Search Opens Word Incorrect File Association?

Aug 12, 2015

When I use the left hand side search and click on results other than 'web', a word document is opened! How do I reset the correct app association for this action/file type.

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After Update Word And Excel Opens And Then Closes?

Sep 17, 2015

All forums seem to stay it is common but to open word and then do certain steps but I cannot get either word or excel to stay open long enough to do those steps?

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File Extension Not In File Association List

Oct 28, 2015

I use Notepad++ to edit Python files which have the file extension .py such as ""

I would like to set Notepad++ as the default program to open .py files.

When I open a .py file I get the popup asking me which file I want to use to open. But I do not get the choice to set the default program to open this extension.

When I go to Settings|Choose Default Apps By File Type the .py extension is not listed.

Looking through the registry I see that there is no .py handler.

Q: What is the method to manually add a file extension and associate it with a program?

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No Jpg File Association?

Jul 31, 2015

I double clicked on xxx.jpg and LibreOffice opened. I wanted to change the program to IrfanView. I went in through Start > search > associations.

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Updates :: Blue Arrows On Thumbnails / Word Opens In Wordpad After Update

Nov 20, 2015

I just installed the BIG Windows 10 update (can't remember what it was called, 1511 or something) and so far it seems all right, except my desktop is a little different. One, my desktop background picture was removed and needs to be reset, no big deal, but all my Microsoft Word files open in Wordpad now (yes, I have a current license, just bought 2016 a few weeks ago--Excel comes up normal...) and the thumbnails have these mysterious blue arrows that point at each other in the corners. I think they might have something to do with file compression? But the arrows are also on some of my program icons in the taskbar, too.

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Change File Association For SCR Files?

Dec 3, 2015

I use files with an SCR extension to store text data. For me SCR means script.

I would like it so that when I double-click on this file, that it opens with notepad (or something similar). But this file is registered as a screen saver. And I cannot change the file association.

I have tried "Associate a file type or protocol with a program". I can select NOTEPAD but the "Current application" remains as "Unknown application". And in my folders, the file type remains "Screen saver". So this option does not work.

I have also tried adjusting the registry entry regarding "scr" files. Or removing the registry entry. Neither works. And I also don't get the "right click / open with" option. So how do I change the file association of scr files?

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Apps :: QIF File Association No Longer Works After Upgrade

Dec 1, 2015

After the recent Windows 10 update my QIF file association launches the incorrect version of Microsoft Money.

Money is an old legacy programme that is still running JUST ...and I need to be able to customise the file association.

If I click on properties on the qif file I am given the INCORRECT option to use ....MoneyCoreFilesmnyimport.exe %1

What it SHOULD say is MoneyCoreFilesmsmoney.exe %1 ...... and no my default MSMONEY option doesn't work either. How/where do I make this change?

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Apps :: Recover Default Windows Program File Association

Sep 7, 2015

is there a way to recover all my default program settings? I have made some mistakes and some settings arent working any moren

for eg: (i dont know if the link is accepted: [URL]

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Search Everywhere Only Opens Files Not Web Results

Feb 10, 2016

This is referring to the blue "Search Everywhere" panel that slides out from the right, not Cortana or the Start Menu search box.

When I type into it, it'll list my local files on the top, then web results underneath. Clicking any listed local file will open that file, but clicking on any web results doesn't do anything.

Example: If I type in "ASUS", it'll show any file on my PC with ASUS in the name. Under those results, it then lists results from the web like the ASUS website and other ASUS related results like Google or Bing does. Any local document in the list will open from the search results, but no web links will open (nothing happens when clicked on).

Not sure why this is happening.

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Can No Longer Opens Apps From Search With Enter Key

Nov 12, 2015

I don't know if this is just me and my keyboard or if something happened with an update. Normally to open most apps I will just press the windows key on my keyboard and type its name. I updated today, both normal windows updates and the threshold 2 update (build 10586.3), but I think the issue started happening after the normal updates. Anyways, I used to be able to type my program name and press Enter and it would open.

This is no longer the case for certain items. For example, if I type Regedit, it correctly find the Regedit app but if I press Enter nothing happens, but I can click the found entry with my mouse and it opens just fine. I also cannot open a UNC path (ex COMPUTERC$ or C:Users) using the Enter button, but again the mouse works. It seems that if after finding the program it says "Run command" underneath it it doesn't open with Enter, and again neither do paths. I can type Notepad and press Enter and it opens just fine without any issues.

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Search Query Too Narrow - Exact Word / Phrase Only And Not Contains

Sep 5, 2015

Recently I was getting confused and frustrate that files I were searching for weren't being included in the search results for my queries. It seems that the search parameters are restricted to "Exact word/phrase" and not "Contains.

Example: search "Broad", comes up fine
Search "road", nothing comes up.

In windows 7, I was able to search for a word and the search parameters would include files that "contains" the word in its name and even "contains" the word in a document.

In windows 10, it seems to be completely restricted to.

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Apps :: Portable Apps File Association / Open With

Dec 17, 2015

Looks like another annoyance (don't get me wrong, i'm not a 10 hater ) : when i do "open with" and select a portable app, nothing happens :/ Also if in the portable app i tick options such as "show context menu", this won't take effect. All that worked fine on 7.

I dunno for 8.1 but i guess it's same as 10? Anyways, is there a workaround? Can't live without that! Another thing : the great"types.exe" app that we all use(d) on 7 doesn't work here, is there an alternative or not yet? Perhaps it's just not possible at all to have such....

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Nothing Opens Except File Explorer?

Feb 10, 2016

I've had windows 10 since November and just today it's been playing up. None of the apps open - they display a message "element not found" for explorer exe or for other things like chrome, ms word you click on it and nothing happens. Can't even turn off the computer (start > turn off just does nothing) I've tried pressing the power button on my PC but that just seems to put it into sleep mode and not properly restart it.

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File Explorer Opens At Startup

Dec 20, 2015

I recently installed the November update on my computer and now the File Explorer runs at every start up. How can I go disable this and go back to normal?

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Can't Print A Specific Word File

Feb 4, 2016

The company I work for recently upgraded our computers to Windows 10.

My boss receives a Word document from our supplier every month. Before we had new computers, he used to print this off each time with no problems. However, when he clicks print now, nothing happens. The printer dialogue box appears for a second but nothing prints out and it is not left in the print queue.

He has forwarded the email with the Word document to myself and other colleagues and we all have been able to print it with no problems. So I thought it must be something wrong with his printer. However, he is able to print anything else. We have printed other Word documents, Excel docs, PDFs etc.

I copied the content of the document that he can't print onto a blank new Word document to try and print it. However, the same happens...It seems there is something in the actual document that is stopping the printer from printing it?

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Pictures In A Word File No Longer Appear

Aug 29, 2015

I have a long Word file created with Word 2013 on a PC.

I often drop pictures in the file using the Windoes 8 snipping tool, After I installed Windows10, the pictures appear as an empty box. The text looks fine, but there are no more pictures.

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File Explorer - Searching Opens New Window?

Jan 14, 2016

Whenever I start to type in the search field, I never get to finish typing because explorer opens a new window right away after the first character.

EDIT: Also, double clicking folders opens a new window as well.

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File Transfer Window Always Opens Outside Of The Screen?

Jan 17, 2016

While I'm transferring a file for example, the file transfer window always opens outside the screen, Screenshot: [URL]

Tried moving it down, and re-opens outside the screen all the time

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Error Opening DOCX File In Word 2010

Mar 10, 2016

When trying to open a .DOCX file in Word 2010 I receive the following error message:

“there was an error opening the file.”

What can be causing this to happen? 

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Apps :: Outlook And Word (Could Not Create Work File)

Sep 18, 2015

I'm getting two similar error messages when I try to open both Outlook and Word....

(Outlook / Word) could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable.

Outlook is not opening at all, and Word will open at the second or third "OK" click on the error message.

I've spent the last 24 hours editing the registry, for both programs based on advice found online, but nothing has worked.

I'm using the Office 2013 versions of both programs (version 15 Outlook). How the registry should look for both programs, as this is preventing em from working (I'm self employed and use both programs all the time).

I saw that there's a workaround using IE, but it's not on my computer (only Edge). This keeps crashing when I try to open it, and I can't seem to get a download of IE, as Microsoft assume I have it already.

I tried a system restore several times but for some reason it won't work - I was even so desperate to fix it. I tried resetting the OS, but this also failed.

Add this to the problems of saving files in Word caused by Windows 10, and I have to say that for me, it wasn't a good choice to upgrade.

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Right Click On JPG File And Select Windows Photo Viewer - Print Pictures Opens Instead

Jul 4, 2015

Having problem with Windows photo viewer in build 10162? When I right click on a .jpg file and select the open with Windows photo viewer, the print pictures opens instead.

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How To Search For A File

Aug 13, 2015

Having migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I now find that I cannot search for files. I select "This PC", type "bpextract.dat" in the search box, press enter and nothing happens.

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Where Is The File Search Box

Aug 7, 2015

In Win 7, one clicked on Start and you could then search for any file in your entire computer by entering its name (or part of it's name) in the file search box. In Win 10, you have to ask Cortana who won't locate a file for you. Where has the file search box covering all data files on the computer moved to?

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How To Search A File By Its Partial Name

Dec 18, 2015

I have a file named IMG_20151218_0001.pdf. How can search it when I only remember it has 1218 as a part of the file name? I tried some of the searches and the result is empty, such as filename:"*1218*", *1218*, and "*1218*".

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Search Won't Find MP4 File Even Though It Is There

Feb 23, 2016

When I search for *.mp4 in Public Folders > Video, the results don't show the file. The problem is the file is in there. When I search *.* in Public Folders it is not shown either.

When I search the entire C: drive, though, it shows up in the Public Folders > Video directory.

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File Explorer Search Not Working

Oct 16, 2015

Recently, I have observed the Search feature of the File Explorer does not work (e.g., No items match your search). The folders I'm searching are indexed. I've tried rebuilding the index. I can even drill down to a folder I know contains the sought file and entering a search word in the file's name and search returns nothing.

For example, D:UsersClayton is indexed with no exclusions (all subdirectories included). I can search from D:UsersClaytonBooks for 'code'. That folder has many subfolders with files containing 'code' in the filename/contents. Yet search returns nothing.

D:UsersClaytonBooks is shared to my HomeGroup. I thought perhaps that might be a factor. However, even if I stop sharing, the results are the same. Most of my existing shared folders exhibit this behavior. However, if I add a folder to my Homegroup, search seems to work.

I just don't get it. I have successfully performed searches like this in Windows 7 all the time. Is Windows 10 just broken?

UPDATE: From my laptop (also Win10), I can search the Books HomeGroup share and find matches. However, going back to the desktop machine where the share resides, the same search fails.

UPDATE 2: On my desktop, if I remove D:UsersClayton from my indexed locations, searches work. This is repeatable. When indexed, search fails. When not indexed, search works.

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