Menu Tree

is it possible to have an asp menu tree? or possible to swap an inc though a link click

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Decision Tree Using ASP

im required to develop a simple expert system, like an animal guessing game where the questions, answers and rules are stored in the database. But the problem is i dont know what is needed to design the database and how it relates to each and other.

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Tree View

I actually want tree view which can dynamically display
all the child nodes(undifinte) dynamically.

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Need A Tree Script

I really need a Classic ASP based Tree Script in which we can add,edit,delete parent,child or sub-child name from the tree..

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Family Tree

if i want to make or build a Family Tree ,, which programming language i can use to do it ? and put in web site ..

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Tree View In ASP

how can i built a tree view component in asp then tree view node values are get from data base. if any one know pls explain, how it possible?

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Creating A Directory Tree With ASP

I'm looking for script where I can enter the location of a folder and a directory tree(folding list) is displayed containing all subfolders and files. I want to select a file from this directory tree and delete it. I can't seem to find what I want on the net.Can someone shed some light, please?

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ASP Based Tree Script

I really need a Classic ASP based Tree Script in which we can add,edit,delete parent,child or sub-child name from the tree

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Any Samples On Tree Manipulation

Looking for sample code in asp or which uses two trees the left hand tree having all levels and leaf nodes and the right hand tree containing only levels.

Buttons in the middle to "move" levels or nodes around, add new levels, rename levels or delete levels.

Everything working off a table with parent/child type relationship.

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Folder Tree Security

I'm creating a tree menu that uses FSO to read folders, subfolders and
files. I'd like for each folder to have capabilty of being either Level
1,2,3,4 or 5 security. The 5 Levels are my security levels with 5 being

I'm looking for any advice on how to go about this. I was thinking of
creating a hidden text file within each folder and storing the folders
security level in it, then let asp read the text file as it builds my tree
and display the appropriate folder icon representing Level 1,2,3,4 or 5

Anyone go a better idea? Perhaps an XML tree

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Folder Tree View

i have a folder tree view problem?how to write a code that can view folder and file like window explorer? is java script or asp can do this?

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XMl Tree Using Database Query

I am trying to create a xml tree using sql server 2000 and asp 3.0 i am looking for a code for it .

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The Type Or Namespace Name 'Tree' Could Not Be Found

I am working my way through Kevin Yanks tutorials on C# and object orientation, and I got stuck at the tree example.

Link to article

When I try loading in my webbrowser I get this error message: Compiler Error Message: CS0246: The type or namespace name 'Tree' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

I do however have the Tree.dll file in the bin folder, and it is lookin exactly like its supposed to.

When I try loading, however, the program works perfectly. (notice the difference in the URL's)

Why is that? Anyone know? Why do I have to remove the root folder name from the url to make it work??

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Tree Variants To A Date Format

I have tree variants, representing day, month and year. I need to put it into a recordset object with DATE format. How is the sintax?

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Tree View Web Control Events

Can any one give an example for handling a tree view
web control event, inside an application?
I am able to build a tree view using this control on an web form (on
page load) but can not handle its events later on

html tag includes the reference to the event handler and looks like this:
<iewc:treeview1 id="treeview1" runat="server" Expand = "treeview1_expand">

then the aspx.vb file includes the treeview1_expand() code:
Public Sub TreeView1_Expand(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls.TreeViewClickEventArg s) Handles
this file also includes a withevents declaration for treeview1.

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Tree View In IE And Mozilla Part 1

I am trying to generate a tree view in asp 3,0 using sql server.Whats happening is its not pulling the data from the database i can only see folders and the gifs but not the actual data. Code:

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Tree View Question In Classic Asp

I have written a code for Tree view in asp using database but it works fine in IE and it doesnt work in open source browsers means mozilla,netscape can someone tell me a link where i can get the code which works fine in IE,Mozilla ,Netscape.

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Explorer Style Tree View

Anybody have any experience of a decent explorer style tree view system which is database driven?At the minute I'm using ASP Tree View ( but it's not really the best.It has to work with a database (MS SQL Server).

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Implement Binary Tree Nodes

I need to find the total number of nodes in a binary tree structure, Also need the the leftside and right side separately.

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Web Dynamic Data Tree Software

I am looking for a software that can generate a tree of data. For example, I am trying to track real estate relationships like a lessor, tenant, general contractor, and subcontractors. I would like a visual representation of this relationship based on the values in my database showing the hierarchy much like a site map or family tree. Can anyone recommend how I could do this or suggest a software?

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Collapsible Directory Structure Tree

I want to create a Expandable and Collapsible Directory Structure Tree. So that it looks at a folder from a path i give it and shows all directories and files underneath it.

This sub directories needs to be expandable and collapsable and when i click on on of the options it will bring a select box up by the side of this giving options. ie edit this clear?

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Pop Out Menu / Sub- Menu In Frame

does frame support pop out menu? Thanks....

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Asp Form Menu With Sub Menu

Can any one help with code for form menu in which sub menu appear on selecting the main menu. This is one field of an access database to be submitted by user.. Now I have code only for selecting from main menu. Code:

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How To Make A Hierarchial Tree Of Option Buttons Expand Without Refreshing Asp Page?

I have a list of broad categories. For example:


Each of them are preceded by an option button. After the text, there is a plus sign. (this means that I can click on the + sign and then drill down further). For instance:


Similarly, if I want I can drill down California, if I want to.

Now my question is:

How can I drill down each of them without refreshing the page ? Every time I click on the + sign, the whole page refreshes and then I have to scroll down to see the break down list of the hierarchial tree.

Please suggest ways of doing this dynamically. How can I expand my hierarchial list without having to lose the focus on my hierarchial option tree?

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i have menus and sub menus written in java script in an asp times teh sub menu bars overlap with the text fields of some of the pages.I want to set some option on the menu bars so that if they overlap with the text feilds of the page still they remain on the top and r visible over the text feild.

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I am trying to create a Menu, like the one on this page, that looks like this:

Viewing: ASP Free Forums > Programming > ASP Development

But have no idea what it is called and how to do one. Can anyone please point me in the right direction.

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ASP Menu

I want to create with asp a "menu" that will have a dynamicall drop down menu. Is there any ready drop down or a tutorial for this?

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Asp Dynamic Menu

I have been searching for tutorials everywhere on how I could make a menu that is multi levels but that can be updated dynamically through basically when I add a link in the database it will update the I know how to pretty much pull links from the database for a basic menu...but lets say there is a link called about us and under about us there is more options to choose from.

How would i code this so the menu would know which ones were parents and which ones where childs? And does anyone know of a good tutorial, or of an example. and basically I want this because I would like to create a content manager...but I don't understand how the menu would work when pulling data from a database.

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Creating A Menu Using ASP

I am using asp and access database. I need to create a menu according each member access. In other words, if member login I need to display the menu according to the services the member selected during registration. Each service contains diff type of products.


What is the best way to this...

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List Menu

I need to create a page which updates a products information within a record.

the tables are,
products (ID,CatID,sID)
supplier (sID,sName),
category (CatID, CatName)

The above tables supplier and category have relationships to products by using the sID and CatID

I need to update the product details by having a select/option for a supplier and category but if not changed by the user the value already within products table stays the same, therefore the list must be dynamic so that the first item in the list is the one relating to the value in the products table. Also the value must be the ID numbers but must display the names not the ID's to the users within the select/option.

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Trying To Create A Menu With ASP

I am trying to create a menu with multiple tiers. I want to use the one menu as an include file throughout the site. Depending on what page you are on, I want the 2nd and third tiers to show up.

The rest just show the tier 1 links. I'm pretty sure this can be done in CSS, but the problem is that with a very big menu, I'd rather not have to load up the entire menu when it all won't be showing.

There for I figured I could create it in ASP. I could set some sort of parameter in the page so the menu include file would know what page I'm on, and then would only show and load the 2nd and 3rd tiers of that section. Is this possible? Code:

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Three Drop Down Menu

I've got three drop down menus which allows the user to select a date on a html form. The day drop down menu has the values 1-31, the month menu has values 1-12 etc etc. However i would like when the page is loaded for the current date to be present as the intially selected value in the menu. How can i apply the selected attribute of the current date.

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Nested Menu

My last (maybe) problem is to make a nested menu (I think is possible only with Java) and I must take the names of the selections from a DB ...
is possible? I can't find documents where is explained how to use MDB files with Java

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