIOS, reseated memory, ran memory diagnostics, etc..

So I put in a brand spanking new SSD assuming the old one was to blame (as it had become a bit sluggish anyway, being a few years old and all) and went to install new Windows from an official USB stick. And up comes Windows logo and the whirly loading thingy.... and it freezes. I just don't know what to do anymore.

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Performance :: Prevent From Search In Files When Searching In The Start Menu

Jan 26, 2016

when i search from the start menu, all i want to find is applications (desktop apps, metro apps, shortcus to apps in the all-applications menu) and settings, not files and folders. (i already disabled the web search there).

i still want to be able to search files when searching from antoher places, just not when searching from the start menu, so disabling the index is not an option for me.

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Performance :: How To Prevent Duplicate Images After Start Menu Crash

Feb 23, 2016

I suddenly lost my start menu. After trying several failed fixes I ended up creating a new user. I downloaded my pictures folder to an external drive and attempted to upload them into the new user pictures folder using Teracopy. Teracopy is now stuck at 97%. I can stop Teracopy but I need to add the missing (but unknown) last 3% of images to the folder. How can I do this by over copying the folder without creating duplicates?

If I knew which images, and videos, are missing I could just copy them to the new folder, but there is no list of missing images. So, I want to copy the images over again but have an option to skip all possible duplicates.

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