Sleep / Standby Default Timings Can't Be Changed?

Oct 9, 2015

I saw several threads dealing with sleep/standby problems, but I'd like to pinpoint a specific point: My computer goes to sleep (first display switch-off, then CPU/MB standby) but only according to default timings. If I change the timings, they are used when computer sleeps for the first time, but then timings immediately revert back to default. Since I have Windows 10 Home, I can't use gpedit to investigate Group Policies setup.

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BSOD :: After Standby Or Sleep Mode

Jan 30, 2016

I have a problem with my Asus S56C, I have frequent BSODs, but they only occur after few seconds or few minutes out of the Stand By mode. It does not happen after restarting restarting or turning on the PC. I have already tested the RAM and Hard Drives. Updating to Win 8.1 and then 10 did not change the problem or the way it happens. Since it might be a driver problem, I have tried to play a little bit with Driver Verifier but the drivers are so many that I was not able to identify only one and then I stopped because it was really too time consuming. I updated all thedrivers manually from the Control Panel, but it did not change anything. For the rest the computer is fine, I sent it to the ASUS Service when was still under warranty and they replaced RAM, HD, DVD-ROM, but not the 24 Gb SSD. It also came back with a clean Windows 8 but it had the same problem after installing just Avast, Chrome and Mozilla (I have already uninstalled Avast and no improvements).

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Universal Apps Freezing When Surface Pro 3 Goes To Sleep Or Standby

Nov 14, 2015

Since I've upgraded to Windows 10, most of the time when my Surface Pro 3 goes to sleep or stand-by, most (if not all) of the universal apps (mail, edge, etc.) freeze. When I return from sleep, their windows are all completely unresponsive, except for the minimize and close button on the top right.

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Networking :: Make USB Port Powered While Suspend / Sleep / Standby

Feb 10, 2016

How to use power from USB port while it goes to standby/suspend mode. When I go to device manager- USB root hub- right click - properties -power management tab, the option "allow this device to wake computer" is inactive. But "allow this computer to turn off this device to save power" is active and unticked.

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Default Input Language Can't Be Changed

Jan 11, 2016

On the log-in screen the language is English, but AFTER I log in to Windows, the default INPUT language is Bulgarian, although English is the default one in Language Preferences. How can I change it to English?

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Did The Default Hibernate File Size Changed?

Aug 26, 2015

In Win 7 the default hibernate file size is 75% of RAM.

I have 6 GB RAM, dual boot Win7-x64 and Win10-x64.

6 GB RAM shows as installed in both OS's (it's not a hardware reserved issue).

Win10 set the hiberfil.sys to 2.39 GB.

Win7 set the hiberfil.sys to 4.49 GB.

Is this as expected, or do i have an issue ?

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Can't Login - Default Email Account Changed

Sep 3, 2015

My friend upgraded to Windows 10 with no problems. He logged in for about 2 weeks with no issues. Then for some inexplicable reason one day he couldn't login as his password was not accepted. On looking at the login screen his email had changed from the previous "" to "" and as he didn't know this had changed he was entering his password for the previous email login. He hasn't used the account for years so doesn't know that password. A password reset has been requested (done via his mobile phone).

QUESTION - Is it possible that this default login setting was changed without my friend taking action to change it, as he is certain he did not. Have Microsoft enforced a email account to login as part of an update?? (sounds ludicrous but I've heard of weirder things).

The result is he is having to wait 30 days to get access to his password-reset account so is without his laptop for that amount of time. I'm looking at a password work around to get him in sooner. 

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Power Settings - Put Computer To Sleep - Nn Minutes Is Changed To Never

Aug 10, 2015

When I walk away from my computer, I want it to go to sleep in 20 minutes. Sometimes I return after an hour, and the computer is still awake. There's obviously a rat in the woodpile here. Some software is changing my sleep setting from 20 minutes to "Never" without my permission. Sometimes it will sleep normally for a day or 2, then suddenly something resets my sleep time to "Never".

Is there a way I can block this activity, or re-set it to the proper 20 minute setting on each startup?BTW, I had the same problem in WIn7 and Win8. I was hoping it would be fixed in Win10. It has not.

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Performance :: Mail App Consumig Battery During Standby?

Dec 7, 2015


Log full of these:


I guess this is the mail app? It seems bugged, is there a way to disable it? It cant be deactivated in the background apps...

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BSOD :: Frequently Occurring When Laptop Is In Standby?

Apr 14, 2016

I am little frustrated as my laptop crashes frequently when not in work. It runs well when I am doing any task, I mean when mouse and keyboards are in use. But if I keep my laptop open and there is no activity, immediately after sometime, it crashes and shows BSOD. For each case of BSOD, the problems are different. I have analyzed the minidump file (Though I am not an expert, but tried) and each minidump files says different causes and lists different programs as affected, but I could not make a solution for it. analyze the dump files and tell me exactly what is causing the problems from the attached minidump files.

I am running Microsoft Windows 10 Pro on HP 14-r029tx laptop with 4th generation Intel Core-i3 processor, 4 GB DDR3 Ram and 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce 820M Gfx card.

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BSOD :: Critical Process Died Error When Activating From Standby

Nov 2, 2015

My laptop is Leveno running Window 10. I got BSOD a lot recently, sometimes while using the laptop surfing on the Internet and sometimes activating it from standby. The errors I got were Critical Process Died, 000021a, and kernel error I have uploaded the error files for your interpretation.

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Changed All Adobe Files To PDF

Dec 14, 2015

Why did it change all my adobe files to PDF so they are no longer usable? Biggest mistake ever-windows 10 

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All Documents Changed To Read-Only

Jul 31, 2015

I have a PC, and have been using Windows-7 until today, when I started using the free Windows-10 instead. One huge problem is that Windows-10 changed all my documents to "Read-Only." (Regarding my documents, I use "Microsoft Office Word 2007," which has been working great, and I use it daily!) What can I do to fix this situation?

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Downloads Folder Changed

Jan 11, 2016

my downloads folder icon has changed to a lower quality ones, i can't remember if this is the right icon for it.

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Monitor Can't Be Changed To 144hz?

Jul 30, 2015

After upgrading to windows 10, my screen refresh rate is at 64hz and that is the only one I can choose. My screen is a 144hz monitor.

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Fonts Changed In Certain Programs

Aug 29, 2015

I just got Windows 10 and installed it last night. When I go into certain programs, my fonts have changed. It changed the default fonts of certain programs to Linkin (it's a custom font I've installed.) For example, the default font for Steam has changed to it. It's real annoying, and I'd like to find a way to fix it.

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PIN Changed In Safe Mode?

Oct 28, 2015

So, to log into your computer you have now to enter a PIN instead of a password, right? Well, that PIN is changed (or something similar) because I can't log in with the normal one.

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File Explorer Somehow Changed To All Hyperlinks

Mar 5, 2016

How it changed, but I want it back to normal where I have to double click to open a file. Everything is now a hyperlink and I use a wireless keyboard with a touchpad rather than a separate mouse and I am constantly opening files by mistake. Even files I place on the desktop are all hyperlinks.

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Desktop / Start Menu Changed

Aug 15, 2015

My wife's laptop auto updated to Windows 10 last week and everything had been working perfectly until yesterday. Suddenly her desktop/start menu reverted from the new Windows 10 start menu to the old Windows 8.1 desktop. I did some searching and supposedly if you go through control panel, appearance, taskbar and start menu properties there should be a start menu tab where you select which one you want. That tab doesn't exist on her machine or mine for that matter.

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Desktop Completely Changed And Nothing Works?

Sep 1, 2015

I was recently browsing the internet (on windows 10) when suddenly it crashes then restarts. Instead of restarting fully it did a disk analysis. It restarted a few times when doing this scan but eventually it finished. When restarting it brought up a completely new desktop picture and had no password. This was completely different to mine. When going onto the desktop there was no taskbar, no recycling bin, but only 4 small white buttons in the bottom right corner. These buttons consist of language, wireless connection, ease of access? and power. None of these buttons seem to do much if nothing. In ease of accses there is a tab saying on screen keyboard and when clicked nothing happens. You cannot right click on the desktop either!

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Accounts :: Desktop Screen Changed?

Dec 30, 2015

My wife's computer somehow acquired my user name which I had no password for, and she nor I can login into windows 10 on her computer, we can't get past the windows desktop screen.

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WiFi Network Accessibility Changed

Aug 20, 2015

I upgraded to Win 10 with 2 computers and my WIFI network worked with my printers and even a third computer not at that time upgraded. Yesterday I upgraded the third computer to Win 10.

I noticed that the name shown for my WIFI network was changed on the computers after another update on the software. Now I cannot get to my printer on my WIFI networks!

I called forWin 10 support and aafter waiting 1 1/2 hours goot to talk to a live person who told me they would charge me for fixing the problem! I told him that I had not installed, changed anything and he said it must be in my computer and they wanted to charge me - they were not "forcing me" I asked to talk to a supervisor and he gave me a number to call that went to a OLD peoples health support number!

Is the answer to change operating systems? 

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Active Window Changed Automatically

Nov 11, 2015

I am using Windows 10. Am having problem with Active Windows changed to other window automatically. For eg. Lets say am using Microsoft Word and Micro Excel and I am working on Microsoft Word. Then suddenly application changes itself to excel.

I then have to press alt+tab or mouse to change application again. It's bloody annoying. Just writing this much small threat, 3 time active windows changed. So practically it is impossible to type long letters or any typing work.

Also am browsing and reading something and then windows changed automatically. it's bloody annoying.

Also if suppose there is only 1 active window, for eg word then it tried to change itself to desktop but since word is in full screen format, word kept open itself but become non-active. So suppose am typing anything then nothing will type and i have to retype everything again.

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File Type Changed When Try To Open It (LFL To BC)

Nov 24, 2015

I was looking through a file within the file called" Windows8 OS".

The file was called "Microsoft.SqlServer.Compact.400.32" and it was a "LFL" file type. In trying to open it I inadvertently changed it to a "BC" file type.

Question, how do I change it back to it's original file type?

Second question, since it was in a windows 8 OS file does it matter or is it still relevant in my Windows 10 OS ?

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Update Changed All JPG Files To MIX Format?

Feb 2, 2016

WIN10 update from WIN8.1 converted all my .jpg format photos to .mix format items, which I can NOT open or access. My "new" WIN10 operating system will not even recognize the .mix format for conversion. I cannot restore to WIN8.1 as I am pretty sure the .mix files will not restore back to the original .jpg. Photos are part of family genealogy collection.

WIN10 has also corrupted a number of my resident applications, in that they run much slower, and it keeps wanting me to use 1-DRIVE and I-CLOUD for storage which I do NOT, repeat do NOT, want to do.

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The Download Feature Changed / Groove App

Aug 8, 2015

I just noticed a lot of music in my collection was not downloading, when trying to manually download any "steaming" albums in my collection I get an error saying "Couldn't download to your library. Your library doesn't contain any folders that are not associated with a cloud storage service"

I don't recall having this issue before, but I'm pretty sure its because my profile's Music folder is stored in OneDrive. Does this mean we must have two music folders now? One for music stored in OneDrive, and another local-only folder for music downloaded from our collection?

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