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Retrieve Result From 2 Tables
I am trying to retrieve result from 2 tables such that display all result from A that B.uniqueIDB not in 2 or null.

create schema A;

[code]... ...

Stored Procedures / Crosstab Wrong Sum Total
I have a problem sum total in mysql coding as the following:

SELECT IFNULL(Prtype,''Total'') as Prtype,sum( AS Total,',
SUM(IF(office ='A',`data`, NULL)) AS 'A',
SUM(IF(office ='B',`data`, NULL)) AS 'B',
SUM(IF(office ='C',`data`, NULL)) AS 'C',
FROM((SELECT Prtype, office,`data` as data
FROM TBLGETDATAALL_1 GROUP BY office,Prtype,data) t) GROUP BY Prtype

The problem is total not equal sum of all office.

Simple data:

Type Total A B C
P1 3 2 1 1
P2 6 2 2 1
P3 6 3 1 1
[code]... ...

Php - Insert PDF As Blob And Display
So I'm getting a PDF file send to my web service for me to upload, it's send to me as a base64Binary type variable, and uploaded using below script :

function SaveEIM($parameters)
mysql_query("INSERT INTO tablename (Filename, FileSize, File)
VALUES ( '" . $parameters['Filename'] . "', '". $parameters['FileSize'] . "', '" . $parameters['File'] . "' ) ") or die (mysql_error());

Now everything is getting uploaded, only the weird thing is, for instance if I upload an 370KB file, it's 490KB in the Database. Now to save it in my file server :

$query = mysql_query("SELECT File FROM tablename WHERE ID = '1' ") or die (mysql_error());
$fetch = mysql_fetch_array($query);
$data = $fetch[0];
file_put_contents("user_123.pdf", $data);

When I open this file that is getting saved now in my file server, I get this error : "user_123.pdf cannot be opened because this file type is not supported or because it is damaged."

I'm fairly new to Blob types, and I know that storing files on your server is sometimes better, but I have to use Blob times, since I was asked to do so. ...

Equivalent Of Query In Server - Php?
I recently wrote a website that used mysql as database and now I want to change my database to sql server but I'm having so much problem with my queries... I'd been told that mysql and sql server queries are so much alike but I can't seem to figure this one out!!!

datos.NumEstacion, MAX(datos.Fecha), datos.NumFuncion, datos.Valor, parametros_mi.nombre AS NombreParametro, funciones_mi.Nombre AS NombreFunction
(datos JOIN parametros_mi ON datos.NumParametro=parametros_mi.NumParametro) JOIN funciones_mi ON

[code]... ...

Limiting A Join - Matching Record With Largest Log Time
I have the following query/join:

select `job`.`id`
FROM `job`
LEFT OUTER JOIN ( SELECT `log_time` FROM `messages_log_table` WHERE `subject` = 'Customer Invoice') ON `custinv_msg`.`job_id` = `job`.`id`

If there are 3 records in the message table with a subject of "Customer Invoice" my query returns 3 results. I want to limit the join so that it only returns 1 result and that should be the most recent (log_time) message with the subject Customer Invoice. I just can't figure out how to just pull the matching record with the largest log time. ...


Comparing Speed Between A Function?
I just did a little test, comparing speed between a function and the same thing but using a byref value instead.

Public Sub New()

        Dim timespanFunction As TimeSpan
        Dim timespanByRef As TimeSpan[code]....

So using byref is more then a second quicker in this case. So why does function actually exist? Is it just to make programming more easy and your code look nicer? The most important things of a application are Usability and Speed right? So why trade speed for nicer looking code? ...

Why Delegates Are Not Type Safe In Language
i don't know what i said in this thread's topic is right or wrong.Since my perception about Delegates in .NET is that it is type safe .Delegate object will store the reference of only those functions whose signature matches with Delegate's signature .That i know from last 1 and a half year but never experimented .

[Code]... ...

Way To Exit A Program
I have this program and I want to put either a Quit button or Exit Button to quit the program (besides using the 'x' at the upper right corner) ...

Return More Than A Single Value From A WebService?
I have to return a lot of values back to my windows application from my webService. But how would I return more than just a single string/int/boolean from my WebService to myApplication. How would I return a collection, keyValuePair, or even better, a DataSet? Or is this just imposible? ...

Make A First Person Shooter In .NET?
I'd like a like to write a first person shooter, I don't want to do it from scratch, I'm wondering if there are SDK's, I plan to make my own 3D models. Maps, and of course weapons, I'm not looking for multiplayer?

[URL] ...


Android :: Titanium Backup New SD Card
I am using Titanium backup and love it but I just put a new SD card in and flashed to a new ROM. I copied the SD card information that I had backed up on my computer to the new card but Titanium backup will not recognize the titanium backup directory with my apps on it. It says the backup directory is not available. Is there a way I can point it to the backup directory to restore my apps and data? ...

Android :: When Is SDK Based On Cupcake Getting Released
We are developing some applications on cupcake which depend on packages not available in 1.1 version of SDK and will not build on it. Debugging and make are very slow on ubuntu open source. So, we are eagerly waiting for a windows SDK based on cupcake. Is there a timeframe defined for it by Google? ...

Android :: WebView Is Not Clearing History
to ensure that nothing is left in the history and back button behaves as usual.Unfortunately, this code doesn't work for me and the _articleView.canGoBack() still returns true. Implementation of clearHistory method is quite complex and uses asynchronous mechanism, which may not work immediately, but no matter how much time I wait the history is still there. ...

Samsung Vibrant :: How To Get WiFi Tether Higher Than 15kb?
A friend of mine just got the Vibrant and she's having a problem running WiFi tether, she's unable to get higher than 15kb. Has anyone else run into this problem and know how to fix it? ...

General :: Black Screen While Booting
I Have a galaxy note 2 n7102 (Clone).I have rooted it 2 days ago.i have the android stock boot animation but when i added a custom boot animation, when i rebooted the screen goes black and then the phone starts up

I tried to put it in system/media and data/local and change boot animation and Samsung in system/bin and reboot but nothing happens. ...