Database Suddenly Becomes "Read Only"

Aug 23, 2006

I have a database on a network which has no security setup; everyone who has rights to its directory has full rights to the application. From time to time, it becomes "Read Only" and no one can do anything that requires writing to the local tables (the back end database is "Read Only" for everyone.) Checking the database properties shows the database as not being "Read Only" and changing it to read only and back again does nothing.

So far, the only way I have been able to solve this problem is to replace the "Read Only" database with a backup copy that is not "Read Only".

What could be happening here?

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Database Suddenly Read-only

Jun 19, 2007

I have a database running for the last 6 or so years (A97) and have the ctl-shift disable enable code in it to stop people tinkering about with it.

The database was aparently working fine yesterday and today it's decided to be read-only so no-one can update the data.

It's on a server - all permissions ok and not read-only.

I can't get the disable/enable code to work either. So basically, it's locked for any development changes and it's locked for any data changes.

The IT boys are going to take a backup from the tapes of the server and re-install it, so it should be ok, but I've never had this happen before and the database is used daily for the last 6 years with no problems.

Any speculative thoughts?

[edit] I have done a search and couldn't find anything that fitted the situation



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Access Database Suddenly "Read-Only"

Oct 26, 2007

I have an Access database that for some reason just converted to "read-only". I used to be able to open the database and do whatever, now it says it is read only. I have checked the permissions for both the database itself and the folder it is in and they both do not have "read-only" selected. What I really don't understand is if I use my application that uses the database (written in ColdFusion) I get the error - must use an updateable query. BUT if I continue to hit refresh, then it'll work! So it's like it works sometimes, but not all the time - as if it's switching back and forth between read-only and not read-only. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you!!

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Access 2010 Table Suddenly Read Only - How To Remove That Restriction

Nov 8, 2014

This application has worked fine in the past, but now I find it stops cold saying a particular linked table is read-only. I've looked around and all I can find in the various forums is how to MAKE a table read-only. Reversing that process seems very difficult.

The application is a copy of another that now exhibits the same problem. Each uses a different data mdb - part of the development I'm doing involves changing a different table. I'm developing changes to the application in this separate copy.

I can't tell if other tables would have this problem - the table in question is the very first used (initialization routine) and I can't get past it without deactivating a bunch of code.

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AutoNumber Primary Key In Database Starts Jumping Suddenly By Thousand Places

Jul 14, 2014

The above image is of a table which I need to update according to a new data on daily basis. As you can see when I added two records at the last , the AutoNumber primary key of the table jumped by thousands . I have used the following query to update the table

db.Execute "INSERT INTO D_Counterparty (CPTY_ENTITY_ID,CPTY_DESC)"_ & "SELECT Ctpy_Entity_Id,Ctpy_Entity_Legal_Nm"_ & "FROM NewCU LEFT JOIN D_Counterparty ON D_Counterparty.CPTY_ENTITY_ID=NewCU.Ctpy_Entity_Id"

I never changed the AutoNumber from incremental to random and I have also tried re-seeding it but had no success. Also when I inserted the sample values using a sample table ,the AutoNumber was working fine . Here's that query

db.Execute "INSERT INTO D_Counterparty (CPTY_ENTITY_ID,CPTY_DESC,) SELECT a,b, FROM sample"

I did not use join in this query ...

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Read Only Database

Jul 12, 2006

Hi, I am trying to create a database from scratch, however I need multiple users to have access to it. I do this nearly everyday and have no issues on the LAN we use.

This week I have been struggling to create a database on a different LAN. I create the database however I get the message that it is read only when I close it and enter it again. This means that other people are also unable to open it at the same time, and when they managae, they only get read only access.

Could this be a strange unfamilar-to-me LAN set up? Or is there something fundamental that I am not doing when creating this database?

Thanks for any help

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Read-only Database?

Jul 17, 2007


You helped me solve my linking issue with my front-end/back-end database, but I've got another question. Whenever I open up the front-end ( the shortcut to it anyway), I can't open it in edit mode- only edit. Even if I do a fileopen and select the type of open I want, it doesn't work. How do I open it in edit mode so I can link the table?

thanks again

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Backup Database Is 'read Only'

Feb 13, 2006

Hi All,

I created a database in Access and of course password protected the backend version. As a matter of course I backed up the mdb to cd in case of emergency.

Our network has been taken down due to some virus being bought in by a laptop user so I wanted to reinstall the mdb from the cd to my c: drive.

The problem is that the file is saying that it is 'Read Only' which I think is down to the password protection i put on there.

Is there a way I can get round the security?

I promise I am not a hacker!



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Tweaks For Database? Ah...just Read What I Mean!

Jun 29, 2006

I would like to tweak my database so that when it opens for the users it will not show the minimize, maxamize, and close buttons at the top. Also, I would need code that will maximize my forms automatically. Let me know if this is not a good idea? I am trying to eliminate someone thinking that the close button will act as a cancel button. I dont want them to save information on accident since access saves automatically! (I already have a close without saving button on every form but people are used to closing document to not save them)

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NOT Read Only Access Database

Nov 16, 2004

How do you make an Access database able to have records written to it (NOT read only)?

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Access Database Read-only

May 4, 2005

I am having problems with ODBC Access data source name. When I want to display some database data in a html table on a webpage there is no problem. But when I send data from a html form to the database I get an OLE DB error. (I am using ADO). I can't remember the message exactly but it was something like

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC drivers error '80004005'
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access driver] The command must be execute on a query which can be edited.
insert.asp, line 50

For some reason my database is read-only. And I don't want that. I tried
1. ODBC administrator deleting and creating a fresh System DSN, checked if there Read-Only wasn't marked on.
2. Deleted my browser cache.
3. Restarted computer several times again
4. Installed MDAC 2.8 again.

btw. I have created the table with MS Access XP and i am using Windows XP.
Below is my code.

<FORM ACTION="insert.asp" METHOD="post">
Barcode: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="a1" SIZE="15"><BR>
Artist: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="a2" SIZE="40"><BR>
Album: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="a3" SIZE="50"><BR>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send">
<INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear"><BR>
a1 = request.Form("a1")
a2 = request.Form("a2")
a3 = request.Form("a3")
if ((a1 <> "") and (a2 <> "")) or ((a1 <> "") and (a3 <> "")) then
Set db=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
db.Open "DSN=pieter", "admin"
sql = "INSERT INTO albums VALUES ('"&a1& "','"&a2& "','" &a3& "')"
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
<----- Here is the error ----> db.execute sql
Set db=Nothing
end if

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General :: Database Is Read Only

Jun 8, 2015

The database I am working with suddenly says that is ready only, and I cannot make changes! How can I make it not read only?

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Database Opens As READ ONLY

Oct 14, 2014

I have a FE DB that I have been opening and closing at various times without incident. Now all of a sudden it only opens as READ ONLY. I can't find anyone with a BE open that might be causing this. What will cause this? If I save a copy and then replace the original will I lose my data?

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Quick-save Database To Read-only

May 12, 2005

Does anybody know if there is a quick way of making a database read-only (so no data input OR design priviledges).

Ive had a request to send somebody a database so they can look at the data but not add/amend etc. The only thing I can think of is adding a security workgroup and assigning read only permissions. But this seems a bit long-winded and I wondered if I was missing something obvious like a 'save as - read only' option.

Any ideas.


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How Can I Read A Text File Into A Database

Jan 4, 2005

This is what I would like to achieve

Each time a person comes into our building, they use a electronic key. The information is recorded into a text file. I would like to extract information as described next

The date from the line marked D. Date is marked in bold

The time from the line marked T. Time is marked in bold

The key number and Location from the line marked M. Key Number & Location is Marked in Bold

Sample of the text file:

D[ Fri 30/04/04 ]

T[ 08:19 ]

M[ Valid key:130 Ing group, tenancy:SUNCITY, door:Lower Roller Dr, panel:SURF CITY. ]

N[ 0 2 0 0 5 23 1 0 0 0 130 2 ]

D[ Fri 30/04/04 ]

T[ 08:22 ]

M[ Valid key:20 LEAD NGUYANST, tenancy:SUNCITY, shaft:0, panel:SURF CITY. ]

N[ 0 1 0 0 5 16 1 0 0 0 20 2 ]

D[ Fri 30/04/04 ]

T[ 08:23 ]

M[ Valid key:556 Ing Group, tenancy:SUNCITY, door:Lower Roller Dr, panel:SURF CITY. ]

N[ 0 2 0 0 5 23 1 0 0 0 556 2 ]

..and so on the text goes

I am reasonably familiar with access but I have not had any experience with Text Files . Could someone post a sample db that would give me a starting point. any information would be appreciated.


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I Can Read, But Not Write To My ACCESS-database??

May 31, 2005

I have an access database and some asp-code on my computer which only works one way?
I can read from it, but not write?

...and when I put the asp-code and the database on anohter server it works fine.
..what setting do I have to do, to make it work on my computer?

I have another asp-site with a mySQL-database on my compter which works fine...but
it doesn't work with my access-database...hmm...I can only read from it.

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Error "The Database 'Name' Is Read-only?

May 15, 2007


I have a MS Access 2000 database application stored on a Novell Network server and being shared more than 20 users. However, occasionally, different users, who want to open it in the morning have the error message The database 'Name' is read-only. Therefore, those users can NOT run any action or procedure queries/reports. To resolve, we have to disconnect all the current users, who previously open the database, then everybody can open WITHOUT the "read-only" error!!??

Please advise any permanent solution to avoid the "read-only" issue without disconnect all the users who already open the database?

Thank you so much.

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General :: Database Becoming Read Only At Random?

Jun 24, 2014

I'm sure it's not random, but it doesn't seem to follow any sort of rules. My database has become "Read Only" 3 times now causing all workers using the database to stop work until IT can fix the issue. All IT does is kick everyone out of the folder that my db is in and suddenly it is no longer read only.

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General :: Database Or Object Is Read Only?

Aug 25, 2012

Been using XP all this time, just got a new computer with Windows 7. Still using old Access 2000, not my call to update as this is the decision of the guy who owns the database.

Anyways, I opened Access for the first time, just a blank database so I can set up the user account. When I go to Tools > Security > User and Group Accounts and try to assign a password to Admin, I get the error message that it cannot update because the database is read only.

Where did this come from? I have never seen this message before, and the person who owns the database has a couple computers with Windows 7 that I have set this up on and did not run into this issue.

I realize that there can be some compatibility issues with Windows 7 and Access 2000 but it has worked on other Windows 7 computers, and not using the virtual XP mode.

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General :: Need To Add Data To Read Only Database

May 7, 2015

I have read only access to a database maintained by a vendor. I am using an append query to search for new records in that database every time my database opens through a macro. This adds any new records to my table. I then add additional information to each record in my table. This is newly acquired information, not calculated, and it is different for each record.

My question is can I keep my table up to date with the vendor table without running the append query macro at open every time as my database may remain open for extended periods of time during updating of records.

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General :: Database Has Been Opened Read-only

Apr 23, 2014

I have a simple database that is on a desktop that I have a shared folder and have not had issues till now. What would cause it so say, "This database has been opened read-only." Nothing has changed. Only thing my co-worker did was reboot the machine a few days ago.

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Database Stored On Server Read-only?

May 23, 2014

I have created a database with multiple user and I have stored it on a file server. The remote users have been given read write permission on the server. However when the person opens the database it is read only. I have not to my knowledge made the file read only as I am able to work off the same file from the server. I made sure that no one was using the database when It was opened but it still comes up as read only. She is able to access the database and work in it but she is not able to modify anything and she does have permission within the database to do so.

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Read Only Database When Opened With Application

Jan 5, 2012

We have an application that copies a mde file local and then runs it under msaccess 2003.

It runs fine as a local administrator when using the application.

When a regular user logs onto the system then it opens with a read only message. It does not create the ldb file.

The mde works fine if launched directly as regular user or as an admin.

This same application works fine on other PCs with anyone logged on.

The application is developed locally but we have lost the source code.

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General :: Cannot Update - Database Or Object Is Read-only

Aug 24, 2013

I have 2 tables and from them I do a query called "Query_Dates". There, I created 4 calculated fields which compares fields of the two tables previously mentioned.

What I am trying to do is everytime the calculated fields are equal to "Diff", gets the value from the second table (ADHOC) and and puts it in the 1st table (Master_Table). In total there are 4 fields I would change depending on other 4 fields called (CheckRR, CheckQual, CheckProd, CheckCap).

The problem is that it gives me an error 3027, object is read-only.

Below, you can find the code.

Private Sub Comando27_Click()
Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
Dim rsd As DAO.Recordset
Dim supplierName As String
Set rsd = Application.CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Query_Dates", dbOpenDynaset)
Set rst = Application.CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Master_Table" , dbOpenDynaset)

[Code] .....

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General :: Database Opening In Read Only Mode

Sep 8, 2013

I am having problems opening my databases. Access automatically opens them in 'Read Only' mode, and I cannot find a way to avoid this - so I can never add data to the original tables ....

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General :: How To Make Database Accessible (read Only) On Other Pc

Sep 15, 2014

how to make my database accessible (read only) on other pcs?

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