Multi Level Menu

how I can make a dhtml menu into a dynamic menu that pulls its links from an access database instead of the hardcoded html.

I would like to know because I'm working on a site that needs such a menu and most of my administrators using my site don't understand html and won't be able to update the menu unless I can give them a simple form that allows them to add links.

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Multi Level Arrays

How do I create an array inside an array? This certainly doesnt work...

Dim TmpArray(0 to 10)(0 to 50)

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If User Level Than Show Menu

I tried to make our menu differend for Users for example :

If user level = 2 than
show Menu (Add Contact)

I used this code:

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Re-Selecting Values In Multi-select Menu

I use a multi-select menu in an ASP so the user can pick several values.

<select multiple name="lbErrorType" size="12">

However, after I have saved the records to the DB, and the user comes back
to edit a prior record, I re-populate the multiple select box and do a
"<option selected>" for each record that is saved to the DB.

<option selected>

But only the last value is selected !?!?

How do I get the select menu to select ALL the appropriate values ?

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Invalid At The Top Level

It has been said that When attempting to load an XML file saved as UTF-7 (a transfer encoding format for Unicode), the XML parser in Internet Explorer generates the following error message: Invalid at the top level of the document. The same error also occurs when using the MSXML parser from server-side or client-side script.
I am getting this error when I use MSXML 3.0 as reference in a VB DLL function called by a ASP file.

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Directory Level

I have a website that is running perfectly on windows 2000 server and IIS 5. However we are now moving it to server 2003 and IIS6. No problem there however after setting everything up a problem has occurred. My directory structure is websites then webroot within that which contains the site files. Within webroot is also a directory called connections, which contains the database connection asp file.

It is a mysql database. Ok the problem is that I am calling the connection in my asp pages as follows (<!--#include file="../Connections/connLUKTrading.asp" -->). but the server will not navigate up a directory level as the ../ indicates. The site works fine if I place the directory connections in at the same level the site works but then I will have to do this at each of wwwroot's sub directories I should not have to. I believe it is a permissions problem to do with IIS6 but not sure. I have spent hours trying to find it.

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Application Level Arrays In ASP

In our application, we have noticed on two rare occasion where the
data stored in application level arrays has disappeared. We have 3
application level arrays, and many other data types stored at
application scope as well. The other data types appear to have been

All session level data remained unharmed as well. The data
in the arrays seemed to have disappeared all of the sudden. No IIS
restarts, for example, were performed. Is there any known issues with
arrays being stored at application level.

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View File Level

On our IIS 5 windows 2000 web server we have many .asp's.most of which (When right clicked / security tab / edit authentication) are
using Integrated Windows Authentication.
Is there an easy way to check ALL of them? Some of the pages require a
higher level of security (Our password reset page for example) and I am just
auditing everything and want to make sure that only the few pages that
require it are using the elevated security level. (By the way this is
accomplished by using anonymous access with a domain account that is
I hate right clicking on 1000 different .asps to see the file / directory
level authentication methods... is there an easy way to do this? Maybe
through resource kit command line tools or some meta edit type tool

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XML Document Must Have A Top Level Element.

I am creating a simple XML file via asp and want the XML to appear in the browser. Here is what I have tried: Code:

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Graph? Different Level Of Access?

I have to create a web base application program, I think to use ASP but I would like to see If it supports comparison Graph. Does it support different levels of access because I have different kind of users or i have to do it manual?

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File Level Secuirty

I have made sufficent pages for our site and same have been in use in our LAN since long.

Now my company has asked me to put the same on web and we are buying a domain for the same.

However I am worried for a file level security. When the output comes in asp from cod below: Code:

Response.Write("<td><a href=Documents" & adorst("ProjectNo") & "/" & adorst("Client Drg No") & ".pdf target=NEW>" & adorst("Client Drg No") & "</a></td>")

We can simply open a file from our server's folder. Even if someone knows the full path, he can simply open file. Even someone expert can delete pdf file also.

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Finding Directory Level

I am using Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") to get the extention from the url and need to know if I am in the root or down a directory. i have two folders, one called 'local' and one called 'group'

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User-level Security

I want to open the MS Access file with user-level Security. I know that if I do NOT setup user-level Security in the MS Access file, and create the table for login in the MS Access file (Put the MS Access file in the server), then it works.

I did that. But, I want to know whether or not we can use ASP code to open the MS Access (MS Access user-level Security setting). This way I can put the MS Access file in the public place.

Can we do it in ASP?

The following code cannot do that:
set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
conn.Open "c:/try.mdb"

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Session Level Timer

give me a session level timer code? I'm trying to time a quiz.

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Set Readonly Value Based On Access Level

I need to know how to disable a button based on the username that logs onto the web application.

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Different Messages Displayed Depending On Stock Level

I want to display a different message deppending on the amount of stock left. For example if there is no stock i would like to display "out of stock", if the item is in stock display "in stock". Code:

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How To Use Database To Check User Permission Level

i'm going to ask the way to use database to check user permission level in asp..

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How To Restrict Access Level To Specific Web Page Using ASP

how can i retrict user to only access the web page iif and only if they have the username and password, they neeed to login before can access the certain pages. How is the coding for that web pages?

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Pop Out Menu / Sub- Menu In Frame

does frame support pop out menu? Thanks....

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Asp Form Menu With Sub Menu

Can any one help with code for form menu in which sub menu appear on selecting the main menu. This is one field of an access database to be submitted by user.. Now I have code only for selecting from main menu. Code:

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On Session_OnStart() Getting Fired When Going From Page To Page At The Same Level As The Global.asa

This is a standard ASP application that has several pages at the root
withthe global.asa. I set a session variable session("accountid") =
"123456" within an asp page and then response.redirect to the next page and
immediately response.write session("accountid") and I get back nothing.

But if I set a session variable session("accountid") = "123456" within an
asp page and response.redirect to a page in a sub directory and immediately
response.write session("accountid") I get back 123456 on the screen.

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ASP "Control Stock Level" Calculation

I am developing a simple ASP-Access system for invoicing purpose, and the system is in 98% progress. What I want to do now is to add some sort of "control stock levels".

Let say I have set the quantity of an item/product (eg, pencil=100) in my database (in my database it refer to the table tblProducts with the field called PStockLevel) When one customer want to buy 10 pencil, the system will automatically set the PStockLevel to 90. All the calculation will be done in the page called tasks.asp.

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Multi-purpose DLL

I released to open source a while back but forgot to post in here a DLL that was used in some of our older developments. It's not really a live project, but may be of use to peeps in here given some of the recent queries:Quote:

DBSite: Written in Visual Basic this DLL helps solve issues for ASP web developers, e.g. handling uploads, safe parameter population for stored procedures (sql injection checks), SQL XML calls, file system browsing, etc.

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I was trying:
<!--#include file="lang/<%= Request.QueryString("lang") %>.asp"-->
But it doesn’t work.

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Multi Tab Page

How can i create a multi tab page in 2.0?
create a frame and a number of page with hyperlink?
Would i have some directives?

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Multi Tables

How can I update/delete a record which is linked to another table with a
unique field. I know the select inner join, but no update/delete.

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Trying to join three tables and find the records which DON'T match OR have less than x number of matches.Not sure how to go about it.keep getting matching fields only.

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Multi Page

I need to create in asp/access/javascript a questionnaire that shows a single question on each page of which there are five then after the last question create a new record in the access db and write the answers.

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Multi Updates

lets say we have a ms db with two cols

id value
1 4
2 7
3 9
4 1

is there a simple way of updating all the value fields with one form? so i can have the page lay the four value's out in a list, the user could then edit them and hit update and this would update all the value fields. i can update single records no problem but have no idea where to start with this one.

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Multi Database Connection

I have written a asp application whihc uses a number of pages and each page connects to a sql database.
Currently I have the connection script coded on each page however if i need to change the database I have to change every page.
I have been told there is a way to have the connection on one page and each page to referance this one so I only need to change the one page

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.:·Dynamic Multi-dymansional

As part of the development of a shopping basket function, I've a two dimensional aray which I'm storing in the session variable.
I want the array to be dynamic to store any amount of products which may added.

I am getting a problem when trying to write to the second row to the array, saying that the subscript is out of range...
You can see an example of this at:

I am getting what should be the first empty row by getting rows=UBound(myArray,2)
I'm then trying to add into the next row by using rows + 1

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Multi-user Applications

I am b-testing a community site, with currently 1,000 or so membership,
and low concurrency, say no more than 5 on-line at once.

The site is hosted on a shared server, which is sufferening from
intermittent accute slowness, affecting all other hosted sites as well as

The finger of suspicion is pointing at me and possible sloppy code. As
this is the first site I have done of this nature, could someone recommend
reading matter (knowledge bases etc), especially coding samples, in
connection with data connections (opening and closing connections and
objects) and record locking issues, which if improperly coded, could
contribute to throughput bottlenecks due to inefficient use of resources so
that I can check out my pages and correct any nasties..

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Multi-server Code

I am think to write a code that will need more then 2 servers.

Can anyone give me some information to do code like that?

Like yahoo, google, msn.

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