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Nokia :: 3110 Classic V6.60 Firmware?
I need: v6.60 firmware for my nokia 3110 classic. the phone is restarting. I can not download the firmware from nokia site. ...

BB (RIM) :: No Divide Symbol On Calculator?
Has anyone noticed that there's no divide symbol on the calculator? I've used 4 different firmware's and it stays he same, whats up with that? ...

Motorola Photon 4G :: Battery Draining Fast And Taking Long To Charge
The dreaded fast battery drain finally starting happening to me the past couple of days. Last night I checked the battery usage and noticed something called 'RILD' was using up 14% of my battery life. What is it? Can you get rid of it? Why was it appearing last night but today after power cycling my phone it's no longer on the list of battery uses?

In addition I noticed that it seems to be taking much longer to charge my battery now than it did before. My car charger seems to be ineffective at charging even though it appears to be working correctly. The light on the charger is lighting up and my phone's indicator is showing it as being charged. But after 30 minutes of charging it hasn't budged the battery meter one iota. ...

Motorola Atrix 4G :: Can't See Received Video Messages
Why can't my girlfriend see the video messages I send her on her phone? I've looked all over for an answer to this question. ...

IPhone :: Home Button On 4 Keeps Sticking?
My home button on my i phone 4 keeps sticking what can i do??

iPhone 4 ...


Photoshop :: Grunge Textures
Can some direct my to a good, possibly free, stock photo site for acquiring grungy textures to apply to images with blend modes and layer mask. Hoping for more organic results than what I get with the filters. ...

GIMP :: Amateur Paintings - Straightening Edge In A Photo
I have several photographs of amateur paintings that were taken with some kind cheap camera that distorts the edges, making them curved.

I want to straighten those edges and then crop the photo so it'll be just the painting. ...

Photoshop :: JPEG Compression
How do i compress JPEG images?

I have Fireworks and Paint only.

Do i need special software? ...

Revit :: Material Library Not Showing Up
I am using Revit 2013 and have built a material library for the company I work for. It has been working fine up until about an hour ago. Now when I try to open up the material library I created it says "No assets in this library". I can't figure out why there is nothing there. And I don't want to have to recreate all my materials I already created! I can still find the file in my folders and it says theres 3930 KB of information in the file. I included a picture of what my Assest Editor and Asset Browser show when I try to open my library. ...

AutoCAD 2010 :: Block Scale In Xrefs
Im working on a drawing and im going to have window tags (ones i created with just text and made into a block) with 8" high text in the main drawing. im going to xref that drawing into another drawing but i want all those window tags to be scaled to .5 (giving 4" high text) but nothing else to scale. Is there a way that i can do this? ...


Switchh Statement Isn't Working?
why my switchh statement isn't working?

var rehash = inward.location.hash.match(/[^#]/);
{[code]...... ...

Get Length Of A Form Field Using NAME?
function checkValidFormInput() {

if (document.getElementsByName('customerName').value != '') {
document.getElementById('customerNameImg').innerHTML = '<img alt="Valid" src="images/greenTick.png">';
} else {

[code].... ...

JQuery :: Change Tag But Preserve Attributes ?
Is there a way to replace a Tag by another and preserve the attributes?

For example, replace the following SPAN:

By an A:

Note: A has more attributes (href) which I need to add but it preserves all the other attributes. ...

Dropdown Populates Next Dropdown
What I want is user to select option from a dropdown menu then the dropdown below it to be populated. ...

Client-side Scripting: Javascript Or VBScript
Has anyone got any pros and cons for using Javascript over VBscript or vice-a-versa, Code: ...


VS 2008 Read / Display Data Name & Price
As a continuation of my eCommerce app, im trying to display the name of DVD's + their price into a ListBox All the data is being read from a text file which stores the dvdname and the price e.g

[Code]... ...

DB/Reporting :: Multiple Entries From A Database Displayed In A Single Textbox / Label
I am working on getting a multiple values from a single column displayed in a single textbox or label. I know I should be able to find the information I need online, but I am coming up empty. I am using Visual Studio 2010 with SQL Server 2005. For example, I want to pull all the email addresses, that have a value, from a table and display them together. The output I am looking for is like this:

[Code].... ...

VS 02/03 Xml Read & Write?
I am trying to extend an application to to write the details from textboxes on a invoice form to an xml file.I have created 3 methods for my invoice class which will open the invoice xml document, write to it, and close it.The open Invoice method creates and invoice.xml file and writes a start tag named invoices.

The WriteInvoice method writes an invoice element for the invoice with attribute named customerName and three child elements named ordertotal, discounTotal and Invoice total. These values are taken from the textboxes form the form.

The CloseInvoice writes the end tag for the root element(invoices) and closes the file.

I have wriiten code for these methods but can only get the open invoice method to work.

My code for the 3 methods is shown below:

Public Sub OpenInvoices()
Dim sInvPath As String = "C:MurachBeginning VB.NETExercise startsVB.NETChapter 14InvoiceInvoices.xml"
Dim InvoiceWriter As New XmlTextWriter(sInvPath, Nothing)
InvoiceWriter.Formatting = Formatting.Indented 'Set formatting of XML file

[Code]... ...

Using Regular Expression In Outlook VB Macro?
I am using system.text.regularexpressions.regex.ismatch function in outlook VB Macro but I am getting edit "Method or data member not found" at system.text. I have checked "Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions 5.5" and "System.dll" references in the reference library. What else I need to do to get the regx working in Outlook? ...

Get Text From Selected Listview Item?
How would you get the text from the currently selected item in a listview? ...


OS X :: Can't Recognize The Original Extension
i'm importing video from a vio pov1. its a lipstick camera that you film sporting things with.
i downloaded divx and persia(n)?...but have a few problems. my ultimate goal is to open the file in imovie and edit it. when i open the file in quicktime...i don't get any sound. i can run the file in div x successfuly and see the video and hear the sound but i want to edit the film in imovie and save it to the compuer. persian didn't do much....i still don't know what that even does. there was no evident change after downloading it.

what are my options? also...for some strange reason...even though i imported the original file using iphoto and its saved as an event...i can't bring it into imovie. i'm guesing that this is becuase it can't recognize the original extension? ...

Intel Mac :: Time Machine Backup Cancelled - Disk Returned Error
Time Machine will not back up, with following error message.

Starting standard backup
Backing up to: /Volumes/My Book/Backups.backupdb
Event store UUIDs don't match for volume: Macintosh HD
Node requires deep traversal:/ reason:must scan subdirs|new event db|
Error: Flushing index to disk returned an error: 0
Backup canceled.
iMac running 10.6.8
2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

iMac9,1, Mac OS X (10.6.5) ...

App Store :: Only Allow Kids To Download Freeware Version?
I have created app store account, but I only want to allow my kids to download freeware version from app the kids should ask me to login before they able to purchase something from app store.. 

iPad 2 ...

Applications :: Installed New HD - IPhoto Crashes
So I just put a new WD 750GB HD into my 2006 white Macbook. (Core Duo 2.0 Gigahertz, 2 GB RAM, 10.4.11 OS X). Everything seems to be working fine, but for some reason iPhoto crashes incessantly. I tried rebuilding the iPhoto library and while it can rebuild the thumbnails, when it gets to rebuilding the actual library it crashes. I can't get anything off of my iPhone. What's the deal?(iPhoto 6.0.6)

PS Trying to reinstall iPhoto as I type this. ...

Intel Mac :: New "Other" User Account Appears On User-list At Login?
Today when I turned on my iMac, it went to the login screen and then something odd happened. I saw a second account on the login list that i never made. It is called "Other: and has an icon with lines and spheres (like a networking icon). Also when I click on it, it asks for a name and password.I logged into account and went straight to System Preferences ->Accounts and there is no "Other" in the list of accounts there on the left.just my account. Is this a virus or have I been hacked? Or is this is bug?

iMac (27-inch Late 2009), Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier ...


Selecting A Cell To Attach Hyperlink
I'm creating a file that holds a list of names with various details held, but what I need to do, is attach a hyperlink to a column 'L' in the same row as the user selects, the user will be able to select the row based upon a unique reference in a listbox in a userform.

I have the following code which attaches the hyperlink to the selected cell, but I'm at a loss as to how I would go about setting the cell based upon the unique reference....

For arguments sake, lets say the unique references are all in column A, and they are 2 to 50 (in rows 2 to 50 for ease of explanation)

The code that I have to insert the Hyperlink is as follows, userform has three buttons and a textbox, but I know that I will need to add the listbox in the form to select the cell to paste

Private Sub CmdBrowseHyperlink_Click()
'Browse for the file which I want to attach to the cell
Dim FileName As String
FileName = Application.GetOpenFilename()
TextBox1.Value = FileName

[Code].... ...

AVERAGEIF Across Multiple Tabs
How can I do


But across 18 tabs all with the same ranges??? ...

Standard Deviation Based On Criteria
I want to get the standard deviation based on criteria. It looks like this.
Criteria is 40 consecutive values ignoring 0 in Column A.
1 50
2 20
3 10
0 20
4 10
5 20

I use manual selection (e.g. =STDEV(B1:B3, B5:B6, etc...) that covers the 40
consecutive rows. B4 here is zero so I did not select it.

My rows is getting bigger and bigger, how could I formulate this?

Get Values For Trendline To Populate In Cells?
I have been doing some statistical anaylsis in excel and have been using trendlines within scatter charts quite a bit.

I know excel can display the equation of the line as well as the r-squared on the chart. Is there any way to get the values for the trendline to appear in a cell next to the corresponding chart data? Of course, I can simply enter the formula myself that is given on the chart, but I am wondering if there is a way to do it automatically.

I have included the data below along with the trendline value that I calculated by manually entering the formula from the scatter chart.

YXTrendline Value

[Code].... ...

Custom Cell Format For Alphanumerical Values
In Excel I have a field which requires as 14-char alphanumerical value such as AB1D520DGFSF12

I would like Excel to format it as


How can I achieve this? ...