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SQL Server Admin 2014 :: How To Allocate The File Sizes (Disk Partition Alignment For Tempdb)

Jun 29, 2015

I have question about tempdb needs to be configured 100GB 64kb block size.its fresh installation.

how to allocate the file sizes.still im not sure how many log files needs to be created with 100GB equals to 64KB block size.

what is 64KB block size and how to divide the logfiles 64KB into the 100gb or 50GB?

what is 64 KB cluster has 128 sectors?

tempdb drives should be formatted with a 64K allocation? how many files needs to created for good performance with 50GB or 100GB? ot 1TB

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Integration Services :: Compress Multiple BAK Files To ZIP?

Oct 26, 2015

1. SQL 2008 R2

2. Maintenance Plan -

a. Daily, Weekly, Monthly schedule

b. Full Back Up - All Database, To Disk, for every database and Disk:DirectorySubDirectory*.bak Compress backup

3. SQL Agent Job

a. Runs the Sub_Plan's at scheduled time I've allocated for each Maintenance Plan.

4. These creates Multiple .bak for all database's that list in the directory.

How can I zip them into a compressed Directory.

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Integration Services :: Encrypt A File In SSIS Using GPG Or PGP?

Nov 12, 2015

Is it possible to encrypt a file in SSIS using GPG or PGP.

I try to encrypt a file in SSIS using GPG the execute process task is executed successfully but the encrypted file is not generated.

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Removal Auto Schema At Creation Of Table

Sep 11, 2015

I've done already the schemas for all the tables a you suggested.But when I created a new table the dbo prefix (dbo.ADM.NewTable) appears.I'd like this dbo not to automatically appear whenever i created a new table — as it requires me to alter whenever I created a new table.Is this something that is required to determine the creator of the table?Otherwise, I'd like that to remove.

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SQL Server Admin 2014 :: Determine Which Server Is Currently Active For Availability Groups

Nov 25, 2014

I want two write a small script to determine which is the currently active (primary) server in the AG.

Right now, I see that using SELECT * FROM SYS.dm_hadr_availability_replica_states I can determine the role. However, when the server goes down and switches to the secondary node, I don't believe that the role changes (or does it?). How do I determine which is the active node?

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SQL 2012 :: Does Mount Points Support Filestream Feature

Apr 9, 2014

Does sql server 2012 mount points support FileStream feature?

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SQL Server 2012 :: Assigning Multiple Rows To A Single Variable Parameter

Nov 27, 2014

The following works in query if I specify one student (PlanDetailUID) when running query. If I try to specify multiple students (PlanDetailUID) when running query, I get variable cannot take multiple entries. I assume I would need to replace (variables) in PART 2 with (case statements / using select everywhere) to get around the issue or is there a better way ?

[TransDate] [datetime] NULL,
[Description] [varchar](1000) NULL,
[Amount] [float] NULL,
[TotalDueNow] [float] NULL,


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Reporting Services :: Drill Down Group Level In SSRS

Mar 25, 2015

I have a requirement where i am converting a Crystal report into SSRS.

My data contains different groups where some of the sections should be suppressed based on Drill down group level.In crystal they are using DrillDownGroupLevel <> 1 .

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SQL Tools :: Adding Column To A Table Causes Copying Data Into Temp Table

Sep 23, 2015

If on the source I have a new column, the script generated by SqlPackage.exe recreates the table on the background with moving the data into a temp storage. If the table is big, such approach can cause issues.

Example of the script is below: in the source project I added columns [MyColumn_LINE_1]  and [MyColumn_LINE_5].

Is there any way I can make it generating an alter statement instead?

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tmp_ms_xx_MyTable] (

[Code] ....

The same script is generated regardless the table having data or not, having a clustered or nonclustered PK.

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SQL Server 2014 :: Select All Points Within Polygon

Mar 25, 2014

I have a table which hold records that contain all the lat/long points. I want to select all records that are within a polygon. Server 2008...

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Reporting Services :: Tablix Size If No Rows Returned

Aug 9, 2015

Right now I have the following expression in mind.

=IIF(Fields!CoolantLevel.Value <> "", "CoolantLevel:" & Fields!CoolantLevel.Value, Nothing)& vbcrlf &
IIF(Fields!Horn.Value <> "", "Horn:"& Fields!Horn.Value, Nothing)& vbcrlf &
IIF(Fields!DriveBrakes.Value <> "", "DriveBrakes:"& Fields!DriveBrakes.Value, Nothing)& vbcrlf &
IIF(Fields!ExhaustSystem.Value <> "", "ExhaustSystem:"& Fields!ExhaustSystem.Value, Nothing)& vbcrlf &
IIF(Fields!Turntable.Value <> "", "Turntable:"& Fields!Turntable.Value, Nothing)& vbcrlf &
IIF(Fields!SoftTouchLimit.Value <> "", "DriveBrakes:"& Fields!SoftTouchLimit.Value, Nothing)

I need the tablix that is not displaying data not to be as big as the one's that are in lighter terms.

Here is an image 

How do I decrease the size of the tablix if no data is displaying so it co inside's with the rest of the tablix as in this image.

I have 
1. Right-click the tablix and select Properties. 
2. Click Visibility.
3. Select Show or hide based on an expression.

But I return, A hidden expression in textbox returned a datatype that is not valid.

I don't want to hide or show based on the result I just require that the tablix that doesn't return data stay's in proportion with the rest.

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SQL 2012 :: Implement Validation To XML Data To Prevent Injection

Jul 31, 2015

In my database some of the store procedures getting the data from xml I need to implement the validation to xml data for prevent sql injection.

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SQL 2012 :: Instance Wise CPU Resource Utilization Report

Apr 29, 2014

How to get Instance wise CPU resource utilization report in sql server 2012? I have 2 sql server instance INST1 and INST2 running in window server 2012.I want report like this

Instance %CPU utilization

INST1 60
INST2 30

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IDs For Insert And Modified Fields

Jan 21, 2015

if you all add ID's with your Inserts and Modified (Date) fields. Such as 1 would indicate if the record was inserted manually, whereas 2 might indicate it was update or inserted by a web application.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Script To Validate DB Objects Before And After Migration

Nov 6, 2014

I am looking for a script which capture the object details like constraints, clustered & non-clustered indexes, primary & foreign keys, etc before migration & also after migration and give me the differences after comparison if any. Since this is on production environment, we do not have approval to use any comparison tool. Being a DBA, I am very poor in TSQL programming.script which can compare the differences before & after migration.

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