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AutoCAD Inventor :: Put Threaded Bolt In Threaded Hole?
I want to put a threaded bolt in a threaded hole, until the bolt comes in contact with the bottom of the hole in .iam file. ...

Photoshop :: How To Save PNG File With Alpha Channel In CS5
I have a PNG file created in Photoshop and I need to save it with an alpha channel for web purposes. I tried 'Save for Web & Devices' and selecting the Transparent box.

Then, after saving, when I select 'get info' for the file it says there is no alpha channel. I'm stumped I can't seem to create an alpha channel from within Photoshop while I'm editing. ...

Photoshop :: The Underline Disappears
Definitely one of the most bizarre things in my 5 years in PS.

I have image with some text. I forgot to do underline, so go back and underline some text. which I need as link indicator for web page link.

I save for web, jpeg looks great, but when copy that jpeg anywhere, to website folder, or evern desktop, the underlined word is no longer underlined. ...

Photoshop Elements :: 11 - Adding Dimensions To Photos?
how do I add dimensions to a photo in photoshop 11 ...

Photoshop :: DLL File Missing For Bridge?
My antivirus quarantined the axe8sharedexpat.dll file.Since then Bridge CS5.1 won't open.

How can solve this problem without deinstalling-reinstalling CS5.1 with all my plug-ins? ...


Unable To Retrieve The Parent Id Of A Tree Node Whenever It Has A Child Node
I'm using jsTree-0.9.9a. As a test this is the code i'm using to display the ID

oncreate: function(NODE, REF_NODE, TYPE, TREE_OBJ, RB)
if (TYPE === "inside") {
parent_id = $(REF_NODE).attr('id');

This works fine when the parent has no child nodes, however, when a child node exists nothing is returned. ...

Getting XML Node Text?
I'm trying to add the text value of an xml element to a variable but the closest i can get is having the variable set to [text object] using this method:

I have also tried these methods but they always return undefined:

[code]..... ...

JQuery :: Adding Comment Without Refreshing The Page?
I'm using PHP in my website, and I don't know how to allowadding comment without refreshing the page to the user(it will appear without refresh) ...

JS Equivalent To PHPs $$?
I'm trying to find out if javascript has something akin to $$ in php.What I'm trying to do:

var costs = {
cost1: 5,
cost2: 10,
cost3: 15

// Retrieve cost user has selected


Its obviously a hyper-simplified example of what I'm trying to do, but the premise is the same. In PHP, I could use $$ to convert one variable into another, not sure if JS can do the same. ...

Hijri (Islamic) Calendar Date Picker
I am working on Hijri(Islamic) calendar date picker. ...


Cisco WAN :: ASR 1006 Supported Span Port Or Port Mirroring?
is ASR 1006 supported span port or port mirroring? Any config about that? ...

Possible To Connect MagicJack To DLink 655 Wireless Router
Can I connect Magic-Jack to Dlink -655 wireless router ?I want to connect MJ direct to Dlink 655 wifi wireless router so I can make phone call without turn on computer? ...

Cisco :: VLANs Not Switching On A New Router?
I just got seriously nice toy to play with, Cisco SG300-10P - I know what you thinking now but with very tight budget...anyway.I configured two ports for VLAN101, Access, but when cabled in and out, it didn't work. Got Linksys switches setup the same way and they work like a charm (and I believe this should too). ...

Cisco Firewall :: 5510 ASA Cannot Create Sub Interfaces For Intervlan Routing
I am trying to setup intervlan routing with a Cisco ASA 5510 and two 2960-S switches. The 5510 currently is using ASA Version 7.0(2) and has a base license. I tried to create a sub interface today based on some info I found regarding the routing piece and it didn't recognize the command. I'm thinking I may need to update the IOS code or the license on the firewall. I know the syntax was correct because I looked it up and found it in a Cisco document. ...

Sharing The Email Account In Mircosoft Outlook?
My company have an email address info@... which we currently have forwarded to a hotmail account and we work out of hotmail. We'd like to step it up a gear and be able to share the email account in Mircosoft Outlook (not Hotmail) across 2 different shops across London so both shops have access to the email address in Outlook. We would ideally like to know when an email has been replied to or deleted .etc. across both shops. We have a website, and web server with our hosting. ...