ASP Double Quote Escape

Here's the line I need to insert into an ASP page.

<script Language="JavaScript" src="/blarg.js"></script></head>

Right now it throws off the asp include with the quotes.

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Ouptutting A Double Quote

If rs("MyString") is Hello "Jim" Lad

<input type=text value="<%=rs("MyString")%>">

prints as <input type=text value=" Hello "Jim" Lad">

How can I get double quotes to display in a text box or textarea? Using a backslash or &Quot; (with Replace() e.g.) just prints out the backslash or &Quot;

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Insert Double Quote

I've got a form which lets users input HTML code into a database (the user enters their code into a form field, then submits, and the HTML is written to a db). This code is then pulled out of the database onto a web page. It must validate - so needs to have all characters intact.

How do I perform an update statement which lets me insert double quotes into the database? I know it's possible to achieve a similar thing by replacing the double quotes with some other characters on insert, then replacing these other characters with double quotes when the data is pulled out of the db, but this seems a bit messy.

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Double Quote Character

How should I pass a " (doble-quote) character to response.write() in order for it to be sent to the output ?

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WriteLine With <% %> And Double Quote Signs

I create an ASP file using fso.createtextfile. But how do I avoid double quotes and <% %signs when writing to file?

FileAsp.WriteLine("<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252">")
FileAsp.WriteLine("<!-- #Include file="file.asp" -->")
FileAsp.WriteLine(" <% =Blah %>")

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Escape SQL

I working on a ASP project (usually I'm a PHP guy) and I wanted to encode a string to make it safe for a SQL insert. Is there a function built into ASP for that or do I just need to replace single quotes?

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Escape Charters?

the problem is in database the name of customer displays like

%mike O' lee but user want to see name like mike O lee.

How can i do it in asp script.

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I'm having a problem finding/using an escape character with this ASP/JScript application I'm creating. Basically I have text sometimes that has apostrophes or double quotations in them, but they won't be INSERTED unless I manually take them out.

Ex: INSERT INTO tbl1 (vendor,reason) VALUES (81,"This is only a test, but there is an apostrophe and it's only going to make things worse.")

That apostrophe in "it's" is kiling everything. I've used the replace method to change it to " ' ", but that STILL doesn't work. I can't find MS SQL's ESCAPE CHARACTER. I've tried several directions of the backslash, but no luck.

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Escape Character??

I am trying to only have a link show if there is a certin value in the DB. This is what I am trying:

<% if (rsWelcome.Fields.Item("access_level").Value) = "admin" then

response.Write("| - <a href="sps_main.asp">Sales Training Support </a>-")

end if %>

BUT... this is the error I get:

Expected ')'

/sta/topnav_test.asp, line 9 response.Write("| - <a href="sps_main.asp">Sales Training Support </a>-") How do I use quotes in a "response" and have the app server ignore them??

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EncodeURIComponent Vs. Escape

I've a problem reading querystring parameters that are 'uri encoded'. Anyone
has a solution for this?
To reproduce the problem, create a classic ASP containing the following code:


<p>Value sent via querystring: <%=
Server.HTMLEncode(Request.QueryString("value")) %></p>
<input id="input" />
<button id="submit" onclick="window.location.assign('Test.asp?value=' +


Now, enter the value "Dré" and submit. The page will show the value "Dré",
but I except Request.QueryString("value") to return the original value, i.e.

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Escape Quotes

I'm still having trouble getting some of my data being returned properly when people use quotes. (ex ProjectName contents being - the "primary" project - The double quotes are the main issue. I am using a function for the single quote and it seems to have resolved the issue.


Term = trim (Term)
if Term <> "" then
Term = Replace (Term, chr (39), chr (39) & chr (39))
end if
If Term <> "" then

I use this just when passing strings from a form. I tried altering it and using chr (34) for a double quote but it didn't work.

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Escape Asp Tags

Is it possible to escape asp tags so i can add em to another variable like this:

text = "<% downloads="&cats&" %>"

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Escape Characters

When chucking data in cookie you cannot use certain characters in this example : . To get around this you use escape and unescape. Trying to use the escape as such:

Response.Cookies("Lines")("URL4") = escape("")

Gives the following result:


Which I don't think does anything to help. So using it like this:

Response.Cookies("Lines")("URL4") = "escape("

Gives the following result:


Which is the correct result apart from the escape' actually appearing.

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Escape Characters Like "

im tryin to do this:

response.write("<body topmargin='0' leftmargin='0' onLoad='window.resize('" & width & "', '" & height & "')'>")

i need to run it like this though:

response.write("<body topmargin='0' leftmargin='0' onLoad="window.resize('" & width & "', '" & height & "')">")

in php i can replace it like onLoad = "window.resize

is there something like that in asp?

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Escape Char Information

is escape char in asp script and how we can encode the url in asp script?

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Function To Escape SQL Strings

I've been looking for it for a while. I found it a week back by accident, but didn't need to use it then. It's a function that escapes SQL strings so that if there is a ' in the string it will escape it for you. I can remeber the name of it.

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How Does One Escape The & Character In Oracle?

DB: Oracle(9i), where I generate query strings programatically and send them to the DB server.

I have rtfm'd and googled this extensively, but I have not found how to properly esacape the ampersand character in an oracle query (I'm NOT using the SQL+ command line interface).

Oracle uses the & character to denote a variable substitution, and unfortunately one of the fields I must query has data that contains the & character. I need to know how to escape the & character in my query strings so that Oracle will treat it as a string literal. Code:

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Auto-escape INSERT Statement

I have a 'memo' form field being entered into an access database.If people put in characters other then text (Quotes, operators, etc) then I get an insert error:
User Input: oh let's see - a va

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression ''oh let's see - a va', 'No additional comments submitted')'.

Is there a way to get this into the database? In php, I would simply use the function 'addslashes()' (escaping the string) - is there a similar function in ASP or am I doing something else wrong?

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Access INSERT Escape Character

I am inserting records into an Access table using the OleDbCommand class. The insert values come from a basic web form with text boxes. If the values contain ' or " it creates a problem. What is the proper way to escape these characters? Surely there's a built-in function for it somewhere.

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SQL And Single Quote

I have a simple form submission but the problem is my SQL insert (or update) is failing if in the text field there is any single quotes (')
I tried running the like replace(textfield,"'","") to just remove them but it will still error out on me.
is there any other way to format the variable, do I need to use an escape character?

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Stock Quote

Is it possible to grab stock quotes (with of course the 15min delay!!) and place within an ASP page?written in is possible to read HTML content on webpages without outputting them and then using the values etc

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Asp + Quote + Dhtml

I'm trying to make a dynamic table where on the left side items are placed and on the right side the item clicked is shown. For an example look at uitgaan->cafes

This all works fine except when I use a ' or a newline a error is generated because in dhtml a ' is used to open and close a string. When i use a ' in the string it goes wrong because i already close the string in the string.

If already tried to use chr(39) etc. But this won't work because this still will generate a ' for the dhtml.

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Single Quote In SQL

Running into a what I thought should be a small problem but it's going on an hour and I still can't figure it out

Reading an excel file and running queries on Sheet names. The problem is when there is a single quote in the sheet name.

selectQuery = "SELECT * FROM Dave's Sheet"

I tried to use

selectQuery = "SELECT * FROM Dave's Sheet"

But that doesn't work either.

It keeps bombing the query. Not matter what I try I can't get this to work. I can't replace the single quotes because then it can't find the tab name. Any ideas?

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Single Quote

how i could insert data into my DB that contained apostrophes. for example, I wanted to insert Bailey's well, my SQL statement was being cut off when it hit the ' and i was getting all sorts of errors. i was writting some complex stuff to take out the ' then re-insert it when being displayed.lots of work then i thought, what if i replace my ' with " in my insert statement.

like i said, some of you may know this, but i thought id share my experience with you just in case someone runs across the same problem.

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Quote Line

I am writing an asp app for generating quotes. What I would like to do is allow the user to edit the quote lines without having to open a new page each line.

On the quote I have created a loop which goes through the recordset and populates a sort of data grid. Can you use javascript or something so the user can click an edit icon on the appropriate line item in the grid and edit the line details there instead of having to open another page to edit the line item.

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Aposstrophe, Quote

I have this simple Select:

Select * from MATABLE WHERE title = '"&myvariable&"' ORDER BY title

so some of my title have single quote/apostrophe in them, ex: Don't know me . so when I tried to access those article with that kind of title I get the error message Missing operator. So is there a way to have my title be all right? a function maybe?

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Single Quote In URL

I am having a problem with a single quote in my URL. I use HTMLEncode and all is good on my machine, but when I test it with a browser from a different machine, I get 403 on invalid characters. More, it seems to me that the URL gets truncated after that single quote that I have in my URL.

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Getting Around Quote Marks And Apostrophies

I am working on building an asp forum, (I have posted a few times with questions ) and it works for the most part now, but I am trying to fix some things.

I am storing posts in a memo field. Originally it was text fields, but 255 characters is just not good enough.

Now, posts are saved fine except for 2 things:

1/ " and ' cause errors. These are causing conflicts with my INSERT SQL statement that is made. How would you get around this problem, I wonder?

2/ New lines etc are not being put into the memi field. I can live without this for the time being, but at some point I will want to implement posts being outputted in the same format they were inputted. Any advice on how to deal with this issue?

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Javascript Quote Mark

I am having trouble getting the 's and +s on this statement correct. The first select line works as it is supposed to but the 2nd one does not. Can anyone correct this and perhaps tell me/point me in the direction of the rule of thumb for stuff like this?


<SELECT size="1" name="waste" onChange="window.location='drumsnew.asp?waste='+this.value+' &c_type=<%=Selected_Container_Type%>'+'&c_size=<%=Selected_Container_Size%>';">

<SELECT size="1" name="ctype" onChange="window.location='drumsnew.asp?waste='<%Selected_Waste_Type%>'+'&c_type='+this.value+'&c_size=<%

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Single Quote In Link

I'm trying to produce an image with a javascript link. The problem seems to
be with the single quote. Here is the code that I wrote:

response.Write("<a href='javascript:PopUp('')'><img src='image1.jpg' width='50' height='67'></a>")

When I preview the page and roll over the image, the link is truncated to just javascript:PopUp( .

I've tried creating the link with a string like below.

strLink = "javascript:PopUp(" & " ' " & "" & " ' " & ")"

The string displayed properly when printed on screen, but when I tried to use it as the link it truncated again. I'm not real sure what to try next.

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Too Many Quote Using Replace Function

I seem to end up with too many double quotes when using this clean up function.. either that or I am missing a display function when I display the details from the dB.

My function

Function CleanFormFields(FieldString)
FieldString = Replace(FieldString, "�", "'")
FieldString = Replace(FieldString, "�", """""")
FieldString = Replace(FieldString, "�", """""")
FieldString = Replace(FieldString,"""","""""")
FieldString = Replace(FieldString, "'", "''")
FieldString = Trim(FieldString)
CleanFormFields = FieldString
End Function

I only really wanted the microsoft ouble quote to become one set of double quote instead of double as I have here but I can't get away with anything less.

essentially when I input a � I get a "" when I only want ".

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Querying Single Quote

I have a rather basic question. I have a simple username and password front end that queries a SQL database, I run into problems when one of the user names has a single quote in it (IE: O'brian).

I get the "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14' Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 'brian'." error message, any clues on how to display those particular cases? is there anything in particular that should be done to my SQL statement?

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Replacing Single Quote

I have a code that goes to the url of the company.My problem is that if a company name has a single quote in it,it tries to end the statement.I tried a replace as you will see,but still doesn't work.Heres my code:

Response.Write "<td><center><a href='edit.asp?company="
Response.Write server.URLEncode(replace(rs("Company"),"'","'"))
Response.Write "'>Edit</a></center></td>"

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