Reappearing Folders And Documents After Supposedly Deleting Them?

Nov 29, 2015

Here's one I have never run across before.

New user to W10 on a new Dell 8900. All seems fine, but...I have a bunch of Folders, documents and shortcuts that I tried to Delete. Put them all in the Recycle Bin.

No longer on Desktop.

Emptied the Recycle Bin.

All gone from Recycle Bin; Recycle Bin is totally clean. So is Desktop.But after a few hours, they all reappear on Desktop !

How can I delete them "permanently" ?

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Computer Folders Keep Reappearing

Sep 16, 2015

Both my Laptop and Desktop running Windows 10 have this issue

i run the registry hack found here (Using 64bit as per my pc being 64bit)

The folders re-appear after i reset my computer, they are never permanently disabled.

i could have my computer silently run the regkey upon startup, but surely there is a less hacky way to permanently remove them.

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Apps :: Force Deleting Folders

Jan 16, 2016

sometimes i get stuck with a error that it cant delete a folder because of too long filename or it says it's in use when infact it isn't is there some nice tool for this?

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Disc Clean Up - Deleting Folders Containing DLLs

Aug 31, 2015

I did the disc clean up to get rid of the windows.old (twice) but it has still left the folder windows with EN-GB, FONTS, SERVICING, SYSTEM32, SYSTEMAPPS AND WINSXS. These contain all the DLL's as i have already had to do a reinstall I don't wish to again so am I stuck with them there. So far all seems to be working so am I better off just leaving alone or is there a way to delete them?

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All Folders Are Missing After Deleting Microsoft Update

Jan 17, 2016

I have Incredimail working again Windows 10 after deleting the Microsoft update but all my folders are missing..

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Saving To Documents And Other Folders

Jul 31, 2015

Upgraded last night and am slowly working through minor issues. One thing that's confusing me - my username is supposed to be in the Administrator group on my computer, but my settings seem to be connected to the Home User group instead. I first discovered this when I tried to open Outlook and Outlook couldn't access my .pst file. I went into Security and gave the Home User group full access. Problem solved.

Next, I found that I couldn't save to any of my Documents folders. I found that if I changed Security settings to full access on each individual folder, it would allow me to save, create new folders, etc. Now I'm wondering if it's possible to make this a more global change? Changing access to every stinkin file is pretty annoying and it seems logical that there should be a global setting to do this. (One more thing related to user issues: what's the use of being in an Admin group if you don't actually have Admin permissions to run things? The cmd menu won't allow me to do anything...)

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Change The Way Folders And Files Displayed In My Documents?

Aug 31, 2015

Is there a way to change the way the folders and files are displayed in My Documents?

I recently upgraded to 10 but I have a slight issue with 'My Documents'. Most of my files are in folders in My Documents and in Windows 7 I was able to filter by most recent updated with folders listed first followed by the documents which are not saved in folders. I have not found a way to duplicate this convenient display in 10.

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Downloads And Documents Folders Sharing Same Properties?

Jul 29, 2015

[URL] .....

I am getting multiple "Downloads" folders appearing, all pointing to the same directory (E:/Downloads)

When I change one of them, they all change. Also no Documents folder.

Cant delete the extra folders.In the Properties > Location -- When I click "Restore Default" the folder url changes to "C:/Users/username/Documents/"

Where did my Original downloads folder go, and why are they all linked together anyway?

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Multiple Documents And Pictures Folders Appearing

Jan 6, 2016

Whenever I open file explorer multiple copies of the documents and pictures folders appear in the side bar. When I click on them they are all exactly the same. It starts off with one then a second appears then a third. Thirteen is the most I have seen so far.

What is causing this or how I get it to stop? (Picture attached) 

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Explorer Keeps Showing Multiple Documents Folders

Jan 1, 2016

In Windows 10 File Explorer keeps showing multiple Documents Folders then they disappear and come back again all without my doing anything.

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Unable To Move Location Of My Documents Or My Pictures Folders

Nov 15, 2015

So currently when I go into "This PC" I have 6 icons at the top : Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures & Videos.

As I'm running my OS off a 120gb SSD I typically store my documents/photos/videos etc on another drive, in this case my D drive. If I right click > Properties on these folders there is a tab titled Location, which normally lets me change where the folder points to. However on both the Documents and Pictures folders I see the following issue when trying to change away from the default "Onedrive" location :

Note : This is the error I get when I try to move the folder location ANYWHERE, not just to the D drive.

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Windows Explorer Opens All Folders In Documents Folder?

Sep 10, 2015

New in Windows 10 the file explorer opens in documents folder no matter which folder is clicked on. Open with in context works ok. Windows 10 is an update of Windows 8.1.

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Unable To Create Or Save Files In Documents And Pictures Folders

Jul 29, 2015

As with many I have upgraded to Windows 10 today and it is going well except for the fact I am unable to save any files or create new ones in the Documents and Pictures folders or any sub-folders within these folders. For instance, I tried to save an image created in paint and attempted to save it in the Pictures folder, it gave me the error message seen in this picture below:

Note, I am the only user on the system, and also the admin account so I do not know why it says this. Clicking Yes on the box does nothing and the same thing still occurs afterward. In addition, bringing up the right click menu and going to new only allows me to create a new folder, and the windows admin shield icon appears next to it. Deleting files also prompts me to ask for admin permission but in that case I can simply click the continue button and it goes through.

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Installation :: Icons At Bottom Of Screen And On Desktop Kept Disappearing And Reappearing

Aug 30, 2015

Upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The Installation went ok but when it got to the desktop my screen kept blipping or stalling out, my icons at the bottom of my screen and on the desktop kept disappearing and reappearing, my ICloud is giving me some weird message about how I don't have the privileges to access the folder...oh, and I cant click on an of my folders either...Anywhere between 5 min to 25 min is how long it takes for my computer to finally Stabilize itself and then everything works fine....It seems like it is taking longer to Stabilize...My computer is fairly new...I bought it in June of 2014...It is an HP Envy 23 All in One.

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Taskbar Won't Autohide - Program Icon Keeps Reappearing In System Tray

Aug 24, 2015

Taskbar won't autohide. I discovered a program icon in the system tray, that I can exit, and the taskbar will autohide. I uninstalled the program, but the icon keeps reappearing in the system tray, and the taskbar again won't hide. I ran CCleaner, and PC DeCrapifier, but the program in not listed, so I can't remove it. Upon computer restart, the Icon returns to the system tray, and the taskbar won't hide. The program Icon is not listed in the settings for the notifications.

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Apps :: Word Documents Saved As Wordpad Documents?

Dec 9, 2015

I am using Word 2013 on my laptop. Windows 8 was operating system. Recently upgraded to Windows 10. When I save Word documents now, they are saved as Wordpad documents. (.xml files) Wordpad does not recommend some of the Word formatting and alters the documents.

How do I correct this? I want the save as Word documents, as I did in the past.

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OneDrive Documents Acts As Default Directory For Documents

Jul 25, 2015

I've trying out the new preview, 10240. Everything works fine except for the default documents folder (and the same for Images). As my screenshots reveal, by default the documents and images folder are the ones with OneDrive. (My system is in Spanish, but it seems self-explanatory, I believe)

After some examination, I located the "Storage" section in the new settings window and I see that the default folder for Documents is OneDrive. However, after I set to "This PC (Drive C)" it doesn't do anything, as as soon as I close the window, the option reverts back to OneDrive.

I actually like and use OneDrive, and I had no problems with it with Win8.1. So I don't want to disable it.

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Customization :: Moving Files Into Folders Puts Them Under Recent Folders

Nov 20, 2015

I have the option "Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the taskbar" off.

However since the last update whenever I either copy or move a file into any folder windows puts that folder under the Recent group in the taskbar.

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Why Do Files Keep Deleting

Mar 29, 2016

It seems that Microsoft feels that they need to force me to upgrade to WIN 10 even though I do not need it. My system consistently flashes the WIN 10 upgrade Now box, and again last night while doing updates it decided to update to WIN 10 on its own. Needless to say, all of my files are gone. My back-up copies are no where to be found. Thus I have decided that Microsoft is no better than any other proprietary system that wants you to do what they want not what you want. Even my carbonate files that I have downloaded over and over again have been deleted. Why can I just not say no and Microsoft leave me ALONE!!!

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Why Folder Not Deleting

Oct 1, 2015

I purchased a new hard drive yesterday for the use of nothing but TV and movies. Hard drive works fine, no issues with that. However, a weird issue I'm having is when I moved over my TV and movies from my D: drive to my new drive, the TV folder became, for all intents and purposes, locked.

All my TV is on my new drive and I can view it fine, so that's not an issue. However, for whatever reason, I still have a TV folder on my D drive. As far as I can tell, it's completely empty, but it refuses to delete. I've tried standard deleting, as well as running the CMD prompt as administrator and trying a "del" command, to no avail.

If I attempt to open it, it opens a dialogue box with the title Location Not Available, and it reads "D:TV is not available, access is denied."

If I try to delete it normally, it says I need admin access, which I provide, and then it says access denied anyway.

If I view the security properties, it says I don't even have permission to read the properties of the file.

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Deleting Directories From C Dive

Jan 4, 2016

I have about 500 empty directories on my c: drive with names like the ones pasted below. I believe a failed Quicken install left them there. Anyway, normally this would be no big deal, but in this case, they are all at the root level and it makes my "real" directories hard to find. I've tired several things to get rid of them. Here's an example of one of my attempts from an Administrators command shell:

dir *.tmp
. . .
09/11/2015 04:51 PM <DIR> QuiFAC7.tmp
09/11/2015 04:51 PM <DIR> QuiFAC8.tmp
09/11/2015 04:51 PM <DIR> QuiFAD9.tmp
0 File(s) 0 bytes
501 Dir(s) 1,337,724,145,664 bytes free


I've tried it with PowerShell and with the "hidden" Administrator id, no luck. I also tried to change the security setting for the c: drive itself, also with no luck. Do any of you have a PowerShell script or something similar which will remove these annoying empty directories?

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Deleting System Partition

Aug 6, 2015

I DO NOT have two OS's installed just one.

However after installing it says that both my HDD and SSD are both system, boot, hibernate.

I can not format or delete my HDD it says that it can not do so because the empty, blank HDD is a "Healthy, hibernate, boot, system drive"

How do I go about deleting this.

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Deleting Crashed Upgrade?

Aug 3, 2015

I managed to get an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro on my Windows 7 machine, with it waiting to install. I did not wish to do this! I additionally managed to get it to not install and my updates no longer show it as available. I did also manage to get an ISO for later use. I wish to delete the crashed install and it's files, such as the $Windows~* stuff shown below ....

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Deleting Non-Latin Fonts

Dec 20, 2015

I have a new ultrabook (which I rather like) that came with Win 10 pre-installed. It has a slew of non-Latin fonts that I would like to delete (I have to wade through them all in pick lists on OpenOffice Writer). I have tried deleting them via Control Panel/Appearance/Fonts, with no success.

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Deleting Registry Keys?

Sep 23, 2015

My Windows 10 search has recently broken and nothing I do will fix it! I've found the registry folder for the search but it won't let me delete it, I was going to replace the folder from registry that is working!

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Install From USB Without Deleting Files From PC

Aug 3, 2015

I had a horrible time downloading the free upgrade from Microsoft for Windows 10 .I just wanted to know that my friend brings a Windows 10 bootable USB and I want to install Windows 10 on my laptop without erasing any files, could I do that?

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