When Watch A Movie It Keeps Stopping

Jan 25, 2016

Have my computer hooked to my LG TV via HDMI cable. When I watch a movie it keeps stopping every so often because the buffer cannot keep up with the movie. Am using a Linksys N router with an HP All in One 23-Q129 computer.

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Cannot Watch TV Online

Feb 19, 2016

I am using windows 10 for 6 months, from the two last weeks on, it was impossible to watch my favorite TV program. For the edge appear a message : Error loading media: File could not be played. Through the google crome it is impossible too, appear a message: Can not load M3U8: No levels in manifest. Before it works great, at the same TV online. I suppose that something is wrong with windows media player, I updated the windows 10 and the problem continues.

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How To Watch A DVD On Computer

Nov 27, 2015

I upgraded to windows 10 how can i watch a dvd on my computer...

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Sound Keeps Stopping

Feb 2, 2016

I'm currently running Windows 10 (directly upgraded from 7) on a Lenovo G780. The update in general has been a bit of a nightmare and I've had a number of problems, but now I'm having problems that I'm not even sure are related to windows 10 and my computer is becoming borderline unusable, which is a concern as I use it for work. I've updated all the drivers, and in fact I've managed to temporarily fix some of these problems only for them to come back again. These are the main problems I've been having:
- Start menu is only intermittently working, once it stops I have to restart to get it working again.
- Disk usage in task manager is often at 99%, and when it isn't it's still usually about 50%. Computer often crashes as a result.
- Sound keeps stopping, but in very strange ways. For example I'll be listening to music on itunes or youtube, and the music will suddenly stop, and the timer on the song will stop moving (rather than just the sound muting), it's as if the computer stops attempting to create sound. Again, this is usually only fixed by restarting.
- Computer sometimes won't turn off, for example when I shut it down from the start menu it starts closing all my programmes and then just stops without turning off. If I turn it off manually by holding the button, it starts up again as soon as I let go of the button. V strange. I've had to take the battery out a couple of times.
I've tried lots of solutions from people on the internet, I've scanned with Avast, Hitmanpro, Rkill, MBAM, Spyware, CCleaner etc. I've rolled back to before updates, I've then re-done said updates. I've done driver scanning software etc.

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Upgrade From 8.1 Stopping At 32%

Jul 31, 2015

I am upgrading from 8.1 to windows 10 on an I7 laptop but when installing it crashes at 32%. I have tried three times with the same result.

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Can't Watch Films And Play Game At Same Time

Aug 31, 2015

I run dual monitors and When I was rocking windows 8.1 I could game and watch movies at the same time with with no problems.

Now I have upgraded to 10, every time I try and watch something the picture lags but the not the sound when I'm on a game. But if I select the tab running the film it runs fine even with the game running in the background. But as soon a select the game it go's back to being crap and stutters/lags.

This happens while using VLC, windows media player and streaming online with things like YouTube, Netflix and everything you could think of for streaming films.

I've done many scans to check for a virus and nothing came up.

Probably not the cause but the game I play is called warframe.

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Green Screen When Try To Watch A Video In Facebook

Aug 12, 2015

My windows 10 only shows a green screen when I try watch a video in facebook ....

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Black Screen When Try To Watch A Video On YouTube

Sep 9, 2015

I installed Windows 10 and now get a black screen when I try to watch a video on YouTube.  The volume plays, just no picture. 

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Stopping Automatic Updates?

Jan 17, 2016

How do I stop automatic W10 updates? Every time I have an update downloaded thing fall apart. Either Outlook stops working (Outlook not available try again later) or my Favorites bar disappears and has to be redefined, or like now, my Adobe is all sc.... up and I cannot delete adobe files or access my adobe files when I am travelling and off line. This Windows 10 is the worst mess I have ever seen in 61 years of IT/IS/Data Processing. My next PC will definitely be a MAC. 

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Can't View Any Videos Without Stopping

Aug 30, 2015

After downloading windows 10 . i can't view any videos without them stopping. 

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Apps :: Cannot Watch Movies On NetFlix - Error Message

Aug 17, 2015

Since installing Windows 10 I cannot watch movies on Netflix. I can access the Netflix website, however, when I click on the show I was watching I get an error message.

I know it's not the Netflix website because I can watch the movies on my other computer.

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Printer Spooler Service Keeps Stopping

Jul 31, 2015

The service is starting at boot up but then stops. I can manually start the service and it starts but then stops unexpectedly in less than a minute. Here is the event viewer log. may need to recover to Win8.1 as I need printers.

Update... I have 3 PC's (2 laptops, 1 HP & 1 Dell & 1 Dell Desktop). The Dell Desktop printers are working fine but the printer spooler service on both laptops starts and stops unexpectedly. Tried unchecking fast startup under Power and on one laptop tried LPD Print Service & LPR Port Monitor under turn Windows features on under Control Panel Programs & Features..

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Can't Set Taskbar To Auto Hide - What Is Stopping It

Jan 25, 2016

Usually this works but now it doesn't. I can move it to left, right sides and top and bottom but there will not auto hide. I click Apply and OK but to no avail. Tried unchecking the option box and re checking but no luck.

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Video Player No Longer Working - Cannot Watch Online Videos

Aug 17, 2015

I am not able to watch any YouTube videos or videos on other sites. Sound is good but screen is a wavey green colour. This wasn't an issue before I upgraded to Windows 10.

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Networking :: Wireless Serves Keeps Stopping After Update

Dec 8, 2015

my laptop recently did automatic updates and I have been having problems with the WiFi. When I first turn it on every thing is fine, but after about 30 minuets or if I shut the lid and it goes to sleep the WiFi just does not work anymore. I have to go to my network adapter and run the trouble shooter which finds the Windows Wireless Serves is not running on this computer. It starts it and every thing is fine for another 30 minutes or until I shut the lid again. I have looked in services.msc and WLAN AutoConfig is running and set to automatic. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for my wireless card.

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Stopping At Black Screen Blue Flag?

Aug 4, 2015

Trying to update to Win 10 on Hp M7570n with Win 7 sp1 installed. Get to BLACK SCREEN with BLUE Flag and locks up. Will not proceed. I can shut it off and restart and it restores to Win 7, but that's no avail. Tried 3 times.

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Applications Blocked From GPU And Display Driver Stopping

Nov 18, 2015

Both these things are happening. I am getting these Windows error messages when running games, or 3D applications. 

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High Volume - Sound Stopping For 2 To 3 Seconds

Aug 16, 2015

I've got a really weird problem with my sound on my PC. Whenever i try to listen to anything on my computer using headphones, i can hear the music/background noise perfectly clear, but when the volume is High, sound stop for 2/3seconds, and couple of seconds sound - and again. Headphones are new and I do not use Realtek.

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Drivers :: Green Screen When Watch Video On YouTube Or Any Other Streaming Sites

Aug 16, 2015

Since upgrading to Windows 10, whenever I try to watch a video on youtube or any other streaming sites, all I get is a green screen(sometimes black). I have tried in Edge, IE 11 and Firefox , all the same.

My graphics display adapter is AMD 6310HD,my laptop Toshiba C660D previously running Windows 7. Also I don't know if its related but Realplayer Download no longer works.

Checked on Device manager for driver update-result latest driver installed. I have checked Flash Player and Java(both up to date). Before the upgrade all worked perfectly, if there is no solution I may have to revert to Windows 7.

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How To Take HD Screenshots From A Movie

Sep 9, 2015

Want to snap a photo from a movie to use it as a wallpaper, how to HD SS?

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DVD Movie Will Not Play

Feb 19, 2016

I bought a DVD from Amazon. When I click the DVD drive, it opens a folder with a bunch of files that cannot be opened, When I right click it and press open autoplay I get a message telling me to download a dvd player from the store.

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Burning DVD From Movie Maker

Aug 27, 2015

I have created a slideshow in Movie Maker in Windows 10 How do I create a DVD of this slideshow.

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Apps :: Windows Movie Maker

Dec 10, 2015

I'm looking for the windows movie maker that came with windows 7, the HD one. Not windows live movie maker, that one sucked.

If that doesn't work, what is a nice easy one to use.

I want to use this to make AMV's. This involves taking seconds of clips or frames and piecing them together with a song or text somewhere.

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Movie Maker Only Plays Audio Now

Aug 30, 2015

Was running Win 8.1 and WMM worked great. Upgraded to Win 10 and now all I get is audio when trying to edit a video. Tried converting the file to WMV file and got the same result. Audio only, no video. These videos are shot from my phone then transferred onto my laptop. VLC plays them just fine.

HP pavilion DV6
Win 10 x64
8gb Ram

I'd like to do some basic editing whether is be with WMM or some other free editing software.

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Remove Ability To Play A DVD Movie?

Sep 14, 2015

Windows Media Player is still in Windows 10. In Windows 7 and 8, it played a DVD movie. So, I pop in Lord of the Rings, and Windows 10 cannot play DVDs. It can read all the files, but does not have native support for playing a DVD movie with Windows Media Player or any built-in software.

Of course, I download VLC Media Player and watched it, but seriously Microsoft... Why? What is the legitimate reason for removing such a feature like that. It would have required no work to keep it.

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1 Sec PC Freeze When Watching YouTube / Movie On VLC

Dec 7, 2015

This is my PC:
CPU: i5-4460 @ 3.2GHz Turbo: 3.4GHz
GPU: Gigabyte GTX960 Windforce 2X 4GB OC @ 1539 MHz / 8002 MHz
RAM: GOODRAM 8GB (2x4GB) 1333 MHz OC @ 1600 MHz
CPU Cooler: SilentiumPC Spartan Pro (HE924 v2)
CASE: SilentiumPC Gladius M20
PSU: Corsair VS 450w
HDD: Seagate 500GB
SSD: Crucial MX200 250GB (Windows 10 x64 Home installed here)

When I'm watching YT or move / tv series on VLC sometimes I've got 1 sec PC freeze, but when I'm playing, everything is OK.

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