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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 857W Wireless Configuration?
I am trying to configure the wireless on my cisco 857W. The clients associates with router but they can't go on internet.
Building configuration... 
Current configuration : 4123 bytes
! Last configuration change at 12:45:15 CET Sun Nov 18 2012 by simone

[Code]..... ...

Wireless Speed Oscillations / Can't Connect To Game Servers
Living in a student house in the UK, under Orange ISP in central Manchester. My 5 housemates are connected wirelessly to the same router, and are all receiving much faster download speeds (2 megabytes per second etc), and consistant connections than mine (which goes up to 2 megabytes per second, to under 1 kilobyte), yet they may be further away in the house etc.My wireless connection speed varies, changing every second between parameters 54.0mbps, to 1mbps, and ping on ventrillo VoIP software going between 16 and believe it or not, 16,000. I've tried changing the wireless channels, but still no luck, as for connections to game servers, my internet is so bad I can't tell if I've got to do port forwarding/triggering (something along those lines), or if it's just too awful to connect full stop. I'll get to a log in screen, some games like HoN, it will say connecting to server, and appear to time out, nothing happens. Guild wars 2 however logs in, however the second I appear in-game it freezes and lags out.I've contemplated getting a powerline adapter, however if everyone else is getting better wireless speeds and having no issues what-so-ever, it may be on my PC's end, and I'll have wasted £30. A 20M ethernet cable isn't practical either, as student houses have forced closure fire doors which would chew the cable to bits in days, and if a drunk housemate tripped over it on the stairs, they'd rip the back of my PC out... ...

Cisco Routers :: RV042 Can't Locate DNS Server
I'm trying to set up an RV042 as a gateway for our home network. I've cloned the MAC address of the cable modem attached to WAN1, and have set up WAN1 to obtain an IP automatically. The System Summary page shows under WAN Status that WAN1 has been assigned an IP address in the right range for Comcast, the provider. The default gateway address looks good, and the DNS server is, in fact, Comcast's main DNS server for this area.
However, when I go to System Management > Diagnostic, the router is unable to resolve basic domain names (e.g., or ping addresses outside the LAN. I can ping the router itself successfully. Attempts to access the web through the router fail on domain name look. ...

Wireless Network Detected Won't Connect
a spare PC I have will not connect to the network via wireless, it is running XP Pro SP3, and is using a Xycel G-202 wireless adapter. It is seeing my Sky router, and trying to obtain an IP address, but failing every time.

I am using WPA-PSK and the key I am inputting is correct, my phone connects to the network with no problems. ...

Cisco VPN :: ASA5505 IPSec Authenticate With Windows 2008 Server
Recently, I set a ASA5505 with Ipsec VPN. And I try AAA authenticate with internal Windows 2008 server. As docuemnt I read, I configure from ASDM authentication with "NT Domain". And then point to internal DC, which is Windows 2008 server. While I test it, it shows error

"Authentication test to host failed. Following error occurred -- ERROR: Authentication server not responding. No Error" ...


Multiple Table Search With Mysql
i want to search multiple tables to see whether a certain user has posted more than three times in any category in my database. how can i do a search for the same field in different tables? ...

Running A Constantly Updated Script?
I have a PHP script that I keep updated and need to run on several servers to gather data based on config files like php ini, phpinfo, and other config files. I need to make sure that what's run is always the latest version of the script but this creates an annoying maintenance problem because the script is always being updated.

So I'd like to store the PHP script in another central location and have a generic script that never changes on the server of interest. The generic PHP script sends data to the central script and gets feedback without me having to visit the server to change the code to the new script. How can this be done? Is this an API? and what's the best way to do it? I'm using PHP

If I'm not explaining the problem clearly, please ask me if there's something that's not clear. ...

How To Get The Server IP The Script Is Executed On?
How to get the server IP the script is executed on? Not the client IP, but the host, the one hosting the script. ...

Parsing A Text String
Because of the nature of a UPS shipping script installed on my site, the value passed from a selected checkbox field in the script is both text and numeric - ex: UPS Ground=11.44. Is there a way to parse the text away from the number so that I could end up with two fields :

$ship_type="UPS Ground"

? ...

Stop Outside Votes When Using GET?
I have a voting system, but the link to vote up looks something like t don't want people to be able to send that link to someone unaware and let that count as a vote, but I was looking and $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] doesn't always return a value with certain browsers and firewalls, is there another way I can ensure they're only voting on the file from the vote page? ...


Sprint HTC Hero :: How Do Get Weather To Show On Home Page Clock?
I am using Damage controls new 2.08.1 Rom and I have it working pretty good now. But I can't figure out how to get the weather on the stock flip clock. I want to use my current location. ...

Motorola Droid :: Google Voice Enabled - Cannot Manually Dial Number
When I have GV enabled, I cannot manually dial a number and use it. It only works when clicking on a contact. Is there a way around this or am I missing something really simple. ...

HTC Incredible :: Computer Error After Froyo Update / Disk Not Readable
I just updated to the Froyo via the OTA and now when I plug my Dinc in to be charged (while it is on), I get the following message:
"The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. Ignore or Eject."
I never had this message until the update. ...

HTC Incredible : Phone Reboots - Video Recording Not Working?
I have Skyraider 2.5.2, and my whenever I try to record video, my phone reboots. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I was told I need to update my radio. So for 2.15, I need to do unprovoked Forever. How do you do any of the other 2.xx radio updates. I remember something about unrooting your phone or something, but I can't find it anymore. ...

Android :: Achive File Upload Dialog Box In Droid Through Java / Xml Layout?
I'm new to android, developing a social networking application which requires user to upload images, but i don't know how to achieve the file upload dialog box. How can we achieve it,using Java file or xml layout file? ...


Post Your Query Code?
How to code "post your query" functionality in for a college forum?? ...

Format A Datetime Field To Just Show The Date?
I'm trying to format a datetime field to just show the date. The datetime is bound to an asp:label and for the Text attribute I have tried the following....

Text= String.Format("{0:D}", '<%# Bind("CReviewDate") %>')
Text= String.Format("{0:D}", <%# Bind("CReviewDate") %>)


In all cases I get a green wavy line under the equation and the tip help says "Validation (ASP.Net): If this attribute value is enclosed in quotation marks, the quotation marks must match. String.Format("{0:D}", DateTime.Now) is the syntax that I have been told should work. ...

DB/Reporting :: How To Get Auto-generated ID From Table
I am trying to insert data into two tables on two different forms. My problem is that I don't know how to get the last entered Auto generated ID from the first table to pass it to second form. ...

Edit Both Parts Of The Xml Doc?
I have a xml document that i want to edit, for example true texboxes, any other way would also be welcome :))

[Code]... ...

How To Make Only One Windows Form Show At A Time
i have a combobox that has 3 cases. case "0" opens a dialog saying, "Not a valid choice"but case "1" and case"2" open up there own separate forms. (FormMain and Form3)How do i make it so if Form3 is open FormMain Can not be opened, And a messagebox appear saying so. I do not just want the ".hide" function. I already have that set.I have tried a few differant things, none of which worked. And i tried them in the formload and in the combobox selected index ...

Windows 8

Can't Open Files Saved On Hard Drive From Vista To 8.1
My old vista laptop died so I upgraded to a new laptop pre-loaded with 8.1. I tried to load some files including photos from my Seagate hard drive but I get a message to the effect that they are not supported. How can I download the other files? ...

Windows 8.1 Boot Screen With Manufacturer Logo
I bought this notebook with Windows 8 preinstalled. Recently there's something bad happen to my notebook and I had to wipe all the partition and hard disk. So I downloaded Windows 8.1 ISO and make it bootable with Yumi Installer. But I cannot get default manufacturer logo on boot anymore. It's default to Windows logo. How to install it to get manufacturer logo back. ...

ATI Mobility And Intel HD No Longer Commutable On HP Laptop
as usual, "Crosoft says HP is the culprit, HP says it's "Crosoft: since a clean install of W8 pro x64, my DV6 HP laptop only uses the integrated Intel HD chip, I installed the latest Catalyst drivers but the AMD-ATI 6700 M still refuses to work, it's flagged with a yellow triangle, with this message" windows has stopped this device", the CCC does not give any possibility to manually set it to work.

Question is: how can get the automatic switchability back to work as in W7 ? ...

Error Message And See Word Or Excel Icon In Lower Tray?
Ever since I have been working with Windows 8 I have received error messages stating "There was a problem sending the command to the program". It will be a document that I have created in word or excel on the exact same computer. I click on the folder in my library, find my document, double click on it, word or excel appears to start to open as a box displaying one or the other appears and then the error message appears. I click on "OK" in the error message and see the word or excel icon in my lower tray - click on that and there is my document. Not a huge deal but definitely not the way things should work.. ...

Hardware Drivers :: Intel Rapid Start Technology Black Screen At Startup?
Recently I Recieved A Laptop in gift which I owned in the past which is A Dell XPS 15-L521X. It was running all good but suddenly Today morning when I pressed the power button and it boot through the Dell splash screen and after that It booted normal through the Windows 8 boot screen but after that It stucked at a Black Screen.

I passed on 20-min but it stucked there. No Cursor, nothing except The Black Screen. I ran Dell Pre-Boot System Assesment to check any Hardware failware but no everything is just fine. I remember That My Dell Driver Update Utility Notified me that it installed latest Intel Rapid Start Technology Driver on my last boot but I dont know whether its causing the error but The Intel Rapid Start Technology is very essential for SSD users so why will it cause errors? ...


Select Records With Same Values Of Field?
there are some data in the table que_history (seqnbr is the key), e.g.

20070927003668 (024)2272 AD182040 2007-9-27 15:15:00
20070928001343 (024)2272 AD182040 2007-9-28 9:55:14
20070928001624 (024)2272 AD182040 2007-9-28 10:30:06
20070928000910 (024)25672 AD000002 2007-9-28 9:06:59
20070928001288 (024)25672 AD000002 2007-9-28 9:49:13
20070923003834 (024)2585 AD210076 2007-9-23 17:15:13
20070923003890 (024)2585 AD210076 2007-9-23 17:23:54
20071001001593 (024)2589 AD000018 2007-10-1 11:54:39
20071003002814 (024)2589 AD000018 2007-10-3 16:53:52
20070923003320 (024)8831 AD000110 2007-9-23 15:24:39

I wanted to use this SQL to get the records ( dn is the same and the sl_time's interval is 600minutes) .

select A.* from que_history A,que_history B
where A.dn=B.dn and A.seqnbr<>B.seqnbr
and (A.sl_time-B.sl_time)*24*60 between -600 and 600
order by A.dn;

but the result is not the right. ...

Application Express :: GET_BLOB_FILE_SRC Not Working With Zero Session ID
I have an application where I use the zero session ID for public users. The problem is, I have a region that contains a report linking to PDF files contained in a BLOB and I use GET_BLOB_FILE_SRC to link to the PDFs. I've included the report in my global content (page 0) and want it to be available to all visitors. The problem is, it only works when a user has authenticated. It throws a PAGE NOT FOUND error for public users. ...

SQL & PL/SQL :: Select First 40 Columns Without Giving All Column Names In Select Clause?
I have a table with around 80 columns. All i need is to select first 40 columns.

Is there any way to select first 40 columns without giving all the 40 Column Names in select clause. ...

Networking And Gateways :: Listener Could Not Hand Off Client Connection
TNS-12518: TNS:listener could not hand off client connection
TNS-12571: TNS:packet writer failure
TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
TNS-00530: Protocol adapter error
Linux Error: 104: Connection reset by peer ...

Backup & Recovery :: Block Corruption In Expdp?
I am facing issue of block corruption in my exp backup which I am taking through expdp command. (Refer Attachment of Screen shot of error)

I want to know few things about the block corruption.

1. Why the block corruption occur.

2. How can I resolve this.

3. Can I rosolve this by deleting the same record on which this error is coming. if yes then how can I track that row in a table.

I already tried for DB verify utility. It shows the below result.

C:Documents and SettingsAdministrator>dbv file='E:ORADATAAFCCV1MONETA01.DBF' blocksize=8192
DBVERIFY: Release - Production on Wed Feb 16 10:13:11 2011
Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
DBV-00600: Fatal Error - [28] [27070] [0] [0]
C:Documents and SettingsAdministrator>
================================================================ ...