Cannot Use Request.Form Collection After Calling BinaryRead.

in my mail sending page i'm getting the following error

Cannot use Request.Form collection after calling BinaryRead.

can enyone explain y i'm getting that error

here's my coding where i get the error

str2 = split(Request.form("C1"),",")
i use the above code to get multiple checkbox values for getting the id's of the users to whom the mail should send

here the mail sending works as a loop while the attachemnt also attached to the mail

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Error: Cannot Call BinaryRead After Using Request.Form Collection

I have the below page which i use to add the information from a form to my MySQL database. It works perfectly fine when I don't add the code at the top for sending an email. Can someone be kind and have a look at my code and let me know where I am going wrong.

When I add the email code at the top the error I get is :
Error Type:
Request object, ASP 0206 (0x80004005)
Cannot call BinaryRead after using Request.Form collection.
/change_management/area/upload.asp, line 92

upload.asp I use for addding an attachment to the form ....

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Consecutive Request.Form And Request.BinaryRead

Request.Form and Request.BinaryRead cannot be called after each other as it causes errors.

I need the BinaryRead and I also need to access other form values, but I cannot call them after one another. What do I do?

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BinaryRead And Request.Form

I'm struggling with an issue that many have seen, namely trying to upload a file using free file upload code that uses BinaryRead but getting the values using Request.Form. It doesn't work, isn't supposed to and I understand that.

My problem is that I don't know how to implement some of the workarounds I've seen. Does anybody know of a sample I could view.

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Request.Form Collection

I am trying to create a string that is cencatenated from values in a form. The form pulls in the values in a reocordset and displays each record in a row with a checkbox.

I want to cencatenate the values of the ProjectName field if the checkbox (isChecked) has been checked when the form is submitted. Here is the code that i am using:

If (Request.Form("Submit") <> "") Then
Dim Criteria
Criteria = ""
For Each Item in Request.Form("ProjectName")
If Request.Form("IsChecked") Then
Criteria = Criteria & Request.Form("Projectname")
Response.write Criteria
End If

If I get rid of the If then else statement with in the For Each statement, then all of the items will cencatenate. I am just trying to grab the rows where the user has checked in the box for the row.

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Request.form Collection?

can anyone tell me why it is that when i do (see the code>)

1 the value of the submit button doent match?
2 the collection returns the collection string as line one?
3. how do i jump these 2 for error check and trim replace?


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Is There Any Way To Empty The Request.Form Collection In ASP 3.0?

While programming in ASP.NET, I'm used to copying out all the contents of the Form collection of the page's Request object, then emptyting the Request.Form collection itself so all my user-supplied values are safe in my "protected" Session Object. I often do the "emptying" with the Request.Form.RemoveAll() method

However, this time around, I'm creatng an ASP 3.0 application (not ASP.NET), and I'd like to reproduce similar functionality. It seems there's no such method as Request.Form.Remove() or Request.Form.Contents.Remove() as I thought I'd find. Can anybody help me with this, or do I have to just stick to my Request.Form collection, since there'd be no point copying out all the values into Session variables if I can't empty the Request.Form collection?

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Request.Form Collection Lost On Submit

IIS 5.0, ASP, and https://

I have "DataEntrypage.asp" which is a data entry page(about 250
data elements includes text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, drop down
boxes etc).

After the data validation through javascript(form.action =
"ProcessData.asp" )I post this page to "ProcessData.asp" which process all
the database transactions like updates, deletes and inserts.

At the begining/top of the "ProcessData.asp" I loop through
Request.Form collection and store them in a text file on the WEB SERVER.

Once in a while the whole Request.Form collection is disappearing in
the text file. At that instances it is creating the text file with size of
1kb but it is not
showing any thing in the file.

I checked and it is not loosing the session information.

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Request.BinaryRead :: Request Object Error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005'

Why does the error below occur whenever the statement Request.BinaryRead Request.TotalBytes) is executed for uploads larger than 100K? I thought the 100K limit applied only to Request.Form. This does not occur with smaller uploads. This is running on an IIS 6 server with full FP2002 extensions.

Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005'
Operation not Allowed

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Under what circumstances can Request.BinaryRead() be useful & when should it be used?Assume that the value of Request.Form("anyvalue") is "a"(without the quotes). The output of

is "??a" (again, without the quotes). How does ASP compute this value?

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Error Request.BinaryRead

Sometimes when loading binary files with Request.BinaryRead IIS on the log gives me the following Error (I have analyzed IIS Log with Web Trend Analyzer and the error isn't frequent):

POST .../WZUpload.asp |59|ASP_0101_:_80004005|Unexpected_error...

I don't have information on the file inserted because it was inserted by other people (Web Candidates that inserts their curricula on our Web Site) I have tried with large files and I haven't reproduced the problem, i have tried with 0 bytes files and I haven't reproduced the problem, I have tried to insert into the upload file Low Value (Chr(0)) and I haven't reproduced the problem.... The instruction is so....

AllDataB = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes)

What type of files can cause the crash of BinaryRead ?

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Just trying to experiment with the Request.BinaryRead(count) method. What's wrong with this script?

<SCRIPT Language="VBScript" runat="server">

Dim b
b = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes)
Dim Counter

If IsArray(b) Then
If Not IsEmpty(b) Then
Response.Write(LBound(b) & ", " & UBound(b))
'For Counter = LBound(b) To UBound(b)
End If
End If

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Error On Request.BinaryRead

I have a VBscript that I use to upload files onto the server. The script works fine on IIS 5.0 but on IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003 I get an error when uploading certain files.
I believe its because the file is larger than what is normally uploaded. Average file size is 15KB this file is 490Kb. The error that I get is

Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005' Operation not Allowed

The code on the line is biData = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes) Also the totalbytes on the two systems are different. Any idea why this is happening. Is there any solution?

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Request.BinaryRead, Error 'ASP 0101 : 80004005'

With IIS 6 - ASP :

I try to upload a file of 125,000,000 bytes.
To do it, I use this code :


I get this error :

Request object error 'ASP 0101 : 80004005'
Unexpected error
/test/test.asp, line 20
The function returned |.

I tried with multiple calls to Request.BinaryRead but with a lower amount of

It Works BUT .... if you call Request.BinaryRead with a value lower than
67125217 it works, any values equal or above, I get the error described

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Request.ClientCertificate Collection Type Mismatch

I have used simple asp pages to enumerate value/properties of the
Request.ClientCertificate collection like so:

For Each strKey in Request.ClientCertificate
Response.Write strkey & " = " & Request.ClientCertificate(strkey) & "<BR>"

exactly as suggested in the MSDN documentation here (under the Sample Code
for VBS):

That worked in W2k Pro sp2 ... last year, but I recently upgraded to XP Pro sp2
and now, that simple asp enumeration throws a VBS mismatch error:

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A000D)
Type mismatch
/cryptoasp/clientcert00.asp, line 10

I need to explicitly convert to a string to avoid the error using:

When did this change occur??

Note that this explicit casting to a string using CStr is not required for collections
such as Request.ServerVariables

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Form Collection With ASP

I found this piece of code to collect info from a form and then display the information.
I created seperate programs - one with the form and the other with the asp part to display the collected information.

How can I collect information in one program using "post" method and display it and get an okay from my users before I update the database? Code:

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Retriving From Form Collection

I have an asp page in which i have a combo,in change of selected index of combo i am putting the combo value to a hidden variable then submitting the form like this


and again while loading the form i am checking for the value like this .request.form("hid") but i am not getting the value .what could be the problem.the method of my form is post only.

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Request.form :: Can´t Upload But The INSERT INTO Form Works Propertly

I´m having a problem using ASP Upload with an insert form..

If I use ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" the all the parametres i might get with request.form don´t appear.. but i can upload the files.. Besides if I take away the ENCTYPE tag, i can´t upload but the INSERT INTO form works propertly

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File Form Type And Request.Form Problem

I have a form as follows:

<form action="dropboxsubmit.asp" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

<input type="file" name="FILE1" size="30">

<input type="text" name="def" value="0" size="10">


and can't get my asp to recognize data in other form input boxes using Request.Form

Any thoughts?

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Request.Form Doesn't Return Form Data

I have some ASP server-side code that works perfectly when the client is running on Windows (IE, Netscape, Firefox, etc.) but doesn't work at all when the client is running on Macintosh (IE, Omniweb, Safari, etc.) This is the client-side Javascript code:

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Calling A Database Field From Form

I have the following line of code that is part of a form that displays a record from a database;

<textarea name="name" cols="60" rows="20" value="<% =rscms_example("body") %>" </textarea>

Could you please tell me where I am going wrong on it? I know its probably very simple, but I am terrible at forms anyway.

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Using Request And Request.Form

when the asp page is Request("txtName").i can use "testpage.aspx?txtName=User1" to post the value.but when i use Request.Form("txtName").i cannot use that method,what can i do to solve that problem.(as i cannot modifty the request.form syntax but i need to post data to that web page, is there any method so that i can pass that parameter?)

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Calling A Javascript Function From Vbscript Form

It's a simple validation page and was working fine until i made some changes to the next page.

A regular form that calls a javascript function, but suddenly i javascript function does not execute anymore. i tried calling other functions but none of them works, but when i treid onSubmit("javascript:alert('some text')") it works fine.

I tried debugging it in dreamweaver and i get an regular expression missing error number 1005 on the last line of the javascript.. that is ....

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Disappearing Form Values When Calling Subroutine

I am calling a subroutine when I click a submit button. In the subroutine I grab values from text boxes and validate them. If it all works then it goes to the Update page.

Well my validating works but when it calls the Update page I am using the Request.Form to get the values from the form to update/insert into the database.

Well if I do an update it updates all the fields as empty. If I try to do an insert is says it can't insert NULL into the Primary key field.

Now most of the time the Primary key field is a list box and I don't touch it in the subroutine. Still why are all my values disappearing when I call the subroutine??

So I guess that is it. When I validate a forms values, them same values are no longer available on another page through Request.Form?

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can anyone teach me how to use request.form? i normally search through the internet is normally request from the same page. what if i request from different page?
how can i write?

the first top page izzit i write execno = request.form("execno") ???

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Select Case request.form("posted")
case 1
case 2
case 3
case else
end select

Here is my case statment each case has a form, which holds a varible named posted. There is a problem however, once the refresh button is pressed it &*#$# up. I need to set request.form("posted") to nothing and it would be good to know how to set all of request.form.

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.From = Request.Form("txtAMITENTE_1")

The problem is, I always do not know what the name of the field can be. But I know that it ends with a "_1"

Is there anyway I can do it..Like a right function to check the last letter and select the fild name. So even if it is "sun_1" or "moon_1" I can use it..

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I want to pass a Request.Form variable to an ASP form, through the url
for example lets say i have a form with a textfiled called "txtName" if i
click the submit button for example the asp page reads the content of this
txtName as Request.Form("txtName")
I want to achieve that the asp form is accessed through a URL where i can
pass the value of txtName without going to the page of the form and clicking
the submit button

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If the value in the field in the form is like this:

<%Response.Write recordset("InstructName")%>">

When you Request.Form will it not pass the value?

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Is there a way to name a text file with Request.Form or naming it after a variable?

I have a form with a field "name". What I would like to do is create a .txt-file called "x.txt" where x is the value typed in the box.Something like this probably really stupid attempt.


If Obj.FileExists(Server.MapPath("Request.Form('name').txt") = False Then

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I created an html email containing a form whose method is POST. The form is posted to an asp page for processing, but no values are retrieved. So I response.write all the Request.Form fields, and nothing appears.

I change the form's method to GET, then response.write the Request.QueryString items (which I can see in the URL) and it works fine. I need to use POST, as the quantity of data from the form will often exceed the limits of querystrings. Is there something I'm overlooking? Why doesn't Request.Form work?

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Cannot Use Request.Form?

I try to use script from for upload file. I need to store in session object the names of uploaded files but I get an error - Cannot use Request.Form collection after calling BinaryRead How can I make it? Code:

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This works fine in the CDO mail handler...
.From = request.form("Email")

I'm wondering how I can add a second variable "Name" to this line?
So instead of this...
.From = "SenderName <>"

I can use .From = request.form(" ? ? ")
? = Name and Email variable, how can I do this

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