Encoding The Ampersand(&) In A Url

I'm trying to use a popup window initiated from javascript to display pictures. Some of the directories and pictures contain &'s in the name or path. I've read the posts about Encoding but I cannot seem to get the get this working. Encoding the path to replace the & with %26 just gives me a page not found.

<script language="javascript">
function NewWindow(url, w, h)
url = "http://intranet/Marketing_Photos/" + url;
window.open(url,"_blank","width=" + w + ",height=" + h + ",left=0,top=0,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes");

url is the subdir and picture name, i.e. subdir/pic.jpg

Mareting_Photos is an IIS Virtual Directory pointing to a different server.
Everything works, the pictues display, except when I pass a url with an & in the path then I get the page not found error.

I can type in http//intranet/Marketing_Photos/SomeDir/Some%26PicName.jpg (replacing the & with %26) in the browser address bar but I get a page not found.

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Ampersand - Querystring

I am trying to pass a variable in the URL to a popup window. One of the variables in the URL has a value of S&CSB. Whenever I try to get at this variable it returns only "S". I did URL encode the "&" ampersand (%26) and (&amp and (S%26amp%3B), so I don't get why it's not working. Looks to me like ASP Request.Querystring is parsing from the ampersand on. Code:

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& Ampersand In Querystring

I have a problem with querysting again.i am trying to pass a filename with "&" in it e.g "Sales&marketing.doc"
in the querystring it will lool like:


and the "&" will be interpreted as another querysting of marketing.

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VBScript/ASP Related: Ampersand Assignment

Is this a "legal" assignment in VBScript? strSearchChar5 = "&"

Once I do this in script tags, it throws the rest of my page off, as far as the colors in Dreamweaver. Would the lack of colors mean anything?

The code that uses this variable works beautifully, yet when I use request.form on the following page, nothing shows when I use Response.Write.

This is what shows when I use Response.Write:

UPDATE jobs SET [SubmitDate]='',[category]='',[type]=''' ,[job_title]='',[job_number]='',[openings]=' ',[address]=' ',[city]=' ',[zip]=' '

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ASP Encoding!

I am running the Script Encoder on ASP file,
however I gets this message no matter what I do to this
file, I even clean up most of the html tags.

Why the Script Encoder Object failed to encoded asp file,
but it works fine on .js files.

Here is the message I gets:

Microsoft(R) Windows 98
(C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1999.

C:Encoded Script>screnc *.asp c: emp

Scripting encoder object ("Scripting.Encoder") failed on
C:Encoded Scriptine2c.asp

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I want to encode the data send from my website to server page. ie I want to hide from the user.

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URL Encoding

I have a page that got a textbox to submit a string to another page, when the second page recieve the string the url of that page looks like this: Code:

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Character Encoding

I have a partner sending me by post method to an asp page some text (xml

It arrives to my page encoded as follows

The < and > and spaces are replaced by nuùmbers and percentage sign
I am using Request.BinaryRead(BytesTotal) and then doing response write and
I am getting exactly the same string with the encoding
How can tell my asp page to translate the encoded text to normal text?

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Encoding Cookie.

When I run the ASP page for the first time, I find out, that the Cookie file name contains some several special characters such as %5F, which are encoded with a URLEncode function. So, I have the following string (after convert): ....

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XML-Encoding Problems

I'm using ASP to load an XML file. German Umlaute work fine all the
time (I use <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> so they
should). Except this time where I add a text to a child which I then
fill with text which contains an "". The ASP-error is:

"An Invalid character was found in text content."
(Or I believe that's the English translation, I get a German one, as
I'm on a German system.)

I read something about this error however even some suggested fixed
don't work. I installed the latest MSXML (4) and use
"Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0" for server-createObject.

Actually all I want to do is save some text coming from a textarea back
into a little file.

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Encoding Proplem

for arabic language im using the write code which is

<%@ Language=VBScript CodePage = "1256"%>

it works good when i try to display data but no good work when i try to insert data
im using sql server 2000 database.and most of my pages r self refrencing like that

if st=1 then

code here

end if

and of course im using the encoding code 1 time above the page </DIV><DIV>

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Chinese Encoding

I developed a site in English but need it to be viewed in chinese.

Is it possible if so how do i go about it.

I've tried various ways but i can't get it to work.

I've done the following but it yieled no results.

<body lang="zh-TW" xml:lang="zh-TW">

Is there anything else i can do....

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Ansi Encoding

i need to connect to a dbf database with ansi/oem encoding the connection is ok but i have problem with page encoding the characters don't display as they should! does anyone have any suggestions??

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BASE64 Encoding

I've finished my whole application and now I don't like the whole
session variables that I am using. I have a form, user fills in info
clicks submit and using CDOSYSMail an email link gets created with an
encoded query string. i.e
http://www.yahoo.ca?#$@%@&#%#$@&^@%# which translates into

Now when the user get's this email and clicks on the link I have a
decode function(again using BASE64) that takes that url and decodes it
to http://www.yahoo.ca?userID=54&LocationID=Denver. My app then
connects to the database and pulls info associated with that
querystring. I am doing the passing from page to page using session
variables. I do not want to do this? Any ideas How I can take what
is encoded in the url link and decode it on the next page? Let me
know if there is a simple solution to this. I love the encode/decoding

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Page Encoding - RSS

I am getting an error in my attempt to run RSS feeds via ASP

encoded as "utf-8", but your server is reporting "US-ASCII"
I've tried windows-1251 but do not seem to be able to change the output from the servers default

The problem is the data from an Access db contains hyphens and ampersands etc which cause a problem if the db content in the xml is read as US-ASCII

How can I encode the page in ASP so that it can display the correct encodingmfor xml.

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UTF8 Encoding

I have an oracle database where I store my html files on. While uploading I call the server.HTMLencode function to encode the blog but that's not enough. Once that is called I would like to encode the rest of the text through UTF8. Is there a predefined function that I can use to do this?

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Character Encoding

I have created ASP with database application over a PHP based software. My problem is I get data from Excel files with an encoding as SJIS (Shift-JIS) and save it to the database.

And the PHP software is the one that displays data in the web but using UTF-8 (unicode). I need an API in ASP that will convert charactrers from SJIS to UTF-8.

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Encoding ASP Files

Does anyone know of a good way to encode/encrypt ASP files so the code is
hidden, but still able to be read by IIS when requested? I have done some
searches and have found that using vbscript.encode would work, but that it
is very weak and tools are readily available to decode them. I have also
seen two products that claim to do this, but they either just used
vbscript.encode, or didn't work even on extremely simple asp files.

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Encoding French

I used "Request.Params["sName"]" on the Page_Load event.

I could not read the French like "é" If the sName has French, ie. if I pass the url like "webFom1?sName='abé'", then the Request.Params["sName"]"will equal to "ab", the "é" get choped.,
What should I do?

I used System.text; and set Request.contentEncoding =encoding.default or
Request.contentEncoding =encoding.utf-7, none of them works.

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Ignore Encoding

if I read an XML document using ASP without any encoding, ican read it fine, but if an XML document contains an encoding parameter, like the following, ...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>

... then it doesnt work and just stops working with no errors.

Can I ignore the encoding, if so how?

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Character Encoding Problem:

I'm having the following problem: I have an ASP page that calls another JSP page, passing some strings as parameters. The strings have special characters, such as "ó" and "ê" (Portuguese characters). When passing those parameters, the JSP page receives them as UTF-8 characters, with 2 bytes each, but we would like them to be treated as ISO-8859-1 characters. Code:

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Transfer-Encoding: Chunked

When I get the following input stream of chunked data I ge
Request.TotalBytes = -1 because there is not Content-Length.

The following will work because I hardcoded the correct length:

TotalBytes = 16
strBRequest = Request.BinaryRead(TotalBytes)
I get: 16 bytes of data (see below)

However, if I don't know the length and try to use something > 16 li
100 then I get at error and the TotalBytes is set to 16 and th
strBRequest is empty.

Does anybody know how to determine how to get around this. I am usin
Transfer-Encoding: chunked because I do not know how much data is bein
uploaded (could be very very large).

POST /test.asp HTTP/1.1
Accept: */*
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Transfer-Encoding: chunked

16 bytes of data

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Hebrew Encoding Issue

I have an asp page that shows the contents of HTML files in a textarea using the Server.HTMLEncode method.
It works perfectly with HTML files having english contents.
When trying to show HTML with Hebrew I see all the text correct, except the hebrew part, appearing as jibberish.
I use the hebrew encoding "windows-1255" in all the files with codepage=1255 in the beginng of the asp page.
Using a special text editor I detected the encoding of the jibberish text - it's windows-1252.The problem started when i uploaded the page to a remote server. in my local server it runs ok.I should say that all the html pages are readable when entering their url in the browser and i can also make changes in hebrew to a database using asp (from that remote server).I think the problem has something to do with the way the remote server opens the file.

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Outlook Mail Encoding

im sending a mail with CDONTS now if im combining 2 languages in the same mail, i have a problem (languages are hebrew and english) if im using dir=rtl the words in english appear backwards (the letters order is reversed) if im using dir=lrt the hebrew is reversed . how can i fix this thing.

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Encoding Problem With MS Access

We have a MS Access database, and we are working with greek encoding. When we insert data into the database, it's fine, everything in the database is stored properly in greek. However, when we retrieve from the database, everything is return as "????S???" (something like that with a lot of question marks).

What we've tried so far are adding CODEPAGE="1253" on top of the script, but that doesn't seem to help. I also tried response.Charset="UTF8", but no luck.

Anyone know what else can I try to have the data being retrieved with proper encoding?

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Creating An Xml Doc That Includes Encoding.

I'm trying to make an xml doc that gets passed to sql server, but I keep getting an xml parsing error. When i printed out the xml string, the encoding is not on there despite my putting it there... Code:

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Xml, Character Encoding, Asp Question

I've been doing a lot of work both creating and consuming web services, and
I notice there seems to be a discontinuity between a number of the different
cogs in the wheel centering around windows-1252 and that it is not equivalent
to iso-8859-1.

Looking in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTMIMEDatabaseCharset and
Codepage, it seems that all variations on iso-8859-1 (latin1, etc) are
mapped to code page 1252, which I'm assuming is windows-1252 in execution
terms. So if I set the codepage=1252 and Response.Charset=iso-8859-1 in ASP,
it seems that I'm *really* going to get out windows-1252, not iso-8859-1.

This becomes somewhat noticable in html since a lot of commonly used elements
(like the free-floating bullet •), which *aren't* really 8859-1, get
interpreted as such in browsers. Code:

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Un-encoding Server.URLEncode

There has to be a simple method for un-encoding output from Server.URLEncode or Server.HTMLEncode using server-side VBScript but I just can't find it. I'd appreciate it very much if some sharp individual here would shove me in the right direction.

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ServerXMLHTTP And Double-byte Encoding

I am trying to use ServerXMLHTTP to post data containing Japanese
characters, but the data posts as question marks, boxes or just random ascii
characters. Here is the code I am using:

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Character Encoding Problem: ISO-8859-1 And UTF-8

I'm having the following problem: I have an ASP page that calls another JSP page, passing some strings as parameters.

The strings have special characters, such as "ó" and "ê" (Portuguese characters). When passing those parameters, the JSP page receives them as UTF-8 characters, with 2 bytes each, but we would like them to be treated as ISO-8859-1 characters. Code:

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Character Encoding Into An Access Database

I have a client that will be submitting a form that will have copy/text in 3 languages, English, German, and Italian. The last two languages have a lot of special characters. What I am finding is that when the form is submitted the characters for german and italian get stored in an Access database as jibberish if you will. how to make sure that the text is submitted, stored, and then displayed as it should be?

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ASP Code For RFC2104 HMAC Encoding

I need to convert the following PHP code to work in ASP (not .net) and I'm a little lost!

// Calculate signature using HMAC: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2104.html

function calculate_RFC2104HMAC ($data, $key) {
return base64_encode (
pack("H*", sha1((str_pad($key, 64, chr(0x00))
^(str_repeat(chr(0x5c), 64))) .
pack("H*", sha1((str_pad($key, 64, chr(0x00))
^(str_repeat(chr(0x36), 64))) . $data))))

This code is directly from Amazon as part of the web
services, required for each submission. They have a lot
code samples but nothing in ASP. Any helpers ?

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Char Encoding In Asp Send Mail Via Form

I have this piece of code in an .asp file. I call this file through a form and I send an email

Set myMail=CreateObject("CDO.Message")
myMail.Subject="my subject"
Dim Body
Body = Body & "Name: " & Request("name") & VbCrLf
Body = Body & "E-mail: " & Request("email") & VbCrLf
Body = Body & "-----" & VbCrLf
Body = Body & Request("the_message") & VbCrLf


set myMail=nothing

The problem is when I try to fill in the form with greek characters. They appear in the email as ????? or very confused characters with no recovery.

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