I have a website that uses a database and ASP to create the pages from this database. Currently I have an application written that connects to the remote database and allows me to add/change/delete records from the various tables.

I want to get rid of my stand alone application and integrate this ability into the website itself. i.e. Have the browser login and then be able to operate on the tables using some sort of DataGrid like component. There seems to be a lot out there for .NET but I was wondering if there was something available for "classic" ASP?

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Vb 6 DataGrid

I am displaying Amount in DataGrid in a column called Total. I want to calculate Grand Total and display it in a text box how do i loop through DataGrid to Claculate the
Grand Total.

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Datagrid Please

I am working on a application that retrieves data from a access database. I have three related tables (Customers, Orders, Payment). I am using a ddl to provide a list of customers that when clicked on populates some textboxes with customer data.

i would like to populate a datagrid with order and payment information that relates to the specific customer clicked on in the ddl. Does anyone know how I might accomplish this?

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I'm having trouble with using massege in my program. This is supposed to select one radiobutton from a radiobuttonlist. but when I try this I get errors
The type or namespace name 'Message' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) Code:

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Datagrid Question

I was wondering, is it possible to make a datagrid using classic ASP? I know that is a much simpler method of creating one but my website is not based on, it's based on classic ASP.

So I can't use .net. Or can I? Well I'm not sure if ASP can do this but I know that using loops and stuff like that, I can create something like it.

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Can any one give some idea/code in exporting the contents of the datagrid in to a PDF format in web application?

I have to export contents without using any third party component or crystal reports.

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DataGrid - Row Data

I have a datagrid on my form which is bound to the table data returned from a function module in SAP. What I want to do is be able to get the data in the nth row mth column of the datagrid. Can anybody help on this.

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Images And DataGrid In ASP.NET

How to upload Images to SQL Server database using ASP.NET tools. Also how to retrieve those saved images from SQL Server and display them onto DataGrid.

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VB.NET, Datagrid, And Excel

I have a datagrid with a column for editing the data inside. On the page I have a button that runs Client-Side VBSCRIPT to export the datagrid to Excel. (We don't have Excel on the server, so it has to run client-side).

I used the outerHTML function and the datagrid goes right into Excel but the only problem is the "Edit" buttons show up. One for each row. I thought maybe they were just in that column-- but they aren't-- i can delete all columns and they remain.

I have tried to find a way to hide that column before the export using client-script but have found nothing. Anyone have any good suggestions? Either on hiding the column, or removing the buttons in Excel?

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Performance Of Dynamic DataGrid

I have a dynamic datagrid on web application, initially it will populate with search result data. in the first or last column will be a edit button to each row, when the user click this edit, it will allow user to see the column of the row shown as dropdownlist, textbook as defined in the datagrid(or TemplateColumn), after the user make their selection on those fields, the value will be valided and save to database.
My question is when come to make choice to populate the DataGrid, I have concern regarding when to load the Grid(further the Dropdownlist for example). do this inner controls populate with data when the user clicked edit, or do they populate with data when the grid was loaded with the search results? Which one would be more efficient in this case? I intend to hold the Population to the DropDownList until user clicked the row, but would wonder if this approach would work or not? how/when to add the value to the DropDownList.Item.collection?

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Edit A DataSet (not DataGrid)

I have a DataGrid which has checkbox columns. The data source is a run-time created data set that I store in a session so I can rebind it during postbacks. I don't have a database or xml file, etc.

I am wondering if it's possible to edit a dataset directly? So when I click on a checkbox it will change the value in the dataset and store it back into session? If this is not possible how can I use arrays or vectors to temporary store my checkbox statuses? I guess it's not possible to have one DataGrid have more than one datasource.

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Binding Treeview In Datagrid

We have a Datagrid and we are using third party tool treeview control. it's like we have to add treeview control in the datagrid dynamically, such that each cell will have a tree structure then we have to populate the data from the database according to the id.

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Datagrid Cell Colour

I am not sure if this is possible but is there a way to change the color of a datagrid cell when a condition is met? For example, let's say if percent_changed >10 then change cell color to orange if percent_changed >25 then change cell color to red.

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How To Addd Check Box In Datagrid

i need to include check box in datagrid and delete the selected record from the datagrid and delete the selected records from the data grid.

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How Can I Get A Specific Value From A Datagrid As A String ?

I use an access database and

The code is :
dim dtraw as System.Data.Oledb.oledbdatareader

dtrav = OleDbCommand1.ExecuteReader() ' oledbcommand 1 is an sql
DataGrid1.DataSource = dtrav



That works geat but what i want to do is to take a specified value from a
datagrid (for example the third row of column productid ) as a sting.

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Unable To Update Data Using Datagrid

I am really having a problem with trying to get my datagrid to update my data base.

I have tried 2 different sets of codes, but when ever I enter the new data to be updated and click update, the datagrid will just return to the orginal datas. There is no updating done. I really am very new to this. Please advice what are the problems in my code that I must change. Code:

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ASP Dropdown Box Value Selected Updates Datagrid.

Im trying to get a drop-down box that when a value inside it is selected, it updates a data grid below.

I am making a world cup fantasy football league between a few buddies and i want for each person to view points stats etc on a web page which connects to a database.

On one of these pages which i want help with has a list of Managers, and when a manager is selected it will show in a data grid their chosen squad of players.

I can get a page to select each teams squad, but at the moment i only know how to do that as a set of unique pages for each team which would be time consuming to do. Therefore a drop-down list of the team names would be a lot easier if it could update the page when a value is selected. Code:

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How To Add Client Script To A Pushbutton In Datagrid

I am using a datagrid in my web app to show a user list. I put a
pushbutton (could be linkbutton as well) for each row in the grid. I would
like to have a javascript function linked to each button, so when user clicks
the button, another pupup window shows up to show an image of the selected
user in the list. I am looking for a way to add client side javascript
function to each button and passing the each user's key to the function.

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Datagrid Sorting Effects Stylesheet

I am using a datagrid to display info on my page. Originally, I had the headers linked to a style sheet so that I can control the look of the headers from the CSS file. However, once I set the SortCommand property in the header, it seems that the style of the header changes. My font is now different and underlined. How can I control which style my sortable heading is using?

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Exporting Datagrid To Excel: Format Cells?

I'm exportin a datagrid to excel, but Excel file is without format colors cells border...
Do you know how format it? Code:

View Replies View Related How To Output Data From DataGrid In MSword Format?

I just want to ask if it is possible to output the data from "DataGrid" in MSWord or MSExcel format. If yes, How to achieve it?

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