Performance :: Reboot Takes 2-5 Hours And No Login Prompt After Sleep?

Mar 5, 2016

Yesterday I installed some updates on my computer, however when it was rebooting it sat there for about an hour doing nothing. Eventually I force turned it off and tried to reboot it, however it kept doing the same thing. I looked up any fixes I could find, the only thing I saw was to try and boot it in safe made (Ctrl-Alt-Del then holding shift while clicking restart) even that still just sat at the red loading screen with the dots spinning in circles. I force shut it down a few more times and retried it, until I finally just let it sit there and finish, hoping it would have a time out feature. Well eventually it booted to the login prompt after 4 hours.

New issue is that whenever I close my laptop to put it to sleep, and then reopen it it looks fine but when I swipe away the cool picture, theres no login prompt. It looks just like the screen when you press ctrl alt delete. So I told it to do a regular restart, and upon rebooting it was stuck at the spinning dots on the red screen for 3 more hours before it booted. I understand I can just turn off putting the computer to sleep when I close the lid, and just darken the screen. I've already done that, I'm looking for a more permanent fix.

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Installation :: Install Stuck For Hours Then No Monitor On Reboot

Jul 29, 2015

I installed Windows 10 fairly quickly on my laptop, and firlgured it'd be just as painfree to do so on my desktop, but the install was stuck at 'Copying files - 48%' for hours. I figured that since it was just copying files, I would just restart the PC and start over, but now my PC does not want to output video. On startup, I don't even see the normal BIOS screen, and there is only HD activity for about a second after I power the PC back on.

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WiFi Instability - Takes At Least One Reboot To Get A Good Connection

Oct 15, 2015

My computer (XPS 13) came with Windows 10 installed. It's very finicky about wifi. The computer thinks it doesn't have a wifi adapter at times. Drivers are current, and the adapter came brand new in the brand new computer from Dell, so you'd think it would work.

At home, it often takes at least one reboot to get a good connection. And often it will drop the connection after a while anyway. We even got a new router to see if a more modern system would work... not much.

At work, it connects and stays, but doesn't remember the connection so I have to tell it to connect on most days.

When traveling, it often won't connect to wifi no matter what I do. If it looks connected, it only says "limited" and no amount of forgetting the network and rebooting the computer changes that.

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Unable To Login To Boot Command Prompt

Feb 10, 2016

I have just used the SHIFT-Restart option to activate the Windows 10 Troubleshooting and tried to open a command prompt. It asked for a password. I entered my password but was told it was incorrect.

I booted normally using the PIN I normally use, and went through Settings | Accounts | Sign-in options | Change to change my password. In the 'Old password' box I used the same password that had just failed to get me into the boot command prompt and it allowed me to change the password. It said I had successfully changed my password.

If I use SHIFT-Restart again, I still cannot get into the command prompt using the new password.

Am I dealing with two separate passwords here? If so, how do I change the one associated with the boot command prompt?

Note that when trying to boot to the command prompt, the displayed use name appears to be correct - i.e. it is the same one listed when I use my PIN to boot normally.

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Login Prompt Will Not Show - Keyboard And Mouse Will Not Work

Aug 15, 2015

I'm stick on the below screen. My keyboard and mouse will not respond. I don't get a login prompt. The time is correct and the little icon in the bottom right indicates if my Ethernet cable is connected.

I had Window 7. I used the microsoft provided upgrade to install windows 10. The process seemed to have completed successfully. I was able to get a login prompt once and successfully logged in. I opted to not send any information to microsoft at the initial propts. I got to my desktop, everything seemed to be working ok. I thought there were a few startup apps I didn't need in my tray. So I turned off auto startup on login for OneDrive, Skype, and my logitech camera. I restarted and now I get stuck at this screen.

The time updates correctly over time, its not frozen. I can plugin/unplug the Ethernet cable and the little icon in the bottom right will change to indicate if it has internet. I can press the power button on my computer and it correctly interprets that as a shutdown command and it gracefully shuts down.

My mouse/keyboard wont work. They used to work fine. I am able to use the mouse/keyboard in my BIOS with out a problem. However the moment the system starts to load, the lights on my keyboard and mouse go out and they become unresponsive. I tried various combinations of pluging the USB keyboard/mouse into different ports. I tried using different mouses and keyboards. I tried disabling legacy USB support in the BIOS. Nothing works.

I tried getting into safe mode but can't. Most solutions to get into safe mode require your system to already be working correctly. Holding F8 or F8+Shift don't work.

I'm currently installing windows 10 on my lap top so I can try to create a restore disk. Which should then allow me to go into safe mode and try to repair what ever has gone wrong.

My computer is sporting an i7 with 16 gigs of memory. I use a 128gb SSD for my system and have 3 other hard drives for various data storage. No other OS installed. The computer has been functioning fine for the last two years.

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Networking :: Takes About 1 Minute To Reconnect To WiFi From Sleep

Nov 28, 2015

On Windows 8.1 pro, my computer would instantly connect to the wifi network from sleep. However, when I upgraded to windows 10 pro, the computer takes about 1 minute to reconnect to the network (which is very annoying). I have turned off the "allow the computer to turn of this device to save power" option for my network adapter, but this does not change anything. Does any body know how to fix this (or just prevent the computer from disconnecting from the network entirely during sleep as this is a desktop and I don't care about power management)

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Searching Updates - Search Keep Running For Hours And Hours Without Any Result

Dec 28, 2015

I try to update a Win7 PC to Windows 10.

After a while the update starts searching for updates, this search keep running for hours and hours without any result.

The screen keeps showing 'Searching for updates (0%).

Also the Win7 update on the pc keeps running without any result.

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Performance :: Hard Disk (C) Takes Up Too Much Space

Nov 21, 2015

So I have a 200 GB Hard Drive on my computer. A couple of days ago I got a notification mentioning there was not ten GB of space left. I was surprised, but I assumed I just had more on it than I thought. However, since then I have re-installed Windows for my own reasons and was surprised to find despite removing all documents and applications in the re-installation, I only had 90 GB free. This leaves 110 taken up by an unknown cause. I could not find many large files in file explorer when I searched for large files (file:gigantic).

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Performance :: Windows Explorer Takes Up 40-50% CPU Usage

Dec 16, 2015

I have this problem where after some hours of use (~3, for example) the windows explorer takes up 40-50% of the CPU causing major performance loss. I do not know what is causing this problem, as it does have to do with my activity, since when this happens I am not using the explorer in the means of opening a file or moving data.

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Performance :: Slow To Respond Progress Bar Takes Ages

Oct 20, 2015

Have a clean install of W10 and by the day it seems to get slower, if i open this pc or even another folder the progress/search bar takes ages to respond. also some programs cant seem to find relative paths set also takes forever.

i had this problem years ago with vista and cannot think how i solved it.

so far have tried virus scan, indexing on/off, sfc /scannow all to no avail, even though it is my older pc it worked perfect under W7. i only have 20gb on HD and std defender a/v

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Performance :: Dual Boot Startup Takes Long Time

Oct 28, 2015

Started with a dual boot Windows 7 pro / XP HP Elite 8300. Upgraded Windows 7 to 10 and now it seems to take forever for the boot menu to show up. I can hit restart, it shuts down then just sits there doing nothing for several minutes. No hard drive activity, no video just the power light. Then it looks like it reboots and finally displays the boot menu.

With Windows 7 it went through the normal boot process and displayed the boot menu without the dead-in-the-water pause.

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Performance :: Takes Too Long To Boot Splash Screen Shown Twice

Dec 22, 2015

I just bought this new ASUS K550J laptop and came with Windows 8.1 with it but I wanted to install Windows 10, fresh install. I did the usual things needed for installation and it was ok but it takes too long to boot up. Here is a video of what am I speaking. It's UEFI and I think it's the Windows Boot Manager, how can I reset it?

Windows Boot Manager--------------------identifier {bootmgr}device
Windows Boot Managerlocale

[Code] .....

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Performance :: Cannot Complete Scannow In Command Prompt

Jan 17, 2016

My Windows 10 computer has been freezing/crashing frequently recently (HP Pavilion 500-123ea). I got some good advice to try running the sfc/scannow diagnostic process to try to resolve the problem. However it gets up to about 56% and I get an error message: 'Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation'. And there's no elaboration beyond that, so I don't really know what's going on.

The computer is continuing to freeze/crash in Word alone (no Web) and while browsing eg on Yahoo, Yahoo Mail etc. I've run PC Health Advisor software which suggests it's not fragmentation, nor RAM, nor registry issues, and the monitor looks OK.

This might seem like an obscure problem, but I think if it could be resolved it might stop my system from crashing, so I don't know. I should add that I tried 'Dism' and that's OK.

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What Are Default Hours And How To Set Custom Hours

Aug 4, 2015

I have an app named "Timer+" which after it is set and finishes makes a loud beeping noise until it is turned off.

I can have up to three timers running at the same time.

I have discovered if my QUIET HOURS are turned on, then no sound will be made (at any time of day)

when any of my timers finish. Only a notification appears in the action center. (NO BANNER, NO SOUND)

When Quiet Hours are turned off "Timer+" works perfectly.

Any way to set custom hours for QUIET HOURS. What are the default Quiet Hours?

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Disable Windows Login Screen Every Time Reboot?

Jul 29, 2015

How Do I Disable The Windows Login Screen Every Time We Reboot?

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Can't Wake From Sleep - Have To Reboot Every Time

Nov 25, 2015

HP Pavilion laptop, Windows 10 Pro
Intel i5, 2.60 GHz
8 GB Ram.

I was on 8.1 but did a clean install following the guides on the forums and it worked great. Only issue I had was with the Synaptics settings that keeps resseting after reboot but sorted that out.

Now for some reason 90% of the time my laptop goes to sleep I can only get it to work again by rebooting via power button. I have tried various guides on the forum (disabled fast boot, hybernation, etc) but nothing seems to work. If it does work, it only last a couple of hours at best. I have also noticed that the laptop does not always shut down fully...

I have just done a reset again (did a clean install yesterday) and left the laptop on for about 30-45 minutes and it goes to sleep and I can't wake it. I left everything default to rule out any possible changes I could have made to the settings.I am wondering if it's the iso I got from Microsoft website when I did the install...

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BSOD :: Reboot After Waking From Sleep

Mar 5, 2016

ASUS UX303LN user. Before 3 days, my laptop started refusing to wake up from sleep properly, instead it reboots from a clean state, It is as if I am pressing an invisible reset button that starts the computer from scratch.

The first time this occured, I managed to catch a glimpse of a BSOD with a sad face, followed by a restart (unfortunately I have not managed to note down the message). After that every time I do the same there is no BSOD, the laptop just shows the BIOS posting and then it loads Windows. Event Viewer shows the same Error 41 after every reboot. Note that before this problem started to occur, my laptop barely had to start from scratch (every time I was done with working I was just closing the lid, returning in a functioning environment) for a good 2 years. I had to reboot maybe once/twice a month for the necessary updates.

Some more info:

-After crashing, the computer does NOT generate a memory dump, no matter what. I know how to setup a memory dump, however for the last 50 crashes it does not. I have tried selecting minidump instead of automatic dump without a result (the last dump was 3 weeks back for another reason). Disabling automatic restart after crash does not work either.
-The problem started 2 days after receiving the notorious KB3140743 update (that came together with KB3139907). Uninstalling the first did not work, the second cannot be uninstalled.
-Trying to alleviate the problem, I thought of changing to hibernate instead of sleep when I close the lid/ the system goes idle. For that I had to reenable hibernation (powercfg /h on) which I had disabled because I have not used it. It worked ONCE, just the first time, every other time the result is the same as with sleeping (reboot and error 41). Enabling/disabling Hybrid Sleep did not work either)
-Windows memory diagnostics shows no errors, SMART also shows no errors for the SSD

What I have tried (and failed) so far:

-Reverting KB3140743
-Updating/reverting display drivers for the 2 GPUs (intel 4400/geforce 840m)
-Updating/reverting/completely disabling intel 7260 wifi/bluetooth drivers (which are known to be problematic)
-Changing network card's "keep device awake" options
-Updating intel DPTF drivers (after seeing that they post some not critical errors in the event viewer)
-Disabling Throttlestop (a tool to manage the CPU's behaviour)
-Changing power schemes
-Tinkering with different SSD options (indexing/virtual memory etc)

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BSOD :: Dell XPS Won't Wake From Sleep Or Reboot?

Jan 27, 2016

Have been having problems with the my Dell XPS desktop lagging and being slow to wake up since getting Windows 10. Today it won't wake at and black screen continues even after unplugging and forcing off with power button. 

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Monitor Won't Start Up After Sleep - Must Reboot Every Time

Sep 19, 2015

The computer goes to sleep after a period of inactivity, when mouse or keyboard is used the tower starts up but the monitor won't. I've gone into Device Manager and made sure mouse and keyboard will wake machine, but alas, no monitor. Must reboot every time.

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After Reboot Or Sleep Mode Computer Will Erase Everything?

Sep 18, 2015

The store we went to sold us a computer they had on display. They didn't reset the computer and left their administrators on the computer. I've installed google chrome office 365 and downloaded documents but when it sleeps or when i've restarted the computer everything "saved" is gone. Will reverting back to a previous system as suggested here [URL]

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Laptop Does Not Wake Up From Sleep Mode - Forced Reboot Is Always Required

Mar 10, 2016

Laptop does not wake up from sleep when either power button, keyboard buttons or mouse touchpad are pressed. A forced reboot is always required. HDD light off, monitor stays black and battery light and fan still on.
Have had this problem for over a week since downloading and using Advanced SystemCare and Driver Booster. Once the problem occured I uninstalled them but nothing changed. Also there was a few recent windows updates at beginning of March but haven't read anywhere that they are causing similar problems. Have tried the obvious fixes but nothing seems to work.
Asus X555LA
Windows 10 Home
Intel® HD Graphics Family
BIOS version date 14/08/14

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Performance :: How To Create A Reboot Shortcut

Feb 23, 2016

I found that one can shorten the steps of shutting down windows by creating a shortcut on the desktop. by using this command "%windir%System32shutdown.exe /s /t 0" The shutdown exe file can be found in the directory above. I thought I may be able to create a similar shortcut but there is no 'reboot.exe' file in this directory so I assume it must have a different name. There are 4 files with the word 'boot' in it perhaps it is one of those.

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Performance :: Memory Usage 99% During Idle And Continues After Reboot

Feb 10, 2016

A while ago, after upgrading to Win10, my memory usage jumped to 99% percent while watching a movie via VLC player. I couldn't find anything in the task manager that seemed to use up all 16 gb of my memory, the new layout of task manager confused me a bit, so I simply rebooted. Fixed the problem.

Today The same thing happened to me again, except this time the memory usage continues AFTER a reboot, and then another reboot. My desktop computer seems completely possessed by whatever is using up my memory. I consider myself to be a very advanced user, although not a professional, but I can't figure out how to nail down this culprit via the task manager. Nothing seems to be using up a lot of memory, the total of all the apps isn't close enough, yet it does identify my memory usage at 99%. There were no unusual apps running in the background, just VLC running an HD 1080p movie, which I have done many times on that computer.

I can imagine this will happen again if I don't find the issue. Where to start troubleshooting to find a memory hog that only happens once in a great while? Does it have anything to do with windows updating itself secretly and automatically now?

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Performance :: Explorer Not Work At Start Up But Fine On Reboot

Dec 17, 2015

I recently purchased a new Alienware Laptop with Windows 10 installed. I'm having issues where on start-up, programs such as File Explorer, Internet Explorer etc. are taking 5-10 mins to load, whilst Apps such as Windows Edge load straight away. If I also try to open say my C Drive on File Explorer once it loads, I just get the Blue Loading Disc for another 5-10 mins until that loads.

But if I restart my laptop, everything then seems to run fine after that (but obviously I don't want to have to keep doing that as a permanent solution). I'll run a Virus Scan and make sure there's nothing bad on there...

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Performance :: BSOD Upon Trying To Login - Just Upgraded

Nov 10, 2015

So, as the title suggests, I have just upgraded my Desktop PC to Windows 10 as I was under the impression that the Free Upgrade would expire soon (I have since learned it expires June of next year, GG me).

I completed the upgrade 5 days ago, took about an hour and forty minutes to fully upgrade. It takes me to the log in screen and I type in the password and It just sort of...sits there. Any time I type in the password or click on anything other than the options on the login screen and the screen fades into white as it becomes unresponsive, then few seconds afterwords the screen turns black and then after another 3-4 seconds, my PC reboots as if the power has been turned off.

I don't really know much of the Specs of my PC, as that's never really mattered to me before. I know the Model is an HP Pavilion p6000 and I have own it since 2010. I'm not sure if my PC is too old to handle Win 10. I know before the upgrade I had 280 Gigs of memory left out of 450, so it shouldn't be a memory issue.

I tried submitting this problem to r/Windows10 and they suggested I try and boot the computer in Safe Mode...I honestly didn't know what Safe Mode was so I was lead here, to the Forum. I've tried obtaining Safe mode by turning it on/off twice in a row to trigger the auto repair and it took me to thing screen.

[URL] ...

I tried clicking on the "US" option...and my mouse wouldn't show up. So, the point is, for whatever reason I can't log in to my PC now.

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Performance :: Slow Login On Occasions

Jan 27, 2016

I recently installed a SSD and clean installed Windows 10 and just a few applications such as Office 2010 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2016.

A cold boot to the login screen takes 15s (fast start up disabled). I have one Microsoft account and two local user accounts. Logging into these takes 3-6s from entering the password.

On occasions, the login can take about 25s and you just see the spinning wheel until the desktop appears. There are no obvious associated errors in the Event Log.

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