Why Can't Turn On Location Services

Sep 28, 2015

I just reinstalled Windows 10 (clean). Now I see that I can't turn on Location Services, so I can't use cortana!

If I click on "change" (turn on) in the settings menu, nothing happens.
If I try to open cortana settings, nothing happens as well.

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Why Can't Location Turn On - Option Grayed Out

Apr 3, 2016

I'm using Windows 10 laptop. I can't turn on the location, because it's grayed. I tried to fix that. But I couldn't.

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Performance :: Why PC Has Less Services Than Laptop

Nov 19, 2015

The PC has 2GB RAM, when I saw the Task Manager, it doesnt have many services as my laptop has, it doesnt have like Service Local Host etc. It's memory is only 36% but my laptop, has Service Local Host etc and many services has 60% (Note: The PC has only one system service and the rest are apps.

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Customization :: Turning Off Services With Reg

Jul 29, 2015

I am working on a .reg file to disable all the unwanted services. I do not know the keys to use for the following services and would like adding them to my .reg located below.

Security AccountsSystem Event NotificationWindows FirewallWindows Eventlog

And can you look over my current list and see if there is anything that 100% must not be turned off? Is there anything else you would add?

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


; Application Layer Gateway Service


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Which Running Services Are Ok To Disable

Jul 30, 2015

Which running services are ok to disable for improving the performance (or to reduce the RAM memory consumption)?

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Failed To Connect To Windows Services

Feb 17, 2016

This problem has just started and it is preventing me from getting Windows Updates and accessing my external hard drives.

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How To Disable / Enable A Batch Of Services

Mar 23, 2016

Is there an easy way to disable and re-enable groups of services / processes in Windows 10 so that the computer can be switched between optimization 'profiles' for, say, routine office work, audio/video editing, and gaming?

I have two computers now - one for routine office work (e.g., Office suite, Quickbooks) and a dedicated audio/video editing workstation. The latter is very powerful and I'd like to use it for both jobs, but not if all those background processes (59 total), like Cortana, OneDrive, iCloud mean sacrificing resources for critical A/V work. Neither do I have the time or patience to manually disable scores of Startup apps and services each time I throw my A/V hat on.

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Disabled USB Ports Startup Services

Sep 19, 2015

So I was messing with the services startup parameters and I managed to change something which is now preventing my USB ports from working. My kb/mouse lights up during boot and then goes off and stays off just before the login screen appears. How I could fix this without reinstalling windows again? I've tried all ports but none of them work . 

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Browser/Email :: Any Way To Chose What News Services Are Being Used?

Nov 23, 2015

In Edge Home page or the News app?

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Installation :: Had To Restart And Disable Antivirus And Other Services

Aug 3, 2015

My win10 installation got stuck at 91% so I had to restart and disable my antivirus and other services, but when I start MediaCreationToolx64 it starts to download the 3gb again from the beginning. Is there an installer somewhere in the downloaded files that can let me skip this or do I have to download it again? 

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Customization :: Remove All Unwanted Tools And Services?

Feb 10, 2016

As we all know, the classical Windows XP has a tool.... XpLitePro ... to remove all unwanted software and services you wish to have deleted. XpLite could both remove hidden programs/services which are not visible in configuration screen/ remove programs section

Question: Does Windows 10 have such a tool already? I can't hardly wait to remove unwanted stuff..

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Cannot Connect To Windows Services Message After Login

Dec 2, 2015

I'm not sure what all is affected by "Windows services" not connecting but since that happened, I am unable to access my Outlook email and a solitaire game won't open. I'm also trying to update Windows Defender but it won't finish updating. And, I have checked to see if an update is due and it just never stops looking for one. Little blue dots, little blue dots, little blue dots...

I have not downloaded anything from anywhere.

I never had any problems with Vista or 8.1. I'm almost ready to go back to 8.1. 

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Antivirus :: Want To Disable Defender But In Services All The Options Aren't Available

Mar 5, 2016

I have win 10 pro x64 1511, the problem is that i want to disable defender but in services all the options aren't available like in this image:

I don't know that happen, is like I'm running without admin privilege or something but I'm the only user in my laptop so that can't be possible.

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How To Disable Antimalware Services Executable On Home Version

Sep 18, 2015

I figured out on the pro version but the home version doesn't have GPedit.msc. I disabled Defender but I still see antimalware services executable running in Processes.

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Performance :: Via Bootup Screen Unable To Choose Which Services Startup

Feb 10, 2016

It seems Microsoft has eliminated a feature I once used prolifically: Hardware Profiles. Windows-10 does have a "hardware profile", but it is nothing like what was in XP (or in Win-7, as I understand it). I want to know if there is an alternative in Windows-10 that allows me to control which Services are enabled or disabled from one session to the next, based on the currently selected profile (XP also had User Profile, but that's a different beast, and that still seems to exist in Win-10).

In the older O/S'es (XP, 2ooo, and NT for sure), you could set up multiple "hardware profiles" (silly name because it related as much to controlling Services as it did to controlling Devices). You give each profile a name, and set which one is the default startup if you let the screen time out. This is like the timeout in a multi-boot menu, and it's a menu that comes up right after the O/S menu if you are multi-booted. If you're single boot, it comes up at that same moment in the boot process.

Then, in the properties dialog for an individual Service, in the Logon tab (if I recall correctly, or maybe it was a "Startup" tab), those profile names you made will show up as a list allowing you to set enable at bootup or disable at bootup for each profile in that list.

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Will New Maps App Have Voice Turn-by-turn Directions?

Jan 21, 2015

Does the new Maps app being built for the phone and PC features voice turn-by-turn navigation? I know the current Maps app does not. You need to use Here Drive or another third party app for voice navigation.

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Mouse And Keyboard Will Turn On For About 20 Seconds Then Turn Off

Nov 27, 2015

I am having problems with me Mouse and key board, on boot up they will turn on for about 20 seconds then turn off. Then a error comes up,inaccessible_ boot_drive. But if I restart my pc the mouse and keyboard will do the same thing but instead of the error I get, choose keyboard layout, and a list of options but I cant choose them because the mouse isn't working. This all started happening after I upgraded my power supple but I when I put my old power supple in I had the same problem. I have windows 10and I have tried using different keyboards and different usb ports.

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Location Tab Does Not Appear

Nov 19, 2015

On some folders the Location tab does not appear. I try to change the location of onedrive folder tab but the location is not displayed.

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Location Of New System Icons?

Sep 21, 2015

Is there a system file that contains the various new icons found throughout Windows 10 - something along the lines of imageres.dll? It would be nice to use some of these for shortcuts.

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Hibernate File Name And Location

Sep 11, 2015

What, if any, is the name and location of the file that hibernates Windows?

I understand that hibernation can be initiated via "shutdown /h" but that's not what I seek.

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Setting A Fixed Location

Aug 13, 2015

I use a VPN and Cortana and the OS thinks I'm somewhere else. Is there anyplace to put a zip code to force the OS to think you're in a specific location?

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Rip Music Location Can't Change

Jan 15, 2016

I can't change the "Rip Music to this location" in options in Windows Media Player.

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Music And Picture - Same Location

Jul 18, 2015

Somehow, I've managed to set the location for Music & Pictures to the same location i.e. K Drive.

Restoring to default locations makes no difference, or should I say that whatever change I do to Music is replicated in Pictures & visa versus.

How to sort this out.

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Download Location Using Edge

Sep 2, 2015

I know how to set other folder than DOWNLOADS to be the default folder for downloading content from internet using Edge. However, I was wondering if that can be changed all the way so I get to choose download location every single time I download something, or can it be made to work as "save as"?

I download different stuff and I hate going into the downloads folder, and then moving files I want elsewhere..

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Can Anything Other Than (Apps) Access Location

Dec 7, 2015

I often see in the notification tray that something is accessing location even though I am not actively using any apps. Can anything other than "apps" access location? The only app I have that has permission to access location in the "Location and Privacy Settings" menu is Cortana.

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Manually Setting Location

Sep 5, 2015

As my desktop PC (like a lot of I suspect other PC's) doesn't have built in GPS, it means that whenever Windows 10 tries to automatically determine where am I (for example, when I'm looking at the built in map client, or Cortana is finding something nearby) it actually thinks I'm around 70 miles away.

Is there any way to manually set my actual location more accurately in Windows 10?

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