Space Disappearing Out Of No Where?

Dec 5, 2015

Today is 12/5/2015 and i had a total of 100+ of gb on 12/3/205. On this laptop i play games but i usually delete games i dont play anymore i just want to know i there is a file on my laptop now adding files to it and taking up space

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Files And Drivers Keep Disappearing

Aug 7, 2015

I upgraded Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit to Windows 10 Pro 64bit on Wednesday July 29 and everything went ok until today I noticed that files on my 2nd hard drive keep disappearing. I always have my OS on one hard drive and keep all my data files on another hard drive.

Before I upgraded to Win10, I used Seagate DiscWizard to clone my Win8.1 to an identical hard drive and then upgraded the Win8.1 clone to Win10 and kept my original Win8.1 hard drive as a backup just in case something didn't work.Just so there isn't any confusion, I have 3 hard drives:

1. Original Win8.1 Seagate 300GB
2. Win10 Seagate 300GB
3. Data Seagate1TB

I noticed today that one of my soundcards isn't working correctly and the Win10 beta driver is a little buggy, so I decided to remove my Win10 drive and put my original drive with Win8.1 back in. While using Win8.1 I saved some files to my Data drive.

I then decided to go back to Win10, so I removed my original Win8.1 drive and put my Win10 drive in. When I went to my Data drive I noticed my files I saved while using Win8.1 were gone. I then swapped my Win10 and Win8.1 and the files were still gone. I saved some files again while using Win8.1 and they again disappeared when using Win10, so then I saved some files to my Data drive while using Win10 and they were still there when using Win8.1, so files I save to my Data drive stay when saved with Win10 but disappear when saved with Win8.1 and then boot to Win10.Then I tried another test and while in Win8.1 deleted the files on my data drive created with Win10 but they reappeared when I booted to Win10.

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Disappearing Start Button?

Oct 4, 2015

Our start icon disappeared from the toolbar and we can't get it to display again.

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Icons In Taskbar Disappearing

Jul 29, 2015

How to Fix it? Icons in Taskbar disappearing.

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Nvidia Driver Keeps Disappearing

Aug 24, 2015

Specs: Windows 10, GTX 780, 4670k, Samsung 250gb SSD, 16gb RAM

The other day I was trying to downgrade my Nvidia driver to 353 because I was trying to play a video game in a stretched 4:3 resolution but apparently with the latest windows 10 drivers theres some kind of issue and it was impossible to get it to stretch.I went into device manager and right clicked uninstall on my GPU under display adapters, I think this may be where the problem occured. I was trying to uninstall the driver so I could fresh install the old one. After I did that uninstall I installed the 353.30 64 bit windows 10 driver that I downloaded from the nvidia website.

Everything worked fine but after a few hours the driver somehow stopped working, my second monitor turned off, I no longer have nvidia control panel, etc. I reinstalled the driver and again everything was fine for a while until it disappeared again.

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Taskbar Disappearing With Use Of Browsers

Jul 29, 2015

I installed Windows 10 earlier today, and since installing it I've been having an issue, whenever I launch any browser, whether it be Chrome, Mozilla, IE, or Torch, it causes the taskbar to disappear, along with all of my desktop shortcuts, and I can no longer right click on my desktop to bring up the small menu for shortcuts/personalization.

I've already tried things like terminating the "explorer.exe" process, and restarting it, and I really don't know what else to do. It may also be other programs that cause the taskbar to disappear, such as games, but I haven't been able to test it, seeing as just launching a browser makes it disappear and I normally launch Torch as soon as I turn on my PC.

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Empty Command Popping Up And Disappearing

Aug 8, 2015

why the Command window keeps popping up all the time and I did look up as to whats going on and can't seem to find the problem, restart, turned it off and just let it sit there doing nothing and yet still pops up, the 29th is when everyone was able to get it so I did and have not had this problem with windows 8.

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Networking :: Disappearing Shared Printer

Nov 30, 2015

I upgraded my laptop and desktop to Windows 10. Everything OK after re-setting up Homegroup, including file and printer sharing. However, shared printers on desktop suddenly have become invisible to laptop, although shared files are still visible. I deleted the homegroup and set up a new one - same problem, shared printer invisible from laptop, shared files visible.

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Taskbar And Start Menu KEEP Disappearing

Jan 8, 2016

I've tried to fix this from sites and advice on the internet, but it keeps happening.

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Apps :: Tool Icon Keeps Disappearing

Dec 12, 2015

Yesterday, I downloaded Windows Update MiniTool. It's a portable program where the 7Zip file contains a 32-bit EXE, a 64-bit EXE and an INI file which is apparently some sort of language file. About an hour after I unpacked it, the 64-bit EXE's icon disappeared. I deleted the folder and the shortcut I created, and when I unpacked it again, I left the 32-bit file alone. Eventually, I downloaded that batch file for rebuilding the icon cache, and I thought that that fixed it, but this morning, I discovered that the fix was only temporary. Apparently, there's some other issue causing the icon cache corruption.I also have IrfanView, which is portable, and I've downloaded several legacy games where I created EXE launchers with Bat To Exe Converter, including icons I made with Greenfish Icon Editor. I've never had any trouble with any of those icons. I extracted the 32-bit file, just to see what happens.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Disappearing DVD Drive

Jan 9, 2016

When I hook up an internal hard drive in win 10 my DVD drive disappears . Cant find it in explorer . The second hard drive takes the D letter and no DVD rom is shown . When i disconnect the HD the DVD returns as D drive . SATA connections on everything .

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Store Apps Are Disappearing Frequently

Feb 7, 2016

I have had to remove and add my user account five times in the past because of some random failure of Windows Store or other apps like Photos and Mail. By failure I mean those apps don't launch at all - not from the start menu, or desktop shortcut or app list. Now that time has come again because the mail app won't launch.

I have tried all possible solutions I could find online. I've tried wsreset, powershell commands, nothing has worked for me. On the system where it's happened now, my system has 4 online accounts and one local account which is the only admin account. There are not many third party apps installed except for some like ESET antivirus, WinRAR and PowerISO.

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Disappearing Taskbar On Daily Basis

Feb 25, 2016

I am on Windows 10 Education ver 1511 build 14267
I use a laptop with an external monitor, generally as a desktop setup with external mouse and keyboard, keeping laptop lid closed.
The taskbar disappears on a daily basis. I rarely shutdown my computer, the way I get it back is to restart Windows Explorer from task manager.

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Moving / Resizing And Disappearing Desktop Icons?

Jun 13, 2015

I have an install with a low end Celeron-based Acer laptop that serves mostly as a desktop, hooked to a big monitor via VGA cable. Unfortunately the laptop must be opened to get to the power button.

with auto-arrange etc UNCHECKED [so, supposedly icons do what you make them do], the icons will rearrange themselves in a random fashion, resize differently, "ghost-out", etc. it really is maddening because user-installed Apps and just simple file paths are impossibly difficult for non-tech users on windows 10 [and its immediate predecessor].

what is the PERMANENT cure for this? I see a good number of threads on MS boards re: this problem on 8.0 and 8.1, none of which are encouraging. seems microsoft is pretty clueless about it - This does not happen on all systems of course, but in my experience, connectiing Intel HD-family graphics to external monitors is a roll of the dice [pretty solid with AMD or Nvidia]. Sometimes no sync at all occurs, sometimes resolution is difficult to set [impossible for non-tech users], primary display designation is lost/reassigned, etc...

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Files Disappearing And Desktop Changing After Upgrade

Nov 29, 2015

This is in regards to files disappearing and my desktop changing. I downloaded and installed Windows 10 last night but did not do any modifications until this morning. When I started my computer today, I couldn't find my files. I found them in my user profile. So I moved them to the desktop in a new folder. Also, the desktop was not my previous desktop in regards to shortcuts. Which was fine because I added them back.

I then changed the desktop theme to the flower theme. I then went to restart and selected Update and Restart. When the computer rebooted, my desktop them was gone, and now my old shortcuts from 8.1 were on there. AND the file folder I created with all my files is gone.

I have looked in the windows old folder, the new one, did a file search, what happened? I do not have more than one desktop in the virtual desktops.

Should I recover back to 8.1 to get my files or how do I find them? They can't be deleted but somehow hidden on that other desktop.

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Appearing / Disappearing Taskbar And Non0functioning Default Icons

Jan 7, 2016

Windows 10 Home factory installed on a new HP Envy. On boot up, there are times when the taskbar doesn't become populated and the default icons on the right and left don't function. Then there are times when the taskbar icons are populating, but the default icons don't function. And then there are times when all is working properly. I don't know why this happens, but I have noticed this: At night I shut the computer down. This morning when booting up, the computer went very quickly to the initial opening screen. Clicking on this screen then opens the password screen, and after entering the pw, windows opens fully but without a populated taskbar or functioning default icons. I then restarted the computer, but this time the boot-up took a longer time. The HP logo appeared with the "circling" icon, then there was the blue screen with the "circling" icon and finally the opening screen that needs to be clicked to then open the password screen. Entered the pw and the windows screen opened with a fully populated taskbar and functioning default icons.

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Browser/Email :: Stop Mail Notifications Disappearing - Is It Possible?

Oct 25, 2015

I've just set up Win 10 Mail to check my email accounts. It works really well and I get the notification banner/sound just fine - which is OK for when I'm working on my PC, but what if I'm not?

The banner/notification disappears after a few seconds so I was wondering if there's a way to keep it active until acknowledged/clicked on?

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Drivers/Hardware :: Realtek Card Reader Keeps Disappearing?

Dec 6, 2015

I've just updated my Dell Inspiron 7537 laptop to Windows 10.

All is working fine apart from the built in Realtek card reader. When the PC starts, the card reader appears as a drive and I can read/write to the card. However, the reader will randomly show no content in file explorer and the drive disappears altogether if I remove and reinsert the card. The card reader reappears if I restart the PC. Device Manger shows no problems with the card reader.

I've tried the Dell Windows 10 driver, the latest driver on Realtek's site and the driver installed by Windows update but all fail in the same way. The card reader was fine in Windows 8 so I think it's a software issue.

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Installation :: Icons At Bottom Of Screen And On Desktop Kept Disappearing And Reappearing

Aug 30, 2015

Upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The Installation went ok but when it got to the desktop my screen kept blipping or stalling out, my icons at the bottom of my screen and on the desktop kept disappearing and reappearing, my ICloud is giving me some weird message about how I don't have the privileges to access the folder...oh, and I cant click on an of my folders either...Anywhere between 5 min to 25 min is how long it takes for my computer to finally Stabilize itself and then everything works fine....It seems like it is taking longer to Stabilize...My computer is fairly new...I bought it in June of 2014...It is an HP Envy 23 All in One.

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Crashing / Disappearing Start Screen / Menu - Unable To Access All Apps Or Customize Tiles

Jul 10, 2015

Where your start screen/menu just crashes or vanishes after a second or two. This only started happening for me now in build 10166, and the menu was behaving beautifully in the earlier build (10162). I am unable to access all apps or customize my tiles. Most of the time it makes is very difficult to actually clck or tap on any of the tiles either to run something.

I've tried to change the configuration between "menu" and "screen" to see if its restricted to one of them, but both of them vanish after a few seconds.

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Desktop Disappearing - No Live Panels / Desktop Icons And Action Center Would Not Appear

Feb 10, 2016

Running Windows 10 on a Dell Venue 8 pro Tablet. Several months ago, and just yesterday I lost my desktop. Turned on the Tablet went to the desktop picture after signing in and ... nothing. No live panels, no desktop icons, the action center would not appear. Just the desktop picture. If I tapped on the picture, the icons would appear for a split second. Anything pinned to the bar along the bottom would work. I was able to get to system restore and restore to a couple of days ago. That worked. What happened. Don't really know how to fix other than system restore.

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Installation :: New PC Not Enough Space

Oct 25, 2015

Just bought a new laptop for my wife, it's an HP Stream 11. It is suitable for her light needs, basically web browsing and some light document work, word processing etc. She's not even going to store music or photos on there. A few very light files only. So it comes with 8.1 and I think, awesome, I can install 10 straight away (I've not used 10 yet so was quite excited by this).

However when trying to install it's telling me I'm about 2 gig short of enough space for 10. I have about 9 gig free and it wants about 11. The hard drive is 20 gig. I've installed Windows 8.1, removed a shedload of apps she doesn't need, removed some programs that she doesn't need (for example McAfee) and I'm at the stage where there's literally nothing on there but an 8.1 that is as barebones as I think I can make it. Looking at the programs installed, even if I removed Office and some HP crap, it will only get me another 500 MB. Is Windows 10 on this PC simply not possible?

Does it need the space just for the install process itself? Or on an ongoing basis? Because I have a hard drive I can plug in, in the short term, but she's not going to want it attached forever as it will be a little unwieldy for a laptop!

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Apps :: Apps Disappearing And Have Stopped Working

Dec 15, 2015

I have recently updated windows 10 and find that some apps have stopped working, for instance Facebook and ITV Player/Hub. I am annoyed with this, especially with Facebook, as I am unable to log in with my original account, as it rejects every password I have tried.

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Performance :: Want To Set Up Storage Space

Jan 15, 2016

Can the C: drive be part of a pool, having all drives (including the c: drive) look like 1 drive? If so, how do I do that? I created a storage space, but it made me set it up as drive D:, and I see no way to combine it with C:.

Next: I want to have the C:/boot drive be part of the redundancy equation. I plan to use Parity. I can see where it would be if all drives looked like 1, but I don't see how it would be if not part of the pool.

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SSD Running Out Of Space Prematurely

Sep 21, 2015

I use a 120gb ssd on W10 build 10547 and always get rid of Windows old files for earlier builds. When I add up all the space used when C drive is opened in a new window, it comes to 31gb. Trouble is that the disk has actually 88.2gb used, confirmed also by Partition wizard. AMD uses 2gb, docs/downloads 9gb, windows 14gb, recovery 5gb, 32/64 programs 1gb, it really should be a slim system.

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Backup Drive Has Not Enough Space

Oct 8, 2015

When trying to make an image backup I get"not enough space on drive" although it is a blank drive with 75 GB

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