Increasing Automatically Brightness To 100%

Jan 15, 2016

I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and since then whenever I am launching a multimedia app like VLC, etc., the brightness gets increased to 100%. I don't want so high brightness and it's so annoying to reduce it everytime. How to disable this, I want my brightness fixed at 85%. Also note that my Adaptive Brightness is turned off as I have already checked.

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Monitor Changed Brightness On Its Own - Enable Adaptive Brightness Set Off

Aug 26, 2015

How do you disable the monitor brightness beening changed on its own when the "Enable adaptive brightness" is set OFF?

for some reason I'm not seeing the Adjust my screen brightness automatically option in the Display tab of the SETTINGS app. 

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Increasing Number Of Com Ports Used

Oct 20, 2015

I am trying to install a generic text printer onto a windows 10 tablet but when the printer is paired through Bluetooth the Com port it is using is way beyond the normal Com port numbers.

After the printer is paired I would normally add a local/networked printer and select the same port as the Bluetooth device, when this is in the range 1-4 that is fine, but (due to repeated attempts) it is now up at Com19

I have looked online and found articles for Windows7 talking about uninstalling the un-used Com ports (that windows thinks are being used) but I'm not sure how to reach the same areas in Windows 10

I have so far tried the following:

1. turning it off and on again
2. using device manager, view ports, under the view menu setting 'Show hidden devices' but I can only see the two latest ports (19/20)
3. I have looked at the properties of port 19 and tried to change the port number, but this is where it says all ports from 1-18 are in use.
4. I have tried to follow win7 instructions that directed my to advanced system properties and the environmental variables/system variables - this section I can't find in windows 10 ....

The only other option seems to be hacking the registry, which I will now look at....

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Gradually Increasing RAM Usage

Nov 27, 2015

I've had this problem since installing W10. My RAM's usage keeps increasing overtime and after a few days it gets to over 90%. It effects my computers performance, even typing something is incredibly slow, which means it isn't just a visual issue. I've searched my computer for malware and bitcoin miners and haven't found anything. The only solution that works (although temporarily) is restarting my computer.

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Allow For Increasing The Pixel Count On Desktop Icons?

Jan 12, 2016

I now have Windows 10, but I look to the past to describe my problem. In Windows XP and earlier, and maybe later Windows versions prior to 10, one could customize the size of many visuals, such as menus, dialogs, title and property bars, etc. For purposes of the present discussion, also adjustable was the allocation of pixel count to icons on the Windows desktop, and in particular one could designate how many pixels wide and high were allocated to the icon and its description.

For individuals like myself who must scale the image display to something greater than 100%, the “factory-set” icon pixel width was too low, thereby cutting off much of the name of the icon/program. If, however, one were to get into the advanced display/image control, the pixel width could be increased (e.g., from 25 pixels to 31 pixels), which would be sufficient for the entire label below the Desktop icon to show.

Now I have Windows 10. No matter how deep my investigation of display properties, I cannot find any control over the number of pixels allocated to desktop icons. Yes, there is some scaling capability and enlargement of menus and some other items including Desktop icons. But increasing the size of the Desktop icons does NOT itself allow for customizing the pixel width or height allocated to the icons, at least as I have been able to discern. So increasing the size of the Desktop icons still results in cutting off much of the wording below the icon. If something akin to earlier versions of Windows’ Display Properties>Advanced is available under Windows 10 to allow for a greater pixel count, especially horizontal, allocated to Desktop icons?

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Increasing Number Of Items To Be Pinned To File Explorer

Sep 12, 2015

I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and would like to know how I go about increasing the number of items to be pinned to File to set the maximum number of items to be pinned to file explorer

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Can't Adjust Brightness

Sep 22, 2015

I can't adjust my brightness on my laptop with either the hotkeys (F11 + F12), or with the display menu in settings.

Yesterday it worked before i got to bed, then i shut it down and this morning i started it up and the brightness won't change anymore.

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How To Turn Brightness Up Or Down

Oct 31, 2015

I hate how I have to continuously press the brightness 50 times to get it to where I want it. Is there a way I can change it to go up or down in fives? Or can I at least change it so I can hold the button down and it will keep going until I release it?

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No Brightness Control

Jan 2, 2016

So all I want to know now is simply whether or not you have a brightness slider bar in your control panel.Please click your start menu, then click "Settings" and go to the first option, "Display". Please look for a brightness slider at the bottom of the screen. If there is none there, then go to "Advanced display settings".

If there is still no brightness control, finally, go back to your desktop and go down to the task bar, and look for the "Action centre" icon in the System tray area (looks like a speech bubble), click this and then Click "Expand" to shot all the charms. There might be a square in the bottom of this area that enables you to change the brightness of the screen.

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Cannot Set Brightness - Configurations Gone

Aug 19, 2015

I was looking in the M $ site, and saw that to solve the brightness of the stop needed to uninstall the display driver and then install again, but still does not work, nor tighten FN + F2 or F3, so when I go in configurations, does not lower the brightness or drag with the mouse! And besides, all configurations that I had before are gone before I shut the PC tray and he just hibernated, now it shuts down, then again I went in config and yet nothing changes!

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Why Can't Control Brightness

Jul 31, 2015

i have download and install windows 10 from the official site.after installing win10,i can not operate brightness option.

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Cannot Change Brightness

Jul 30, 2015

I downloaded new Windows 10 and maked new update + downloaded new AMD driver and now I cant add brightness. It happened after i tryed to launch AMD catalyst. Screen was black for 2 seconds and after that I could not add brightness....

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Screen Brightness Adjustment?

Feb 21, 2015

How does one adjust Screen Brightness and Colour on a desktop in W10 ? As AMD Catalyst is not yet compatible.

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Customization :: How To Adjust Brightness

Nov 29, 2015

I find the white of the win 10 windows just easy to bright, especially late are night. I don't wanna reduce my monitors brightness cos i have to up it again after to pay my there a brightness setting?

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Missing Brightness Slider Bar

Dec 31, 2015

I have NO brightness slider bar! My screen is blindingly bright and I have the monitor brightness turned all the way down!

I have looked in control panel and there is nothing there. Just a big glaringly bright white space as you can see above.

All graphics and monitor drivers are up to date. Remember, this is not a laptop, so I don't have any shortcut keys.

There is no slider bar in display setting/advanced display setting either. It's just not there. There is also no icon for brightness in the action centre tab.

i7-6700K @ 4GHZ
32Gb DDR4
Asus Z170-K Motherboard
Nvidia 970 

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Screen Brightness Works In Reverse

Aug 5, 2015

Sometimes when i start up in win10 get a black screen, if i pull out charging lead desktop comes up, if plug back in get black screen, so pull out and on desktop go into display with left mouse button, display slider works is working in reverse so set it to darkest which puts screen on brightest, then plug charger in most times this works, Another way that works sometimes is leave charger in use function key and dim button (rh arrow) and screen sometimes shows desktop.

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Performance :: Unable To Adjust Brightness

Jan 22, 2016

I have recently encountered weird problems with Windows 10, such as not being able to adjust the brightness (upon booting up, the brightness is either 0% or 100%), and sudden lag spikes that affect FPS by dropping it to 0 for 1-2 seconds, every 3 seconds. I have recently updated AMD Radeon drivers, and Windows 10 has also updated itself (which has always messed up everything) Also, now when the screen goes black (sleep mode), it always requires me to log in back to my Windows account, and it didn't do that before Windows updated itself.

The lag that I'm experiencing, is NOT connection-based lag, so my internet connection and everything works perfectly. It just the FPS that drops suddenly. It just freezes everything for a moment. It also doesn't require me playing a game or anything; just being on the desktop, having nothing open, will still make the lag spikes occur. My processor runs on the desktop around 8-24%, and when the lag spikes occur, it doesn't change at all. So nothing's draining the processor, I guess. Also the memory and all the others stay on the same level.I am using a HP Laptop that's not that efficient, but I have always been able to play games like Minecraft with decent settings on 60FPS.

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Aug 14, 2015

I have problems when the TEXT PAGE is WHITE. The brightness of the screen hurts my eye. (I am blind in one eye)

Is there anyway to change the colour of the TEXT PAGE to a moderate BLUE or GREY?

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Performance :: Change 25% Brightness Increment?

Jan 16, 2016

I am still getting used to Win 10 on a tablet and one annoyance (system design flaw) that I would like to change is the 25% increment screen brightness in the action centre button (swipe left). 0% is way too dim and 25% is too bright in a dark room. I know I can control screen brightness better through desktop settings but that is far from convenient on a tablet. Any hack to change the increments to say 10%? I searched the registry for "brightness" and came up with a couple possible entries (one below). But then it also kind of looked like the increment may be controlled by the dll?


Also might mention that I am aware of the keyboard shortcuts but they don't work with the on screen keyboard.

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Customization :: Unable To Calibrate Brightness

Aug 14, 2015

Every time I go to the display colour calibration, I come across a problem when I want to change the brightness. I pass the Gamma section, but when I come to the brightness and contrast part, I cannot adjust them. Under the picture it says that I should use controls on the display, but there are none. I tried using the mouse scroll and the up and down arrows, but nothing seems to work.

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On-Battery Screen Brightness Too Dark

Aug 22, 2015

after updating to Windows 10, I am not able to get the screen brightness to 100% anymore (it is shown to be 100%, but plugging my laptop in, screen brightness will increase to maximum brightness). Screen settings are as shown below.I also tried using the command line:/ This allows me to change the brightness, however 100% is still not really 100% when on battery.

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Not Able To Adjust Brightness On Lenovo Laptop

Feb 13, 2016

Iam not able to adjust brightness on my Lenovo Windows 10 laptop. The short keys don't work and the option in taskbar on clicking the battery icon doesn't work either..

I think I got this problem after the windows update that came a few days ago. My laptop screen is brighter than my future right now and Im forced to use some third party screen filter software to avoid hurting my eyes..

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Can't Change Brightness After Normally Turning On Or Waking Computer

Jul 28, 2015

I have a weird error using Windows 10: I cannot change / adjust brightness at all. I have the latest updates for every drivers, programs and all, not sure why the system does this. Sometimes the screen brightness is 100%, sometimes just 50%. Not sure if the Catalyst Control Center is to blame, but I really need a quick solution, and until now I found none.

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How To Change Brightness Steps In Notification Area

Nov 12, 2015

I use the notification area to change the brightness of my screen (Toshiba U920T laptop). It has always been 4 steps of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. How to change these steps? I couldn't find anything relevant in the registry.

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Drivers :: Screen Brightness Control Is Not Working

Oct 8, 2015

Screen Brightness control not working 

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Why Can't Control Brightness And Change Screen Resolution

Jul 31, 2015

i have downloaded and install windows 10 from the official site on 31st july,but i can't control my brightness option and resolution option....

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