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How To Calculate Top Customer In Each City With Maximum Order
I had create table name customers orders and order details as follow

CREATE TABLE `customers` (
`customerNumber` int(11) NOT NULL,
`customerName` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
`contactLastName` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
`contactFirstName` varchar(50) NOT NULL,

After that I have to find out top ordered customer from each city.I had calculated total order by each customer as given below but I don't know how to select top one customer from each city with maximum order.

SELECT o.customerNumber, ROUND( SUM( od.priceEach * od.quantityOrdered ) , 2 ) AS totalOrder
FROM orders AS o
INNER JOIN orderDetails AS od ON o.orderNumber = od.orderNumber
GROUP BY o.customerNumber
ORDER BY totalOrder DESC

I'm using mysql. ...

Storing Voicemail In Database
I have been working with MySQL for a while. I am looking to make Asterisk Voicemail Highly Redundant and able to handle load balancing. I can accomplish this by storing my Voicemail messages in a MySQL cluster. I read that it really should only store textual data. I have successfully set up Asterisk to store voicemail in MySQL but I don't know how well this scales with MySQL from a storage/performance perspective.

So my questions are Is MySQL really suppose to be used to store voice/audio data? How big can a MySQL database get? ...

Java - Return Default Timestamp Object Instead Of Null?
I have a Timestamp object-

java.sql.Timestamp time = null;

and I have a datetime value val_time in a DB table.

val_time datetime

The situation is, while performaing an operation, this val_time is not getting updated (which is pretty normal in my case). While reading from DB, naturally the datetime value will be null. So the timestamp object will also be null. My question is - can we get some default value other than null? ...

Php - Timediff Returning Two Different Values
I have one query that I'm testing times with.

I get two different times and this is making me doubt the correctness of my data.

Here are the two examples :

users.fname as counselor,
count(session.anum) as students,


Why does this happen and which result set am I supposed to trust? ...

Redirect Output To Logfile From Script
I'd like to execute a SQL script file from mysql command line tool, like

mysql database < script.sql

where the script script.sql contains a statement that redirects the output to a file.

I thought this should be possible by placing a tee into the script like this:

tee script.log;

SELECT sysdate() AS "Start" FROM dual;
UPDATE table SET column = 'off';

Unfortunately, this does not work, no script.log appears.

Is there any possibility to redirect the output to a file from the script itself?

Use case: These scripts will be executed by our Service Department when deploying the application. They would like to execute the script with as little steps and effort as possible, so placing a redirect (> script.log) at the end of the command prompt is not a real option, at least if they must execute a bunch of scripts at once. ...


GIMP :: Enhance Contrast And Darken Highlights
I'm planning to start using Gimp for editing my photos. However, I've been looking through the functions, and I've also read the online manual. But there are two things I can't find.

1. How can I darken the highlights in a photo?
2. Is it possible to enhance the contrast in more detail than on a general level, e.g. midtone contrast only? ...

Lightroom :: Images Are Not In Order In The Import Dialogue Box?
using lightroom 4.3...  when I import photos, they appear in random order in the IMPORT viewing window.  With pervious versions of lightroom, they were always in order of file name.  It becomes more time consuming to select specific files to import to a file if there are 2 or more jobs on one CF card ( I have photos of my kids skiing mixed up with a portrait session.).  Is there a way to sort the photos (by file name, or time) before import?  I do know how to sort post import. ...

VideoStudio :: Overlapped Buffer Is Full?
"An internal error occurred when overlapped buffer is full."

That is the message I am receiving when I try to make my project into a video or audio file.

I have two audio tracks which have only two effects added to them.

What is wrong? ...

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Open Channels Or Corridor Storm Network Analysis
As I know we can import and export storm and sewer pipe lines between C3d and SSA. But how about open channels? I am workin on a project which is contain sewer pipes (close sections like circle pipes) and open channels(maybe as corridor in C3d) and some ditches with irregular sectios. it is pretty easy to define assemlies for open channels and ditches in C3d but if we can not pull the in SSA in order to analyze then we need to do the job twise in both software. I've tried to pull my network into SSA. but it just import pipe networks not open channels. is there any way to import them or any other software that can import from C3d and analyse the network? ...

Photoshop Elements :: Activating 12 On One Of Two Computer?
I get a message when opening PE that the triIal version has expired. I never had a trial version. The next screen ask me to sign in and then tells me I am not connected to the web when in fact I am. Next it ask for a  response code which I do have. ...


$_POST Array - Get All Posted Fields Which Are Extra_something And Return Each
I need some advanced help with a PHP script. I am submitting a form to a script, which has constant fields ie: price, quantity etc. However, I want to submit extra fields, which are called Extra_OptionName. I have a form, which has price, quantity, itemcode, Extra_Colour, Extra_Size as its fields. It is posted to a php script. I need the PHP script to do, is to get all posted fields which are Extra_something and return each, with the name of the field minus the Extra_ bit.

$option1 = Colour
$option1v = Red
$option2 = Size
$option2v = Large ...

Dynamic PayPal Button Generation - Unsecure?
I am just wondering here.. Aren't the PayPal buttons that are dynamically created, very unsecure, and easily "hackable"?

Like so:

<form name="_xclick" target="paypal" action="url">
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_cart">
<input type="hidden" name="business" value="">
<input type="hidden" name="currency_code" value="USD">
<input type="hidden" name="item_name" value="HTML book">
<input type="hidden" name="amount" value="24.99">
<input type="image" src="url">
<input type="hidden" name="add" value="1">

Changing the price of the product is straight forward when you can modify the code with, say, FireBug.

The reason I am asking, is because I might/will start developing an E-Commerce kinda system, where the products can be added in that system, without doing it in PayPal. ...

Validate With Zend_Validate_Date On A Time String
I'm trying to validate a 'time' field using Zend Framework. The docs seem to be pointing out that the following:

$tstarttime = $form->createElement('text','t_start_time');
->setLabel('Start Time')
->addValidator(new Zend_Validate_Date('H:i'));

I've tried this but no luck. Any ideas or alternative ways to validate a time in the format of HH:MM (H:i in php) ...

Unix And Windows Php Script Compatibility
I'm a php novice and am developing a shopping cart application for a
client who is hosted on a unix server. The hosting service requires that
each php file have #!/usr/local/bin/php at the top. When I test these
pages on my developer Windows php installation I get errors because
Windows does not recognize the bang command so it is passed on as
content to the php server.

Any suggestions on hiding the first line from windows while still having
unix see this? ...

Magento CE - Discount On First Order?
Is there any plausible way to give a customer a discount on their first order? I imagine it would require the user to sign up for a free account, which is fine. But after that, I'm stumped. The Promotion feature in Magento doesn't cater for anything like this and Google doesn't find any good leads. ...


Cisco :: Catalyst 2960 Is There Opportunity To Backup WLC6 Via SNMP
I have NM-AIR-WLC6-K9 in Cisco 2821. Is there opprotunity to retreive configuration via SNMP as from Cisco Catalyst 2960? ...

Cisco WAN :: Getting WS-C3750G-12S-E Routing Capabilities?
I have 2 CISCO WS-C3750G-12S-E witch I`m concidering using as redundant VLAN routers for a small WISP network.Do not have much experiences with these, so I might be asking stupid questions...The network has about 2000 connected clients.

Traffic is about 300 - 400 Mbps duplex.

100000 -  150000 PPS
Expected this to get to about 3000  connected clients.
Traffic about 500 - 700 Mbps duplex.

150000 -  200000 PPS

Before these end their duty Are they up for the task, or do you reccomed something different? ...

Lan Cable Not Been Detected
i have an issue with a belkin ethernet expresscard used on a laptop where the onboard network is a static ip address hooked up to an insurment and the express card is dhcp .i can connect to the network in one location with out issue and on the other location the express card will not connect but the on board card will connect fine when set to dhcp and i dont want to set the express card to a static ip address.i do's not see a lan cable connect but it is.all the simple issue have been ruled tryed differnt lan cable used same lan point on diffrent laptop and connected with out issue .ip relased renew dns flushed winsock reset etc..dhcp servers are the same (both locations)default gate way the same (both locations)this is class A ip address range? ...

D-link 604 Router Can't Communicate With Timewarner Cable Modem
I've had a dlink604router connected to a dsl modem for the longest time with all my computers receiving internet without any problems. I just switched to a cable modem and the router blinks as if it's communicating with the modem but no internet is getting to the computers connected to the router. I've always left the dlink's settings to default-my 2 macs receive automatic dhcp. If the settings on the dlink have to be changed to communicate with the new cable modem? ...

Cisco WAN :: Routing And Multiple Wan Uplinks On 6509E?
simple question regarding WAN transit uplinks on a 6509E ad BGP.  The Hardware configuration is:
Cisco 6509-E Chassis with enhanced Fan
Dual power supply and 1 G flash for Engine
I'm currently using both 1 gig uplinks on the SUP for my two carrier transit uplinks (BGP). I would like to add a third carrier transit uplink into my BGP. Can I utilize the 6748 for access to the SUP720 routing to expand my transit carrier uplinks? Any thoughts on options without having to go to a 10gig SUP720? ...


Get All Tables That A User Can Select / Insert / Update Or Delete
How to get all the name of tables that a user can select, insert, update or delete? ...

PL/SQL :: Read  Long Raw data And Write To A File
So we need an mechanism to read data from LONG RAW and convert into actual file. ...

Forms :: Blinking Text Item In Oracle 6i
I have one database text field in oracle forms 6i and its color will change dynamically by using visual attribute.But actual my requirement to blink this text field by red color when value matches. ...

SQL & PL/SQL :: How To Display Result Horizontally

deptno ename
10 a,d,e,g
20 b,c,j
30 k,l,o

2.How to swap the column values ? ex. col2 into col1 and col1 into col2

3.What is the major Diff. b/w Right outer join & Left outer join ? ...

SQL & PL/SQL :: Populate Column Two Times With Different Criteria?
I am trying to query O/P from two tables.Hence, populate same column(Level_Name) two time on report based on its Level

Table =Level_Mst

Codeno Level_Name Parent_level
1 IT Dir 0
2 HR Dir 0
3 Assets Section 1
4 Payroll Section 2


User_id Name Top_level Bottom_Level
1 John 1 3
2 Smith 2 4

Desired O/P

Name Top_lvl Bottom_lvl Top_lvl_Name Bottom_Lvl_Name
John 1 3 IT Dir Assets_Section

Right now im getting name from level_mst either for top_level or for bottom_level .I want to show both names in one row. ...