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Anyone Using Dreamweaver Mx 2004... I Need Quick Help.
Passing Variables From A Popup To Main Window
Getting Form Values
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Showing And Hiding Divs On Click?
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JQuery :: Validate - Check Zip And Return City Into Another Input
Pass The Php Variables $var1 And $var2 In The Function ?
JQuery :: Install Plug-in On My Website?
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JQuery :: Different Colors For Table And Row Selection


OS X Leopard :: Display Web Pages Action In Automator Add %0D Character At End Of URL?
I tried to pass a text (containing a URL) to "Display Web Pages" action. It gets the text but adds %0D at the end of the text, so of course the "Not Found" error comes up in Safari. For example: [URL] Then after passing it to the "Display Web Pages" action, it becomes [URL] Is there a workaround for this?

Mac OS X (10.5.6) ...

MacBook Pro :: Record Parts Of Movies With Quicktime On I5?
I love the options Quicktime offers me in screen recording. Before I went over to the "Mac-Side" I played around with different Windows-based screen recording software but couldnt find any that offered seamless recording. Quicktime gives me just that. My problem, however, is this. Whenever I try to record a movie or video clip with screen recording, all I can see of the video is a bunch of white and grey blocks. Is there an option I need to click or a specific resolution I need to record in so I can clip parts of videos?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4) ...

ITunes :: 9 Installed - Getting An Error In Start Up Volume?
Ive recently had to re-install Tiger after being told that there was an error in the startup volume. I am far from computer savy so I just basically follow instructions  Sadly, after doing so Ive been experiencing problems with my iPod nano & iTunes. I can sync but the songs put onto my iPod look gray instead of black. And, when I disconnect my iPod says there arent any songs on it. When I look at Music in Finder I noticed that I get a few items listed more than once. I was wondering if this could be the reason for my iPod issues.This is what Im looking at:  (all the ones that are bold & underlined have the folder icon next to them)


PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11) ...

MacBook Pro :: Wakes From Sleep With Lid Closed
When I go to bed, I like to just put my macbook pro to sleep by closing the lid. But almost 100% of the time it wakes itself. It gets really hot when this happens so I've been turning it off most of the time instead, but I'd really like to get this resolved. I have an external monitor plugged into it so I know its awake as the screen shifts over to the external monitor. When no monitor is plugged into it, I do occasionally hear the hard drive spin up. I have tried unplugging everything except for the power cable to see if that might help, but the result is the same. I have a 1st generation 15" Macbook Pro running OS X 10.5.3. ...

OS X :: Ichat Sound Quality Low?
Suddenly and randomly with no changes at all, my ichat sound quality has downgraded completely. Everything is totally fuzzy and scratchy and not nearly as clear as before. Ive also noticed i dont pick up on the little things, like the other persons typing either. Im not sure if its hardware or software, but its incredibly frustrating and i want to fix it, but have no idea how ...

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Conditional Code Checking In A Card Game?
Display The String That Is Created As A List In Perhaps A Read Only Text Box Or Similar?
VS 2008 Populating MySQL List?
Add Row To Datagridview?
Wpf :: Apply ValueConverter On DataGrid Column?
[2008] Delete Files In Use?
VS 2008 Custom Datagridview Column With Cell Template
?write A Program To Call Quickbase And Retrieve A Database And Put It Into An Array?
VS 2005 Several Labels In Same If-condition
Extract Icons From Files?
Interface And Graphics :: Getting A Black Jpeg Image?
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Bind Checkedlistbox To Datatable?
Get Data From Mysql To Datagridview Spesific Column
VS 2008 - Two Combobox With Properties
VS 2008 C# To 99.9% Right What Converted?
Connecting To Sql Server 2005?
Delete A Value Of A Registry Key ?
Sending TCP Packet?
.net - Cant Run Executable On .Net Framework 2.0?
Create A Setup That Is Publish A Project Which Will Expire After Particular Time?
Component Size And Position After Maximize Form?
Get And Set A Value To / From An Asp HiddenField?
Use Data To Fill In Multiple Forms
Make An Address Book Thats Uses Flat Files (txt) And Not A Database
How To Make Use Of Two Loop Statements For One Do
Create A .net Windows Application In Multi-language?
Include Code With Program?
Connect A Player To Another?
Refresh Main Form Background Image?
Make A Program That's Show "My Computer" - "My Documents" And "control Panel"
Make A Auto-Typer Run A List?
Dual Screen Video Player With Windows 7 Thumbnail Preview?
System.TypeInitializationException: The Type Initializer For 'System.ServiceModel.ClientBase' 1' Threw An Exception
VS 2008 Can Save Listbox1 And 2 But How To Open Them Again?
Downloading An Attachment File From Email-ID?
.net - Cutting Up Large XML File Into Small Chunks?
VS 2010 Screenshot Of Active Window Area
Check Outlook Versions (from 97 To 2007) Installed On System?
VS 2008 Read .dat File?
VS 2008 - TCP Online Chat / Configuring Router
Stop Timer After Selection In Liatbox Reaches 10 Automatically?
VB 2008 - Create A Label That When Clicked By The User It Will Open A Website Using The Default Browser?
Registries, ListBoxes, Extracting, And Saves?
IDE :: Certificate For Signature Could Not Be Confirmed
Day Of Week And Time To Actual Date
CPU Scheduling FCFS Using .net?
VB 2008 Input Information From Textbox Into A Website?
DateTimePicker Value From Database?
VS 2010 Exception To Topmost?
Requery Form Value After Moving Focus Back From Form2?
Coordinates Images - Save The Map Data Like Point Of The Images (x,y Coordinate) Into The Database
VS 2005 Working On A Mouse Move
How To Make Object Browser
Create Control In A Tabpage When Running
Make A Dynamically Generated File Available For Download?
Open A Text File In VB?
Program Hangs During Debugging At A Breakpont Set At A Subroutine Call
Securing Data At The Client Side?
Populate A A Listview Control With Items And Subitems That A User Enters Into A Group Of Textboxes On A Form?
Using Double.NaN In Optional Parameter On Interface?
Enable Registry In An App?
Arisen With The Picturebox Control?
.net - Getting The Contents Of Web Page And Processing It (Print Or Save To File)?
Simulate Keyboard Key Press Using The Key ID?
.net - Using MS Access Database As A File Format For Desktop Application Needing Open / Save Type Functionality?
Zoom Within A Picture Box?
Creating A Table With Column Rowversion Or Timestamp?
Add Dynamic Texbox In GridView At RunTime?
String To A Date Or DateTime Object?
Validate One Button Is Clicked Before Another With Javascript?
Double Clicking A Node
Trigger Asp:HiddenField OnValueChanged Event Using JQuery?
Wildcards In Replace Function?
Print Click On The Quantity Of Copies Informed Skirt With Sequential Numbers Without Repetition?
.net : Uninstall Older Version On New Install?
Use VB 2008 To Create An App To Work On A Computer That Does Not Require .NET 2.0+?
Threads And Adding Text To A Listview?
VS 2005 ListBox Multiple Selections?
IDE :: Searching Of VB 2008 Express Command "Autos"?
Run A Multi-threaded Console App
Game Programming :: Creating PictureBoxes During RunTime?
Navigating Multiple Tables At A Time?
Converting A XML Recordset Into A HTML Table In
User Defined Data Type Versus Class?
Query SQL Server Table Results Into A List?
Winforms - Get Form To Focus Above Existing Users Windows And Applications?
Controls At Runtime And Event References To Them?
VS 2010 Read A Sheet From A Excel Workbook And Pop It Into A Datatable?
Visual Studio 2010 Diagnostic Tool
Sending And Receiving Sms For The CRM Application
Read A Txt File Into A Richtextbox
Move An Item In A Listbox?
Aero Glass In A WebBrowser Control With Text?
Digital Signature How To Embedded Crl In Signed File
Click Button To Insert Drawing, Click Drawing To Get Option To Delete - VB Versus Access
Compare Ways To Instantiate A DataTable?
[2005] DateTime Bindings DateTimePickers?
How To Deploy Database Application In Vb2008


Android :: User Input Controls In Source Code?
I'm looking to edit the user input functionality for the browser. Does anyone know where in the source code user input controls browser functionality? ...

Motorola Droid :: Phandroid's Extensive Review With Video Review
Phandroid's Extensive Droid Review with Video Review ...

Android : Need Widget To Mimic IPhone Silence Switch
I'm looking for a widget that will disable all sound (including system sound) and put the device into vibrate mode, similar to how the physical silence toggle works on the iPhone. I've tried the Beautiful Silence and Beautiful Vibrate widgets, but they do not play nice together on my Droid X: When I toggle silence, I cannot toggle vibrate and vice-versa. I then moved on to AudioManager, but that involved too many steps for my liking; I just want a quick button press. I am aware of Quick Profile, but that seems like overkill for what I'm trying to accomplish, though I haven't tried it yet. Currently, I'm using Sound Manager, which does exactly what I want, but as a shortcut and not a widget. This is almost perfect. The problem I'm having is that some times, when I click the shortcut it launches the Sound Manager app instead of it's normal behavior: launch the Sound Manager app, change the sound settings, and close Sound Manger in an instant. ...

General :: How To Uninstall Acid Audio Engine
How to uninstall acid audio engine

A89 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app ...

Motorola Droid X : Way To Get Theme?
Just curious, i was using the nextheme but then installed the apex overclocked rom and just haven't themed it yet. ...


Nokia :: 5310 Xpress Music - Leaflet Lost / Request For Fresh PIN
How can I enjoy free music. Can I request for a fresh PIN ? I lost my Leaflet. ...

BB Curve 8900 :: Sms Instant Messenging
Is there any AIM app that uses sms instead of data that is wifi compatable? I don't have a data plan. ...

Xperia Mini/pro :: Automatic Brightness & Ambient Light Sensor Not Working?
I am having this Xperia Mini Pro in my family since May 2012. When I purchased, it came with GB, and very soon there after, the update/upgrade to ICS was released. The upgrade was duly installed through the PC Companion.

I had initially noticed that there is no "Automatic" option under Menu → Settings → Display → Brightness. But then, the handset was in use mainly by my wife and I didn't think much about it since she always keeps the brightness at maximum or near there. Recently we swapped handsets and since I'm a heavy user, I looked for the setting to reduce battery usage, but couldn't find it!

I thought there must be some miss/bug in the software. I downloaded "Andro Sensor" from the market and there is no "Ambient Light Sensor" shown by that app! In fact, it says Light sensor not supported - see screen shot below:

Where as in the "White Paper on SK17" found on Sony's website [URL], at page 5, it says "Yes" against "Ambient Light Sensor".

My question is whether the sensor is there in the production version or not? It is there, then it appears the sensor in my handset is not working and needs repair/replacement under warranty?

After the recent update to 4.1.B.0.587, I observe that my display brightness fluctuates randomly, and this happens very often. ...

BB Curve 8300 :: 8310 Firmware No Outlook Sync
i updated a bb8310 with the last firmware about 10 days ago and with the backup utility all was ok , no data lost. Now i have a problem: i can't syncronize anymore Outlook 2007 with my bb contacts, when i try to make it it downloads only 8 of them (they are more than 300 on the phone). Any tip? The computer is running WinXP and the bb desktop manager version is 5.0. ...

Sony Ericsson :: K850 Keeps Crashing While Just Typing A Text?
I have the SE K850, it is on Orange UK Contract and it keeps crashing, and i mean all the time, it crashes around 5 times while just typing a text, sometimes i dont even get to the text screen without it crashing. Well i say crashing, when it crashes if i wait for all the lights on the keep pad to go out and then push right it comes back on where i left off, and if i carry on texting whilst it is crashed and then do the same thing it comes back on and what i have typed whilst it is crashed is there. This is really annoying me, been happening for month. Orange say take it to SE because i brought it on line and SE say take it to Orange. Anyone for any suggestion? I have tried updates. ...

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