Systray Hidden Icons Disappear When Mouse Over

Feb 10, 2016

When rebooted this issue does not happen. After some time, if I open the hidden systray menu, most of them will disappear as I mouse over them. I do not know if it is triggered by opening a program, a background program, time, or whatever.

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Start Button Ceasing To Work And Notification Icons In Systray Not Activating

Nov 4, 2015

Start button ceasing to work? I can't access many programs that I don't have as desktop shortcuts. None of the notification icons in the systray activate, so I can't access the notify center or change my wireless signal. I've seen this answered on many other forums, but none of the fixes seem to work for me.

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Computer Restarts All Desktop Icons Disappear

Aug 17, 2015

I am running Windows 10 x64, my computer shuts off for what ever reason, power outage or what not. No error message and when it reboots i have no icons on my desktop. I have checked to see if a new desktop was created and that wasn't it. Normally it is off a restart/shut down of my PC but it does not happen all the time. I have check to see if "view icons" is turned on and it is. I have also checked to see if the show icons in control panel is checked and that is as well. I have also restarted my computer manually to see if it will fix itself and that does not work either.

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Start Menu Icons Disappear And Colour Changes

Sep 5, 2015

As per title. I'm thinking this might be video driver related as it happens mostly when I'm windowing a game and opening other apps etc.


Usually it looks like this:

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BSOD :: Start Up Task Bar Icons Disappear

Feb 12, 2016

Happened both at work and home. At work cost 250 to fix. It all starts with the start up and icons dissappering on the lower task bar. They just disappear. You cannot reboot you have to control alt delete and get task bar to reboot. This will work for awhile. Then will stop working and you have to send your PC to the shop for repair. The repair guy could not figure out what happened had to finally get rid of windows 10 and go back to 7.

Scary the same exact thing is starting to happen on my laptop at home. Icons on the lower task bar are gone and I have to use control alt delete to reboot to get them back... scary thing is I know whats coming. I just spent $460 in repairs because the shop couldn't figure out why windows 10 crashed a month ago... the icons did not disappear but I lost EVERYTHING eventually had to put a new solid state hard drive and reload everything from backups. almost lost all my years of quicken but Fortunately had outside backup.

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Taskbar Icons Disappear Momentarily And Then Reload?

Nov 26, 2015

Peculiar behaviour lately has surfaced,occasionally without rhyme or reason the taskbar icons disappear (sometimes all,and sometimes a few) for only a moment and then repopulate.I'm not running anything in particular and have my background processes down to a minimum.No ill effect from this happening would just like to find out why,I've thought about rebuilding/refreshing the icon cache but not sure that's going to solve the problem.

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Quick Launch Icons Disappear Upon Reboot

Jan 3, 2016

I did a clean install, using the Media Creation Tool, of Windows 10 Pro x64 on my Maingear Shift computer (i7 processor, 16 GB RAM) a few weeks ago.  I created a number of Quick Launch icons (to the right of the Start Button), and they have survived several weeks and innumerable reboots as I reinstalled all of my programs.  This morning, out of the blue, (no programs installed for week now) and no changes to the computer of which I am aware, the Quick Launch icons themselves do not appear.  The area of the toolbar, which shows Quick Launch is enabled (you can see the double bars on either side), is there, but there are no icons inside of the Quick Launch area.
I have run sfc /scannow and dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth from an elevated command prompt.  SFC reported no resource integrity violations, and DISM reported that the restore operation was successful.
I also followed the POWERSHELL instructions in this Microsoft article: [URL] .... but it had no effect, though it too reported success.
What is interesting is that when I go the left column of the Start Menu, and under "Most Used" and right click on Google Chrome, it shows as pinned to the Taskbar.  When I unpin it, the other five of six Quick Launch icons that I had pinned weeks ago to the Quick Launch Toolbar suddenly appear.  Then I right click the Google Chrome entry in the "Most Used" column again and pin it to the Taskbar and it reappears.  All is well, until I reboot, then it is back to the same old situation of missing Quick Launch icons.
I have done a lot of searching on Google, but haven't found an explanation for this behaviour.  I have turned on and off the Quick Launch toolbar, but that has made no difference.  I have warm-booted and cold-booted without effect.

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Taskbar Icons Hidden Until New Program Is Pinned

Mar 5, 2016

I've read many posts about hidden icons or icons showing wrong images etc, but my problem seem to be different from others.

When I log on after a reboot, I only see the search icon and the Task View icon in the task bar even though I have several other programs pinned.

If I open a pinned program I see it in the task bar and have the option to unpin the r-click menu, but if I close it, the icon disappears again.

If I open a program that is not pinned, and I r-click and pin the program, the task bar seems to 'refresh' and suddenly I see all my pinned programs in the task bar - and they all work when clicking on them.

How I can make the task bar show the pinned programs without having to pin a new program after every reboot?

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How To Make Taskbar Hidden Icons Visible

Jan 15, 2016

How do  make the hidden startup icons visible? At present I have to click on the little arrow to show them, but I would like to have all these icons showing all the time? Can't find a setting to change this .....

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None Hidden Files And Folders Are Hidden From View?

Aug 29, 2015

I recently did a clean install on Windows 10. I've updated my drivers, downloaded some games, even made some system restore points. I installed Steam & it killed my internet, making connections to the Internet, Dropbox, sporadic though my RPD client seemed unphased..I think it has to do with Steams UDP request overwhelming my Comcast modem.

Anyways, so I did a system restore prior to installing steam and fixed the problems, I have great internet again. The problem I am now having is that I check my downloads folder on Windows 10 and my previous downloads are not there, so I redownload them. Now I have all these new downloads showing up as programinstaller.exe (1), as if there's already a file with the exact same name in that folder. Sure enough I was going to reinstall steam, the installer was not visible, but doing a folder search it shows up.

how I can see all of the files in my folders, it's going to drive me bonkers having files that I can't see. I have hidden files checked to be shown.

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Mouse Disappears Off Screen And Icons Missing?

Feb 23, 2016

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Since the upgrade I have noticed the following:

When my computer comes alive from screen saver mode, sometimes though not always all the icons are missing. The task bar is there but clicking on any item there does nothing. It's like everything just seizes up.

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Why Does Icon In Systray Open And Close Immediately

Jul 27, 2015

the windows 10 icon in the systray closes immediately after clicking it

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Taskbar Icons Unresponsive To Left Click Of Mouse

Jan 13, 2016

After the 12Jan2016 Windows 10 Home updates some taskbar icons became unresponsive to a left click of the mouse. Examples are the leftmost for access to all applications, the right most to access the calendar, the next most rightmost to access notifications. Right click of the mouse on the icons works as expected.

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Networking :: Connection Icon In Systray Not Displaying Connections When Clicked

Nov 5, 2015

My assistant in the other room accidentally unplugged the router and I lost connection. I told her to plug back in. I clicked the correct connection when it appeared, but I did it too soon. From that point on, when I clicked the systray icon, nothing display of available connections. Over and over I tried clicking the systray icon and no window popped up to show available connections. If I hovered over the icon, it did say connections available..

Then I right-clicked and went into the Network & Sharing Center. I could never find where it showed available connections like in Windows 7.

Finally, I had to reboot and I had my connection back.

If this happens again, where can I find available connections so I don't have to reboot? Or even better, is there a way to get the systray icon to again be responsive?

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Apps :: Make Application Start At Boot No Splash Screen In Systray

Dec 18, 2015

Make an APP start at boot no splash screen in systray, I don't mind editing my registry as i have done for many other reasons in the past...

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Can't Click Any Icons / Run Task Manager - Pointing Mouse On Taskbar Changes To Wait Circle

Feb 6, 2016

Laptop issue. I was using it without any problem, but ten I restarted it. I could normally login, but when desktop shows up I cant click any icons, run task manager and when pointing mouse on taskbar, it changes to wait circle. After some time window saying that program stopped working shows up but it does not change anything.

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Taskbar And Screen Disappear

Nov 13, 2015

every time I try to launch a program or try to open the file explorer my task bar information disappears and the screen goes black momentarily. None of the programs or file explorer end up working. I have included a video showing what happens.URL...

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Desktop Files Disappear

Jan 9, 2016

my desktop has been acting up. My files keep being deleted from my desktop. I used Everything Search to see if the files are just being moved, and they're not. They're completely wiped out. I ran a Windows Defender and it didn't come up with anything. I can't think of any software that would be causing it.

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Why Does The Cursor Disappear While Typing

Aug 9, 2015

After upgrading to windows 10 i'm facing issue with typing. cursor stops blinking and gets disappear frequently , very difficult to type even a single word .

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Desktop Folder Disappear With All Material

Feb 10, 2016

After upgrade to windows 10 (from 8) I notice that my "active" desktop folder is C:UsersTempDesktop I restart my computer and now my desktop is C: Users "myUser"Desktop.The problem is - that C:UsersTempDesktop folder with all of my sub-folders completely gone.What can I do? Is those folders are hides anywhere?

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Network Connections Disappear After Upgrade?

Aug 19, 2015

Windows 10 upgrade results in the Network Center not showing any network connections. The troubleshooting wizard does not detect the issue or rectify it. There are a lot of reports on the web supposedly related to pre-installed Cisco VPN or other VPN software.

The downside is that without this feature, crown jewels... Cortana and Edge do not work.

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Upgraded And All Data And Photos Disappear

Mar 20, 2016

I upgraded to Windows 10 and to my horror after it was Downloaded all my data disappear. Been working on a family book all previous version that I referred to gone. All my photos gone.

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Right Click On Drive Makes Menu Disappear

Jan 28, 2016

If I go into File Explorer, navigate to any Drive, and right click on it, the File Explorer menu just disappears. Nothing else happens. No other apparent side effects, but I would like to be able to right click on a Drive to view Properties, etc. This has been happening for as long as I can remember. I am running genuine Windows 10. Everything else seems to work ok.

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Windows Notifications Won't Disappear Unless Explorer Is Restarted

Jan 12, 2016

I'm having a problem with Windows 10 Pro x64. The notifications that pop up by the system tray won't disappear. They stay in the foreground until I force a restart of Explorer via task manager. It would ordinarily just be an annoyance but the notification often blocks (stays in the foreground) the right click menus of the systray icons which disrupts usage. As you know killing/restarting Explorer also stops any file copies/transfer in progress which is another PITA.

At first I thought it was an issue because it was an upgrade from W8. I did a fresh install of the latest build to a new SSD over the weekend and the issue persists. I have two W10 Pro x64 systems and it only happens on my laptop which is a Thinkpad Edge e531. Both machines run identical software. The only difference is Intel Display Driver systray icon on the laptop. I cannot completely rule out the Intel app but it's such a widely installed application you would think if that is the cause there would be a lot feedback online.

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Minimized Programs Disappear From Taskbar But Keep Running

Feb 10, 2016

I have a HP Notebook 15-ac134ns Windows 10 Home 64bits from 3 months ago. When I run some programs (at the moment I have detected Firefox, Chrome, Teamviewer, Windows Live MSN, and some others) installed by me, they work normally, but when I minimize them they don't go to taskbar, I see like the windows goes up and dissappears. But program keeps running, so I can locate in running processes.

Then I have to find Explorer process, kill it, and firefow shows up in task bar for a few seconds, so I can click on it and it is accessible again in the very same point it was before.

I have tried to locate the "missing" programs with Alt+Tab or in different desktops, but not available.

I have also tried to pin and unpin the programs to taskbar, but same.

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Drivers/Hardware :: CD / DVD Drives Disappear After Update

Aug 30, 2015

After I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro everything was fine on my desktop PC. Several days went by as I learned the new OS' interface. Then I got an update message telling me that a reboot was required for the updates to take effect. Blindly I went ahead and rebooted as requested. To my astonishment after I rebooted my two DVD drives were no longer recognized by Windows 10. Mind you, they were working just fine after my initial upgrade from 7 to 10.

I tried using the registry hacks I had seen on so many of these forums. None worked.

My only fix was to do a restore to a date & time previous to the update. (Just go to control panel, select recovery and then select open system restore.

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