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Media :: How To Record Videos In MSM Format?
Does anyone know how I can recorder on my phone in msm or another format that I can send to someone phone or email. Every time I try to load or send a video I am told its to big. ...

Android :: Punch Time Clock Available For Android?
I had this on my old Palm Pilot, and I miss it. Punch Time Clock Is there anything similar available for Android? ...

General :: 3G Sim Card Into Droid Razr 4G Phone
I'm buying a used Droid Razr 4g and currently have a Droid Pro. Can I take the sim card out of my pro and put it in the Razr and will it work? I'm trying to avoid going to Verizon.

I'm due for an upgrade in 6 weeks, but aren't going to use it, because first of all I cracked the screen on my Pro last week, and secondly, I have the unlimited data plan and don't want to lose that. ...

Android :: How To Track And Analysis Droid App
I want to know what kind of users are using my app.

I think I need the device id, the network type, the network provider name and its ip address. is there any framework to do this thing? And of course I will ask user to enable it before I can do it and leave an option to disable it when user want to toggle it off. ...

HTC EVO 4G :: Solar Charger - External Battery Backup
I am planning on getting the EVO come June 4th to replace my HD2, and I am wondering if there are any solar chargers available on the market for this unit. Since I will be having a case on the unit, I dont want to be having to open the back cover all the time to replace the battery whenever its dead. maybe a good external battery backup might do the job. ...


Checking A String For A Match?
I want to check a string if it contains certain letters.the string is Elephant and if i check it for the letter "e" i want it to display all the "e" letters.If i use the following code it always just displays the first "e". but i want to display all the "e".

<script type="text/javascript">

[code].... ...

Printing From Within Popup Window - Doesn't Work In IE
I create, open and populate a popup window:

function DisplayPopup (aObject) {
var win2; //popup window
win2 ='', 'Description', 'alwaysRaised=yes,width=300,height=400);


However, the link to print the content of this window (<a href="javascript:window.print()">Print</a>) doesn't work in IE (no error, no action). This code works in FF and Chrome, bringing the standard window print dialog and properly printing the popup content - exactly as desired.

what I do wrong here and how to do this right? IE is the standard browser for us and even IE-specific solution could be OK... We have IE 7 if that matters. ...

How To Refresh Dynamic HTML Checkboxes
In page load of an, I am creating some dynamic checkboxes. How can I use the javascript to refresh these checkboxes without loading the whole page? ...

Append To The End Of The Document?
I have a file, called file1.htm and another one, called file2.htm
I want to load completely file1.htm and, after that, to append file2.htm to the end of the file1.htm file, in the same browser's page.

I was thinking to make a function, called loadme, and to call that function like this:
<html onload = "loadme ()">

What I don't know is how to make loadme to read the file2.htm file (I heard that JavaScript is not allowed to read files - is this true?) and how to append it to file2.htm. ...

.innerHTML Does Not Return TR And TD Tags In FF

In FF the above code will alert "<b>hello</b>" but in IE is alerts the whole TR element code. So why is FF not showing the whole code and what can be done to get the whole TR element code? ...


Convert String To Number In INSERT Statement
I am starting with mysql and want to convert a string like 12.567,98 (dutch format) to a number (decimal format) in an INSERT statement. I did the same with a date using str_to_date but I can't find a similar function for numbers. As far as I can see convert or cast are either not suitable in an insert statement or do not allow to specify the number format (e.g. ##.###,##). ...

Table Set Up For Sorting Articles
I'm new to SQL (so far I've read a book on it, set up a database, populated it with some data from my current flat file system and started converting areas of the website over).

I run a Perl site where the most important feature is that members can post articles. I'm thinking about how best to structure my tables for the various sorting methods for viewing articles.

However, I want to offer some additional sorting mechanisms. For example I want to be able to sort and return members (article authors profiles), instead of just articles.

So listings of members (perhaps in "last online" order, which is a column in "members" table) who post mostly to a particular category. So it's going to have to go through the "articles" table and work out which category every article is in (by category id), how many articles each member has published and which category they have posted most articles too. That seems like a lot of work and in effect is it a table scan on both the members and articles tables?!

I'm wondering if it's more economical to somehow work this out as I go along (eg. a table with each member id and a column for each possible category id and how many of each they have (added to from my perl code). However, that's essentially repeating information, which you're not supposed to do in MySQL? Plus I'd still need to compare each column in each member row of this new table to see which has the highest value.

P.S. I want to offer quite a lot of different ways of sorting articles and article authors, I assume using indices on each sorting variable is recommended? Am I right in thinking that only returning the results I need (say 1-20 for the first page, 20-40 for the second etc.) will really speeds things up, even though it still has to look at everything? (I'm used to working with large arrays in the current flat file system). ...

Local And Cloud DB 2 Ways Replication
Is it possible to have 2 ways replication between local database and cloud database?

for example any update on local DB (MySQL or MS SQL) will be replicated to database on Amazon Cloud and vice versa. ...

Avoid (Using Temporary) And (Using Filesort) With ORDER BY?
I still can't manage to get rid of "Using temporary" and "Using filesort" in a simple query. I know this is a problem of keys but I can't find the right combination...I also don't know if the order of the join defined by the optimizer is ok, I tested other orders using STRAIGHT_JOIN but nothing better... The query is pretty slow using ORDER BY, but really fast without it and of course without "Using temporary" and "Using filesort"! (there is something like 100.000 rows in points table)

The query :

FROM points,


From now I don't know what to test to try to avoid the "Using temporary" and "Using filesort"... ...

Php - Automatically Update Primary Key Value When Entry Deleted?
I'm using MySQL as database for online examination system. here Question No. is primary key so, when a question in middle is deleted that number is wasted,(just like in queue data structure).I want the next question numbers to be automatically decremented. is it possible by using PHP and MySQL. ...