White Screen When Multitasking

Nov 16, 2015

I'll put it out there that i noticed this before and after the fall update... It's just really starting to irk me now, even though it may not be a major issue.

Device: SP4

When multi tasking in tablet mode, if i swipe out from the left to bring up task view, and select another app, there is a white screen for a brief period (maybe like half a second) before the app launches.. This happens with all apps I've tried, even edge and the settings app. If i have the keyboard attached in tablet mode and use windows key + tab to bring up task view, the same things happens.

However, if I use alt + tab to scroll through the open apps in tablet mode, it does not happen.

So it seems to be something with task view.

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White Screen At Various Times During PC Use?

Mar 17, 2016

Multiple times today my PC has displayed an all white screen but the mouse cursor is visible. The first time I noticed this was after an idle period (more than an hour) I rebooted the PC but the white screen returned, I rebooted again and it was gone but the PC took longer than normal to load windows. The PC then ran for several hours in a "normal" state (I didn't notice any issues but I'm a novice) however after an idle period (more than 30 minutes) the white screen returned. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete brought the desktop back up (I did not attempt this the first time) and the computer once again appears to be running fine.
I ran my Norton antivirus and Malwarebytes full scans in regular mode and the MBAM scan displayed several PUPs from "mindspark" which have been removed.

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White Splash Screen During Start

Sep 23, 2015

I have win 10 pro installed on my dell e6410. When I start my laptop I see very bright blank white splash screen for 2 seconds during the boot process. The sequence is as folows:

1- I press start button and it powers up
2- Windows 10 logo screen appears
3- Very bright white splash screen appears for 2 seconds(This is not normal as i don't see it on work computer which also have windows 10 pro )
4- Then Windows 10 login screen appears and then everything normal.

How to get rid of appearance of this very bright white splash screen which appears during boot process as it is very annoying when you work in dark environment.

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Flashing White Screen On 1st Startup?

Sep 15, 2015

Basically a staticy flashing white screen spams on my first startup if i power down pc it works fine the 2nd time.

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Booting To A Black Screen And White Cursor

Jan 8, 2016

My PC has been acting up for about a week now. I have 2 Samsung 24inch Monitors and a decent gaming PC. I have tried all the options this forums has brought to me such as control alt delete and recovery mode, nothing has worked so far. I have just upgraded from 7-10 and it just wont start up without booting to that black screen.

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Stuck At White Circle For Loading Screen

Nov 5, 2015

I installed Windows 10 on my HP 15044NR laptop (2013) model that came originally with Windows 8.1. I get the image at the bottom of the screen whenever it has to be restarted. I have a 32 bit PC. I can only use it if I reinstall Windows 10.

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Red / Blue And White Stripes On Start Screen

Oct 8, 2015

Red, blue and white stripes on start screen.I noticed that more or less 1 month ago and my computer can run normally but as I will finish to pay my PC this month and I don't know how to explain what is going on to my PC to look for my support (japanese), I'm trying to understand first and see if I can solve it by myself.The video was uploaded on you tube.

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Boot To Flashing Black And White Screen Then Stopped

Sep 13, 2015

This is weird. I rebooted and the windows logo showed up but then it went to a flashing black and white screen. I rebooted a few times and the same thing.

Then I tried F8 while booting (thinking that would get me to safe mode) and it booted fine. BUT, it didn't look like it went to safe mode (not sure if it is obvious in Win10 since I haven't booted to safe mode yet). I rebooted a few more times and all OK.

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Stuck At Black Screen With Blinking White Dash

Aug 23, 2015

So i don't know what happened to my computer last night (Maybe it did an automatic update) I did a normal shutdown, and in the morning after I couldn't boot my Windows 10. It won't go pass the black screen with the blinking dash. I don't want to do a fresh install. I got all my important files in this computer.

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Boot To White Screen With Black Squares Flashing

Oct 13, 2015

Recently I've started to encounter an error when booting my computer, occasionally it would boot to a weird flashing white and black screen. An example of this can be seen here: [URL]....

This occurs just before the login screen. While this happens, my cursor is still visible, though larger than normal. After a while, the flashing stops and the screen stays black, usually before this I would force restart my PC then it would boot fine.

General specs:
GPU: Asus gtx 980 strix
CPU: i5 4690k
Motherboard: Gigabyte Gaming 7
Ram: G.Skill Trident 2x8gb
PSU: Thermaltake Gold 650watt

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Apps :: Facebook White Screen - Use Google Chrome Browser

Aug 17, 2015

I'm running Windows 10 and use Google Chrome browser. I have a McAfee security and I have just deactivated the firewall to see if this would resolve the problem.

My Facebook page is unresponsive and blank white. The red icin at the globe suggest I have 4 interaction, and 1 message, I click on this and nothing happens. I've turned off the system, reboot.... still no response.

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Crashes To White Or Black Screen In Games / No Reboot / No Dmp File

Feb 26, 2016

I've done a clean install of Win 10. Games that work perfectly on Win 7 64 bit are crashing consistently on Win 10 Pro 64 bit. I was a system builder for 15 years, but I don't know much about Win 10, and am no expert on advanced trouble shooting.
It only crashes in games. I only play driving games/simulators (Project Cars, Driver SF, Burnout Paradise, and several Need for Speed games). It crashes on every one of them. When it crashes, it's 5-10 mins into game, crashes to white or black screen with no sound. The system does not reboot (even when set to reboot on errors). It simply hangs with a white or black screen and no sound. Keyboard strokes no longer work either.
The only thing showing in event viewer is error 41 kernel power (63), which is obviously when I'm manually restarting by holding power or reset buttons.
System is not overclocked other than I like to run my video card fans at 70% with MSI Afterburner (crashed before and after I installed Afterburner)

System is dust free and has good air flow.

I've got several monitoring devices, doesn't appear to be a heat issue with CPU (55C-60C at crash) and video card (57-58C at crash)

Ran MemTest over night, no errors
Ran Prime95 over night, no errors
Ran Heaven Benchmark overnight, no errors
Ran Seatools long test on all hard drives, no errors

Have latest MB drivers and BIOS

Page file is set to physical memory x1.5 and resides on C: with OS.

I've tried complete memory dump, small memory dump, and automatic memory dump - all set to overwrite existing - it never saves a dmp file Ctrl/Alt/Del does nothing

I've gone from a Belkin surge protector and straight to the wall power - no difference.
Tried many different drivers for my video card. I completely remove with DDU in safe mode before installing different ones. Older (14.9, 14.8, 14.12, 13.9, and 13.12) drivers do not stop fans and vary between black and white screens at crash - but the latest Crimson (15.201, 15.3, and 16.1.1 Beta) drivers stop the fans during crash like the PCI-E slot has stopped working completely (this seems to be the key to the problem, but I'm lost as to what it might be) .
System specs:

MB: GA-H97-HD3
CPU: Intel i5 4690 (stock cooler)
Memory: 2x 4GB GSkill F3-12800CL8
Graphics: AMD Radeon 7850 OC (300MHz/1200MHz) (onboard Intel controller disabled and drivers uninstalled)
HDDs: Corsair 256GB SSD with OS (141GB free space), 3x 2TB WD Red for storage (all with at least 40% free space)
PSU: Seasonic 520w M1211 Bronze
I have a backup image of Win 7, and everything still works correctly on it. If not for that, I'd think it was the MB PCI-E slot. That, and the tests on hardware seem to imply that it's not a hardware problem.

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Apps :: Unnamed / Unopenable Program In Multitasking Menu

Feb 10, 2016

When I open my multitasking menu, one of my windows is an unnamed, completely black, window. when I attempt to open it, it instantly crashes, and returns me to my previous screen. as far as I can tell, I have no programs that would be running a blank background process, at least according to task manager, and I have closed everything I can think of (dropbox, splashtop, etc..). I am running windows 10 home if that makes a difference,/

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BSOD :: Random 0x00000003xB While Multitasking Or Playing Games

Jan 7, 2016

I have just upgraded to Windows 10. Now I am experiencing random BSODs when I am multitasking or playing games.

I hope I uploaded my dump files correctly.

Edit; Added updated crash dump files. Ran into two more BSODs while multitasking.

+More BSODs. Updated dump files.


Uploaded updated Dump files.
Updated post down below.


Updated post below. Responses to questions below also.

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Performance :: Slow Multitasking - Cannot Run Photoshop Easily When Another Application Is Open

Oct 21, 2015

I bought Lenovo Y5070 laptop recently with these specs: Intel Corei7 4720, 16 gig Ram, Geforce GTX 960m 4 Gig DDR5, and the second graphic card of intel 4600.

I installed windows 10 on this laptop with the latest drivers but I have a big issue with multitasking, e.g. I can not run photoshop easily when another application is open, it takes time and a lag and small hanging (sometimes) to open the second application (for example media player).

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White Borders Around Album Art?

Jan 24, 2016

Ever since I upgraded to Win 10 from 7, half of my folders in my music folder have white borders around the artwork. Below is an example. I tried using Disk Cleanup to clear the thumbnail cache but my music is stored on a separate partition. It wont let me select clear thumbnail cache for that drive. Maybe that's not the issue at all. I don't know. I also have tried removing the artwork from those albums and replacing them and that didn't work either.

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Monitor Is Blinking White When Not Used For A Bit

Sep 17, 2015

So after I upgraded to windows 10 everything is going fine except for some reason when I don't use the computer for a period of time the monitors will just start flashing white over and over until I have to restart the computer with the power button.

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Vertical White Bar In Notification Area

Feb 10, 2016

Immediately after upgrading my Insider's copy of Windows 10 to build 14271 I noticed a vertical white bar in the notification area. it has a little arrow pointing to the right. If I rest my pointer on the bar, no tooltip appears. If I click on the bar, it moves to the left and now the little arrow inside points to the left.

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Right Click Menu With White Border

Oct 23, 2015

How can I get rid of this horible white border? ! Windows 10 High Contrast Theme

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Possible To Change Title Bar Color To White?

Sep 13, 2015

Is it not possible with Windows10 Build 1024 to change the title bar color, I've been dealing with a white title bar since Windows10 release; or has this not been resolved yet ?

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How To Get Rid Of Strange White Square On Desktop During Startup

Aug 29, 2015

I have some strange square every time I start Windows 10, which will be gone when I click on it. Something is run in the background. I see nothing when Windows is just loading. When ESET anti-virus loads, it's still okay. And then somewhere during that and the last few startup programs, it suddenly gets there. It won't get away, unless I click on it one or several times. It's reloading every time I restart Windows 10.

How can I manage step by step what is loaded during startup, so that I can see what the problem is. I think it was the patch for that "show me the desktop" button on the far right of the taskbar that did it. But I deinstalled that, so..

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Customization :: How To Keep Title Bar White But Keep Rest Gray

Feb 23, 2016

Recently I updated windows 10 and now whatever colour you choose when "show colour on start, taskbar, action centre and title bar" is on changes the title bar's colour as well. I don't want to disable this option because I like the start, taskbar and action centre being grey but I want the title bar to be white.

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White Page Icons And Empty Folders?

Feb 10, 2016

I have windows 10 home operating system on my laptop.I have a problem with my file folder. when I first open it it shows that it works fine.However I've notice that on the left I see the OS and D drive as white icons. When i access any folders and then go back to the home file page it looks like this: and when i access other files they show empty folders (this is the program files folders)but i know this folders have files in them. Also when I access them i see white icons like this:I can open them and they work fine but my file folder is acting weird.

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Blank / White Icons And Pages Even After Reinstall

Oct 27, 2015

Icons on desktop are all white i cant access my computer all blank pages control panel also all white my documents nothing. So i had to format hdd and clean instal from image backup and same thing!!! this backup image is 1000% clean. i scaned whole computer with malwarebytes, bitdefender, super anti spyware ccleaner, advanced system care no virus of any kind could be hardware issue???

Here are few images:
[URL] ..
[URL] ..
[URL] ..
[URL] ..

Running Task:
[URL] ..
[URL] ..

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Any Ways To Change White Title Bars

Aug 3, 2015

I've done editing the aero.theme in the themes folder. Did exactly what was said in a few websites(trusted). But no matter what it doesn't change the color. Also I tried a freeware to get the dark theme enabled. It did change the color of the settings, network and a few other windows' borders but the explorer's. :'(( Now I'm back to the same old eye-killing bright white borders everywhere. I didn't mess up any system files in the process as I had backups of everything prepared.

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Icon Images Of Pictures Are Now A White Slide

Sep 11, 2015

When I upgraded to windows 10, all the icon images of my pictures are now a white slide with a blue mountain-like thing on it. I can't tell what I am looking at without opening them up. I use to be able to know what they all were before I opened them.

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