Runtime Broker Consuming Laptop CPU

Aug 23, 2015

Runtime Broker starts-runs and consumes almost all CPU-time. Laptop fan keeps running until I stop the process. Tried different suggestions but it still keeps starting.

E.g. disabling time broker service.

Problem still occurs for some reason.

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Apps :: Runtime Broker Taking Lot Of CPU?

Aug 15, 2015

I still have problem with the runtime broker, which uses a lot of CPU and so on, even if nothing is running on the computer. Because of it, when I close the laptop, it can't turn of by itself and still uses a lot of CPU, which will cause a problem one day... I know the idea of the application or whatever it is called (runtime broker) and it is supposed to take just a one or maximum two-three percentages of CPU, but it is not like that with me.

I have tried this one: How to disable runtime broker on Windows 8 RTM - YouTube and as well to go in the registry and set some value from 3 to 4, I don't really remember the exact things, I just saw a topic in some forum about it and the people there said, that it works. BUT not really for me.. I will add a screenshot of my task manager to see, what do I mean:

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Runtime Broker - Disk Usage Is 100%

Jul 29, 2015

This keeps using more and more memory, my disk usage is 100%, what this is, microsoft forums are useless

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Runtime Broker Taking Up 10% Of CPU Constantly

Aug 1, 2015

I've noticed this since installing RTM 10240. With previous Insider Builds this didn't happened. I've cleaned installed twice now and the problem persists. I notice also a "Windows Spotlight Background Taskhost" process relentlessly coming and going and taking resources together with Runtime Broker. Nothing seems to fix this and many other users are experimenting the same. This makes the computer hotter as the CPU gets no throttling rest.

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Runtime Broker Using High Memory And CPU Usage

Aug 10, 2015

after upgrading to windows 10 my laptop fan always working fast when i checked this issue, i see runtime broker in task manager with high resourse usage when i click on end task, everything be normal... but runtime broker run itselft immediately ...i googled this issue but i couldn't find a useful solution.

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How To Stop Runtime Broker From Running Constantly In Background

Aug 4, 2015

How to stop "Runtime Broker" from running constantly in the background.

Running win 10 Home 32 bit upgraded from Win 7 Home Premium 

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Performance :: Stop Runtime Broker From Running Constantly In Background

Aug 4, 2015

How to stop "Runtime Broker" from running constantly in the background.Running win 10 Home 32 bit upgraded from Win 7 Home Premium

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Getting Runtime Error Message When Laptop Boot Up?

Aug 19, 2015

I recently upgraded my laptop from W 7 to W 10. Now when I switch on I get a

'Runtime Error! Program: CWindowssystem32atibtmon.exe'
'This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.'

Then there's the top 'half' of a line that reads 'Please contact the application's support team for more '

The only option is to click 'OK' and everything continues as normal.

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Performance :: SVCHOST Consuming Memory

Nov 26, 2015

What services of svchost should I disable? I think it's eating up my memory. I think if the computer has 2GB RAM, it should have only like 30-40% usage but I have 63%

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Performance :: System And Compressed Memory Consuming 1-3GB Of RAM

Feb 10, 2016

Installed Win10 yesterday for free, everything went without a hitch that day. Today after rebooting and having installed new updates, I fire up World of Warcraft and after a minute of playing I get a freeze for 20 seconds, followed by an error message from Windows that WoW is causing memory issues.

I open up Task Manager and WoW is sitting at a happy ~1.5GB RAM usage, while another program called "System and Compressed Memory" is at 3.4GB RAM usage, after a minute it went back down to ~200MB, but kept spiking to 1-2GB

I read up on this process online, but only ever came up threads of people having issues about it consuming too much CPU, mine was sitting at 0-1% usage during that lockdown for that process.

The process is supposed to facilitate RAM usage, but so far it has only caused issues, and I never had any RAM issues on Win7. So, is there a way to shut this thing off?

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When Shut Down Computer It Turns Off Screen But Stays On Consuming Unusual Amount Of Energy

Jan 30, 2016

I have an ASUS UX303ln with a clean install of Windows 10 in UEFI boot mode. It seems that: when I turn off the computer it turns off the screen and fans, but stays on, consuming an unusual amount of energy (in about 30% of the cases it actually turns off properly)When I hibernate the computer, same thing happensWhen I put it to sleep, in about 60-75% of the cases it won't wake up, instead it will just enter this high power mode with screen off, mentioned in the first bullet point.

These issues persist, even after turning off hybrid sleep, fast startup, hibernation, changing over to CSM boot, trying to downgrade/update drivers for Intel Bluetooth (which sometimes was stopped by windows due to not being Windows 10 compatible), the Management Interface, and Intel and Nvidia drivers.

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System Settings Broker Stopped Working

Jan 10, 2016

I'm seeing System Settings Broker "stopped working" in the reliability history. Additionally, I'm seeing a lot of issues with the Windows Shell Experience Host in the event viewer. What happens is that the action center is not accessible (clicking on it does nothing), and hitting the Win key to bring up the start menu does nothing.The support over at is pathetic.URL...

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Getting Runtime Error While Opening Msconfig

Sep 8, 2015

Not able to open device manager, disc management or any of those administrative tools. Main thing is that I'm getting a runtime error every time I try to open msconfig.

Runtime error!


This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Running Windows 10 build 10532

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Apps :: Runtime Error 217 At 50075885

Aug 31, 2015

tried to rest the runtime programs and update still get runtime error followed by a second error runtime error (at 172:103): could not call proc.

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Does UEFI Boot Have Any Runtime Advantages?

Oct 20, 2015

Other than slightly faster boot and wake from sleep, does UEFI have any real runtime advantages over legacy boot?

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Right Clicking On Non-system Icons Causes Runtime Error In Explorer

Jan 4, 2016

I have a Surface Pro 3 with windows 10 ENT.  Everytime I right-click on files that aren't system icons (my computer and things like that) I get this message:
I have booted with a clean boot.  I have corporate antivirus that I cannot remove and I do have the classic start menu app installed ( I have removed this in the process of trouble shooting but have since reinstalled it as it had no positive effect)
Here is all the log info I could find from event viewer (entries are separated by ************):
Faulting application name: explorer.exe, version: 10.0.10240.16603, time stamp: 0x56553bcd

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Networking :: Laptop Cannot See Shared Printer In Windows Vista Laptop?

Feb 21, 2016

Both the Windows 10 laptop and the Windows Vista laptop have discovery on and file and printer sharing on. The printer is connected to the Windows Vista laptop. The Windows Vista laptop can see the files within the Windows 10 laptop. The Windows 10 laptop can see the Windows Vista computer but as soon as it tries to see inside it gives an error about "spelling of the name, etc." If using the diagnosis tool it says "One or more network protocols are missing from this computer". "Resolving problems as administrator" does not solve anything.

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Hard Disk Of A Laptop Used As External USB Drive To Another Laptop

Oct 27, 2015

hard disk of a laptop with windows 10 used as external USB drive to another laptop and it workded but there are some problems that display is poor and shows windows is not activated but in my previous samsung laptop it was activated when i downloaded it freely from Microsoft. Other things are going smoothly till now.

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Networking :: Laptop Cannot Be Used To Print From Networked Laptop

Feb 22, 2016

I have a laptop running Windows 7 that is connected to a printer. I am connected to the internet using a WiFi connection. I have a homegroup called workgroup. My wife has a laptop running Windows 7, connects to the internet using the same WiFi modem and prints using the printer on my laptop.

I downloaded Windows 10 on to my Windows 7 laptop and all of a sudden my wife can't print anymore. Microsoft, you've done it again. How I hate this!

I fooled around with HomeGroup settings on the Windows 10 laptop and the system attributes on my wife's laptop and now I can see her computer on my Windows 10 system. But I cannot see the printer on my system from her laptop.

I tried to click on my compueter from her laptop and I get a request for username and password. I don't know what username and password to use. I gather from reading the forum that I should put the name of my laptop in the username but I don't know where to look for the password.

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Laptop Will Not Boot At All Not Even From DVD

Oct 16, 2015

The other day I was trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop. I searched the Internet for a guide, and it told me to use a software to create a bootable USB and let BIOS boot from it. I did that, and attempted to change it to boot USB as the first priority. After saving changes, exiting and restarting the laptop, it will not boot at all.

The exact process is as follows, when the power button is pressed:

Power button itself, 2 out of 3 LEDs beside the power button (WiFi, Caps Lock, Num Lock; only the last 2 light up), power light indicator (not sure what the exact name is, but it has a light bulb symbol above it), and the disk activity indicator all light up at once after one second. Screen also lights up (super dim) but only for around 200 miliseconds?All lights and indicators then disappear, except for power button and light bulb indicator which are still lit. Battery indicator flashes only when it is very low on power (< 7%).

Cooling fan doesn't seem to be running, and laptop gets warm after a minute until powered off.Keyboard is apparently not turned on, so spamming all kinds of keys like Del, Esc, and F hotkeys doesn't bring me to BIOS.Inserted a system repair disc (that is created in Windows 10 from a spare laptop, which is currently the one I'm using). Disc reader only spins the disc for a few seconds and stops, and laptop doesn't boot from disc. Force shutting it down and power it up again with the disc still inside still won't boot from the disc.

I've tried several other options, like draining all the power from the laptop and taking out the CMOS battery then putting it back again, but all to no avail . Operating systems installed in both laptops are Windows 10.

I changed the boot order to boot USB first, and laptop won't boot AT ALL. BIOS isn't accessible; it doesn't do anything.

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Shutting Down Laptop

Feb 23, 2016

From time to time when powering down my Laptop (Dell Inspiron 17) , the two blue lights in front remain on & I need to take out the battery

I would like to know what is possibly causing this and how I can get it corrected

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Dell Laptop Goes Off?

Dec 16, 2015

while working on my laptop, it suddenly goes off, and I cant get it to switch back on, so I take the battery out and after few seconds I try to switch it back on, no go, then

after a minute or so, the computer suddenly springs back to life, saying its doing a windows update,i had no notification of a windows update, so I cant understand whats going on here, and best of all , this is the second time this has happened

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Laptop Charges Only Up To 60%

Nov 13, 2015

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad G510, and when I bought it came with a software called Energy Manager, which allowed me to use an option that limited the charging percentage to 60 in order to extend battery life. Now, after the Windows 10 update, the software is gone and instead I get a software called "Power Manager", which does not have this option, so I am stuck with battery at 60%.

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Laptop Would Not Shut Down

Mar 17, 2016

I recently had an update on my windows 10, on 3/14/16, and after that my laptop would not shut down, it will either stay on the shut down screen, or the screen turn off, but the laptop will be on, as well as the fan. I have tried different things to fix this but it won't work.

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Laptop Won't Boot?

Nov 30, 2015

Recently(September) I bought a new laptop, with an i7, a ssd with windows 10 installed in it and a hard drive 1tb for memory. However, 3 weeks after I bought it, the ssd suddenly disappeared. I googled about that and i saw it was a common problem so i let it go and reinstalled windows10 on the hard drive. It worked perfectly(only a bit slower) for 2 months until 2 days ago it displayed a message that my ssd drive needs to be fixed. It was weird and i was scared to do it so i let it go. But after a few hours, the screen went black and nothing would happen. I decided to reboot the laptop, but it wouldn't boot, it stuck on the win 10 logo with the loading circle forever.

Then, after a while i rebooted again but this time it stuck on the same thing only with the message preparing auto repair. Again, nothing happened. I tried to reinstall the windows from the usb stick, and it seemed to stuck again on the same screen after the screen saying loading files. However, i let it load all night and in the morning it had loaded successfully. I let it install the windows, which btw took strangly too long, but after it installed and rebooted in order to open, boom, same loading screen again forever. I let that screen load for a couple of hours, and then i got a message saying installation failed press ok to restart. The same thing again.

By the way, i have tried entering recovery mode from the usb to reset the windows but it doesnt load again. The hhd seems fine on bios, the ssd appears but 0gb.

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Booting Whenever Laptop Used?

Aug 31, 2015

I'm having a problem with my desktop (win 10) booting whenever I'm using my laptop (win 7 still). Now, I recently moved, so actually have everything on my network now (yippie). Before I had some networked drives mapped to the laptop, so I disconnected those, problem still persists. I just changed power options on the desktop to all (of the power plans), allowing sleep for media streaming, still, same problem. Then just 30 mins ago or something I joined my laptop to the workgroup and the homegroup (I haven't been using it much and been busy with school and work), thinking it may be some thing that clicks with that and gets it working right. Still it keeps doing this! Very annoying and obviously I dont want it to do this (of course the desktop uses a good amount of power and I dont need it on when I want to use my laptop).

May have to upgrade the laptop to windows 10 or do a clean install of win 7 for this to work I guess. I kind of like Win 7 better actually still, but I'll keep Win 10 on the desktop because of DX10. (really the only thing I care for on Win 10 is the new xbox app and of course, DX10, other than that, eh, its okay, would rather have the old start menu and control panel and though I didn't really use it, windows media center).

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