Robot Sounding Microphone Since Update

Aug 16, 2015

Ever since I have upgraded to Windows 10 I have lost pretty much all of my bass in my headphones and my microphone now sounds like a robot to a point that you are not even able to make out what I am saying. I have a Realtek audio card and I have tried playing with all of the settings. It recognizes everything as being plugged in as well.

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Mic Sounds Like A Robot

Aug 15, 2015

Fresh installed windows 10 and when I plug my sennheiser game zero headset in the 3.5mm jacks I sound like a robot when I try and talk. I have tried talking right after a complete wipe install with usb and no drivers and have also tried after installing the mobo drivers (Gigabyte X79-UP4).

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Sound Like A Robot After Few Minutes Of Gaming Or Watching A Movie

Aug 23, 2015

i got a H97 gaming 3 gigabyte MB and i get a sound (like a robot) on windows 10 after a few minutes of gaming or watching a movie , if i switch my headset (HS40 raptor) to another USB it works fine for a few minutes then the sound becomes weird again.

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Outlook Notifications Won't Stop Sounding

Dec 23, 2015

Received an automatic update for my Windows 10 a couple of days ago and since then my PC has been sounding the notifications sound (as if I'm receiving a new email) every minute or so without actually reporting any new notifications or new emails. I've unplugged all externally connected devices (in case it was a device issue) and have found that the only way it stops is if I close Outlook (2016). I usually leave my Outlook open so I know when new emails arrive - but as it's sounding notifications for no apparent reason I've just closed it down to get some peace. I've even tried setting the notifications sound to 'none' for Outlook in the Notifications / All Settings / System / Notifcations & Actions tab - and yet it still sounds a false notification when Outlook is open.

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Can't Open Start Menu - Chime Constantly Sounding

Dec 22, 2015

Starting a couple of days ago my Windows 10 computer start menu stopped opening (although I can still right click on it to shut down). This coincided with a chime constantly sounding. I'm not sure if this is related, but there is a pending notification on the lower right, but I can't open that to see what it says.

I tried reinstalling Windows apps with powershell, but this didn't do the trick.

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Computer Emits A Loud Buzz Sounding Like Electronic Short

Mar 5, 2016

This problem started a month or two ago and basically whats happening is every once in awhile (20 minutes to half an hour). My computer emits a loud buzz sounding very much like an electrical short like when you have an amp turned up and a cable shorts out when wiggled.

However there is very little wiring that can go wrong in the back of my pc. I've made sure the speakers are all firmly plugged in etc. Anyway could this be indicative of a hardware problem? It seems like the "buzzing" sound is getting worse as in it lasts for a longer interval than originally. It began as a 1 second burp but now continues for 2 or even 3 seconds at times.

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Play Buttons Not Working - Audio Dropping Out And Sounding Robotic

Jan 4, 2016

So I've used Windows 10 for about 6 months now without any issues beyond a game or two not working, which usually have obvious solutions or unofficial patches. This one stumped me though.

Basically, all play buttons stop working randomly, as well as audio dropping out and sounding robotic, as if slowed down significantly, upon returning.

Some background, this issue began a few days ago, after my third monitor broke. I won't go into that, as it shouldn't matter, but after it broke and I unplugged it, the issues began to arise. I was attempting to edit something in Premiere Pro when I noticed it first. The preview window would not play, although the play icon would turn into a stop icon. I didn't think much of this, but decided to test something else by making a new project and putting some other footage in. This worked. I assumed that the issue was with my SD card, as the other footage was gameplay recorded directly from the PC, whereas the other footage was taken from my camera. I rebooted, and the issue was gone... for a bit. A little bit later, the same issue occurred. This time, however, no footage whatsoever would work. Even YouTube wouldn't work. The only software that could play video was VLC. I did have this issue before, I believe sometime in November. That time a reboot fixed the issue for months.

Later I began to notice other issues. Audio would drop out for a few seconds, no matter what was playing. Spotify, YouTube, Premiere, everything. Sometimes it would come back normally. I've checked my interface, and it appears to be fine (it's a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2). Sometimes audio comes back robotic, like it was slowed down by editing or by using the speed option in YouTube. I've never had this issue with Windows 7.

I've reset to a slightly earlier build of Windows, but it hasn't worked. Since I've had 10 for more than a month I cannot revert to 7 without a clean install, which I'm hoping not to do, mainly because a clean install would obviously be terrible since I'll have to reinstall everything, but also because I do like Windows 10, and have had no issues so far.

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Microphone Is Not Working

Aug 8, 2015

I have an MXL 990 microphone (xlr), and a Line 6 Studio UX2. When I plugin my mic, I see in the pod farm software that I am getting signal, and enough volume. However, my system doesn't pickup any sound at all. I have set the correct device as a recording device, and it still doesn't work.

The Audio interface picks it up, but nothing else on my pc does. Skype, teamspeak, etc.Also, it worked fine before I got windows 10.

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How To Give Commands Using A Microphone

Aug 12, 2015

how to give commands using a microphone in Windows 10? I know there's Cortana but I would like to ask google to search for an item.

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Can't See Webcam And Microphone In Devices

Oct 15, 2015

After I upgraded to Windows 10 the Webcam and Microphone in devices are missing. It does not see these at all. Reinstalled the drivers,

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Any Way To Mute And Unmute Microphone Quickly?

Aug 1, 2015

I got me a new microphone and like most all microphones for PC there is no on and off switch, so on that note how can i mute and unmute it quick without having to click several things to get to the mute stuff. It saves also having to unplug and plug it in every time which would eventually we're usb ports out.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Microphone Not Detected?

Aug 28, 2015

I updated my computer to Windows 10 Pro just few hours ago. I experienced some problems with the video drivers, but I solved them by updating the driver through nVidia GeForce Experience.

Now I have problems with my audio driver (which I think it is VIA HD Audio). My computer does not recognize my external microphone, only the internal one (which is not of the best quality). I looked for the drivers in the ASUS website, but I have found only outdated drivers for Windows 8. Then I saw the "sticky thread" on tenforums in this section and I tried to download the driver, but I do not want to mess up everything else as the site says:

Audio drivers available for download from the Realtek website are general drivers for our audio ICs, and may not offer the customizations made by your system/motherboard manufacturer. To be sure you obtain the full features/customizations provided in your original audio product, please download the latest drivers from your system/motherboard manufacturer's website.

So I'd like to find a good driver for my own PC (which is an ASUS G75).

In addition to it, it seems I have installed VIA HD Audio Control Panel, but I cannot access it because no window is shown when I start it.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Microphone Is Not Working

Aug 17, 2015

I have a Centrios Desktop Microphone with a 6.4mm Jack. My Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E420 obviously doesn't have a 6.4 mm Audio Jack but it does have 1 Jack for both Audio and Microphones. I found an adapter from 6.4mm Female to 3.5mm Male. When i plug the Microphone into the adapter and the adapter into the Laptop it weirdly plays music out of the microphone and thinks it is a Speaker according to the control panel. I also have a splitter to make the 1 dual jack into two separate microphone and audio. I am not sure how to get the Desktop Microphone to work as a microphone.The Microphone will work on any other computer with a single microphone jack.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Microphone Not Working?

Jan 20, 2016

So a few days ago I finished my new build, I went for for Win 10 with DirectX12 in mind. However, my mic does not work, neither through the front or back panel. The PC detects that an audio jack has been connected, detect the mic through both panels, but the mic itself does not pick out any voice. I tried reinstalling Realtek drivers, motherboard drivers, raising the level on Recording Devices and none worked. I'm using ASRock x99 Extreme3 Motherboard. Is there anything else that I can try? The mic works on my laptop and any other device, it's a Steel Series Syberia v2 Headset. Just updated Realtek Audio to 7720 v and still nothing.

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Microphone Doesn't Pick Up Voice

Mar 25, 2016

I am plugging earbuds with a microphone into my computer. (I have tried every 3.5mm port on the computer and speakers, none work). Where ever I plug them in I get a notification saying something was plugged in. Can hear sound out of the headphones only when plugged into the speakers but I can not record voice audio.

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Apps :: How To RESET Microphone To Work With Cortana

Aug 10, 2015

When I turned on Cortana for the first time, I was prompted to read a certain sentence out loud in order for my microphone to be automatically set up and adapted to Cortana. Because I was a bit nervous using Win 10 for the first time, I said Hello Hello Hello in stead of the prescribed sentence. My microphone was set up on this clumsy basis. Now Cortana will only recognize the word Hello when I say it. How can I create another opportunity to adapt my microphone to Cortana by saying the prescribed sentence?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Microphone Not Working Since Install?

Aug 18, 2015

Since installing Windows 10 my desktop will no longer recognise any external microphones, i've tested the microphonse elsewhere and they're working fine. The only place on my pc that will still recognise the microphone is Skype which only shows it in the settings in the form of the green bar moving; Echo and other skype calls will not read the mic.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Microphone Stopped Working

Oct 9, 2015

So I have had this microphone since August 2015, and it has now stopped working?

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Drivers/Hardware :: How To Test If Microphone Is Working

Mar 5, 2016

how to test if microphone is working?

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Drivers/Hardware :: VIA HD Audio Microphone Not Working

Aug 31, 2015

So, after fruitless attempts at fixing the issue using other people threads I've decided to create my own.I'm one of those unlucky to be bugged by sound issues after an upgrade to Win10 from Win7. My Siberia v2 headset microphone doesn't work.

What I've tried:

1) Updating the VIA HD drivers, including the latest pack for Win10 (the one that marks your devices with (Win10)).
2) Lowering (and increasing) the bits and sampling rate
3) Installing the older drivers in compatibility mode. The one for Win7 gave me a blue screen and failed to install, Win 8.1 drivers made no difference, mic still didn't work.
4) Installing the generic Windows high definition audio device drivers. No difference.

The new driver pack from VIA still fails to set the correct device as default, enabling 'Headset' from the front panel which isn't even connected inside. Now, the 'speakers' option enables the audio playback, but microphone is still unresponsive. It behaves strangely, sometimes the volume indicator seems to be picking up noises, but it lasts only for a few moments after which there's nothing. Obviously, I've checked the micro on another PC and it works fine.

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Webcam As A Default Microphone To Talk With Cortana

Sep 16, 2015

I've upgraded 2 other computers (same vintage all HP) to Windows 10 and had no problem using the Cortana mic except this one. Is it because it's automatically using the webcam mic to allow me to do this on the other 2 I didn't have a problem with? I was thinking perhaps I can change my default mic to the webcam for this one. How can I do this? I couldn't find the webcam mic as an option in Device Mgr. I don't have a separate mic attached to any of my computers but Cortana mic works with one desktop and a laptop. This one I am having a problem with, is a desktop purchased at the same time.I can type into Cortana but not using the mic icon it has available.

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Microphone Strongly Distorted Except From Realtek Playback?

Aug 5, 2015

Basically when I try to record my voice all I hear is very strongly distorted sound, no speech is recognizable. I tried updating drivers, all mic settings I can think of but with no success.

When I open the Realtek manager and click the icon for playback on my mic settings the audio is crystal clear, and if possible I would like to have this instead of what is actually outputted. I dont know how to set that working

I clicked to "Listen to this device" and all I hear is VERY distorted sound, no speech is recognizable.

So from what I understand the mic is perfectly fine, the drivers should be fine but the quality that is outputted is terrible. Is there anyway to output what I hear from the playback on realtek? [URL] ....

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Microphone Won't Work - Makes Buzzing But No Sound

Oct 5, 2015

For some reason my microphone wont work. I recently upgraded my mobo and cpu and earlier this weekend it was working. I havent changed anything since then. The headphones still work and whenever i pug it into my I/O port it opens realtek control panel and it asks me if i plugged in the mic and i say yes or whatever. When I go into recording devices and put the volume and boost the gain it makes a buzzing but no sound. It is set to default device. I tried reinstalling the drivers but nothing.

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Blue Yeti Microphone Not Under Recording Devices

Jul 28, 2015

I tried a different USB port, we'll it is in the Device Manager under Other Devices but it doesn't find a driver and it isn't in Recording Devices.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Lifecam Cinema Microphone Not Working

Sep 7, 2015

My Lifecam Cinema microphone worked fine in Windows 7 but in Windows 10, it's not working. The driver appears installed fine. I've tried upgrading it but I'm told that the currently installed driver is the latest.I chatted with a MS rep who told me to call MS but they just told me to go back to their site.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Combined Mic / Speakers - Microphone Isn't Working

Jan 16, 2016

I have a combined mic and speakers jack and also a combined input, but my microphone isn't working. it's just using my pc mic.

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