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Call Events From A Single Function?
I´m trying to call both events "onMouseOver" and "onMouseOut" from a single function, but I just can´t seem to make it work.

Here´s an example:

JavaScript -

// Funcao teste
function teste()
onLoad = onMouseOut.images[0].src='../img/teste_menu.jpg'
onLoad = onMouseOver.images[0].src='../img/teste_menu_on.jpg'

<a href=# onclick="sigem(&#3911;');" javascript:teste();><imgsrc="../img/teste_menu.jpg" width="100" height="20"></a>"; ...

HTML Forms And Client-side Validation W/ Server Data?
I know that Javascript is client side, but I'd like to know the best way to populate HTML drop downs in real time based on information typed in the other HTML form fields with information found on the server as opposed to the client.For instance if a user wants to select certain files located in a directory on the server, as they type in the pathname supposedly containing the files the drop downs continually refresh themselves with the server files listed in that directory (if it exists, and apache has permissions to see what's inside) as if it was showing client files instead.

What would be nice is if my browser could continually query the server for some of its private information and not have to refresh itself to obtain it, whether that means the server-side would have to continually refresh itself makes no difference to me as long as the client-side doesn't have to. But I guess this is not possible because no matter what you would have to at least refresh the client-side page once?Submitting the form to a CGI or PHP script would not work because I need this functionality to help populate the form BEFORE I send it.I would like to not have to press a button to update the form every time I change the pathname and need to update the drop downs since this would be annoying. ...

Select A Value For Dropdown Box Based On An If Statement?
I would like to populate a third combo box with Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 etc up to Week 52 if a user clicks on the first combo box and selects Beacon Isle Resort for example.

If the user clicks on the first combo box and selects Ezulwini Sun however then I would like to populate the third combo box with Flexi Midweek, Flexi Weekend and Flexi Week etc.

I need to be able to populate either the Week 1, Week 2 etc or the Flexi Midweek, Flexi Weekend etc datasets into combo box 3 based on the resort chosen in the first combo box. I can predefine which resort will get which dataset but I just need to know the code to do this. code... ...

IE Changing An Onclick Event Dynamically
The following is a very simple example of what I want to do take an
elements oncontextmenu and changing it dynamically onclick of that
same element. The code below will fail unless you change the line

document.getElementById('div1').setAttribute('onco ntextmenu',


document.getElementById('div1').setAttribute('onco ntextmenu',
function(){alert('World World');return false;});

............ ...

Storing A Cookie For Font-size
I am trying to write a Javascript that sets and checks a cookie based on font-size buttons that increase and decrease the font-size in a certain div. The increase and decrease of the font in the right div works fine, the cookie doesn't seem to be working. Attached is my code.

function getCookie(fontSize_Cookie)

[Code]...... ...


VBA Code To Extract HTML Table Data To Worksheet
I am trying to extract the data values from the references Bundesbank page and get them into a worksheet so I can manipulate from there. What I have is below.

Sub Get_Data()

Dim IE As New InternetExplorer
IE.Visible = False

[Code] ......... ...

Macro That Deletes Sheet With Control & Shows UserForm Causes UserForm To Disappear
This is weird - if you delete a sheet that contained a control then

a. showing a modeless userform resluts in a userofrm that goes invisible at subroutine End
b. public variables lose their value

These things do not happen if the sheet did not contain a control. Attached is an example file - put the inputfile.xls in your default file location (or add a path in the code) then open the ProblemDemo.xls and run the main macro to see it fal - isthis another Excelbug I've found?

Reference Data Validation List On Another Worksheet
I have a spreadsheet in Excel 2003 with many sheets all of which need to have for some columns the data entry restricted to a specific list.

To do this we have created lists defined and held in a separate sheet and then attempted to reference these from all the other sheets using Data -> Validation and then entering the relevant list in the Validation criteria.

The 1st sheet we set the Data Validation up in all is fine. The 2nd sheet however I get an error pop-up stating 'You may not use references to other worksheets or workbooks for Data Validation criteria'. ...

Number Of Cells In Named Range
I would like to know how many entries/ cells a particular named worksheet range has.
(This named range is not a global name range, but a local one only for one worksheet!)

However, my code results in 0 always, althought the worksheet in question is defined (not nothing),
I see that the name range is defined properly (Edit -> Define) and refers to serval non-empty cells.

I would like to know how many cells in general a particular named worksheet range refers to. What do I do wrong?

Const strRngNmeCllShRawIntBlPre = "preBlRng" 'name of the named range

If Not wksTarget Is Nothing Then
intPreBl = Application.WorksheetFunction.Count( & "!" & strRngNmeCllShRawIntBlPre)
MsgBox intPreBl
End If ...

Create Multiple Copies Of Sheets?
how to create multiple sheets ? in a workbook if i want to create multiple copies of the same sheet, what is the shortcut method to do that? ...


AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Self-intersecting Alignment - How To Show Pipes In Profile View
Run profile on a self-intersecting street?  The one I'm dealing with is a dead end 'P' shape.  Logically, there are manholes in the intersection of the 'P', and logically to me, these structures need to show up in two places in the same profile view.  Of course, C3D doesn't realize that I want a certain structure to show up twice, and I'm not sure how to communicate that information to it. ...

Photoshop :: Cache Bridge CS6
I get this error message when I open Bridge CS6, a problem has arisen. Can not read cache. Try empty cache buffer settings to correct the problem. I have tried this several times but the message will not disappear. ...

AutoCAD 2010 :: Plot Style Manager
new at autocad 2012 (previous CAD07 user)im having trouble setting up my page, never had a problem with this before..... i need an A4 scaled drawing in paper space.

my current setup....
paper size: A4
plot area: extents, ticked centre the plot
scale: 1:1

the result: titleblock cut off on left and right sides

its only when i need A4 size (red margins!)  A3, A2 etc are fine....i dont know what else is needed? I installed CAD12 only a few days ago and im the first and only AutoCAD user at my work. Im not sure if there's some intial setup settings that are required. ...

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: X6.2 - Rotation Of Guidelines
Place a guideline on the page.- In the property bar, in the field Angle of Rotation,for example you can put 15 degrees or something else.What's happening? ...

Photoshop :: Adding New Image As Layer In PS CS4
i am using PS CS4. this is my second day with photoshop. i am very familiar with GIMP but i needed PS for making web site layout. so i downloaded 1G trial and now i do not know how to add a new image as layer in existing image. i tried to drag and drop and tried import , open as but could not find a way to accomplish that.

in GIMP it is file->open as layer option but in PS i could not find similar option.

the reason i want to do is that i want to add a image in header of web page layout. ...

Windows 8

Dell :: VOSTRO 3500 / Windows 8 Pro - Service Tag Removed As Per Privacy Policy
Im using Vostro 3500 - service tag :

<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed as per privacy policy>

... and i want upgrade to win 8.

but some driver not working correctly. exp : bluetooth, touchpad :( so where i can find upgrade driver for win 8? ...

Hardware Drivers :: WiFi Driver Not Available In Manufacturer Website?
I downloaded windows 8.1 and installed it. Then I discovered there were no windows 8 drivers for my computer model in the manufacturer website. I use a Notebook "Compaq Presario CQ57", How can I find drivers that will work for it? (most especially the WiFi driver from previous installation of windows 7 did not work for it). I have checked Driverpack Solution website, my PC was not listed among their list of PCs. ...

Windows 8.1 Brightness Constant - Cannot Increase Or Decrease
i have windows 8.1 and i have brightness issue it is constant it is not increasing as well as not decreasing. ...

Security :: Unable To Delete Folder - Permissions And Ownership
There is a folder left over from an uninstalled product called "Symantec". When I attempt to delete this, I get the message "You require permission from SYSTEM to make changes to this file". Clicking the "Try Again" button does nothing and the same message reappears.

I have tried to take ownership of the file through Properties > Security > Advanced, however, I get this error:

"An error occured while applying security information to (file path). Failed to enumerate objects in the contianer. Access is denied."

I have also tried to use an elevated command prompt to run the takeown command on this directory, however, get the "Access is denied." message for all files.

how to delete this file - unlocker does not work either! ...

How To Deal With Repeated Message About Windows 8.1
Constant pop-up saying important message about 8.1, that I should click on HP Compatibility Assistant, but nothing happens when I click on this. Also a link to "more info" about windows 8.1, but the link doesn't work. How do I even find out if I even need 8.1? ...


Forms :: How To Create Multilingual Form
My requirement is to create Multilingual form. Its very urgent. In fact if i want to make it work in 2 languages. English and Chinese. ...

Backup & Recovery :: Restore From Newer Control File And Archived Redo Log Files?
I've got a legacy SAP system with oracle 8i on Tru64. No changes at all are made but for legal reasons we have to keep it up and running.

we currently do a full backup monthly by shutting down oracle and doing a backup of all the files to tape and that takes around 12 hours.

If I stop doing the full backup and I only backup the control file and the archived redo log files every month and I had to restore the full database years from now, would I be able to restore the database using the last full monthly backup and use the latest control file and archived redo log files? ...

Forms :: How To Generate Excel File
I want to gerate the excel(Office 2010)file using oracle forms 6i. How we can achieve this with forms 6i? ...

Windows :: Installation Process Trying To Create Database On System
I'm trying to install Oracle10g in win7 Home premium. It is installing but problem is when installation process trying to create database on the system, a message is appearing which telling that ORA-12546:TNS:permission denied. ...

Insert Or Update On A Table
i have 2 identical tables....the trick is with regards to one column say column A,the first table TableA is constantly having data inserted and data updated, what im trying to do is create a before insert or update trigger that looks at column A and if column A=20 it changes this to 5 and inserts this into the tableB, everything else with the exception of Column A will be the same:-

this trigger i have done works but doesnt change the value of column A (INPUT_NADI) as i dont know how to do this:-

[code].... ...