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Excel 2007 :: Pivot Table - How To Display And Use A Field
I have a table of data which I am analysing in a Pivot Table. For the majority of the data, the Pivot works very well: however I have a small issue, but it subsequently means the Pivot is useless.

Within the table array that I am referring to, there is a column of data of "Days per employee for a given period". The rows of data within the table array relate to every absence entry per employee, but this final column of data always contains the same figure (although can differ from employee to employee).

When I put the data into the Pivot, I can summarise the absence(s) as a simple sum. However, this final column of data should not be summed, since it is already the sum figure.

This figure though needs to be part of the Pivot, since I need to report on the percentage of absence days per type over the given period. So, the simple representation of =absence day(s)/worked days does not work... well I cannot get it to work. Additionally I have tried features like % of, but nothing.

I am using excel 2007. ...

Copy ID Number From One Table To Another When T/f Column True?
I have a list of items that I am preparing to upload to an access database. The list is quite lengthy and has required a lot of manual corrections to get it prepared for upload. It also has several columns that are not needed in the access database, but that I used to make sure that all of my data was ready. What I'd like to do is create a new table that will have the same structure as the table in my access database and upload the portion of data that I have ready now so that I can do some further development using actual data. In order to do this I need to extract the ID Numbers (column B values) of the records that are marked "True" in the "Ready" column (column G Values) and deposit them in the new table. I only want to copy over the ID Numbers as the additional fields will be populated with match / index lookups from a third table that I have on another worksheet. ...

Find Last Cell In The Range And Sum It Via Vba
complete the following partial code.

I am trying to determine the last cell for Non-ILEC piece and then want to insert one row below the last Non-ILEC cell and insert "Total BS Non-ILEC" and sum "H" Range just like the way its done in the partial code. The partial code I have posted is working perfectly fine with regard to ILEC piece. I need to further add the Non-ILEC piece in the partial code to accomplish my task .... ...

Copy Table With Hyperlink In Excel VBA
I am trying to copy a table from webpage including hyperlink, so far i was successful to import table from webpage to excel, but in that i have hyperlinks, i want that hyperlink as well, how to proceed.

Sub TableExample()
Dim IE As Object
Dim doc As Object
Dim strURL As String

' replace with URL of your choice

Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

[Code] ....... ...

Finding Similar Numbers In Two Sheets
I have an excel file which contains two sheets. In one sheet there are some numbers in a single column. In the other sheet again there are certain numbers span across rows and columns (a number may be duplicated). I need to check whether there are numbers which exist in both the sheets. If such a number is found it may be marked (say with a color) in both the sheets. ...


JQuery :: How Do The Plugins Work
what is wrong with this plugin? text is not added!

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">
<html lang="en">
<title>jQuery plugin: reverseText demonstration</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.4.2.js"></script>

[Code]... ...

Display A Picture When It Is Clicked Within Various Color Mats And Frames
I need to display a picture when it is clicked within various color mats and frames. ...

Hide Multiple Rows In Single Js Functions?
I'm trying to make a table that will hide multiple rows in single js functions... now I put together a way to do it, but it requires multiple id declarations in the functions, is there any way to do it with classes instead of IDs, so that I can have a blanket class that I can use?See:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">[code]...... ...

Excel ToJavascript
I wonder if anyone knows of a way to safely convert a simple excel sheet into full-functional Javascript file ready to be imported into the web code? ...

JQuery :: Exchange Button With An Image?
I`am using jQuery to hide / show content and I want to exchange the Button (<button></button>) with an Image, which I can press like a button to show / hide the content, but I dont know how I can handle this.

[Code]... ...


Cisco Switching/Routing :: GNS3 Multi-link Bundles To Different Routers
we are moving to different providers. We currently have multiple sites that have MLP bundles going to our current provider. We are trying to limit our network disruptions by creating a new MLP bundle group and connect it to the new provider, but are having no luck. In a GNS3 lab I have setup I am able to keep my existing MLP bundle up/up over the current provider network. When I attempt to bring up a new MLP group to the other provider my MLP does not come up and keeps going up/up then down/down and shows inactive. Is it possible to have one MLP group go to current vendor router, then create another MLP group and go to the other router? ...

Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509E 20% Speed Loss When Router Introduced To Transfer Path
I have an issue that I am trying to track down.  When I have 2 servers on the same VLAN on my AS pair, all is good because nothing leaves the switch.  Where the issue is, is when I have 2 servers on different VLAN's and it requires a hop across the Core router pair.  This hop drops the throughput rate by about 20-25% (from 44M to 35-36M)I think I know the issue, but want some input to from other to make sure I am not off-base.  I have a pair of 6509E chassis' running Sup720 (VS-S720-10G) with CEF720 (X6748-GE-TX) modules.  This is my Access Pair running VSS to look as 1 switch.
These tie into the Core pair of 6500E chassis' running Sup720 (Sup720-3B).  This issue I see is that the core has a CEF720 card (6724-SFP), but the AS pair does not connect to the core on that card, they connect on a RJ45 Ethermodule (6148A-GE-TX) card.  Would the fact that the AS pair does not connect to the core on the CEF7220 module on the core, cause the traffic to not make use of the CEF features of the Core and make each packet then have to be processed by the core instead of Express Forwarded? ...

Cisco WAN :: 2800 - Message In ROMmon / Device Does Not Contain Valid File System
I have a router Cisco 2800, but always is in Rommon, the message show is:
device does not contain a valid file system
dir: cannot open device "bootflash:"
rommon 8 > dir usbflash0:
Checksum failed on c1840-usbfslib-m
Expected checksum: 91d6, calculated checksum: 4527
open: file "c1840-usbfslib-m" not found
open(): Open Error = -1
loadprog: error - on file open
cannot load the monitor library "bootflash:%c1840-usbfslib-m"
from device: usbflash0dir: cannot open device "usbflash0:" ...

Cisco Switching/Routing :: C3750X When Run Command CDP NEIGHBORS / 3400 Shows No Devices
We just installed a Cisco ME-3400EG switch at one of our sites.  A Cisco C3750X switch is connected to the 3400.  When we run the command CDP NEIGHBORS, the 3400 shows no devices.  We can access the 3750 via the 3400.  Also, when we run CDP NEIGHBORS on the 3750 we do not see the 3400 (but other devices are displayed).  How can we get CDP to display the devices on the 3400?  We have already tryed CDP RUN. ...

How To Share Internet External Drive
on how I can get my employees to use a share drive on an external drive for our company.. All employees are located in different locations. What products do you recommend and will I need any permission from my internet provider to allow this? ...


Photoshop :: Importing Image Or Graphic Onto Working...
I am using Photoshop cs4When I work in Flash I can import a image or graphic to the library or directly onto the stage......Can I do this in photoshop? ...

Illustrator :: CS5 - Stroked Shape Becomes 2 Shapes?
I'm on a Mac running Snow Leopard: Using either Illustrator CS5 or CC: when creating a shape with a stroke, using the variable line width tool (which I love!), saving the file. When I re-open the file the stroke has become a shape itself, with many points, and the fill has become a shape with no stroke!? ...

Photoshop Elements :: 11 - Can't Get Email Attachment To Work
HAve Elements 11 and can't get email attachment to work. Only choice for mail is adobe.  Get no response when ask to resend email verification. Now what?  Using vista ...

AutoCAD Inventor :: Exporting Files With 2012?
I have a customer that wants the .idw file. If I do a save as and ship him the file I know all the links will be broken and won't work right. I remember in AutoCad had a command called Etransit where you can export a drawing and have everything attached to it exported with it so you didn't lose the xrefs, layers, ect.... Does inventor have something like that where I can export the .idw and it'll attach all the .ipt and .iam files to it in like a .zip file? ...

Edge Animate CC :: Back Next Button With Continuously Moving Loop
I have a continuously moving looping slide show that has back and next buttons. When you press the next button it should move forward one where ever it is on the timeline every time you click it and the same for the back button.
This is the code I am using but the the problem is that it goes to else {"one");} when the button is clicked. No matter where in the timeline the next button is clicked, it goes back to number one.  I don't know much about coding and I have tried everything to fix this but I am stuck.
var pos = sym.getPosition()
if (pos <= "one"){"twenty");
else if (pos <= "two"){"three");

[code].... ...

Windows 8

Maintenance :: Windows 8 Rendering Errors - Strange Black Boxes And Blurred Text
Windows 8 has been having very strange rendering errors, the desktop still works fine but the rest is all strange blurred with black boxes. What the problem is it just suddenly showed up as that.

System Specs are:
Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (Quad)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
Windows 8 64-Bit (Downloaded from DreamSpark) ...

Restoring Files From External Hard Drive
My old Sony Vaio broke the other day, so I've just got a new laptop. The Vaio was Vista, but now I'm on Windows 8.

I'd been backing up my Vaio to an external harddrive, but all I ever did was run the backup and let it get on with it. So for example, within the external harddrive now it just has a list of the dates I ran a backup, followed by 'Backup files 1', 'Backup files 2' etc. I'm hoping these include some of the documents/files I had on there, but I can't be sure. What exactly will have been backed up here?

I've been trying now to restore these files on my new laptop, but I can't seem to find a way. Is it possible? ...

Updates :: Windows 8 Machine - Encountering Multiple Errors
When trying to use Windows Update on a Windows 8 Pro - 64 machine, I am encountering a number of errors: 6 ... Updates just will not install:

KB2835364 - Error 80070003 - and, on one attempt Error 80070007
KB2856373 - Error 80070026 - and, on one attempt Error 80070007
KB2822241 - Error 80070002
KB2845533 - Error 80070026
KB2781197 - Error 80070026
KB2876415 - Error 80070002

I ran the Update Trouble Shooter, which supposedly fixed certain issues but when I re-started and re-ran the update, I had the same results (or lack of them) ...

Apps / Software :: Remove And Reinstall Adobe Flash Player - Windows 8.1 X64
How can I do that properly? I used the uninstaller from Adobe but the residual files in system32 and in sysWow64 those Flash.ocx files and such, I tried Safe mode and other ways, are they needed to remove in order to have a proper reinstall and how to delete them? Access always denied

It has to do with Shockwave Flash Object, in IE, can I remove this add on to let these files be deletable. I managed to move out the Macromed folder out of system32 but so much for it. in syswow64 cant even move out the folder ...

Debugging :: Toshiba SATELLITE L745D-S4350 Random Freeze Windows 8.1
I have Toshiba laptop that I migrated to Windows 8 and had no issues, once I moved 8.1 randomly the computer freezes for some minutes where I can only move the mouse and nothing happnes, even the Ctrl Alt Del does not work, but after a while the computer comes back to life and everything that I imputed, clics and keystrokes, start to go on.

Is annoying since I cant see a movie now without getting freeze while watching it

I already clean install Windows 8.1 RTM with lastes patches and drivers but the same issue since I thought is was a WIN issue for the upgrade.

Here are the specs

Date 2013/10/23 20:25:16

[PC Information]
Model Name Satellite L745D
Part Number PSK4GU-00H003
Serial Number deleted on purpose
OS Version Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 6.3.9600
BIOS Version 1.20

[Code] ...... ...


Log Of Materialized View - Trigger Not Working Properly
I have created a Table and a log of materialized view in an Schema SchemaAA of Server A



I have created a DB Link from server B with user REPLIC

I have granted SELECT to REPLIC to the table and the log materialized View.

I have created a table in instanceBA of Server B


I have created a materialized view in schema SchemaBB of Server B with a trigger


All schemas have the appropriate grants.

When inserting in TABLA_TEST (SchemaAA) and refreshing MView TABLA_TEST70 things go nicely.

But, when updating a record in the original TABLA_TEST and refreshing the MView the results in TABLA_TEST in SchemaBA are as if I have deleted the record (FECHA_DELETE is set to SYSDATE). ...

Server Utilities :: Expdp Using Remap_schema Will It Also Remap Grants And Synonyms
If I would be using expdp using remap_schema will it also remap grants and synonyms ? ...

SQL & PL/SQL :: How To Do Attachment Email In Oracle
Below are my procedure and declaration. I can send email to internal and external with attachment.

But the attachment is blank. i don't know how to add path in the script. like i save 1 pic in d drive. from thr how i must do attachment.

below are the procedure

p_from IN VARCHAR2,
p_subject IN VARCHAR2,
[code]......... ...

Domain Index - Select Query With Clause Does Not Return Any Records
I have created domain indexes on text columns of a materialised view to use "contains" clause when searching for data. The select query with "contains" clause does not return any records, however I was able to retrive data using via regular query using a like search.

-> will exec ctx_ddl.sync_index('index_name')'resolve my problem?
-> since the view is a materialized view, how can i make sure that the latest data added are also picked up? ...

Moving Files On Physical Standby Database?
We're currently in a situation where the primary database server fs size does not match the standby database server fs size.

Standby database filesystem is almost 100% utilized, and we suggested to move some of the datafiles first to avoid threshold alerts and archive gaps.

Now, if we're gonna move datafiles on the physical standby, I believe the process would be stop managed redo apply -> shutdown standby -> OS move -> startup mount -> alter rename -> start managed redo apply. Is this correct? If not, how?

Also, would it have an effect if the controlfiles of primary and standby do not match because of the movement? ...