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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3640 What IOS Version Can Support IPv6 RIP In Hardware Limit
I have the cisco 3640 with IOS Version 12.2(46) , and it with DRAM:32M , Flash:8M.What IOS version can support IPv6 RIP in the hardware limit? ...

LAN Not Working After AVG Scan?
OK- so my computer was going haywire - freezing, lagging, crashing. Only thing I could do was to restart in safe mode and run a full AVG scan which did show viruses that were sent to virus vault. Once I restarted into normal windows mode, the computer seems to be working fine with no freezing, etc.....but my LAN connection won't work. Looking at all the device managers and info on the LAN - it says "device is working properly". I have tried downloading a few "fix it" programs like Winsockxpfix and Complete Internet Repair - didn't work. ...

Cisco Infrastructure :: SRE 900 Support For Third-party Apps?
I am thinking about running some third-party unified communications apps under VMWare ESXi5 on a Cisco SRE 900 module.   According to the Cisco docs, third-party apps are supported on these modules (see table below) but the app in question is NOT on Cisco's list below.  
Some questions:
1.  As long as the third-party app is capable of running under VMWare/VSphere ESXi5, is there anything on the SRE that would prevent you from running this third-party app even though it's not on Cisco's list?
2.  What is Cisco's policy on the use of third-party apps that are not on their list?    For example, will they take a support call on the SRE running a non-listed app. (I don't want to void any sort of support contract through the use of a third-party app not on their list). ...

D-Link DIR-655 :: Cannot Synchronized Time Using NTP
my router internal time somehow will not working on manual config it will stop after certain period now im trying to use NTP

[code].... ...

Cisco Switching/Routing :: How To Power 3560CG-8PC-S By PoE
I got some specs here that I can't seem to match with any existing switch - unless the 350CG-8PC-S can be powered by PoE.Let me quickly put down the important specs.
8x Gigabit ports
2x 1G Copper or 1G SFP Uplinks (It'll be a 1x Copper and 1x SFP setup)
support for PoE passthrough ( so just capable of it, provided it's 2x Copper Uplinks )
Does that match the 350CG-8PC-S ? ...


JQuery :: Data Doesn't Display In Table?

Why Doesn't My Button Click Event Fire?
I'm new to JavaScript and I wrote this code to play with. Oddly, if I
enter text in a box and then press the button, I only get the onChange
event for the text box and not the button's onclick event. But if I
press the button without entering text first, the button click event
does work. What's up?

<h3>Events on Buttons and Text Boxes</h3>
<input id="myTextBox1" type="text" onChange="doChange1()" /<br />
<input id="myTextBox2" type="text" onChange="doChange2()" /<br />
<input id="myButton" type="button" onclick="doClick()" value="Click me"
<script type="text/javascript">
function doChange1(e)
var val = document.getElementById("myTextBox1").value;
alert("You typed: " + val);
function doChange2(e)
var val = document.getElementById("myTextBox2").value;
alert("You typed: " + val);
function doClick(e)
var _num = prompt("Enter a number", "100");
alert("You typed: " + _num); // number converted to string
</html> ...

Easy Site Update Form
Is there a way to change a javascript's output on a website without directly manipulating the source code? Just by entering some info in a form, then hitting submit. Then it automatically changes the content of a website.

What I want to happen is to change some text (specifically a news ticker) on my javascript, located in between the head tags, just by inputting new information on a form which automatically replaces the old one. ...

Replace An Image With No Specified Id Or Name.
i only know two things about the image:

1. the source url (it is unique for the document)
2. its position in the document. ie: it is the eleventh image in the document.

how would i go about swapping the image with another one? i would like this to work in ie5.5+ and ns6+. ...

Moving A Div With Mouse Cursor?
how I could move a div around a page on mouse down? Like drag and drop it where I want it to be on the page and grab its x,y position? ...


SQL & PL/SQL :: Passing Column Name To Cursor At Runtime?
in below program,i have to pass column name to cursor at runtime..but this giving error.

v_emp_cursor EmpCurTyp;
emp_record hr.employees%rowtYPE;
v_stmt_str VARCHAR2(200);
colname varchar2(10):='Last_name';


ERROR at line 13:
ORA-06550: line 13, column 1:
PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'PUT_LINE'
ORA-06550: line 13, column 1:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored ...

Application Express :: Button Conditional On Existence Of Another App In Same Workspace
Is there a way to make a button conditional on the existence of another app in the same workspace. What I am trying to do is have a MAIN app and several other MODULE apps in the same workspace. Then a button on a form in the MAIN app that will redirect to a specific page in one of the MODULE apps. If the MODULE app does not exist, meaning not installed, then the button would be invisible. ...

Forms :: Commit_form Does Not Commit
I am calling a child form from a parent form.It works perfectly if the parent form is adding records and while entering records when i press the button to call the child form, the whole things work perfectly according to plan.

The problem begins when i run execute query command in the parent form and then call child form then it does not "commit_form". So this is my problem that child form does not work perfectly when parent form is being called in execute_query procedure.

My working:

1) I read in the documentation that When parent form status is query_only then child will also have the same mode regardless of the parameter given in call_form.So i checked the :SYSTEM.FORM_STATUS of both the parents and child form,it shows "CHANGED" hence this point is covered. (dont know how come the parent form is in changed status but at least it is doing my work)

2) I further read and found that Commit_form procedure make the :SYSTEM.FORM_STATUS as QUERY. Here i am facing problem as in child form when i make changes and press commit form. Then before commit_form and after commit_form the :SYSTEM.FORM_STATUS results in "CHANGED".You can see this in the following code which i have written in save button.

message(:SYSTEM.CURRENT_FORM || ' a ' ||:SYSTEM.FORM_STATUS); pause;
message(:SYSTEM.CURRENT_FORM || ' b ' ||:SYSTEM.FORM_STATUS); pause;
IF Form_Success THEN
IF :System.Form_Status <> 'QUERY' THEN
Message('Error prevented Commit');
RAISE Form_Trigger_Failure;

then at last exit_form module shows that" i have unsaved data in the form" save Yes-No-Cancel? ...

Client Tools :: Oracle Data Pump Utility Executable Must Be Specified
I faced the following problem while exporting tables by using data pump in TOAD.

"Oracle Data Pump Utility executable must be specified." ...

Application Express :: How To Build A Button On Click Of Which Opens A List Below It
I have a requirement wherein onclick of button I want to open/close list/popup (which is displayed below button, just like in select list) and can select any item from list to do some action.  ...


Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: How To Remove Noise Reduction
1.    When to apply noise reduction is very positive and unequivocal.

2.    There are no two ways about it.

3.    You better get it correct.

4.    You don't want your images to look like Phil's images. Read the following very carefully
PS:  Is the DxO RAW converter still considered to be the best noise removal software on the market.  How well will it do on my old JPEGs. ...

GIMP :: Divide Image Into Layers?
In the attached image, it comes up as one layer. What I want to do, is change the background gradient. So I guess I need to move the image of the bus to another layer and then change the background. But I don't know how. ...

AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Designing Pipe Networks While Finished Surface Still In Progress
Another collaboration question so you have a compressed design program and want the drainage to be designed while the finshed surface is yet to be completed. ...

3ds Max :: 2014 Snapping Tool Now Sucks
Why did autodesk change the way the snap in 2014 worked prior to its dozen of version of max. The latest snapping tool sucks horribly now. ...

AutoCAD 2013 :: Adding Linetype To Layer Macro
I created a macro to insert layers with a click of the button. I was wonder how I get my macro to add the linetype to it. Also would like a separate macro to make the layer not to plot.

Here is the Macro I'm using:  ^C^C-layer;new;A-ANNO-AREA-IDEN;color;6;A-ANNO-AREA-IDEN;; ...


OS X :: Keynote - Making Two Actions Run At The Same Time
I have two objects in keynote that do about 14 moves each (spin and move) but I can not get them to go at the same time. The next one will only start when the first one ends. I can't move the second object to the top of the build order because when I do that it ruins all the spin/move steps. Want I kinda need is the ability to run step 13 with step one (whilst leaving the build order in the same rank)..unless somebody has got another way to do this? ...

OS X :: No Sound In Leopard - Powerbook G4
I have no sound while running Leopard...everything is standard in my Powerbook except memory which is 1.5 GB. 17'' Powerbook 1.67 GHz. ...

OS X :: Won't Modify Resource Folder / Getting Error
I am trying to change the default blue apple icon on my menu bar to a flowery apple. I followed a procedure online and have saved my Extras.rsrc and Extras2.rsrc files to the desktop, the first in PPC and the second in Intel, yet I cannot seem to move these files back into the Resources Folder. When I try to copy and paste them or insert them into the folder I get an error with a number and the message "this folder is not modifiable". Does anyone know where I can go from here to change my apple icon? ...

Mac Mini :: Possible To Connect Two Display VGA (Monitor And Projector)?
Have new MacMini... need to connect both a display VGA and a separate digital projector but there is only the HDMI to VGA port. Could I use the Thunderbolt port for that purpose, and if I can, do I need a special cable and connector to VGA?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2) ...

Applications :: ITunes 10 Not Playing Specific Album In Library Correctly
When I select any song from this one, specific album in my library, iTunes will hesitate for a second, and the Quicktime-esque player window will automatically appear too. This happens only with this one album, and it's very frustrating. I will attach a screenshot of the problem. And also, if I go to close this player window, the song stops. ...

Windows 8

Recovery Drive Not Seeming To Be Recognized?
My Acer Aspire A7600U-UR24 came with windows 8. I made a recovery drive by choosing "create recovery drive" in windows 8. After making the drive i installed windows 8.1 from DVD. Some time later I tried to restore it back to factory with my recovery usb. Every time I try I get "windows cannot find a system image on this computer" even though my flash drive is plugged in. I tried booting from the drive, doesn't seem to work. Not sure if my windows 8.1 version not being activated has anything to do with it (I installed 8.1 on 2 computers from the same dvd didn't realize i couldn't do that) . but I think I should still be able to boot from the drive.I was thinking if the problem is my flash drive, can I somehow transfer the system image from one flash drive to another? ...

HP Laptop Won't Boot Into Windows 8.1
Last night, my HP laptop (would not turn off, so I took the battery out to shut it off that way. When I put the battery back in and tried starting it up, it started, but told me that it was "Repairing Disk Errors" so I waited for about an hour and a half, and it blue screened and restarted. It told me again that it was "Scanning and Repairing Drives" and when that was done it again said "Repairing Disk Errors" then blue screened AGAIN. When it restarted, a blue screen came up saying "Your PC could not start properly. You can try restarting or try other advanced options." I clicked "Advanced Options" and turned off my PC from there. This morning, I turned on the laptop and it gave me the same screen. I clicked "Advanced Options" and tried Refreshing my PC, but after a half hour, a screen came up saying "There was a problem refreshing your PC." I tried resetting my PC, but the same screen came up saying "There was a problem resetting your PC." I tried shutting off the laptop, and now it won't shut off. ...

Pioneer Way To Direct Boot To Desktop In Windows 8
Boot directly into Windows 8 RP Desktop directly, without using 3rd party tool or using any script.

1. Move the Desktop Tile and place it in the top left corner of the Metro Start Screen, just below the Start text.

2. Reboot your Windows 8 and you will see the login screen. As usual, type in your local account or Windows Live account password. Just enter the password, don't press the Next arrow or Enter key here.

3. Now press AND hold down the Enter key. In a few seconds, you will see your Windows 8 desktop appear Thus will have skipped Metro Start Screen smartly! ...

Can't Update Apps From Store After 8.1 Upgrade
Just upgraded from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro. No hacks or anything, legit key.

My problem is that the Store shows that the Music and Video apps both have updates but they both error out on install with 0x80073cf1 and 0x80246007 errors respectively.

Trying to fix it I have tried the following:sfc /scannow finds nothing wrongDISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth tells me "The restore operation completed successfully. The component store corruption was repaired. The operation completed successfully."And running Troubleshooting from the Control Panel on the Windows Update option quickly results in a "Windows Update components must be repaired" and "Fixed" with a friendly green checkmark. But the errors remain whenever I try again. ...

Audio :: Videos And Audio Stuttering With Mouse
When I watch youtube videos, or videos in Windows Media Player Classic my audio randomly stutters. This also causes my mouse to stutter and skip and move slowly. ...