Updates :: How To Remove Activate Windows Watermark

Nov 25, 2015

I have a watermark that says, "Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Windows". I upgraded from windows 7 and then I replaced my cpu and mother board a month ago and now this message appears and I do not have a product key to activate it with.

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Updates :: Watermark Next To Clock

Jul 29, 2015

So I just installed Windows 10 Education, it's up to date and activated, but I have a watermark next to clock, will it be there forever?

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Updates :: Will Windows Activate Itself If Do Clean Install

Sep 14, 2015

If I understood this : clearly, then does it mean that Windows will activate itself from some Windows activation servers that are somehow written into my hardware even if I do a clean install deleting everything in my Windows partition?

Also, since the built-in "Create a Recovery Drive" will take forever or display an error when ''Backup system files to the recovery drive' is checked", I'm trying to create an Installation media. But I'm stuck with which ISO I should download. Now, there's Windows 10, Windows 10 Single Language, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Home N. I'm running Windows 10 Home at the moment. Which was upgraded from Windows 8.1(I think there was ''Single Language'' written after "8.1", not sure though). Which Version should I download. And if I install the wrong version by chance, will Windows still activate after I find out and install the right version? Please clarify these.... I'm really looking forward to do a clean-install to get rid of all the errors and bugs with drivers and just start over.

*DETAILS: Windows 10 Home Build 10240 [Upgraded via free upgrade, had an OEM version of Windows 8.1 when first bought]

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Updates :: Windows Won't Activate After Most Recent Update

Dec 23, 2015

i got a brand new computer recently that came with windows 10. i had to reinstall it a few times because of issues i thought were related to the installation (plus the first attempt asked me for a key which i didn't have, the second one didn't). i didn't activate right away. i got two BSOD in 24 hours and thought it was my computer but found out online that it's windows 10's fault so i went to update windows. the update i got took so long it almost looked like a whole new installation though it said updating. when i came home i went to activate and got this message windows is not activated as your previous version of windows on this device was not activated prior to upgrade to windows 10 error code 0x803f7001.

i am nearly 100% positive that error wasn't there before the update. how the hell can i have a previous installation when this is an windows 10 oem computer?

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Updates :: EC 0xC004C003 - Cannot Activate Windows After Upgrading To X10547

Sep 29, 2015

After upgrading to 10547, getting EC: 0xC004C003

Is there a specific product key I need for this build?

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Updates :: Can Use Windows 7 Starter Key To Activate (home 64bit)

Jan 1, 2016

Microsoft said that with 1511 build we can now enter a Windows 7/8/8.1 licence key to activate windows 10 until july... but not so much more information whatsoever.

I have a Windows 7 starter spare product key. I guess it's 32-bit (since I never heard of 64-bit version).

I would like to know if with that key I could activate a clean copy of windows 10 home 64-bit ?

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Updates :: Windows Doesn't Activate After Mobo And CPU Change

Apr 14, 2016

I today swapped from my AMD 8370 to an Intel Xeon 1231v3 and now when I'm trying to activate windows I get error with code: 0x8007232B. Do I need to reinstall windows or buy a new key what to activate with?

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Updates :: Disk Cleanup Remove Windows Updates?

Aug 17, 2015

Does windows 10 disk cleanup remove windows updates? I updated windows 10 , i reboot and i run disk cleanup as administrator but in the list there is no entry about windows updates....

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Updates :: Remove Important Update Message From Windows 8.1 Boot Screen

Sep 13, 2015

I have uninstalled KB3035583 which has removed the windows 10 script from my taskbar, however I am still getting a message that there is an important update when I boot up to the initial Windows 8.1 screen before my login. On checking what important updates are available, it is only the Windows 10, KB3035583 that it is obviously trying to get me to update again.

After 2 weeks of failure on updating to Windows 10, I have decided to stay with 8.1. I now want to remove the advice to install importantant updates, that pertain to Windows 10, but still showing those for my Windows 8.1 system. At this point, when getting this message, I don't know if it is still just for Windows 10, or if new updates are available for my 8.1?

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Updates :: Can't Activate Upon Reinstall

Aug 23, 2015

I originally got win10 through the free upgrade from 8.1 and did the install that only replaces system files etc. Some things weren't working correctly such as the sleep function and I kept being unable to login due to the start menu and Cortana not starting, so I decided to do a reset of the OS.

I managed to reset and get a fresh install of win10 but now I can't get activation to work. I've run all the windows updates and tried the slmgr.vbs /ato command but it says my product key is blocked.

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Updates :: Can't Activate OS After Replacing Failed SSD

Dec 26, 2015

My computer's SSD failed, and I just bought a SSD and installed Windows 10 on it. However, it is not activated. I originally had Windows 7, then installed Windows 8 Pro, then upgraded to Windows 10. This is all legal.

However, I ran a BIOS product key checker on my computer, and it shows that I don't have a product key in my BIOS. Is there anything I can do?

This is also quite an old machine (from 2007), would it support BIOS product key?

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Updates :: Can't Activate After Upgrade From Activated 8.1

Jul 29, 2015

i just upgraded my original Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and when i try to activate it, Windows gives me an error

"Windows cannot be activated, please try again later"

How can i solve this?

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Updates :: Cannot Activate After Doing Clean Install Directly

Oct 14, 2015

I can not activate my windows 10,I have done all with the genuine file but it won't activate anyway,could it be that I not upgrade it to w 10?,I did a Clean install directly!

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Updates :: Remove Update From Control Panel Check For Updates

Jan 26, 2016

I'm trying to intstall updates for Windows 7 in Control Panel/Check for updates/Install Updates, but Upgrade to Windows 10 is on screen and I can't seem to proceed without the update. I already tried it and I don't like it so backed out. I don't want to upgrade and want it off of my computer. How do I remove it and all the components associated with it? I only use it for personal use, email, Facebook, a few games, etc. and not for business. 10 was too confusing and there's no one over my shoulder teaching me a new system and where all my stuff went.

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Updates :: After Upgrade Cannot Activate - Error Code 0xC004F034

Jul 29, 2015

Getting this Error code: 0xC004F034 after upgrade to windows 10?

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Updates :: Unable To Activate After Clean Install Of 10586

Feb 10, 2016

Since the Win10 Upgrade fails on my HP DV6 notebook, I decided to do a clean install.

But now, it won't take the Win7 product key for activation!!

I called MS and they told me that a clean-install will NOT activate using Win7 product keys and that I have to purchase a product key.

I got this same story from two different MS reps.

I thought you COULD activate a clean-install using Win7 key using build 10586.

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Updates :: Reinstalled 3 Times Because Unstable - Now OS Won't Activate Anymore

Sep 24, 2015

I am 1 step away from throwing my laptop out of the window!

After upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 and experiencing a whole shitload of problems with graphic card drivers and wifi connections, I decided to clean install windows 10 by using the ISO image (DVD made with the microsoft tool). After doing this windows 10 worked reasonable, for about 1 day. After this it started to crash upon startup and it was unusable. So, I decided to do have 1 more go at it and do another clean install.

What do I get ? Now windows says that it cannot activate the damn OS and that I can 'buy a product key' in the store ... Well, it was activated automatically after upgrading, then it activated automatically after a clean install as well. Now, I did another install and it won't activate.

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Activate Windows After HW Changes

Aug 31, 2015

I recently upgraded my CPU, Motherboard, Ram, and HDD to SSD. I upgraded my genuine copy of windows 8.1 to windows 10 about 3 weeks prior. I didn't want to install windows 8 all over again only to then have to update to windows 10 right after. So I just cloned my HDD onto my SSD. It worked fine for a day, but now its telling me I need to activate windows.

What do I do, is there any way to activate without having to reinstall windows 8 then upgrade to windows 10? I know my windows 8 product key will not work.

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How To Get New HDD To Activate Windows Without Wiping It

Feb 4, 2016

So i have 2 hard drives. one is an old one with windows 7 still on it, and the other was new with nothing on it. I took out the old one with windows 7 on it but didn't wipe it, and put in the new one. I installed windows 10 on the new one via bootable usb. Now windows says it can't activate. I've already downloaded 100gb of games and i REALLY don't want to do that again.

How can i get the new hdd to activate windows without wiping it? will the product key be the same for both versions? Can I update the old drive then swap it out with the new one and it be activated?

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Can Use A New Windows 8.1 Pro Key To Activate Pro Preview

May 13, 2015

Can i use a new windows 8.1 pro key to activate my windows 10 pro preview?

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Updates :: Activate Single Language Edition With Multi Language Key?

Jan 28, 2016

I downloaded the Win10 Home single language ISO for a clean install on a new build PC and skipped the activation step during install. Now I need to activate. If I purchase a copy of Windows 10 Home in store or digitally, will I be able to use the product key in my current install without need to re-install?

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Activate Windows After System Upgrades?

Aug 14, 2015

how to reactivate my copy of Windows 10 if I make hardware upgrades that would make me need to format my hard drive (Motherboard, CPU, etc.). In other words say if I need a new motherboard down the road and once it is installed and I cannot boot into windows, how would I get my copy of windows 10 back after I format all the old drivers and such off and reinstall windows? Would I have to then buy a whole new copy? The only thing I could think of would install my version of windows 7, activate it, then upgrade back up to 10.

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Re-activate Windows After A Hardware Change

Feb 26, 2016

I need to re-activate Windows after a hardware change and was wondering if I could purchase an OEM license and use the key it gives me to activate it? I'm aware that using an OEM key means there will be troubles upgrading in the future, however I don't plan on changes for quite some time. Bottom line: Could I buy an OEM Windows 10 and go into the store, activate it and have it work?

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Activate Windows Appears After Upgraded Motherboard And RAM?

Feb 20, 2016

I had a pc failure, so i upgraded my motherboard and chip, as expected windows still booted from start with no issues, restarted to install lan driver, and when it fired up again i had the activate windows bottom right of screen, how do i fix this, I upgraded from win7.

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Any Way To Download Or Activate Standard (old) Windows Photo Viewer

Oct 25, 2015

In Windows 10, is there a way to download or activate the standard (old) windows photo viewer? The Windows 10 Photos app sucks for more reasons than I can say in one message. But the biggest problem is that it refuses to let me view my photos if I am not connected to the internet. I am in Ethiopia for a few weeks and internet is spotty. I take hundreds of pictures, transfer them to my Surface 3, then try to view them and it gives me an error and won't let me view any of them. Once I have an internet connection I can view them even though they are stored locally.

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Activate Windows Message Keeps Popping Up - Error Code 0xD000000272

Mar 21, 2016

So i did a BIOS Update on my Msi Mobo. I Have an Activate Windows Watermark on the bottom right corner. But it only just came up randomly after the pc being online and on desktop for 4-5 hours. But if i would to restart my pc my windows would be activated when i first start upp but if i stay online and keep pc online on desktop the activate windows will pop upp again. My key works if I am starting windows with it activated.

Updated 2-3 hour later. So i restart pc the minute i posted this and got into windows and the activate windows wasn't there. But after playing The Division for like 2-3 hours the windows activate came across my screen. And i look up error and theres nothing on google.

Error Code: 0xD000000272

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