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AutoCAD Inventor :: Insert JPEG Onto Drawing?
I'm trying to place some pictures (.jpeg, bitmap, whatever) onto an inventor drawing but it won't let me.   I see when you create a sketch in a drawing there is an "image" option in the insert tab, however this option is always grayed out for me no matter what I try. 

The way I insert pictures on a drawing now is just to create a part, put the image as a decal on that part and create a view in a drawing with a shaded view. However with this option the lighting shows up and kills the image quality and it seems too complicated to be the correct way.  ...

Maya Animation :: How To Link The Blend Shape States For 2 Objects
I'm rigging a character for use in Maya 2011, which I'm not all too familiar with - How would I link the blend shape states for 2 objects, so when I increase the value of one blend shape for one object, it increases the value for another blend shape for another object?

I have a blend shape for the mouth open position & I need the teeth & tongue open blends to match as the value increases.

In 3DS Max I'd use the reaction manager - is there something similar for Maya? ...

Photoshop :: CS5 - Batch (actions) Conversion Of PSD To JPEG?
Up until a month or so ago, using photoshop CS5 - windows,  a batch psd conversion of nummerous files say fred1. psd through fred10.psd gave me fred1 jpeg through fred10.jpeg. I saveconversions to a dump jpeg folder on another drive where there are also, dump psd and dump tiff with tiff not being much used.
Using actions, the first conversion of a series will be fred.jpeg but thereafter it will be fred1 copy.jpeg through fred10 copy .jpeg. No big deal for a few files as the word copy can be deleted. However, if a jpeg file say fred.jpeg needs to be updated in say a slide show or web site then the new conversion of the updated file as fred copy.jpeg causes identity problems.
how can I return to the situation where fred.psd becomes fred.jpeg and not fred copy.jpeg. This does not seem to happen for individual conversions the manual way. I tried to convert to jpeg 2000 but the same happened. I'm not sure about jpeg 2000 and how it would work if taking to a phot processor for "photographic" prints. ...

Photoshop :: Get Rid Of Stretchmarks In Pictures
how to get rid of stretchmarks in pictures.

i am using photoshop cs3 extended. ...

Photoshop :: CS5 - How To Even Out Skin Tone
How to even out the skin color, I have a picture of a model, unfortunately due to light and make up and her skin color the color of her face and her hands and body don't match, I think I saw a video on youtube where the skin color was evened out throughout the picture from raw I think this was done on bridge but I am not sure. How to even out the skin color either on PS or bridge?
I currently have CS5 on a win 7 pc. ...


HTC EVO 4G :: Google Navigation & Maps Resetting Phone
Any of you having a problem when you try to launch Navigation or Maps causes your phone to soft reset? I can't seem to figure it out and don't even know how to go about troubleshooting the problem. ...

General :: How To Install Android On Laptop Or Netbook
How to install Droid on laptop or netbook? ...

Samsung Moment :: Keep Losing Usb Connection After Mounted
Okay this is starting to irk me, i've been trying to teather using PDA net through my stock USB cable, i plug in the cable the phone and computer reconize eachother i mount the cable through the notification bar, start PDA net, everything works great, i start watching a show on and get 15-20 minutes in when i get the usb device being disconnected tone, look over at the phone and it says preparing SD card as if i had unmounted it, if i try to unplug the usb and plug it back in it charges but i never get the notification to mount the cable again. I have to power off the phone and power back on to fix this. WTH is going on here, i know a lot of people were having issues getting the usb connection going but that appears to be fixed by removing and reseating the sd card, which i have done many times. I will have a perfect connection with the laptop and phone sitting still on a table when i randomly lose the connection and have to reset the phone. ...

Android :: Know Who Started(bind) Service?
How can I know who started(bind) service?

I already check 'RunningServiceInfo()' but I couldn't find. ...

General :: Can Access More Bluetooth Functionality
When I had a crackberry and had it paired with my Bluetooth on my car I could hit a button on the module in my car and it would launch voice dialing on the berry. With an android phone it doesn't. I am wondering if there was a way or an app that could monitor for the button or give me the same Bluetooth config of the berry so I could gain that back.

I love hands free dialing and I've tried apps like vlingo but they seem too unusuable still.

Galaxy Nexus ...

Windows 8

Hardware Drivers :: How To Know If The DX7400 Will Work In Windows 8 / 64
Trying to find out before I start whether the printer above is supported in Windows 8/64 - All Epson says where there is no specific driver update, that it "might" be supported out of the box. if MS (or printer manufacturers) actually listed what printers/scanners are supported in Windows 8/64. know if the DX7400 will work in Windows 8/64? ...

Setup Installation :: Asus Laptop Will Not Open Microsoft Store
Recently I upgraded my wife's Dell All In One from Windows 8 to 8.1 by going to Microsoft Store and selecting the upgrade panel for 8.1. It went smoothly even if slowly. I then tried doing the same thing for my Asus Q200E Laptop.

When I went to the store all I saw were apps for ASUS. How can I get to the real Microsoft Store to get the 8.1 upgrade? ...

Maintenance :: Very High RAM Use At Brand New Laptop?
I recently got a new laptop, first thing I did was delete most bloatware and such, and there really isn't a whole lot remaining other then OS and drivers. However, when checking the taskmanager recently I noticed it using 80-90% of the RAM. While being under very little use. Only thing was chrome taking up 200-300MB.

The laptop is a samsung 9 series, with 8 GB RAM, so I can't see how it should be having so much troubles when just running on lowgear. I checked and it does have 8GB RAM registered, and the performance view shows it using 6GB of 7,6. Considering there are plenty of windows 8s laptops with just 4GB I couldn't imagine this being normal?

Adding together what is shown by the task manager wont get me higher then 1 GB at most as far as RAM usage, is there any tool giving better information about what is all used? Could it be the quickboot system of samsung that eats up some or some sort of reserve that will let go of some RAM if other programs demand it? ...

Maintenance :: Physical Memory Full
my physical memory is at 97% all of a sudden and causing major lag in games. Nothing in the task manager is using that much memory so I don't know what's causing it. I have Windows 8.1 with 8 gigs.

Edit: I tried to restart and there is one app that isn't closing and preventing it from restarting. It doesn't tell me what the app is called. How do I find out what program that is? ...

The Mail In Windows 8.1 Keeps Closing Itself
The Mail in my Windows 8.1 keeps closing itself. No matter how many time I clicked it open, it closes itself. ...


Specify A Different Message For Days And Times
I have been tasked with creating a small tool that will allow messages to be copied and pasted from a form. I have the form and have the basics of what I need but I am stuck with dates and times.

Long story short, I am trying to figure out how to get a message to be displayed on a page using the document.write depending on the following criteria:

If the day and time are monday to Friday 08:00 to 15:00 the message will state that the next update will be in 2 hours time from when this update was posted

If the day and time are monday to thursday 15:00 to 18:00 the message will state that the next update will be at 09:00 the next working day (i.e. if it's 16:30 on a tuesday, the next update will be at 09:00 on wednesday etc)

If the day and time are friday 15:00 to 18:00 the next message will state that the next update will be at 09:00 the next monday. ...

Safari Javascript Problem
I have a small Javascript problem with that mutch love web browser
safari, I tested the code on all other browsers PC (Win) and Linux and
IE on the mac and it seams to work ok, but for some reason it will not
work with safari.

function domywindows() {
mywondows ='writeme.html','TellAFriend','width=45 0,height=600');
mywondows.document.write("Working Please Wait........")
mywondows.document.write("<form method='post' name='myform'
action='sendm.php' target='_self'>");
mywondows.document.write("<input type='hidden' name='urlis' value='" +
window.location + "?osadcampaign=tf'>");
mywondows.document.write("<input type='hidden' name='productname'
value ='" + productname +"'>");

Any one any ideas how i can make this mac compatable. ...

Saving Into A Php Variable Inside Javascript Code
I have the following code inside the <head> of my php file. What this code will do is change the style="display:none;" of a div element, depending on which option is selected within a combo box. Code: ...

Post Nice RSS Feed Horizontally On My Homepage?
I'm looking to add a nice section on my homepage, which will act like a portfolio for recent work.I was advised to create a wordpress page to update my latest works. This does sound fine and I can work this out. Basically all I am looking for is one image and one paragraph of text per news item. I'd love to lay it out, with the left->right scrolling ability like the below link:


Are there any examples or tutorials out there doing this which I can learn from? I don't want to have huge drupal things etc installed. I just have a simple HTML page and would like to display this javascript on the homepage. ...

Flickr Badge Flickers In Firefox
I haven't been able to pinpoint why my Flickr badge (a javascript tool) causes my page to "flicker" when it's loaded (I've tested Opera and IE, as well - and neither of them have the same problem). It's definitely related to the way I've got my css and JavaScript set up on the page, but I can't pinpoint the problem. This is the second Flickr badge problem that I've run up against. ...


Auto Triggered Macro Keeps Running
I have finally got a Marco to run based on the value of a cell changing from 0 to 1 .

However once activated it run continually until Stack full error . ...

Removing Specific Duplicate Values?
I have a data set that I add information to weekly. I then add a value at the end of the row, example active or inactive. I've found that, when using the remove duplicate function, it does not always remove the second instance, resulting in a loss of that added data(active or inactive). So I guess my question is, can I somehow specify which instance of duplicated data is removed? ...

Conditional Format Not Working
I have a conditional format that I wanted to add another argument to, but although the statement is true, conditional format will not toggle.

My original argument was: ...

Combine Worksheets Into One Based On Headers
I have a a client who sends me an excel workbook quarterly. There are 90 worksheets and each has 20 language columns which are suppose to be the same on each worksheet.

My Problem is I want to merge them into one worksheet so i can add them to a database, but the client keeps changing the order of the languages!

So as an example I need to be able to identify the Polish, Russian and English columns on every worksheet and then combine each language to a new column on a new worksheet. ...

Macro That Will Remove All External Refrences
I have a summary sheet with lots of formulas which has links to external references to other workbooks, i need a macro that will remove all external refrences. ...


Applications :: Adding SharePoint Calendars In Entourage 2008
I read one thread saying theres zero support. But was dated back in Oct 08. Is this still true? or is there a work around? I need to add a shared calendar from sharepoint to Entourage 2008. ...

OS X V10.5 Leopard :: How To Get Rid Of Flashback On IMac
My imac, running Leopard, has Flashback. Since Apple is not supporting this problem on OS X 10.5, how do I get rid of it? I have since disabled JAVA and have improved dramatically the IMac operation.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8) ...

Unable To Receive Email On Mac
For the last 6 days I have not been able to receive emails on my mac. I can get them on my ipad.I have checked all my settings but cant work it out.

iPad 2 ...

MacBook Air :: Flashing Folder Sign With Question Mark After Reset?
I did reset my MacBook Air; then it is just giving me a flashing folder sign with a question mark.

MacBook Air ...

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Change The Keyboard Language?
how to change from english keyboard to greek keyboard??

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4) ...