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Visual C++ :: Get Streamreader To Read And Calculations To Populate Textbox
Here what i have so far, the error in the stream


Public Class Form1
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim fileName As String = IO.File.ReadAllText("Grades.txt")
Dim GPA As Double = 0

[Code].... ...

C :: Insertion Sort In Ascending Order Not Working
I am having trouble sorting out a list of names in c. I have code for sorting the names, but when I go to print them out they still are in the same order as they were at the beginning so something isnt right. So the function that I need is the sort_data function.

#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#define MAX_STRING_LEN 25
void insert_data(char **strings, const char* filename, int size);
void allocate(char ***strings, int size);

[Code] ....

The list that I am reading in is as follows:


So I need to get this list in alphabetical order, but when I run my code and print out this list after I run the sort function, they are still in this order. ...

C/C++ :: Program To Read Sequence Of N Integers And Print Number With Maximum Occurrence
write a program in c to read a sequence of N integers and print the number that appears the maximum number of times in the sequence. ...

C :: Comparing Character To A Number
I created a function to check whether the first character of a string is a number or not by comparing it to every base 10 digit using a for loop. If it is, the string is valid, if it is not, the string is not valid

//ensure the first character is not a number
int ValidFirstChar(char FirstChar) {
int IsChar = TRUE, DigitCount = 0; /*boolean value indicating whether the first character is a number or not.*/

//check through all base 10 digits
for (DigitCount = 0; DigitCount <= 9; DigitCount++) {
if ((int)FirstChar == DigitCount)

[Code] ....

I have checked for the case where the first character is a number but it is displaying the error message for it. I have tried typecasting the char variable but that has not worked. ...

C :: Feedback On Recursive Function
The recursive function is bolded, i got feedback and was told that the static variable made the function seem a lot like a iterative function but he did not say why.

#define MAX 100
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
int checkPalindrome(char string[MAX]);
int checkRecPalindrome(char string[MAX]);

[Code] ..... ...


AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Self-intersecting Alignment - How To Show Pipes In Profile View
Run profile on a self-intersecting street?  The one I'm dealing with is a dead end 'P' shape.  Logically, there are manholes in the intersection of the 'P', and logically to me, these structures need to show up in two places in the same profile view.  Of course, C3D doesn't realize that I want a certain structure to show up twice, and I'm not sure how to communicate that information to it. ...

Photoshop :: Cache Bridge CS6
I get this error message when I open Bridge CS6, a problem has arisen. Can not read cache. Try empty cache buffer settings to correct the problem. I have tried this several times but the message will not disappear. ...

AutoCAD 2010 :: Plot Style Manager
new at autocad 2012 (previous CAD07 user)im having trouble setting up my page, never had a problem with this before..... i need an A4 scaled drawing in paper space.

my current setup....
paper size: A4
plot area: extents, ticked centre the plot
scale: 1:1

the result: titleblock cut off on left and right sides

its only when i need A4 size (red margins!)  A3, A2 etc are fine....i dont know what else is needed? I installed CAD12 only a few days ago and im the first and only AutoCAD user at my work. Im not sure if there's some intial setup settings that are required. ...

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: X6.2 - Rotation Of Guidelines
Place a guideline on the page.- In the property bar, in the field Angle of Rotation,for example you can put 15 degrees or something else.What's happening? ...

Photoshop :: Adding New Image As Layer In PS CS4
i am using PS CS4. this is my second day with photoshop. i am very familiar with GIMP but i needed PS for making web site layout. so i downloaded 1G trial and now i do not know how to add a new image as layer in existing image. i tried to drag and drop and tried import , open as but could not find a way to accomplish that.

in GIMP it is file->open as layer option but in PS i could not find similar option.

the reason i want to do is that i want to add a image in header of web page layout. ...


General :: Programmatically Set (Vibrate And Ring)
How to programatically set the "Vibrate and ring" option in ICS and JB? It's not found in the Audio Manager class and all other vibrate options are deprecated. ...

Samsung Captivate : USB Icon Remains In Notification Bar
After unplugging my phone from usb charge, the usb icon in notification bar never goes away? When I pull the bar down it says usb connected when it clearly is not. Not sure why this is happening. ...

General :: Capture Frame From RTSP Streaming
I am developing a application detect thief via ip camera.I watched successfully camera via rtsp on surface view, but I have a problem "how can I detect color in around center of surface view". In this case, If someone wear red T-shirt appear in front of camera, this app will notify that is red color.

I try to use mediametadataretriver with getFrameAt() method but fail, this method work well with mp4 local video.

How to capture frame from rtsp streaming on surface view? ...

Motorola Droid :: Email Notifications Stays On Phone
I have a Droid (froyo, not rooted) on Verizon, and I use it to access 5 email accounts (yes, all are necessary). Two accounts are through Gmail, and the rest are non-google accounts using IMAP.Here's the issue: I use multiple devices to check my email, but when an email has been read on another device, the Droid notification stays on the phone. Basically my Droid shows email notifications every time I turn the screen on, even if all the mail has already been read somewhere else. Is there any way to set up the Droid so that the notifications are removed once emails have been marked as Read on the server? I don't think there is any stock functionailty for this, but was wondering if anyone can lead me in the right direction (maybe an app?) It may seem silly for some of you, but this prevents me from having to clear my notifications every time I'm about to get up from my desk, otherwise I never know if the notification on my phone is for new email or old email, and I'm on my phone all the time trying to figure that out so I don't miss something important. ...

Motorola Droid X :: Email Sounds Won't Stick W/ Zedge App
I have downloaded a bunch of email notification tones from Zedge to use with my email, I got into the settings, set the right tone to be used, then go out of the settings. The problem is that if I go back into the settings it defaults back to the "Droid" tone and does not keep the one I want. ...