Arrays Of Dictionary Object Stored In An Object?

I'll admit my ASP skills are very rusty, and come seeking help.

I'm currently using a dictionary object to store a multi-dimensional array.

I want to pass this dictionary object to an object, which holds an array of dictionary objects.

However I'm finding that the array is not getting set, thus I'm having great issue with dynamically resizing the object's property for every new dictionary object I'm adding.

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ASP Dictionary Object

While pouring over some code I've discovered a previous developer heavily
uses the "dictionary" object. Whilst I see some of the advantages of using
this system It's something I've not used myself so am not sure of the

We are about to widen the scope of the website it's being used on to a
WorldWide system - greatly increasing the number of users that will be using
the website.

What I'd like to know is are there any performance issues with using this on
a heavily used site?

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Dictionary Object

I am trying to store some data in a Dictionary object. I am getting errors though about adding duplicate keys. "key already exists"

I commented out the obj.add and just did a .write of what exactly was being added each time. There never was a time when a key was being added twice ....

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Accessing Key Name In Dictionary Object

Have created a dictionary object that gets both the key name and the value from a database.

I need to be able to output both the key name and the value.

I can get it to display the item value, but am unable to get it to display the key name. Should look like this

KeyName = Value

1 = J5200
2 = S5362

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Exception When Accessing Dictionary Object

I have a server running Windows Server 2003, on which two of the web
sites use the MegaBBS ASP forum software. Both sites suddenly developed
the same error, which seems to be connected to the dictionary object.

ASP... Code:

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Can JavaScript Add Items To ASP Dictionary Object

I got two ASP pages. One is ASP email form (I'm using Persist ASP
Email component). Another one has all file links in it. For example,
when user click Outlook course hyperlink. It will pop up another
window with outlook course PDF file. (All PDF files are already in the

What I am trying to do is: When user click the "Add Email" hyperlink,
it will add that course name and filepath into ASP/VBScript Dictioanry
Object. After the user finish and click "Attach to email" button. All
the files will be attached in the email as an attachment.

Because I am not familar with VBScript. So, can Javascript add items
to ASP Dictionary Object?

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ASP, ADO And Dictionary Object Runtime Problem!

I have used a VBScript dictionary object to load column names and their values so I can use them when I build the web page.

When I do this, I get the correct value printed on the page:

<%Response.Write("Company Name is: " & objDict.Item("companyname"))%>

But, when I try to use it in an HTML tag, like this, I get a runtime
error '800a01b6' - Object doesn't support this property or method:

<input type="text" maxLength=60 size=60 name=comName

Why does it work in one form and not the other?

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Dictionary Object Error '80020009'.

I'm getting an '80020009' error when I try to display items from my dictionary object. Code:

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Dictionary Object Pass Values

Is it possible to pass Dictionary object keys and values to another page? If so, how?

I know how to store the items, but specifically, how do I pass the values and retrieve them on another page

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Dictionary Object Creat New Dictionory

I have a dictionary object,then I create a new dictionary object and sets it equal to my original,then I pass the new dictionary object to a function that changes some of my values - but then my original dictionary also gets changed and that was not the intention.

can someone explain to me why it behaves that way and how do I avoid it.så I van have different dictionary objects?

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Scripting.Dictionary Object Error

i am trying to create a dictionary object, i have written the code as..

Set objSD = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

but its giving the error as Library not registered.

help me with code for the same.

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Passing Dictionary Object Byref

Passing Dictionary object byref

Ive created an ASP class that uses a dictionary object which is filled
from a recordset. It passes the object to the propterty of another ASP
class byref:

Public Property Let dicReplaceVars(byref vdicReplaceVars)
set p_ReplaceVars = vdicReplaceVars
End Property

Private p_ReplaceVars

where it is used in this other class a few times to replace values in
an array: Code:

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Object Stored In Session

I created a class ImageEdit to help me get more from an image component i'm using. The class has few private properties and public methods. One of the methods is the Load() method which requires 1 parameter: the complete path to the image.

As long as i have the class definition included in the page and create and instance of the class on a page and use the properties and methods, everything is fine. The problem arises when i try to set this instance in a session variable like so:

set session("imageedit") = new ImageEdit

And this also seems to work fine as long as i'm still executing the code on the same page the new object has been created on. However... i can not get this object to work on any other page. Weather i use this: Code:

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Correct Way To Display An Image From A Db Stored As An OLE Object

I have been fighting with this for days now, and I can't seem to get it to work. Images are stored in an Access db as an OLE object. I have the following on my page Code:

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Stored Procedure : Operation Is Not Allowed When The Object Is Closed

I have the following stored procedure:


I'm getting the error "operation is not allowed when the object is closed" on the following line:

<% If Not rsAlloAmts.EOF Or Not rsAlloAmts.BOF Then %>

I haven't dealt we this particular type of situation and not sure how I can bind the necessary values to the page based on what is passed in to the procedure. I'm not sure how to handle this type of logic on the page?

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Can VB Com Object Used By ASP Get Events Fired By An Internal Object?

I have a VC++ COM object which fires an event. I've written VB EXE apps against it and they receive the event notification.

I've now built a simple VB COM object which uses the VC++ COM object internally.

My question is, assuming the ASP page which loads the object does not immediately exit, will the VB COM object be able to receive the events from the internal object?

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Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object.

We are using .net 1.1 on windows 2003 server. This is we are facing in our
production server.

When we are doing the load testing we are getting the bellow error. While
the load testing this error is not coming frequently. When we run 20 threads
for 3 mins we are getting this error message 2 or 3 times. But this line of
code is executed by all the threads. Code:

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Recordset Object Vs Command Object

I want to open a recordset object on an .asp page. When I open the recordset I would like to use a stored procedure that expects a parameter to be passed for the stored procedure. I will then use the recordset to loop thru the recordset, update values from the recordset and then update the database by passing parmeters to another stored procedure.

I would like to use the recordset object but can it be used to pass a parameter to a stored procedure? Do I need to use a command object to open the records instead in
order to pass the parameter to a stored procedure?

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"Object Variable Not Set" When Object Is Neither Empty Nor Null?

I have a custom function for checking if a variable has been set or not to make the code easier to read, as well as to keep it shorter.

However, I'm getting errors that "Object Variable not Set", even after I've already checked for null and empty. Code:

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"Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object"

A three-tier user authentication system was running without a problem for almost a year and now is suddenly dysfunctional. We don't know of any changes to any of the servers. It's quite maddening. The details:

1) We know the COM+ app is instanced on the COM+ server (Win 2000). The component graphic spins when CreateObject is called.

2) The proxy is installed on an IIS server (Win 2000) with delivers the interface, written in ASP, to the client PC.

3) These are the error messages displayed when a method of DAMS is called: Code:

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OLE Object

I have one column in my access database named 'picture'. I uploaded the pictures in the database using OLE Object. Now I want to have a picture of an employe in my ASP form.
It gives me an error. The page works without that code-line where picture is mentioned. Code:

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Xml Object

I have an xml data that I want to store in a database.

I want the following fields
1. Account-id
2. order-number
3. first-name
4. last-name
5. address-line
6. address-line-2
7 city
8, state
9 postal-code
10 total-points-spent
11 the list of items that were purchased which are in the section

And this is the asp code that I use to move through the list. right now all
I can get is the redemption top-level, but I cannot seem to go down to the
subitems. Code:

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CDO Object

I am creating an e-mail using the CDO object and using the AddAttachment method to attach a file from a URL. I am having a problem in that the file file attached is given a random name (something along the lines of ATXX412.pdf)

Does anyone know if it is possible to rename/assign a name to attached file before the e-mail is sent?

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If Object

I am writing a function to take a recordset as parameter, and print a HTML Select element according to the record in the recordset. I would like to check if the input object a RecordSet before processing, how can i acheived that?

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Filesystem Object ?

how to find the size of a pdf which is located on the server i know i have to use filesystemobject

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Opening OLE Object In ASP

I have a table called "Document" which has 3 columns

Doc (this is a word doc stored as an OLE object in ms access)

Now in my asp if the user selects a document it should open the word file.
I have my case statement that looks like as follows which I think might need some
modifications to open a word file: Code:

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BEST EMAIL Object Please...

we have NT 4.0 server now, will be moving to WIN2K and ASP TO ASP.NET. Right now we have java.jmail.....

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CDO Mail Object

I have an E-mail ASP Web form that is using a CDO Mail
Object. This form has to be filled out before the
customer can download our demo. Currently, the customer
fills out the form, clicks to submit and a message appears
to the customer telling them it was successful and to
click on a picture on the form to download the demo. My
problem is that many of the customer don't read the
message. I want to modify the code so that after the
customer clicks SUBMIT, the info is submitted and then the
download immediately begins without them having to take
further action.

What is the code I should add to begin downloading a file
after the form is successfully submitted. Here's some of
the code I am currently using:

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Create Object & DAO

how to create dao.tabledef object in asp:

I need to convert the following code into asp:
Dim tdf As DAO.TableDef
Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim fld As DAO.Field

Set db = OpenDatabase("C:Mydb.mdb")
Set tdf = db.TableDefs("Table1")
Set fld = tdf.CreateField("Field2", dbText, 10)
tdf.Fields.Append fld

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Object Required!?

just trying to add a product to cart although this error has occured!

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8'

Object required: ''

/djfubar/addCart.asp, line 75

this is the addcart script Code:

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I Would Like To Use The Object Comand.How?

i have this form sitting on my website that all the data submited trough it goes directly to an access database - what i would like to know is how could i also send an email with the data entered to the recipent? my server does not support CDONTS .

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Err Object VS. GetLastError()

The original programmer of our website put "on error resume next" on
every page to cover up his lack of skill. Many of our pages are
returning errors that we never see.

I want to make a little script that emails me at the occurance of an
error. I copied one that used the Err object but I don't want to use
it because I would like line numbers is the email.

I then copied our custom 500 error page that uses the GetLastError
function but it always seems to be empty, like no error occurred.

The function "If Err Then" returns true so the Err object sees the
error. Why won't GetLastError return the error.

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How To Detect An Object

I am using a stored procedure that outputs multiple recordsets.
I use <% SET rsDisplay = rsDisplay.NextRecordset() %to step to the
next recordset.

In one particular condition the final recordset is not passed to the
page, so I need to detect that the object is empty.

I did just try <% If NOT rsDisplay.EOF Then %but I get:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8'

Object required

Any ideas how I can trap this error? I just want the area on the ASP
page not to display when there isn't a final recordset.

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