i am trying top update a field in my sql database but it wont let me??? does anyone know if my syntax is correct?? I have a field called userId in the database and want to replace it with my form request. Code:

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ASP Update Method

The Folowing code is not working anymore.(500 error)

Set objRS = strSQL1.Execute
strSQL1 = "SELECT * FROM BannerRotor where BannerID=" & cstr(BannerID)
objRS.Open strSQL1, objConn , 2 , 3 , adCmdText
If not (objRS.BOF and objRS.EOF) Then
[ objRS.Fields("Exposures").Value =objRS.Fields("Exposures").Value + 1
End If

The .execute Method works fine

strSQL1 = "UPDATE BannerRotor SET Exposures=Exposures+1 WHERE BannerID=" & cstr(BannerID)
objConn.Execute strSQL1

W2003 + IIS6.0

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Update Method

I use the following to update:

Dim rsEdit1
Set rsEdit1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rsEdit1.ActiveConnection = MM_shop_STRING
rsEdit1.Source = "SELECT * FROM products WHERE pautoid = 12"
rsEdit1.CursorType = 2
rsEdit1.LockType = 3

rsEdit1.("authorMemo") = "TEST" *Error message from this line

Set rsEdit1 = Nothing

The problem is that I keep getting the following error message :

"Microsoft VBScript compilation (0x800A03F2) Expected identifier"

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Method To Display/update Dynamically

I'm looking for a few methods for displaying contents of a recordSet, displaying the recordset in a table format, allowing the user to update the information they want to modify, then saving that info back to the database. I know of a couple of ways of doing this:

Create an html table dynamically from the recordset, assign the values html ids, write the info back to the recordset on form post and update the db. OK, that's the only way I know.

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How To Tie RegID To Form To Update (batch Update)

Okay there is an unique EventRegID for every registration. When people first register they get pre-registered. Then an admin comes in and confirms or wait list them (based on whatever requirements). My question is how can I tie the EventRegID to a form with multipule ID's so they can batch confirm or wait list the PreReg list? Code:

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ASP Method

I have downloaded the DiscIDCalc program from CDDB. I've used it a lot because I've written my own application for my CD collections (keeping track of the track information of each CD, track duration etc). I've already got all my CDs into the application, I'm now just going through each of the disc again just to add in the DiscID information. I do it by running the DiscIDCalc program, generating the DiscID, and then then copying and pasting this DiscID into my application and then save it.
if anyone has successfully generated the DiscID within an asp page?
Now I have to have my browser up and this DiscIDCalc program up. Just want to know if there's a way to incorporate the two together (even if it means I'm not using the DiscIDCalc anymore.). This DiscIDCalc has a documentation for its DiscIDCalcDLL.dll but it's not something that I can CreateObject with, so I'm quite clueless... I don't want to use VB to write APIs for that

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Using Get Method

I use query string to search for records by using GET method. This method will generate querystring automatically by using the form name. Using search field together with drop down is fine but the problem is when i didn't enter any keyword or left the search field blank it won't display any result.

Unless I put "%" in the search field. How do I make the querystring change to "%" whenever the field is blank so that all records will be displayed.

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Method Not Allowed

Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /Database/processForm.asp.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at antonyx.freestarthost.com Port 80

i just got this error, however, i have managed to post data into my database on this server b4, why is this error comin up now, could there be a prob with my asp file??

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GetString Method

When using ActiveX Combo Boxes, can you use the GetString method to populate the control? I currently am using AddItem, however, it is taking a long time to process. I know that GetString works well to improve the performance. Here is my code while using AddItem:

while not rsClient.EOF
Response.Write chr(9) & "MenuForm.lstClient.additem " & chr(34) & replace(rsClient.Fields("Client Name").value,chr(34),"'") & " [" & trim(rsClient.Fields("Client Number").Value) & "]" & chr(34) & chr(13)

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POST Method

Now this is a weird one. I'm having a problem with a system in development. When I post data from a form in IE 5.01 it works fine, but in IE 5.5 it refuses to post the data to the server and in IE 6 it's scatty -- works sometimes but not others. Anyone seen this before?
By the way -- this is normal VBS/ASP running on IIS 5 on an NT server

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Redirect Method

can values of variables be transfered through response.redirect onto the next page

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Post Method

I have a form that ignores my form validation code. My code works if I use the post method of <%=Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")%>.

But, If I post the form to another .asp page, which I prefer, the code doesn't work. Do anyone have any suggestions? Here's my code.

I have a form that ignores my form validation code. My code works if I use the post method of <%=Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")%>. But, If I post the form to another .asp page, which I prefer, the code doesn't work. Do anyone have any suggestions? Code:

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I have a service provider that's sends sms messages from clients mobile
phones to my asp page, problem is I don't know how to show the data and they
are not being helpful.
The process is simple as outlined below (instructions from service provider

Example: If you provide this: http://www.yourdomain.com/sms/sms.asp then we
will do a post via a standard HTTP GET as follow:

How do I receive the url with the parameters in the address bar?

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Email Method

I would like to know which method is best in ASP when using/coding for email via a form.

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Best Method To Hide

What's the best method to hide, or not show a certain record when doing a pull from a database, as in I am pulling a list with a dozen category's and I don't what to show one of them.

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ASP POST Method Bug

I have a demo.asp page, that can't pass hidden value "mr progrramer" to
itself using POST method. Only "mr" is passed.

I created a second asp file demo1.asp and passed "mr programmer" and whole
string (include space b/w mr and programmer was passed successfully).

The code for demo.asp is:

name = request.Form("name")
response.Write "hello " & request.Form("name")

' if name is empty then store some string with space in it
' problem is the word before space 'mr' is passed, but 'programer' is not
if len(name)=0 then
name = "mr programmer"
end if


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POST Method

I have a .asp page that uses the post method and it works fine on my computer using iis. But when i put it on the web server (it has windows NT4) it wont work.

I've read that you have to do something to allow the post method on the server.

i know nothing about windows NT4 but can get access to the server. can someone please let me know what i have to do to get this to work?

Just to let you know the post method is for ssending a login and pass to another page that search a database for the record. If there is another way to do this that does not show the variables in the url please let me know. i am also willing to make it so that everything is on the same page so i dont have to pass anything.

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Using The Find Method

Based on what the user selects in a combo box I need to find the value from another column in the same record. This is what I am using:

rsPrice.Find "Component='Desktop'"
If (rstPrice.BOF = True) or (rstPrice.EOF = True) Then
response.write("The Price for the Component Not Found")

curPrice =rsPrice("Score")
End If

I keep getting an error messages:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80040E29) Rowset does not support scrolling backward.

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Renaming Method

I'm looking for a renaming method for folder objects.I have an ASP (JScript) application that I'm creating that acts as a document library. Users can upload files, create folders, etc.

Most places I go to basically have: copy, delete, move, create textfile as the only methods for the folder object - NOTHING about renaming.

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Search Method

i have a search page script which consists of a text field and a pulldown menu. the search function using search text works but not the pulldown menu. do I have to set separate recordset for each of the search functions, one for the search using text field and another using pulldown menu?

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Execute Method.

can i gain the two result. in an asp page which using a stored procedure with execute method.

i want to execute the query and return the count value the query at the same time. is it possible and how?must i use ado? it is not possible to make it with execute method in asp.

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MapPath Method

I am coping a file from server to local on my computer using:

fso.CopyFile Server.MapPath("downloadworkfile.htm"), Server.MapPath("p:workingworkfile.htm"), true
I am getting MapPath method must be a virtual path. How do I reference a virtual path?

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Post Method

Is there a limit to how many variables you can pass on using post method?

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GetRows Method

When querying a database, I know I can fix the no. of returned rows/results to 20 (for example) using the GetString method:

myVar = objRs.GetString(, 20, , ,)

What syntax do I need to use to do the same with the GetRows method:

myVar = objRs.GetRows ?

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Replace Method

I can see how this works, but can anyone clarify what purpose the 1, 1 serves?


strSearchKeywords = replace(strSearchKeywords, ",", "", 1, 1)

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GET Or POST Method

when we should use GET method, when we should use POST method? GET method only sends limited amount of data, and it will show the data as part of URL. POST method won't show the data as part of URL, and can send any amount of data.

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Get Method Maximum Len

the maximum size in car that i can send throught get method ?

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GetTempName Method

why the method GetTempName produced rad as the first 3 characters before giving random letters and numbers? It seems pretty pointless.

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ADO Find Method

I am attempting the following for a real estate website. I want to list the agents for the office all of whom have a unique identifier with an Auto Number type. As I loop through the recordset, I also want to open another table called listings. This table has a field called agent whose value is a number and corresponds to an agent in the agent table.

If there is a listing in the listing table, I want to insert a link to "View Listings", if not, no link. I am having a hard time doing this and if someone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. I tried the Find method but to no success.

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FileExists() Method

Here is my the relevant code:

set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If fs.FileExists("index.stm") Then
End If

The problem is this: fs.FileExists("index.stm") always evaluates to false, even though I'm staring at the file "index.stm" as I type. In fact, I can open the file just fine, using the OpenTextFile() method. Checking to see if the file even exists is the problem.
Anybody have any ideas?

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Post Method

I hv an asp page that allows the users to enter two dates, when they click a button i have another asp page that is opens word and shows the results in a table.

in order to get the criteria i think i need to use the post method for the page that opense word. however i ahve done a search and can not see anything that properly explains this method.

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POST Method

I'm having trouble reading data that i send to the server using ajax. The call am making in the client-side javascript is:

fullProject.open("POST", url, false);
fullProject.send('var1=' + projectData);

and I want to know how to grab that data using asp. The call that I've
been manipulating is

response.write "data: " & request("var1")

That hasn't been working, and all I've been receiving back is the string "data: ".

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Preferred Connection Method?

Which of the following would be the most preferred connection string method? What is the difference?

strConn = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & Server.MapPath("/marketing/ics.mdb")
strConn = "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" & Server.MapPath("/marketing/ics.mdb")

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