Back Button Or Refresh Page OnLoad

how to detect when the user click on the back button to go back to the previous page? Or a way to refresh a ASP page whenever it's loaded?

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Page Onload/refresh

Is there a way to determine if a page was refreshed? I have a function that is called when the page loads, but when the user refreshes the page it calls the function again. Is there a way to call the function only when the page initially loads? I don't want it to load when the user clicks the refresh button.

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Refresh When Back Button Is Clicked

How can I make it that if the user clicks the back button --- the page will be automatically refreshed form the database (the asp) and not just show what was on the page before they submitted?

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Force Refresh On Back Button

I'm writing a math quiz. Every time the page loads, random problems are generated. The student enters the answers in text fields. They submit the form and the answers are checked.

if they were to press the back button, the same page will be there, and the student can fix the wrong answers. Is there an elegant way to force the page to refresh when the student presses the back button?

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ASP - Form Redirect To Same Page - BACK Button Does Not Work ???

I have created 2 asp pages called testa.asp and testb.asp

testa.asp has a link to go to next page testb.asp

testb.asp has a form that ask you for a reference number and post it
to the same page testb.asp

If the reference number is not blank, it will just write out what the
reference number is.

Now my problem....

If you go to testa.asp and click on the link to go to testb.asp you
will see the form. At this point, if you click the back button, it
till take you back to testa.asp ALL FINE SO FAR.

If you go to testb.asp again and see the form, enter a number say 33
and click on search. This will now show you the number you have just
entered. NOW - click on the BACK BUTTON, it will just show you exactly
the same page ! WHY does it not go back to the FORM in order to refill
in a different number. Code:

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How Can I Redirect To A Page When I Click The Window Back Button?

How can I redirect to a page when I click the window back button. I think javascript will do. But I will embed it to my php script.

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Prevent Users From Accessing A Web Page When The Back Button Is Pressed

Is there a way in ASP to prevent users from accessing a web page when the back button is pressed in the browser.

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Back Button : : How To Fill Values Back

I have a form that submits values to an asp page. If their is an error on the asp page that is called and you go back to the first page with the form. The values are not in the form.

How can I set the value back into form without the user having to retype them in? If I use hidden fields on the first asp page and I go back to that page wouldn't the values for the hidden fields be empty as well?

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Using Refresh Button On The Menu Bar To Refresh Two Frames.

I have an ASP site that uses frames two frames. (yes I
should be using include files, but we started ou using
frames so we have been stuck with frames.)

When I get a page expired warning (I am not caching pages)
and a user clicks refresh from the menu bar the user is
taken back to the home page! The home page is a frame with
a top frame that is repeated on each subsequent asp pages

The lower half of the home page is a login screen.

After login the next page is shown in the lower half of
the frame. Refreshing within the individual frames is ok.

But when the Refresh from the menu bar is used the home
page is returned any ideas why?

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Force Refresh On Back/Forward

How do I force the page to refresh when the user hits the back button on the browser? I have an 'add' record form and I have inserted code so that it will not duplicate if the user submits the form several times.

however I just discovered that if the user goes forward then back and submits again it will create a new record. I want it to display the 'page expired' message.

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Browser Refresh/Back/Forward Webpage...

I have never done the ASP programming yet but I want to hear the logic of the programming and see the sample code so I can have a better idea of how it work...

I have noticed that on one of hte ASP website, it was able to detect whether I did the back/forward button and blocked it.

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EI Refresh Required After Auto Post Back

I have placed a dropdownlist on a form in using both ASP.NET WebMatrix and Visual Studio Web Developer 2005 Beta, set autopostback to true, made sure I have javascript installed and when the form repaints, it does not show the changes (textbox populated).

I thought at first that the scripting for the autopostback was not working, but then, after doing some searches, discovered that after the autopostback, I could see the results of the updated page only after doing a refresh in IE6. How can I fix this? Is there some IE setting that is messed up on my PC? I have my IE settings to check for newer versions of stored pages every visit to the page. Changing it to "Automatic" has no effect.

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How To Specify The Page Looks In Window Onload?

I have a page1.asp that opens a window called page2.asp. I want page2.asp doesn't have title bar, tool bar, address bar. Is it possible to specify in javascript function window_onload() in page2.asp? I don't want to specify in in page1.asp when it loads page2.asp. Code:

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Frame Doesn't Refresh Properly When Manually Refresh Page

I have a page with 2 frames. The first one has a link that loads a page in the second frame. This page has a button on it. When the button is hit, the page does some processing and loads another page in the same frame (the second).

I use ASP and response.redirect or javascript in the onclick event of the button to do the redirection. When I refresh the page by clicking the button on the browser (IE), the second frame becomes empty. Please note that the src attribute of the frame is not set.

If I set the src attribute of the second frame to some asp page and then navigate to another page inside the same frame, when I refresh the page, the initial asp page is loaded in the frame regardless of the asp page currently loaded into the frame.

It seems that when you refresh the page, the frames are reinitialized no matter what pages are currently loaded in the frames.

I solved the problem by redirecting to the main page in the top frame, passing some parameters and resetting the src of the frame to the desired asp page. Thus, when the page is refreshed, all the frames are properly refreshed too.

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IE Back Button

i have this prob. example,

i have created 2 .asp pages which,
1. Index page
2. Adding asp function

User will start to add contents in index.asp, then clicked on the "Add" button. the form will post to addContent.asp to add the contents to the database, then prompt the user for Adding contents complete and lastly display the added content to the Index page.

However, when i clicked on the "back" Button at the IE Standard Bar, it display the addContent.asp page and prompt user for the last msg -> "Adding contents Successfully". how can i redirect the page to the previous page before the adding page when the user clicked on the "Back" button at the IE Bar?

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Log Out And Not Be Able To Use The Back Button

I am devloping a site with a log in function and it works fine, but what I want to make sure that when the user logs out, he/she can not use the back butten and then automatically enter the protected site again, and this is where I am at the moment.

I have tried several no-cache solutions, but they don't work as intended. Users should still be able to go back and forth between pages within the restricted area, and this does not work with no-cache, at least I am not able to make it work.

How do I make sure that using the back button will produce either a expired warning page, or redirect the user to the log in page?

How would this code look? and what page should the code be in?

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Back Button X3

I want to put a back button on my page, but to back 3x pages is it possible?

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Javascript Back Button

I am trying to implement a javascript back button on my page. I had everything working on my test server, however, whenever I migrated over to the secure server, it throws an error saying that the page cannot be displayed. I am using javascript.back

I have searched these forums, and couldnt find anything to help me, so I figured I would post to see if anyone may know of a solution.

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User Back Button

I've created a asp form that the user submits, the information is wriiten to a database and the user is redirected to a thankyou page

The problem is, if the user presses their browsers back button the form the just submitted is still filled and allows them to resubmit the form.

How can I clear the form session once the user clicks the submit button? I've read about this before, but can't seem to find the darn webpage that explains this.

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Deactivate The Back Button

i want to deactivate the back button on left top corner to the browser window, is it possible to do it in ASP. if yes please help me friends

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BrowserHawk Back Button

IS anyone having trouble with BrowserHawk's GetExtPropertiesEx changing the behavior of the back button?

The manual says this is only an issue in IE 3. But FireFox and IE 6 are mouse trapping with a GetExtPropertiesEx 0 type call.

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Web Address Bar And Back Button.

I would like away to make my users of my ASP application have to use the buttons on my web developed web pages to go from one screen to next.

Not allow them to use the back button or go to another web page of my application by using their browser's address bar. I would not want to disable the browser's address bar and back button in case they get knocked off my application for some reason.

Just want my application to ignore the clicking of the back button and new entry into address bar that has to do with any of my pages in my ASP application. They all have to same beginning //CEOSH_Web/applications/myaspapp/... Code:

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Disable Back Button

This isnt really a problem more like extra secutiry.
I am creating a wesite for a user who isnt completely computer literate and i want to either disable him from having access to the IE Back button as if he goes back on one of the pages and then re-clicks on the button on that page it will re-submit data that he shouldnt be!

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Back Button And Aunthentication

I used the Macromedia Dreamweaver Login Authentication forms to gain access to my page. The user logs in and logs out just fine. But if they log out, and then click the "BACK" button, then they can return to a secure page that they should have been restricted from.

Does this have to do with Session variables? I'm just confused why they would get access. Do I need to clear something that isn't being cleared?I can upload my code, but I'm not sure what to upload, its all standard MMX stuff.

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Clicking Back Button

After logout, if the user clicks the back button, the session should expire. how to do this

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Disable Back Button

I'm having a problem disabling a back button. Normally what I would do is just throw a history.forward() javascript on the preceding page and be done with it. My problem is that the preceding page can either lead to an error or a confirmation page. If the user produces an error and are taken to the error page, they'll need to be able to click back to correct their mistake. If everything is correct and are taken to the confirmation page, then they shouldn't be allowed to get back.

Has anyone come across this? I've tried setting a session variable when everything is correct but clicking on Back makes the value of the session variable what it was when you originally got to the page.

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Understanding Back Button

How can we understand that the user presses BACK button of browser?

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Using Browser Back Button

On a current website, when I submit a search from a form, the page with results are shown. If I then click page 2 of the results I get page 2 no problems. The PROBLEM then is a user clicking the browser back button. When this is pressed IE shows this error which makes sense but sites like dont have this problem. Quote:

Warning: Page has Expired The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, Internet Explorer does not automatically resubmit your information for you. To resubmit your information and view this Web page, click the Refresh button.

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The Browsers' Back Button

I use the following code which simulates the browsers' back button. window.history.back(), but whenever i use this , i get a "404 page not found error . is this related to browser settings?

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Problem With The Back Button

On one or two pages if I click on the back button, I get the Page Not Found error messagepage. How can I get it to go back to the previous page?

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Select Box & Back Button

Annoying behavoir from IE6, haven't tested other browsers. Have a select box, onchange event submit the form (it's a date). Data is retrieved for selected date. Everything's wonderful

User clicks the back button, the previous data is displayed, but the current option in the select box is still chosen, so the date that's retrieved doesn't match the date that is selected.

Looks like this is by design, which doesn't make any sense, so I thought of killing the cache. Is this acceptable practice in an ASP app? It's an internal business app running on our intranet if that makes any difference.

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Back Button In Explorer

is it possible to control the back button on internet explorer. i mean to say that i have an asp page and it contains certain settings and values in the fields, when user click the submit button.

new page comes up and now when the user click the back button on the explorer, how can i retrieve the values and settings on the previous page.

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Blocking The Refresh Button

Does anyone know of a way to disallow a user to refresh a certain page? I ask because I have a page that duplicates itself when it is refreshed and would prefer to not allow the user to refresh at all.

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