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Latest Scripts & Tutorials

XYZ Classifieds
PHP :: Classified Ads :: General
XYZ Classifieds is a feature rich, simple yet robust PHP + MySQL based classifieds script with all inbuilt options you need to start your own classifieds site like,, or It is a complete turnkey solution and you can ge...

PHP :: Software Repository
Start your own trabbit like site within a day's time through our trabbit clone extension in Joomla. Be the first in your area or location to start your business for "posting jobs" and getting it done similar to trabbit. Get the best trabbit clone in ...

PHP :: Click Tracking
Coupon is a PHP script that allows you to easily create coupons that your users can use to download files. The script will ask the users to input their email address along with the coupon code in order to start the download, then it will keep track o...

Ez OLX Clone
PHP :: Classified Ads :: Business Listings
Standard Features: #No Encryption. #No Callback. #Unlimited Categories. #Unlimited Sub-categories. #Login via Facebook. #Register via Facebook. #Share with Facebook, Google+, Twitter. #Youtube video upload. #Unlimited image upload. #Diffe...

Image Hosting Script PRO
PHP :: Image Galleries
"Image Hosting Script" offers you the best and most comprehensive solution to run your own image hosting service in few minutes, without requiring any technical skills or a web developer. Whether you want to start your own image hosting business t...

Easy to use newsletter system written
PHP :: Mailing List Managers
Loads of features which allow you to quickly send professional newsletters to your member database. Create templates, send emails, people can subscribe through your website, double opt in option, track who opens the emails, setup automatic email camp...

Ad Manager
PHP :: Ad Management
Ad Manager is a free Allembru utility to help you manage, display, and track your online ads. It has a built in ad rotation feature that allows you to build a campaign, add multiple advertisements to your campaign and display them all in a single sec...

EPay Enterprise
PHP :: E-Commerce :: Billing Systems
EPay Enterprise has been developed by AlstraSoft with the growing demand for online payment processing business similar to Paypal and The most advance and comprehensive version of our EPay series and in the market at the moment, our Ent...

SiNG cms
PHP :: Content Management
#SiNG cms (Simple Network Gear) is free modular content management system with open source, built on a bunch of PHP /MySQL for running on the web server Apache. #The scheme of website design (HTML-code) is presented in templates and separated from...

PHP :: E-Commerce :: PayPal
ezPayPal is the simplest possible way to sell your digital goods online. It helps you quickly set up an online store to sell any downloadable item, where your buyers can pay for it and get an automatic, expiring download link. The whole flow is fully...

PHP :: Exchanges :: Traffic Exchange
This script is an powerful exchange system for the most social networks....

College Management System
PHP :: Software Repository
College Management System script is the New and revolutionary web based College management system. Online College management system. It has four modules each for Administartion, Students, Teachers, & Parents. A Complete College Solution.. When you bu...

Custom Business card
PHP :: Postcards
Custom Business card design is a feature-rich custom business card designing software. This powerful script written in PHP is easy to use and thus enabling the user to design simple to complex business card designs for which you can charge a predefin...

B2B Portal Script
PHP :: Portal Systems
B2B Portal Script provides everything you need, to establish a professionally looking online B2B website like You can create an efficient, trusted web platform to connect small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers from all around the wo...

Job Search Engine Script
PHP :: Education
job search engine script eliminates your worry about searching for an employer. Because our search engine software is an extensive and powerful script written in PHP, thus enabling you to launch your own jobs search portal. It has a potential to fix ...

online classified system
PHP :: Classified Ads :: Business Listings
online classified system allows you to start a fully automated classified ads site with many of the features that are only present in major classifieds sites. Our powerful script written in PHP allows your users to post new ads, for which you can cha...

Custom T-shirt design
PHP :: Development Tools :: Application Framework
Custom T-shirt design is the ultimate solution for starting your custom online T-shirt design & printing website. Our software gives your user a guaranteed, easy way to design their own t-shirts, without the risk that keeps some people from ordering ...

Real Estate Portal Script
PHP :: Real Estate
Real Estate Portal allows you to launch powerful and professional looking real estate portals with rich functionalities for the private sellers, buyers and real estate agents to list properties for sale or rent, search in the database, show featured ...

PHP :: User Management
Advanced Poll is a polling system with powerful administration tool. It features: multiple polls, unlimited options, IP-Logging, IP-Locking, cookie support, comment feature, vote expire feature, random poll support and more. Supports both text file...

Student Profile Management
PHP :: Content Management
Student Management System script is the new and revolutionary web based student management system. It has four modules each for administrators, Students, Teachers and Parents. Thus giving you a complete student solution.. When you buy this you get al...

Enquiry Management
PHP :: Database Tools
This application is boon for people finding difficulties in managing their Incoming Enquiries from various sources and their replies to them. Enquires are the source of Growing business in any areas of life. Be it a small business or a Big enterprise...

PHP :: Chat Scripts
Very simple and easy to use, very little setup needed to install. ...

Subrion Yellow Pages Script
PHP :: Classified Ads :: Business Listings
Subrion Yellow Pages Script is the powerful php software that can be used to build yellow pages portal. As a website manager you can manage categories, locations, business listings; setup fields for your business listings; manage reviews from your we...

Top Games Script
PHP :: Games and Entertainment
Features : #Easy to install #More than 3600 flash game included #16 multiplayer game included #Advertising space #XML sitemap ...

Pro Banner Advertisement Rotator PHP Script
PHP :: Ad Management
Use this Script to Advertise all your Banners on Multiple Websites at Once. You can Upload your Banners and Get the Code to Copy and Paste onto Unlimited Websites and Webpages. This is a Simple to Install and Use PHP MySQL Banner Rotator Script, O...

Short URL Script
PHP :: Bookmark Management
Short URL is a URL shortening script written purely in PHP. It makes short version of supplied URL. Actually most important is your domain name, the more short it is the more short URL's are created. Script does not allow same entries be posted agai...

PHP Button Maker
PHP :: Graphs and Charts
A PHP 4 based Dynamic Button Generation script by It makes buttons instantly using custom Windows True Type Fonts (TTF). It is extensible and new button styles can be added to it as well as new fonts can custom also be added. Users ...

Easy Contact Form
PHP :: Form Processors
Only 2 file based contact form makes it easy for you to manage. A very easy to use and customize contact form and not a tiny application! But yet it's so easy that any webmaster can adopt it to his/her site within 5 minutes. It is secure because of ...

CSV to SQL Importer
PHP :: Database Tools
Engine for importing Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice created comma delimitted CSV files directly to your desired database. ...

SQL to CSV Exporter
PHP :: Database Tools
3 In 1 product. A simple include written in PHP 4, and is compatible with almost all versions of PHP >= 4. It does not accept a table or single level input, but accepts SQL Query, and dumps the result in CSV which is readable by almost all Spreadshe...

Lite Article Manager
PHP :: Content Management
Lite Article Manager is a very lightweight Article Management Script written in PHP, that can bear the load of millions of users at a time and yet does not let server go down because it uses NO DATABASE at all. Most remarkable feature of this system ...

Easy PHP Newsletter and Mailing list manager
PHP :: Mailing List Managers
Loads of features which allow you to quickly send professional newsletters to your member database. Create templates, send emails, people can subscribe through your website, double opt in option, track who opens the emails, setup automatic email camp...

Ad Manager
PHP :: Ad Management
Ad Manager is a free Allembru utility to help you manage, display, and track your online ads. It has a built in ad rotation feature that allows you to build a campaign, add multiple advertisements to your campaign and display them all in a single sec...

Simple Gallery
PHP :: Image Galleries
Simply Gallery is a free Allembru utility that allows you to drop all of your images into a single directory and instantly have an online image gallery. With little to no programming knowledge you can have a full-featured image gallery up and running...

Kmita Mail
PHP :: Form Processors
The script is in PHP (OOP php 5 compatible) and installs seamlessly on your server. It has the flexibility that most programmers would want and yet is it so simple that even a newbie can install.The new version of Kmita Mail V5 has the multiple autor...

Car Park Booking
PHP :: E-Commerce :: Miscellaneous
Car Park Booking is a niche specific web based reservation system designed to make it easier for people to book parking spaces online. Car Park Booking system is a web based reservation system which instantly would add value to yours or your client w...

PHP :: Discussion Boards
The phpBoard is a fast and easy to use PHP forum with features such as profiles, feeds, and statistics. It can be easy installed on any webspace with PHP + MySQL and comes with a comfortable admin area. Every registered user gets their own profile an...

JPM Article Script
PHP :: Blog
JPM Article or Article Content Manager is a light-weight article script. Use the script to publish news, stories, or articles of your choice. ...

Easy Real Time Full Text Search Free Edition
PHP :: Search Engines
This PHP-script is very easy to use on your homepage. It searches your files in real time and makes a full text search. The search result is shown with link, adress and abstract similar to the style of other search engines. It is free to use....

Supersized Slideshow Silverstripe Module
PHP :: Image Galleries
Silverstripe CMS module to create an image gallery slideshow with fullscreen background. * Installation Unpack the files in a folder called supersized Run dev/build * Usage At the CMS add a new page of "Super Sized Page" type At the "Option...

Create Like Unlike System With Php
PHP :: Polls and Voting
This script contains a maths formula ( number of likes / total number of records * maximum width need to display ) . FEATURES OF THIS script 1. Single time comment per ip 2. ajax support 3. mulit fnctions ...

Creating Simple Blog With Php
PHP :: Blog
This is a basic idea how to create blog in php and the prdouct of KAMESH idea. It was not a real blog , it has no security .This blog work with the help of a mysql database. If you have any idea please say it at ....

SQL tutorial
PHP Tutorials :: Miscellaneous
This SQL video tutorial presents how to write SQL query step by step with practical examples. Find out how the SQL statements are executed and how to write effective queries. Structured Query Language is the most popular language used to create an...

Upload Multiple Files to My Dropbox
PHP :: File Manipulation :: Upload Systems
Quite a while back Jake Jancar created a simple PHP class, called Dropbox Uploader that provided the ability to upload files to Dropbox. Amit Banerjee created a full script which, loaded on a server server running PHP 5.2+, allowed users to upload fi...

Domain Management System
PHP :: Web Hosting Tools
Now, one can easily manage their domains with domain management service. With this service, user can easily record expiration date, tracks it and queues it easily. User can also do quickly analysis of value of domains in order to quick access to webs...

Liberty Reserve Cycler Matrix Script
PHP :: Games and Entertainment
Liberty Reserve Cycler Matrix Script is the php script that can run on any php engines with support MySQL. How the LR Cycler Matrix Script work? #Player go to the website, fill registration form to register an account #Pay to buy a lifetime fee w...

PHP :: File Manipulation :: Upload Systems
A nice and full featured file hosting script runs on my favorite database SQLITE so no mysql required on your hosting plan also intergraded Paypal API payments and ofcorse premium membership....

Liberty Reserve Batch Game
PHP :: Games and Entertainment
#Simple, fast, secure and easy to use. #Full features member/admin area. #Automatic referral system. #Powerful monthly business report. #Easy to modify user interface. #Easy to intergrate with other software. #Minumum software and hardware need...

Myrephp Business Directory
PHP :: Vertical Markets
it is fully customized and fully featured Business Directory developed in PHP and MySql. Create a business listings directory that allows your visitors to add their own business listings. Powerful search tools, beautiful listings and search engine op...

Followup Management System
PHP :: User Management
Follow-Up Management System is helpful to follow your old business clientele and create new potential business clientele. This system can be managed by using various marketing methods. All the details of outgoing consumer Follow-Up Management System ...

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