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Compare And Select Data Of Two Tables

Dec 4, 2014

I try to compare and select data from table that which not in other table

From dbo.Table1 a
Where AAA_Id not in(Select b.AAA_Id
From dbo.Table2 b, dbo.Table1 a
Where b.AAA_Id = 11)

But when I modified it like:

From dbo.Table1 a
From dbo.Table1 a
Where AAA_Id not in(Select b.AAA_Id
From dbo.Table2 b, dbo.Table1 a
Where b.AAA_Id = 11)
Order by 2

I cannot to get same result.

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS Package From File System Run As Agent From Job Step On Secondary Node

Sep 23, 2014

I have created a Test SSIS Package within BIDS (VS 2K8, v 9.0.30729.4462 QFE; .NET v 3.5 SP1) that connects to our Test Listener.

There is only 1 Connection Manager Object, and OLE DB Provider for SQL Server.

The ConnectionString lists: Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI

The Test Connection within BIDS works.

The Package Control Flow has just 1 Object, and Execute SQL Task that performs an Exec on an SP that contains only a Select (Read).

The Package runs within BIDS.

I've placed this Package within a Job on the Primary Node. Ive run the job successfully using 32 bit runtime on and off. The location of the file on the server happens to be on a share that resides on what is currently the Secondary Node.

When I try to run the exact copy of this Job on the Secondary Node (Which has been Set up for Read All Connections; Yes), I get an error, regardless of the 32 bit runtime opiton. At this point, the location of the file is on the Secondary Node.

The Error is: "Login failed for user 'OurDomainAgent_Account'".

The Agent is a member of NT ServiceSQLServerAgent on both instances, and that account is a member of SysAdmin. Adding the Agent account as well, and giving that account SysAdmin, makes no difference either.

Why can't I get this to work?

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SQL 2012 :: How To Install Cluster On Multiple Instances

Mar 4, 2015

We have 5 instances on our clients old machine with SQL 2005, now they want us to move on cluster environment with SQL 2012.

Once I have installed and configured SQL cluster with single instance, but how to install SQL Cluster environment for Multiple instances.

Should I install all the instances first and than have to configure cluster ?
Is there any way that first I will install cluster and than we can add the instances ?

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SQL Server 2012 :: Multiple Queries In Same Stored Procedure

Sep 16, 2015

Our developers have gotten this idea lately that instead of having many small stored procedures that do one thing and have small parameter lists that SQL can optimize query plans for, its better to put like 8-10 different queries in the same stored procedure.

They tend to look like this:

create procedure UberProc (@QueryId varchar(50))

if @QueryId = 'First Horrible Idea'
select stuff from something
if @queryid = 'Second really bad idea'
select otherstuff from somethingelse

I see the following problems with this practice:

1) SQL can't cache the query plan appropriately
2) They are harder to debug
3) They use these same sorts of things for not just gets, but also updates, with lots of optional NULLable parameters that are not properly handled to avoid parameter sniffing.

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SQL 2012 :: Find Total Disk Size

Nov 21, 2014

We can find free space on disks with 'xp_fixeddrives'.

I need script to find all disk size(total sizecapacity) in the servers?

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Power Pivot :: To Open Up Diagram View

Apr 21, 2015

I am trying to open Diagram View in PowerPivot, when I go to "View" tab in PowerPivot window, it only show two options, "Freeze" and "Column Width".

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File Group Is Running Out Of Space?

Jul 21, 2015

I am currently SQL admin since our ordinary SQL folks are at summer vacation.

Yesterday SCOM alerted that File Group is running out of space on one not so critical database "The file group "PRIMARY" for the database "loganalys" in SQL instance "MSSQLSERVER" on computer "sqlserver2" is running out of space".

I logged in to the SQL server and checked the database in question. It is a very large DB with a size  of 577 GB.The storage on which the database files resides has 123 GB free space so that isn't the issue.

The database is set to autogrowth 1 MB at a time (unrestricted) so that doesn't seem to be the issue either.However, in the database properties under General, it says Space avaliable: 570 MB.

I guess that this may be the issue, that this is under some treshold for SCOM to alert on.I have looked at the other databases and they have everything between 0,25MB to 270MB space avaliable (they are all set to autogrowth 1 MB, unrestricted).

I am not sure what this means and if I have to do something about it?

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Reporting Services :: Cannot Create A Connection To Data Source

Apr 21, 2015

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)...The execution failed for the shared data set 'DataSet1'. (rsDataSet ExecutionError )...Cannot create a connection to data source ' Data source for shared dataset'. (rsErrorOpeningConnection)...the above error message I get on the published report, but everything works fine when I do a preview in Visual Studio.How can I see exactely what is wrong?

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Transact SQL :: Additional Restriction On Inner Join Needed

Sep 28, 2015

I have two employee tables called EmpA and EmpB.Each table has the same attributes of Employee ID and Email address.I do an inner join on email address like this:

select * from EmpA
inner join EmpB on =
where EmpB like ''

I now want to modify the above where I want to output rows such that

 EmpA.employeeid <> EmpB.employeeid

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Integration Services :: SSIS Standards And Documentation Template

Oct 21, 2015

I am sure this questions have been asked  but i was not able to find a useful information. 

1. I am looking for a SSIS Standards document or source. A document developer can use for developing ssis package. This should include how to name each container, task , and how to organize things. Basics of SSIS. Is there some kind of source where i can find this information . We are starting out to migrate from informatica to SSIS but before we do that we would like to put standards in place so all SSIS development is consistent.

2. SSIS project documentation template that we can use to document each project.  Is there anything out there that we can follow to document each of our project. 

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SQL Server 2014 :: Script To Search For A String In All DB Objects (Including Synonyms)

Jun 29, 2015

I'm looking for a "God-script" to search for a given string (case invariant) in all DB objects (esp synonyms) in all DBs on a server?

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Using Cursor For Manipulation

Oct 17, 2014

ALTER procedure [dbo].[sp_debit_credit]

as begin
DECLARE @servicedamount decimal(18,2)
declare @bal_Serviced_Amt decimal(18,2)

[Code] ....

table is like this

[Code] ....

I need result, I have to subtract


Using with cursor. It will check row by row , i have written stored procedure , but flag is not updated .

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Analysis :: SSAS (BISM) 2014 Full Processing Number Of Threads Are Limited

Jul 6, 2015

I have been tasked with processing a large tabular cube using SQL AS 2014 (with latest CUs).The three Fact tables having 1.2 billion rows (in each table)  have been divided into 30 vertical partitions to aid in parallel processing.  So around 40 million rows per partition.

Using SQL Profiler to monitor the Row counts (IntegerData) of records processed seems to max out around 2 million rows per minute, then tapers down to about 200k /minute.

The processing is taking over 14 hours and I need to get it lower if possible. The server has 48 cores (2.66MHz) and over 1TB RAM installed. But I really don't ever see CPU exceed 20% having a maximum of 206 threads running on the instance msmdvr.exe

Available RAM is always at least 30% (or 300GB).

I have increased the Vertipaq MIN/MAX 60%/80%

I have increased the OLAP / Processing / Max Thread Pool Min 500 and Max to 1000.

The connection properties have been increased to allow 100 connections, the majority of the processing consumes about 92 connections for the 90 large partition views for the facts.

What can be done to increased the server resource utilization and decrease processing times?

I have increased both

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SQL 2012 :: Checking Windows User Group

Jun 7, 2015

I am setting up security for access of database tables for members in a specific Windows User Group.I want to check in a SQL script if this Windows User group is added and if so, add database users and grant SELECT on specific tables.

I have tried this:

SELECT * FROM master.sys.syslogins WHERE name like '%FoeUsers' AND isntgroup = '1'

but that selects a SQL user or group and not a Windows Group.Is there a way to check if a Windows NT (active Directory) user group exists?

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SQL Server 2012 :: Serial Date Conversion

Nov 4, 2014

I am in need of converting serial date to regular date ie...735510.40461 and only need the hours, minutes and seconds, I have used the examples I've seen on different forums,

DATEADD(d, -1, DATEADD(m, DATEDIFF(m, '1900-1-1', getdate()) + 1, '1900-1-1'))

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