Wanted To Do A Clean Install

Dec 7, 2015

I wanted to do a clean install of windows on my SSD again because it had corrupt files. So during the install I deleted my SSD partition to free space and install windows on it but it won't let me. All I have is Drive 0 Unallocated Space which is my SSD and the other is my OEM Reserve. What did I do wrong? Why can't I install windows on freed up space of my SSD?

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Clean Install Recommended After Upgrade From Clean Windows 8.1 Pro Installation?

Sep 2, 2015

I have a new rig and made a clean install with Win 8.1 Pro.

After that I directly upgraded to Win 10 Pro within running system.

Are there any advantages to do now a clean Windows 10 installation?

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Not Wanted Tile Configuration Showing Full Time In Desktop

Jan 4, 2016

Just got a brand new dell computer from store with windows 10 factory installed a week ago. Today the computer became non responsive; I had to reboot it. Once rebooted, the <windows>+<D> no longer works, the display has changed similar to windows 8 (?!?!) and I can't get rid of the tiles in the desktop. What has happened? I am very disappointed with windows. I miss my old computer. What a piece of junk windows 10 is.

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Install Chipset After Clean Install

Aug 3, 2015

My motherboard manufacturer only has a file for the Windows 10 chipset driver but I remember in the past I was supposed to download the chipset software installation utility first if it was the first time doing a chipset driver on a new comp.

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How To Do Clean Install On New SSD

Dec 22, 2015

How can I clean install windows 10 on a new SSD, saving the fact that I had original windows (that was purchased built in with the laptop)? Do I need to find the CD key?I have a generic one as I upgraded to windows 10 for free (or are all windows 10 have generic CD keys?).How can I use my Windows licence on a new SSD?

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How To Downgrade To Win 7 After Clean Install

Aug 2, 2015

Mine was with Win 7. This was done few years back throughWin7 upgrade disk. I have this Win 7 upgrade disk and COA for it. (Bought from Amazon).... Can I revert back to Win 7.....

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Installation :: How To Do Clean Install From DVD

Dec 25, 2015

My laptop got stucked in boot loop so i decided to do clean install from dvd. I wonder if i can leave D: partition and delete C: and those two of 350MB and 450MB size? Will i still get that unallocated space and be able to do install on it?

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Installation :: Clean Install On A New SSD

Dec 4, 2015

I'm about to do a clean install of Windows 10 pro 64bit on to a new SSD I just received in the mail and wondering how I will be able to activate it? I originally did an upgrade from Win7 Pro to Win10 pro and then a clean install from there back when Win10 pro first became available. I read that I can use the Windows Key on the back of my laptop but I'm not sure that will work because it's a whole new SSD.

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Installation :: Able To Do A Clean Install

Jul 14, 2015

All the info I have found on a clean install has been about the Insider Preview, when the official upgrade is available at the end of July, will I be able to do a clean install?

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No Product Key After Clean Install

Aug 12, 2015

My PC was running 8.1 French version converted to English version (Reseller screwed up).In practice a lot of the stuff was displayed sometimes in Eng sometimes in French. I have the 8.1 French CD.So instead of doing the upgrade which I thought would result in another mishmash of languages, I did a clean install of 10 Home Eng via USB key downloaded install media.Apart from a few video probs (BSOD) blinking cursor, all went well.I cannot use 8.1 product key to activate. Looks like I may have to buy new product key for W10.

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How To Do Clean Install After PC Upgrade

Aug 17, 2015

I had a licensed windows 7 PC and did the in-place upgrade to windows 10. However my main hard drive (an SSD) is too small and I want to upgrade it. I understand that if I do a clean install (from an ISO/USB) then windows 10 should still recognise my PC as it was activated.

However, if I change the hard drive (or add memory, add a graphics card etc) does windows still recognise my PC or do I have to go through the stupidty of installing windows 7, installing the service pack, waiting for the inplace upgrade to windows 10, activating, and then wiping everything in order to do a clean install!?!?!

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How To Do A Clean Install Of Windows

Jul 30, 2015

I was wondering if I do a clean install when I get the free upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 10 if my device drivers (for my cpu, usb ports, wifi, etc) will stay.

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Won't Activate After Clean Install

Aug 9, 2015

I have been an Insider since the very first Insider build was released. I had installed each and every build first being on the Slow ring and the on the Fast. I had upgraded from a genuine Windows 8.1 Pro.

When the final RTM build TH1 Professional 10240 was released to Insiders ahead of schedule, I readily installed it and my machine was permanently activated at that time. The product key used was a generic one ending in 3V66T. Many of you may be knowing this.

Today, in fact just now, I formatted my system partition and installed a clean copy of Windows 10 Pro from USB which I had created using the Microsoft Creation Tool. When the setup asked me for a product key, I entered the same generic key as stated above. But now when I go to the Settings, it says the key doesn't work and hence, my machine cannot be activated. I signed-in using my Microsoft account before using the PC.

What the heck! I am an Insider. And didn't expect this to happen. What should I do next? Would the machine get activated itself after some time?

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How To Clean Install In Laptop

May 31, 2015

How can I do a clean install in my laptop with the windows 10 build 10130?

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Clean Install On SDD But Keep HDD Intact

Aug 3, 2015

I have win7 and am going to install win10 from usb. I currently have my OS on my SDD and all my docs,prog files,ect on HDD. Ive read a clean install is best for win10.

My question is, can I delete all the SDD OS partitions during install, select install on the SDD while leaving my HDD completely intact? If so, what option would I select to get to the formatting partition screen without it automatically erasing my HDD files?

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Repartitioned Clean Install

Jul 29, 2015

Currently I dual-boot Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Insider Preview on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. I want to eventually delete both partitions and create one big partition to clean-install Windows 10 RTM. My question is, will I be able to successfully activate that Windows 10 with my 8.1-to-10 free upgrade rights if I delete and combine both partitions during setup? I mean, because we're not going to be given product keys for our free upgrade, right?

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Activating Clean Install

Oct 23, 2015

I upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It has already been activated. This Windows 10 installation is on the hard disk. I installed a new SSD drive in the system and did a clean install of Windows 10 on it. Unfortunately the Windows on the SSD drive fails to activate.

I talked Microsoft support and they told me to install Windows 7 on the SSD drive and then upgrade it to Windows 10. That seems like lot of work, especially since I have already installed Windows 10 on the SSD drive.I could clone the hard disk to SSD but I would rather start with a clean Windows 10.

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Clean Install From Insider

Aug 28, 2015

I got my license to be an Insider. My Windows 8.1 was updated to 10 normally by the same software. Now I want to do a clean installation of Windows 10. But I want to know: If I do a clean install of Windows 10 that is reformatted my hard drive, insider lose my license? Which version should I install windows to keep my license Insider? .To be insider I mean I used pirated windows and got into the program and achieve microsoft Insider get my free upgrade to Windows 10.

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Clean Install On A Brand New SSD

Jan 29, 2016

I currently have an upgraded Windows 10 on my HDD. I'd like to do a clean install on a new SSD.

Migrating everything to the new SSD isn't a viable option for me as I don't have the budget for a big enough SSD with all of the programs and files i want to keep.

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Clean Install To Another Drive

Sep 11, 2015


C:/ (HDD)
S:/ (SSD)
O:/ (SSD)

Right, I have my OS (Windows 10) installed on the C:/ drive, but I'd like to reinstall it on the O:/ drive. I've only come across one way of doing it:
Clean installation, then copy/move the C:/ drive's content to the O:/ drive.This is what I'm aiming for:

-Having my OS moved from the C:/ to the O:/ drive.
-Cleaning the C:/ drive from all data.
-Keeping the S:/ drive untouched, no problem I'd say.
-Possible: Having the C:/ and O:/ drives switch names after the installation (So the SSD with the newly installed OS would be named C:/.).

Is this possible to do this in one move and use the same Windows 10 key?

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Clean Install Product Key

Jun 21, 2015

Will i need a windows product key when i clean install windows 10 ?

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Clean Install After Upgrade?

Jul 31, 2015

i did the win 10 free upgrade i had to before i could do a clean install. im not having any problems with the upgrade so far but i have always did a clean install of windows before this.

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Need To Clean Install To New SSD Not Installed Yet

Aug 26, 2015

Which steps to do first, I just purchased an internal ssd and have not installed it yet, I need to do a clean install of 10 but to my ssd instead, I was thinking that i could do the fresh install without adding the ssd, and then clone the hdd to the ssd, I am really not sure how to proceed from here ...

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Does A Clean Install Delete Everything

Jan 10, 2016

I've recently built my first PC and I installed windows 10 for the OS. everything's running fine but i was wondering in the future if i ever have do a reinstall of windows for whatever reason will everything be deleted? for example ive got a lot of games on my PC and i want to know if they'll all be deleted or will it just be everything on the C drive? (I have two storage drives 1 for games 1 for win 10). I'd also like to know if it will write over the old copy of win 10 on the drive? or just make a new partition?

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Installation :: Downgrading After Clean Install

Aug 21, 2015

So I did a clean install of windows 10 because my computer was running slow, but now I would like to downgrade back to windows and I don't have the "windows.old" because of the clean install.

Any way to downgrade to my old windows 7.

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Installation :: Can Go Back And Just Do A Clean Install

Aug 19, 2015

I originally followed the path to upgrade my 8.1 Pro to Windows 10. Everything went fine and I created the USB during the process. Activation was OK.

Then after a few days and some unusual problems I reloaded my last Image of 8.1 Pro.

Question is Can I go back and just do a clean install since I have already did the upgrade process?

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