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C :: Finding Most Frequent Symbol With Markow Algorithm
I have such task. There is such alpahbet as {a, b} in markow algorithm concept. So I need to find out which letters (a or b) are more in word "p". If a then to retrieve the word with letter a, if-b-then word with letter "b", if there is equal quantity then 0. How to do it. Where to find such example, at least some clues how to begin. ...

C++ :: Print Multidimensional Array Using Classes?
I am currently trying to write a program, which i able to print a multidimensional array using classes. My problem is, it prints random values, and not the value from the user input.

Here is the Code

[URL] ...

C++ :: Can't Sort Node Based Upon Value
I can't sort node based upon there value to sort nodes on the basis of the Nodes value in ascending order

if(Current_Node->get_value() < Last_Current_Node->get_value())
temp = Current_Node->get_next();
Last_Current_Node->set_next(temp);} ...

C++ :: Open File And Read In Rows To String Vector And Return Vector
I have a cpp app that reads in a number of files and writes revised output. The app doesn't seem to be able to open a file with a ' in the file name, such as,


This is the function that opens the file :

// opens mol file, reads in rows to string vector and returns vector
vector<string> get_mol_file(string& filePath) {
vector<string> mol_file;
string new_mol_line;
// create an input stream and open the mol file
ifstream read_mol_input; filePath.c_str() );

[Code] ....

The path to the file is passed as a cpp string and the c version is used to open the file. Do I need to handle this as a special case? It is possible that there could be " as well, parenthesis, etc. ...

C :: How To Delete All Occurrences Of A Char In A String
I want do delete all occurrences of a char in a given string, but I really don't see my error in the code. Here is how I did it:


char *input = "example_string";
int len = strlen(input);
char *new_line[len];
char bad = 'e'; //the one to delete
int i;
int j = 0;


I get segmentation or bus errors.. And I also don#t understand the warning I get. new_line is an array of chars, and I am trying to assign to it a certain char. ...


Cisco :: Catalyst 2960 Is There Opportunity To Backup WLC6 Via SNMP
I have NM-AIR-WLC6-K9 in Cisco 2821. Is there opprotunity to retreive configuration via SNMP as from Cisco Catalyst 2960? ...

Cisco WAN :: Getting WS-C3750G-12S-E Routing Capabilities?
I have 2 CISCO WS-C3750G-12S-E witch I`m concidering using as redundant VLAN routers for a small WISP network.Do not have much experiences with these, so I might be asking stupid questions...The network has about 2000 connected clients.

Traffic is about 300 - 400 Mbps duplex.

100000 -  150000 PPS
Expected this to get to about 3000  connected clients.
Traffic about 500 - 700 Mbps duplex.

150000 -  200000 PPS

Before these end their duty Are they up for the task, or do you reccomed something different? ...

Lan Cable Not Been Detected
i have an issue with a belkin ethernet expresscard used on a laptop where the onboard network is a static ip address hooked up to an insurment and the express card is dhcp .i can connect to the network in one location with out issue and on the other location the express card will not connect but the on board card will connect fine when set to dhcp and i dont want to set the express card to a static ip address.i do's not see a lan cable connect but it is.all the simple issue have been ruled tryed differnt lan cable used same lan point on diffrent laptop and connected with out issue .ip relased renew dns flushed winsock reset etc..dhcp servers are the same (both locations)default gate way the same (both locations)this is class A ip address range? ...

D-link 604 Router Can't Communicate With Timewarner Cable Modem
I've had a dlink604router connected to a dsl modem for the longest time with all my computers receiving internet without any problems. I just switched to a cable modem and the router blinks as if it's communicating with the modem but no internet is getting to the computers connected to the router. I've always left the dlink's settings to default-my 2 macs receive automatic dhcp. If the settings on the dlink have to be changed to communicate with the new cable modem? ...

Cisco WAN :: Routing And Multiple Wan Uplinks On 6509E?
simple question regarding WAN transit uplinks on a 6509E ad BGP.  The Hardware configuration is:
Cisco 6509-E Chassis with enhanced Fan
Dual power supply and 1 G flash for Engine
I'm currently using both 1 gig uplinks on the SUP for my two carrier transit uplinks (BGP). I would like to add a third carrier transit uplink into my BGP. Can I utilize the 6748 for access to the SUP720 routing to expand my transit carrier uplinks? Any thoughts on options without having to go to a 10gig SUP720? ...


Editing Refreshable Data Tables From Web
I have multiple data tables that are linked to a site. My issue is that there are breaks in the data every 15 cells with a row that shows the column categories. I locked my top row so I don't need the recurring column categories at all, but when I delete them and refresh the data they reappear.

How to delete these rows? Could I possibly run a macro that deletes the rows upon hitting refresh? Or is there a simpler way? ...

Calculate Percentage Of Individual Months Between 2 Dates And Populate Different Cells With Results
I want to display the percentage of occupancy for each month for condo rentals.

I have columns with dates that represent bookings throughout the year. check in and check out dates to be more precise. (A1 and B1 for example) and I have columns with months Jan, Feb, etc. (C1, D1, etc. for example)

The problem I run in to is that I can calculate the number of days between the dates and the fraction of the year (*12 to get a monthly value, but I fail to understand how I can break that up so that I can populate each month with a correct percentage of the total term.

E.g. A1=1-jan-2014 and B1=20-jan-2014 is an easy one because it only covers 1 month:
formula: =(YEARFRAC(A1,B1,3))*12 gives me 62,47% which I could just use as is for that month.

So far so good, but when the period covers more than one month or when the months overlaps, I don't know how to break the outcome up into the appropriate months to display the correct percentage for each month in its own column.

e.g. A1=1-jan-2014 and B1=20-Mar-2014 gives me a result of 253% with the same formula.
100% for November, 100% for December and 63% for January, which I could somehow formulate to break up over different Months.

But then it gets more tricky. What if the booking starts on a day other than the 1st of the Month?

e.g. A1=5-jan-2014 and B1=20-Mar-2014
The result of the formula (243%) is correct, but isn't sufficient to put the correct percentages for each month in their respective column.

What formula(s) should I use to break down the percentages to match the correct fraction of each individual month?

I attached an example of what I have so far for your review : test.xlsx‎ ...

How To Count (Equal To) Signs In A Row With Arguments
I'm creating an Excel sheet with statistics for a yearly salary review.

In the document that the managers will fill in there is a column for the employees performance (+, = or -).

I want to use this to compare how much salary raise employees has gotten depending on their performance rating. This is all fin with the + and - just using the regular countifs formula, but when it comes to the = Excel refuses to count them? ...

Selecting A Range Using VBA Code
I have attached a spreadsheet...I'm trying to select Range A1:N16 using VBA code...


When I use this code is only gets A1:N6...: is there anyway to get it to select the range all the way to the end of the data. I tried CurrentRegion and some other stuff but can't get it to work.: The range may go upto line 500 or 3 I just never know. ...

For Statements For Multiple Variables With Similar Names
Basically I have a list that user can select up to 6 values from. I have set them as individual strings.

Public IH1 As String
Public IH2 As String
Public IH3 As String
Public IH4 As String
Public IH5 As String
Public IH6 As String

What I want to be able to do is loop through them and do certain actions. How can I get a for statement to do that.

I tried something like that but it doesnt work. How to get it working I need to do tests on the variable strings and I want to be able to reference them and I'm not sure sure how

For i = 1 To 6
If "IH" & i = vbNullString Then
MsgBox "IH" & i
End If ...


GIMP :: Enhance Contrast And Darken Highlights
I'm planning to start using Gimp for editing my photos. However, I've been looking through the functions, and I've also read the online manual. But there are two things I can't find.

1. How can I darken the highlights in a photo?
2. Is it possible to enhance the contrast in more detail than on a general level, e.g. midtone contrast only? ...

Lightroom :: Images Are Not In Order In The Import Dialogue Box?
using lightroom 4.3...  when I import photos, they appear in random order in the IMPORT viewing window.  With pervious versions of lightroom, they were always in order of file name.  It becomes more time consuming to select specific files to import to a file if there are 2 or more jobs on one CF card ( I have photos of my kids skiing mixed up with a portrait session.).  Is there a way to sort the photos (by file name, or time) before import?  I do know how to sort post import. ...

VideoStudio :: Overlapped Buffer Is Full?
"An internal error occurred when overlapped buffer is full."

That is the message I am receiving when I try to make my project into a video or audio file.

I have two audio tracks which have only two effects added to them.

What is wrong? ...

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Open Channels Or Corridor Storm Network Analysis
As I know we can import and export storm and sewer pipe lines between C3d and SSA. But how about open channels? I am workin on a project which is contain sewer pipes (close sections like circle pipes) and open channels(maybe as corridor in C3d) and some ditches with irregular sectios. it is pretty easy to define assemlies for open channels and ditches in C3d but if we can not pull the in SSA in order to analyze then we need to do the job twise in both software. I've tried to pull my network into SSA. but it just import pipe networks not open channels. is there any way to import them or any other software that can import from C3d and analyse the network? ...

Photoshop Elements :: Activating 12 On One Of Two Computer?
I get a message when opening PE that the triIal version has expired. I never had a trial version. The next screen ask me to sign in and then tells me I am not connected to the web when in fact I am. Next it ask for a  response code which I do have. ...


Applications :: Finding HI8 To DVD / Video Editing Program
I am planning on converting my old HI8 tapes to DVDs.

I know there are a few options. Can anybody suggest a simple solution?I know there is a software you can install on my Mac. How is it called? Where can I get it? ...

MacBook Pro :: Can't Set Up Targus PAKP003 Non Bluetooth Mouse
Can't set up Targus PAKP003 non bluetooth mouse? Planning on ordering a better mouse, (any recommendations) but in the meantime I need to use this one.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3) ...

OS X Yosemite :: Disk Won't Eject After Time Machine Backup
Each time im doing a time machine backup, the external drive does not eject, the icon becomes pale, but remains on the desktop. But when I did not just make a backup I can eject it normaly.

My disc contains two partitions, one with the backups. When my problem occurs the first partition is ejected but not the Time Machine one.

I tried to reformat the partition but the problem persists. My hard drive is a GDrive mobile usb 1 TO purchased at the apple store.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), OS X Yosemite (10.10.1) ...

App Store :: Why Did Open Item Not Come With IPhoto
I got my open item computer at Best Buy and was using it as a back up computer.  Then I just now started using it as my primary computer and I have noticed that iPhoto is no longer on it. That is wrong if I have to purchase these programs myself that should already be installed.

MacBook (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.4) ...

Applications :: Finding Alternative To IPhoto?
I am looking for an alternative to iPhoto for viewing and organizing photos. I need something that allows for tags like iPhoto does and preferably something with a full-screen mode for editing.

My main problem with iPhoto is that it gets bogged down when you have imported thousands of photos. And I hate having to import photos on external drives before I can view them.

I've seen a lot of recommendations for Picasa, but I can't use that 'cause I'm on a PPC. ...