Performance :: START Window Does Not Clear Desktop Coming Out Of Sleep

Jan 24, 2016

On my Desktop, whenever I go to Start > Power > Sleep , when I come back from Sleep the Start window is still open. In Windows 7 we came back to a clean desktop. It does this on 3 PCs.

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Computer Not Working When Coming Out Of Sleep

Sep 13, 2015

I set the Power options in the Control panel for the display to turn off for e.g. 10 minutes. When not using the computer, the screen is put to sleep after that amount of time. If I then try to get it out of this modus by moving the mouse or tapping any key on the keyboard I get a screen but NO icons on the taskbar and an empty background (no actief apps). I can see mouse movements but I can' t d launch any apps. when I set the turn off display setting to "never", obviously the computer never went to sleep and everything stays as it should be.

My configuration is as follows:
Win10 Home Edition
Intel 64-bit

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Performance :: How To Clear The Reliability History

Oct 28, 2015

I would like to clear my Reliability history after doing some program testing that generated a lot of errors. I cleared out all of the Event logs, but a number of errors are still showing in the Reliability history.

There was a tutorial in the Windows 7 forums as well as a similar Win 7 solution with a batch file at the Windows Club.

It appears that the files used to be stored in the ProgramdataMicrosoftRAC folder, which doesn't seem to exist for Windows 10.

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Gaming :: Low Res Game Coming Out Of Sleep Mode

Oct 7, 2015

Recently upgraded a friends computer to windows 10 and we're running into an annoying issue while playing a low resolution (800x600?) game. The game boots up fine and everything is great until we pause and come out of sleep mode when the whole image on the screen is compressed to half the screen with inverted colors (this same thing happens when the windows key is hit to go back to the desktop and try to go back to the game). The image isnt frozen, you can hear the sounds and see things lighting up. The actions are working on the whole screen but the image is compressed to the left half of the screen. So it seems to me that there's some software issue involving the graphics card since the computer is having issues switching between resolutions?

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Computer Extremely Sluggish When Coming Out Of Sleep Mode

Oct 16, 2015

Recently I have noticed that my computer is EXTREMELY SLUGGISH after I wake it up out of sleep mode. It runs very very slowly. Rebooting is the only thing that fixes the sluggishness but then it happens again once my computer is put to sleep and then wakes up.

My computer is an Alienware Area 51 R2. I upgraded to windows 10 about a month ago without any problems. I have the Hibernate feature turned off as the files required to preserve my computer state during hibernation take up far too much space on my tiny 120 GB SSD that windows is installed on (all my games and other stuff are installed to the 1.5 TB standard platter-based hard drive) Sleep function remains enabled though.

I have a pair of NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 graphics cards and am using the latest graphics drivers with them (358.50 according to the latest update i got).

Defragmenting (and in the case of SSD, trimming it) have not worked.

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Satellite A505 S6005 Not Coming Out Of Sleep / Hibernation After Upgrade

Oct 7, 2015

Ever since I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 my laptop (Satellite A505 S6005) will go into sleep mode without issue but refuses to wake up up. I have to do a hard power down in order for it to turn off. I've checked my power settings and everything is the same as it was for Win 7.

I found online that it seems to be a possible issue with the Intel Management Engine Interface not being the right version. I'm currently on driver version I've tried to upgrade it to a new version but Windows states I have the best version for my PC. Have also tried via Toshiba and Intel sites for a new version with no success. How to get a new driver version?

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Performance :: Taskbar Crashes Approx 4-5 Times An Hour - No Clear Cause

Feb 23, 2016

My Laptop has an ongoing problem (about a month now) persistent through several windows updates. The taskbar will sometimes, with no clear trigger or cause, start to rapidly flash between all my open windows, eventually when I click anywhere on the taskbar I am prompted with a not responding windows and the only option is to end the "microsoft windows" process. All the taskbar icons then disappear and seem to reload over approx 10 seconds, once this is complete, all the same windows are open, its as if nothing has happened?Needless to say this is seriously irritating, and gets me raging so my productivity hits rock bottom,

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Deleted Files Keep Coming Up In Start Menu Search Results?

Feb 10, 2016

Many times when I search from the Start Menu, results come up for files that have been deleted or moved but the old path is listed in the results (so that clicking it throws me a "File cannot be found" type error).

I first noticed this when I moved a folder of PDF manuals to a new location. The titles of these files will come up when searching from the Start Menu but the paths are linked to the original locations and so Windows can't "find" the file when I click on it in the search results.

I did a CCleaner sweep of my system and even tried rebuilding the search index but cannot correct this nonsense. What's going on?

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Window Resizes When Computer Wake Up From Sleep

Oct 17, 2015

Windows 10 keep re-sizing my firefox windows when i wake up my computer from sleep. And the windows 10 start menu is also opens up. I would like to fix both these issues.

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BSOD :: Small Blank White Window After Sleep

Jan 7, 2016

I am facing a problem with my laptop hp probook 450 G1 after upgrading to windows 10 ! After waking up from sleep I found a small blank white window in the left-up side . It last until the next restart pc ! I have updated windows update from setting>update & security > update windows. I have also downloaded the latest version of drivers from hp website.

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BSOD :: Unexpected White Window At Time Woke Up From Sleep

Dec 3, 2015

After after upgrading my laptop to windows 10 , I found a small blank white window at left side when it woke up from sleep.It last till restart.

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Remember Window Position On Desktop?

Jun 30, 2015

In every version of Windows 10 I have used, including the most recent official build (and unlike every previous Windows including XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc...) my window positions on the desktop are not remembered (sticky) each time I close the window. Meaning that each time I open a window I have to either re-position it or adapt to wherever Windows has chosen to place it.

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Disable Desktop Window Manager Permanently

Jul 23, 2015

Disable Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) permanently . I believe its causing me to crash in certain applications, the option to disable is not available in services.msc

Group policy maybe? Or registry?

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When Close A Program Half Of Its Window Stays On Desktop

Jun 8, 2015

It just started doing this. heres a picture [URL] ...

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Start Up Window Not Working

Aug 24, 2015

When I left click the start up icon I get a message: Critical Error, Start Up Window isn't functioning. Will try to fix when you re-start. The Error message prevents all other windows from opening. When I click the message, the system re-boots, but the Error continues.
If I do not left click the icon, everything works properly, and when I right click the icon, everything works too, including the shut down process, the searches, etc.

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Start Window Will Not Work

Sep 23, 2015

I did the upgrade and know my start window wont work I cant get to the apps or shortcut windows....

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Website Icons On Start Window?

Oct 11, 2015

Is it possible to ad a web site icon/tile to the start window.

For some reason the google web site icon is there, but I would like to add a few more of web sites I frequently visit.

The right click on a web site URL does not give the option of creating a tile/icon on the start menu.

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Getting Window Pop-up Every Time Start Up Computer

Mar 27, 2016

When my friend was at my house he got a hack on my computer that obviously didn't work.Now everytime i start my computer the hack pops up.

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Performance :: Cannot Seem To Get PC To Sleep

Feb 10, 2016

So I've and tried some more and I cannot seem to get my PC to Sleep. I was upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Ultimate. It's a custom built rig for gaming and streaming movies. Not sure why, but I put it on sleep, I see the PC go down as if it's in sleep mode and then I leave the room. I go by the room again and the PC is back on.

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Start Menu And Seacrh Window Will Not Respond

Jul 30, 2015

I upgraded to 10 Home yesterday and everything seemed to work fine. Today after deleting several files from my photos the system hung and I had to do a power off reboot. After that the start menu wont come up and the search window won't accept any text. Right click on the start menu does respond and seems to work properly. I also did a sys. file chk., it said that some files were corrupted and not repairable.

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Windows / Start-key Resize Window Disabled

Mar 10, 2016

When Windows 10 is functioning normally, you can hold the Windows/Start-key down and press the arrow keys to move and resize the active window.

(i.e. Start-key + left moves the window to the left half of your screen;
Start-key + right moves the window to the right half of your screen;
Start-key + up maximizes the window to the full screen;
Start-key + down minimizes the window to the taskbar)

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Performance :: PC Won't Sleep After 30 Minutes

Nov 14, 2015

I seem to be having problems where my PC wont sleep after 30mins as its set to.

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Performance :: Computer Will Not Sleep?

Jun 11, 2015

I am having trouble getting my computer to sleep.

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Performance :: Not Auto Sleep

Oct 19, 2015

I've tried everything I've read but nothing will make my PC sleep. It worked fine with Windows 8.1 but since 10 it doesn't matter what I change, the only way to make the PC sleep is to do it manually.

Here are some of the steps I've followed with no success:

- powercfg /requests shows nothing
- powercfg /energy doesn't show anything interesting
- no media sharing is enabled
- homegroup is disabled
- disabling NIC has no effect
- removing everything from the PC other than power and HDMI for video has no effect
- everything but my mouse is set not to wake pc (I have also tried with the mouse also set to no avail)
- updated drivers where possible

The weird thing is if I don't log onto the PC from a reboot, it will sleep just fine - the minute I log on it refuses to auto sleep. Also, if I boot into Safe Mode, the sleep works just fine again.

It's combined with the auto setting for windows update (despite having disable wake timers selected) the PC will sometimes wake in the middle of the night and stay on until I sleep it again.

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AFS Error Info Window Appear When Click To Start Program

Sep 29, 2015

When I click to start some programs, I get this AFS Error Info window. After clicking OK, I then get the UAC window. Except for the extra step, nothing goes wrong--it's just annoying. Sometimes programs requiring a UAC show this AFS error, sometimes not. What this is and how to stop it?

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Installation :: Will Not Start Download - Nothing Gets Downloaded And No Other Window Pops Up

Aug 12, 2015

I am really frustrated trying to install Windows 10 from Windows 7 Home Premium in my MSI S6000 laptop. I click on the "Get Windows 10" icon and a window pops-up saying: "Your free Windows 10 upgrade is here!" I click on the button "OK Let's continue" and that is the end of it. I see the wheel rotating for an hour or two and nothing happens. Nothing gets downloaded and no other window pops up. I have pops up allowed, and everything else is at the default settings. What is wrong with y Windows 10 upgrade?

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