Prevent Microsoft From Disconnecting Network When It Asks To Sign In Again?

Nov 29, 2015

I signed in to my Microsoft account when I logged onto my Windows 10 laptop, I should not have to sign in AGAIN. Or is this a new "feature" of Windows 10?

I was running an 8 hour job on my network late last night between the two laptops on my network. I just checked it and it had a little less than 2 hours to run. A few minutes later a Microsoft message popped up that said I needed to sign into my Microsoft account again. Immediately, my network went down and the long running job ended. I have to think these two are connected. What is really interesting is that I am still connected to the internet and I have to assume to my Microsoft account.

Why would I get that message? Why would it interrupt my network and crash my job? How do I prevent this from happening again?

The more I see of Windows 10 the better I like Windows 7, actually, the better I like windows 95. Remember that one? 

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Networking :: PC Asks For Password On Home Network

Mar 5, 2016

My wife doesn't use a password to log on to her Windows 10 PC. Her user name is her email address when the "Enter Network Credentials" window pops up when access is attempted from other computers. Her email password does not work here. We don't know what password it might be expecting. We've run NETPLWIZ on her machine and cleared the "users must enter a user name and password" box. This has no effect.

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How To Prevent Microsoft From Updating Bloatware

Dec 19, 2015

I spent a while in powershell meticulously removing the stupid unnecessary "apps" that Microsoft so generously infested my computer with (I'm looking at you, "Bing"). Before I could breathe a sigh of relief however, I discovered that the blight came back after a normal Windows update.

Normally it wouldn't bug me too much, but I'm giving this laptop to some old folks who aren't very tech savvy enough to continuously remove the apps through powershell. Windows eventually needs to update too. So seeing Xbox, Bing, and Candy Crush (seriously, ***?) will only make it harder for them.

Is there a way to get rid of the bloatware and prevent Microsoft from typically shoving it back into the PC?

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Networking :: Missing Network Protocols Prevent Access To Shared Folder?

Feb 10, 2016

From one of my Windows 10 machines I am unable to access the shared folders on the other. The troubleshooter says "One or more network protocols are missing on this computer" and "Windows Sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing."

I have run sfc /scannow, but no problems were found. I don't get the problem when sharing in the other direction or when accessing the shared folders on the same machine.

This comes amidst a cluster of sharing-related problems. Before the reboot after which the present problem manifested itself, shares going in the other direction were invisible in the network browser (but could be accessed via the search bar). Also, the machine in question does not appear in the HomeGroup browser even though it is a member of the HomeGroup.

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Sign In With A Microsoft Account Instead

Dec 14, 2015

I have tried to sign in with a Microsoft Account on by Windows account - When I do then it asks for my password on by Windows account. When I enter it I get the message "Oops something went wrong. Whatever happened, it was probably our fault. Please try again." 

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Cannot Sign In To Microsoft Account

Jul 31, 2015

The situation is that I upgraded from win7 to 10 and I have a basic "local administrator account". When I go to my account settings and try to click on "Sign in with a Microsoft account instead", nothing happens (there is a brief background window that flashes and then nothing happens).

Similarly, if I try to login to the xbox one app, it also says that it could not sign me in. If I click on the "sign in with a different Microsoft account", it presents me with the option to "choose an account: Microsoft account". When I click on that, again nothing happens at all.

I get the same results if I try to turn on Cortana-- when she eventually asks to connect to a Microsoft account, I click "sign in" and again nothing happens (here again I sometimes see a brief window flash in the background but I never get a login screen.

Last but not least, I get this same result if I try to add a Microsoft account to the Mail App in Win10. As soon as I try to click to add an Outlook/Hotmail account, it flashes and nothing happens. I am able to add other types of accounts to Mail (google, etc). (Oh, and if I try to login to the Microsoft Store I also get the same login problem as described).

I'm really bummed b/c I cannot use a lot of features in Windows 10 and how to hook into a Microsoft account.

Things I have tried: I run windows updates constantly just to be sure, I have rest my "clock" and time settings repeatedly, I have made sure my location settings are turned 'on'. I have tried turning all of these things off and then on, then rebooting and checking for updates...still no way to login to Microsoft account .

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Can't Sign-in With Microsoft Account

Sep 4, 2015

I am enjoying my upgrade of Windows 10 except for I can't sign-in with my Microsoft account. I went from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. I can log in with a local account (same as Windows 7). I can't download any apps from the Windows Store, Microsoft Edge doesn't work like it should. BTW, when I click on "sign in with Microsoft account instead" in the settings, a window wants to pop up but suddenly disappears.

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Why Can't Sign Into Microsoft Account

Aug 7, 2015

Currently I am signed into a local account in Windows 10. so I tried to sign into my Microsoft Account to use all MSN apps... But every time I click on the " Sign in with a Microsoft Account instead' nothing happens! As a result I can't use the essential MSN apps ! I don't want to go back to Windows 8.1 and then again upgrade to 10!

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Accounts :: Cannot Sign In With Microsoft Account

Dec 26, 2015

I recently was forced to create a new user account on my Windows 10 PC since old one got corrupted. This new one is a local account/administrator. When going to the account settings I then go to the "Sign in with a Microsoft account instead" option which works totally fine. I am asked to input the email of my Microsoft account and password. So far so good. After I do that I then encounter a screen that says "Sign in to this device using your Microsoft account". It asks me for my current Windows password one more time and says the next time I sign into windows I'll be using my Microsoft account password. So I then enter my windows password and here is where the lovely screw up happens that says "Oops, something went wrong. Whatever happened, it was probably our fault. Please try again."

I've tried countless times and attempted to skip this page by clicking next and nothing. I can't use my Microsoft account at all on this computer it seems anymore.

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BSOD :: Can't Sign In To Microsoft Account

Sep 6, 2015

When i go to sign to microsoft account in windows 10 through "Sign to Microsoft account instead" , when i click this , nothing shows up like a pop up window for sign in .

I've tried turning on & off the services "RPC - remote procedure call" & "Microsoft Account Sign In Assistant". I've also set them to start type "Automatic Delayed".

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Not Able To Sign In With Microsoft Account - Code 0x800c0008

Jul 25, 2015

I recently installed windows 10 preview. I was on Windows 7 and the same account was carried over to windows 10. now when i try "Sign in with a microsoft account instead" it shows the following error : Code 0x800c0008

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Unable To Login To Microsoft Account - Sign In Page Not Appearing?

Nov 13, 2015


Currently i am having this problem, unable to login to any MS app like store, people, outlook etc.

Dont want to install w10 again.

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Unable To Find Option To Change Password - Sign In Is Via Microsoft Account Only

Dec 3, 2015

I cannot find a link to change my password.

My computer is using my microsoft account password on startup

How do I get back in control of my password? 

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Networking :: Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter Is Missing

Sep 12, 2015

I cant create a virtual wifi network using this command : netsh wlan start hostednetwork (the "set" command works)

the solution is to enable Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter which is missing , and yes i tried to show hidden devices ..

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Accounts :: Sign Into Microsoft Accounts Not Allowed

Aug 8, 2015

I installed windows 10 from 7 and if i try to sign into cortana, onedrive or microsoft accounts it either say (something went wrong) or (there was a problem connecting to onedrive) Browsers work fine so i know i have an internet connection. I have reinstalled windows 10 once with no change.

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Desktop Icons Position / Dimension Reset Every Time Sign-out / Sign-in?

Aug 24, 2015

Until yesterday everything was working fine. This night I shutdown my computer and this morning, when I started it up, I noticed the icons of my dekstop in the default location and with the default dimensions.

I repositioned them , I changed icon dimensions again but if I sign out/sign in , restart , shutdown/startup the computer , all my desktop icons go back to default position and default dimension.

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Networking :: Homegroup - Accessing Shares Asks For Credentials?

Jan 26, 2016

Several PCs in my store.. some running W7 starter, some W10 Home pro.

A few days ago suddenly I could no longer access a folder on another W10 computer, where we tend to store a lot of important documents. The computer where the other folder is, runs also W10.

Shares are usually done vie HomeGroup - share with home group users.Other computers on the network have no problem accessing it. Furthermore, I can access it from another local account on my computer, but not from my main account (which is a MS account)..It asks for credentials, although I am a homegroup user.. nevertheless I enter the other computer's only username and password (admin ones) and it still does not let me in. Try my own MS user and pass - also "wrong".

Tried leaving and joining the Homegroup.

Tried restarting network related services and setting them on Automatic.

Tried homegroup troubleshooter - says probable problem is with network, so should run Network troubleshooter.

I do so and it shows error:This network troubleshooter shows error: resource (peer to peer grouping) is online, but not responding to connection attempts.

Following the latter and some google searches, I tried adding DisabledComponents" DWORD with "0"value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesTCPIP6Parameters
But still NO-GO.

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Apps :: Windows Asks Default Program Even After Being Set Disable This?

Aug 9, 2015

when I set a default program in the Settings app and then open a file, Windows still asks which program I want to use. Admittedly, it does this only once per file type, but this is extremely annoying in a work environment where there are numerous computers.

For example, I went into the Settings app and set the .AU3 file extension to be opened in a specific program. Then, I double-clicked an .AU3 file, and I got this window:

It has the correct default in the above image, but it asks if I want to "keep using this app." Why? Can I make this stop?

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How To Reset PC - It Asks For Boot Disk On Black Screen

Oct 10, 2015

How do I reset a PC with windows 10 installed to where it asks for a boot disk on a black screen or something like that? not where I reset it and windows is still installed, I need a reset it to where I can only go in the bios....

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Disabled Logon Screen But After A Week It Asks For Password Again

Dec 26, 2015

I've disabled the logon screen but after a week it asks for the password again. This is on a Dell pc. I have 2 other pcs, Asus and HP and the login stays disabled.why the login screen won't stay disabled?

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Networking :: VPN Hangs At Disconnecting

Oct 19, 2015

when I disconnect from my work VPN, sometimes it hangs at "Disconnecting".

the only indication is when I try and reconnect nothing happens the "Connect" button just flashes.

the only way to reconnect is to reboot.

am I the only one getting this, and if not is there a solution to this behaviour??

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Accounts :: Clean Install On Domain Always Asks For User / Password

Nov 15, 2015

If I upgrade a Windows 7 Pro desktop to Windows 10 Pro, then I do not have any issues. However if I do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro, and create the password for the administrative account.

After getting it all setup, I add it to the domain on the network. I can log in with the login info from the Active Directory Server. Now the problem I run into, is say if I want to even change a file name, it asks for the Administrative username and password, at which point I have to enter ComputernameUser for the username then Password when the pop up happens.

Is there a way I can remove that? It doesn't seem to do that on any Windows 7 pro to Win 10 Pro upgrades though. And I have several more machines to do clean installs.

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Apps :: User Account Control Asks Permission To Run Some Programs

Oct 15, 2015

I have UAC set one level below default, most programs will run without asking permission, however, Auslogics Defrag and Malwarebytes amongst some others, always need permission to run. How do I give these programs permanent permission to run?

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Browser/Email :: Asks For PIN When Adding Different Hotmail Account To Mail App

Jan 6, 2016

I have two outlook/Hotmail accounts. One I log into the PC with (which is pretty crappy by the way and is a huge hassle in Windows 10 IMO).

In the mail app, I was able to add the mailbox of the one I use, however I have a second email account through Hotmail that when I try to add the account to the mail app, it asks me to verify with a pin. I have never used a PIN with this account.

I went to settings and sign in option, and have an option to change the pin, however it is wanting to change the main account that I log into the pc. The pin appears to be 4 digits (it only allows 4 characters before it auto enters) unlike the main pin which is 8 or 9 numbers.

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Networking :: Laptop Keeps Disconnecting Randomly

Aug 29, 2015

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and was happy with the new OS but lately I have been having issues with the Wi-Fi since it disconnects randomly several times during the day. It seems to "turn off" on its own and comes back up after a while. It's annoying and I didn't have this issue with OS 8.1. If possible, I'd like to solve the problem. I've thought about reverting back to 8.1 but I've misplaced the key and it's not in a sticker underneath either so I can't really do that now. The option that most people show by going to 'Recovery' doesn't work because it says the 'necessary files have been deleted' so I can't proceed that route anymore.

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Networking :: WiFi Keeps Disconnecting After Activation?

Oct 22, 2015

After upgrading my OS to windows 10, its making headache with wifi. My Thinkpad T410 gets disconnecting frequently from the wifi network and does not reconnect automatically. Also not getting reconnected manually for a few minutes. After that reconnects.

Old OS was Windows 7 64 bit.

Wireless adapter is Intel Centrino Ultimate N 6300 AGN

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