Performance :: Previous Versions Does Not Work On System Drive But Second Drive

Jan 8, 2016

I have two physical disks in my notebook, one simple partition each, BitLocker encrypted. Drive C:, which is my system drive and drive D:, for some media stuff.Windows Version is Windows 10.0.10586 x64.I have configured VSS to use the "Previous Versions" feature in case I accidentally delete or overwrite a file. I did this on my Win7 install to and it saved my butt at least three times.

VSS is running (Volume Shadow Copy Service set to "Manual"), snapshots are there but when I right-click on a modified file (or on the root of the disk) and click "Previous Versions", my D: drive correctly displays the existing snapshots, on my system drive C: there is always a "There are no previous versions available" message. But, when I click the "System Restore..." button, I get a list with my snapshots, so I guess I could restore my system.

configuration seems to be ok and the two manual snapshots are there on both drives. For the moment there is no system restore point, but it does not work with snaps created by them either.

C:WINDOWSsystem32>vssadmin List ShadowStorage
vssadmin 1.1 - Volume Shadow Copy Service administrative command-line tool
(C) Copyright 2001-2013 Microsoft Corp.
Shadow Copy Storage association
For volume: (D:)?Volume{46482e7e-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}


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Old Versions Of Files And Folders On 2nd Drive

Aug 26, 2015

I have decided to migrate to Win10 while maintaining my Win7 system until I'm sure (on the same box). Win 10 is installed on a new SSD, Win7 on an old SSD, with all my files held on a 1TB drive so I planned to just save any files I needed, like brower shortcuts on the storage drive.

In Win 10 I have had no issues viewing the files on this drive until today. I have a simple text file for storing information about the migration, and I can open it, but only see an old version of the file. It is fine in Win7. New files and folders I create in Win7 are not visible in Win10 at all now. What am I missing given all the old files created in Win7 are working fine?

E.G. If I boot into Windows 7 and create a folder on the root of the storage drive, called test, then boot into Windows 10 from my other SSD not only can't I see the test folder, I can create a folder named test. I've not booted into Win7 yet to see if I can see that from there.

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Add Previous Versions 3D Effects?

Jan 4, 2016

I've just upgraded from win7 to win10. I really hate the completely flat look of the windows, not only does it seem like a major step back 30 years in time, it's difficult to see where the borders of the windows end and other things on the screen begin. is there something i can do to put back the 3-d effects [rounded edges and corners, shadowing, etc.] that was part of windows versions up through windows 7 ? I've already installed a 3rd-party app called 'classic shell' -- that's a real life saver! -- but while it fixes some things, it doesn't seem to address this particular issue.

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Performance :: System Backup On Drive - Diskpart Failure

Dec 2, 2015

After spending two days to get my computer reprogram after a Diskpart failure I want to do a backup on the drive. Is the Windows10 backup good to use,or do I need something else. If I do a complete backup can I restore it to another formatted drive ?.

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Performance :: System Image To Thumb Drive Not Working

Dec 1, 2015

So overall, I was having a issue with creating a system image. It would state that "The specified backup storage location has the shadow copy storage on another volume (0x80780038)"

After reading several forums I found that if you delete the restore points you are able to create a system image.

During my troubleshooting, I was attempting to backup to a 64GBthumb drive (this worked in win8 and win7)..

As I was trying to use the thumb drive, I ran into the following issue..

First it says it needs to be formatted to NTFS. Once I format it to NTFS, it says "The drive is not a valid backup location"

Images I found - [URL] ....

I do not want to use any 3rd party software to accomplish this.

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Performance :: Can't Find System Image On Recovery Drive

Oct 18, 2015

One of the 1st things I do with a new PC is create & test a recovery drive. This is the 3rd Windows 10 PC I've worked on-all Toshiba Satellites by coincidence. This one seems to have a problem, possibly creating the recovery drive and if not that then certainly using it. Or else I've forgotten how I used it on the other two. I test it by doing a restore from system image-since I create it immediately after completing setup I haven't lost anything and this assures me that if nothing else I can get back to 'ground zero'.

This is the 3rd time I've tried this on the new PC. The first time it said it was unable to create the recovery drive. I checked the USB stick & tried again. That time is 'successfully' created the drive. Both times 'copy system image to recovery drive' was checked. When I tested the 'successfully' created drive it couldn't find a system image on it.

So I'm trying it again and it's just sitting on the 'Please Wait' screen-for 20 minutes so far. Presumably it's erasing the drive so I'm reluctant to simply reboot. And this is the last 16GB USB stick I have. Should I shut it down & try again, get another USB stick, or what? Or have I totally forgotten what I did on the previous 2 PC's that worked?

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Performance :: System Drive In Optimize Drivers Always Stays At 4%

Mar 5, 2016

My computer was running fine until January but suddenly I open optimisation tool to check if everything is all right but i find out that it stays on 4% whenever I open the optimisation tool and when I click on analyse then it says 9% fragmented but when I click on optimise it stays at 4%. I also had ISO file problem but i solved that and now today, I opened optimise tool and it now shows 9%.

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Performance :: Back Up System On External Hard Drive?

Feb 10, 2016

I was trying to do a system backup on an external hard drive in windows 10 and once it started i noticed that it was creating a backup for my old Windows 7 64 operating system. How do I get it to back up my current Windows 10 system and all of my files on the C: drive.?

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Performance :: Restore Points And System Image Are On Backup Drive

Jan 22, 2016

Question; My computer had to be reformatted because of a lock out by a hacker, can I use a restore point that I made before the hack, to restore my files? The restore points and system image are on my back up drive , I restored a couple of files from it. and the folders are there but I do not want to screw things up, as I don't know what I am doing.

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Performance :: Backup With System Image Failed Because User Files On 2nd Drive

Oct 9, 2015

I have been trying to setup a scheduled backup (Windows 7 Backup and restore) on Windows 10. I want to include a system image of the C: drive as part of the back up and save it to the D: drive. However Windows wont let me save the image on the D: drive, I think because I moved the location of my user files to the D: drive to save space on my SSD.

Any way to override or workaround this without having to move my files back to the C: drive?

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Performance :: Secondary Drive Is Included (mandatory) In System Image Backup?

Oct 13, 2015

I want to create a system image of my primary drive (an SSD) on an external 230gb hard drive as backup for any incovenience.. The problem is my other drive (games,movies, photos, etc) is automatically checked as default because "required for Windows to run" among my primary drive and System Reserved 350MB partition. I cant uncheck its box.

My pc runs windows 10
It' s a custom built pc with:
i7 4770k
GeForce GTX 770 2GB
8gb RAM
230 gb of SSD (primary drive) with still 70gb of free space
1 Terabyte of Hard disk (secondary drive)
230 gb of external TrekStore drive (NFTS formatted)

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Installation :: New Recovery Drive Is Much Smaller Than Previous One

Aug 26, 2015

After my Windows 10 upgrade was finished I created a "Recovery drive" on a 32 GB flash drive and it filled the drive to 26.8 GB. I just finished a clean install on my hard disk with all unallocated space and decided to make a new "recovery drive" on the old flash drive when I was finished. I did "check" to include system files and the process took quite a while but only 3.5 GB are now being used on the flash drive. Why such a difference in data this time than before? Is this drive okay?

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Windows Won't Start And Installation USB Drive Won't Work

Feb 29, 2016

Even though my computer worked fine before I left for my vacation, I still saw the following screen after I returned immediately when I turned it on.

I put in my windows 10 installation usb drive and press F12 for the boot menu.And this screen comes up.

I choose the bottom one(the windows 10 installation usb drive) and the following error screen comes up.

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your windows installation disc & reboot.

2. Choose language and click next.

3. Click "Repair your computer".

If you don't have this disc, contact your system administrator or manufacturer for assistance.

File: EFIMicrosoftBootBCD
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.

it says insert the installation media when I already have it inserted! What do I do to start windows again?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Disc Drive Doesn't Work?

Jan 13, 2016

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 a few months ago. Yesterday the disc drive stopped working. I put in a disc I had made which contained various data, mostly text. When I clicked the D recovery drive nothing happened. In the past I would see a list of the videos on the disk and by clicking one of the items I could play it on Movies and TV. Now that doesn't work. I can play videos that I've downloaded and are in my videos file, but not videos from the disc drive. I have an HP Pavilion slimline desktop computer.

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Disk Drive Does Not Seem To Work - Not Present In File Explorer

Oct 22, 2015

I'm using Windows 10 on my PC. I have been using it for about 3 months now and I regret installing it. There is so many problems with it. One of these problems is my disk drive will not play or run any disks I insert into it. In the file explorer, the disk drive is not present in the "Devices and Drives" section. However, It is still present in the Device manager.

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Performance :: Recovery Drive On USB

Oct 27, 2015

I have tried several times to create a system recovery drive on a USB.

Followed the instructions to the letter, and used two different brand, brand new USB's.

After initial start up it says I need a USB with at least 8 GB capacity, which these USB's have. But nothing happens, it just keeps asking for a USB after one has been inserted.

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Performance :: Backup Add A Drive?

Jan 2, 2016

Jan. 3rd 2016 I have a 931 GB external HDD using a brick power supply and connected by USB. I wish to do weekly backups to it via Start/Settings/Update & Security/Backup.

It is not listed when I click Add a drive, although I can see and read it in This PC. I tried a restart but that has not worked. I do see a couple of USB sticks which are too small. Trying via Advanced settings is the same.

Prior to trying to add this drive I scrolled down and followed the instruction which said to delete the previous drive which was also an external HDD connected by sata. I used THAT drive via Macrium and it got carried over in the W10 update from W8.1.

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Need To Run Chkdisk On A System Drive

Jan 8, 2016

I need to run chkdsk on a laptop's system drive and am aware that this isn't possible without a re-boot. Problem is, the laptop I'm wanting to run it on has some BDOD issues (driver_irql_not_less_or_equal symnets.sys) and I can only boot into safe mode. Will this affect chkdsk running?

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EFI System Partition - C Drive

Sep 7, 2015

I have a fat32 100mb system partition in my windows disk management it's also showing in aomei partition assistant file system fat32, capacity 100mb, used space 28.75 mb free space 71.25 mb flag is gpt,efi status is system. Installed windows 10 from a usb flash drive and I could not convert from efi to gpt or something like that so I deleted the windows partition which is my c drive (ssd) and that's when I got this showing up in windows.

Can I copy the boot files to the c drive and just deleted this system partition and use the partition software to merge the space back to the c drive so I can use it. Or do I have to reformat and start all over again? I deleted the c drive partition that windows was on and created a new one and it created reserved space and recovery space which I have got ride of and deleted and merged the unallocated space for both back to the c drive.

I hesitate about doing anything with this partition until I'm sure of what I'm doing so that My computer will still boot up. I can only boot into windows 10 from the windows boot manager and not straight from the cdrive the primary (SSD).

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Drivers/Hardware :: How The Files Work On Slave Drive And Rendered It Unusable

Aug 27, 2015

So i messed up and changed something around with how the files work on my slave drive and rendered it unusable. Now the drive is in RAW format. I ran Easeus data recovery and was able to get access to the files on that drive.

I have two options, since i haven't enough space to put all this data somewhere else (over 1,000 GB)

1. Format the hard drive so its readable and in the correct format, THEN do a recovery of the drive and then save onto said drive.
2. Try and save the recovered files on the drive

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Performance :: C Drive Automatically Getting Filled Up

Oct 19, 2015

I had upgraded to win 10 about two months ago. for the last two days my c drive is getting filled up automatically. It is in excess of 90 gb and yet yesterday It was full. I tried to check on dosv files etc but to no avail. I then decompressed all files using the option under properties on right clicking the c drive and got 25 gb free this morning. I am watching uselessly as it has already reduced to 19 gb and is reducing fast with no activity and no internet down load etc from my side.

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Performance :: SSD C Drive - Apps And Games

Jan 16, 2016

My ssd c drive is saying I have 51GB of apps & games on my drive & I don't ... How do I fix it ???

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Performance :: Creating A Recovery Drive USB

Dec 23, 2015

I have recently updated to Version 1511 and thought I would try to create a recovery drive on a USB having been unsuccessful when trying in the earlier Windows 10. This time it seemed to be working with the system files box checked, though it seemed to take an age before the USB was required to be inserted. It said I would require a USB of 8GB minimum capacity so I used a 16GB size.

When it finished creating the drive ( I did not see the actual finish but no messages were left on screen) I noticed that the USB had only a little over 1 GB of information loaded.

I would probably find it useful if I could be told what files I should expect to find on the USB and the size of each. The files in my USB are titled: boot; efi; sources; bootmgr; bootmgr.efi and reagent. The sources file ( 1GB) is by far the largest.

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Performance :: Can't Create Recovery Drive

Nov 19, 2015

I'm running Win 10 Version 1211 (build 10586.11) - i.e. the latest build with the latest update.

I want to create a new recovery drive but when I get to the window that says "Connect a USB Flash Drive" and the process comes to a dead stop.

-I'm using the same 16GB thumb drive that was previously used to create a Win 8.1 recovery drive so it should be good
-The thumb drive appears in File Explorer and I can read and write to the drive so the system sees it

I should also mention...

-I have attempted this with and without "include system files" checked.
-I find it interesting that after a thumb drive is inserted, I don't have the icon in my system tray that I would normally select to eject the thumb drive.

Nonetheless, I can read and write to the thumb drive. I've inserted the same thumb drives in another computer with Win 10 build 10240 and I get the USB eject icon on my system tray

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Performance :: C Drive Keeps Losing Space

Nov 25, 2015

My C Drive Keeps losing Space and yesterday i had 14gb then it went to 799mb and it keeps going down every 5 mins URL>...

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Performance :: Why 32GB USB Drive For Recovery

Oct 13, 2015

I have upgraded a Win 7 and a Win 8 computers to Win 10. On the Win 7 I used an 8 GB USB Drive for Recovery and it did not use all of the space. On the Win 8 computer I'm getting a message that I need a 32 GB drive. I understand that it may also be backing up my Win 8 information, but 32 GB seems way too much. I hate to waste money on a drive that is not needed.

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