Assigning Design Permissions

Mar 1, 2005

I have a database that will be ran over a network. I want the freedom to add fields to the table if needed later, but I don't want anyone else to have the same permissions as me. I made an attempt at using the wizard to assign permissions, but it didn't turn out the way I needed it to. Can someone help me with this please?

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Database Permissions (NTFS Permissions, Really)

Aug 13, 2007

Can anyone tell me what the ideal NTFS persmissions should be for users who are only inputting data to an Access database?

Would Read, Write, & Execute on the networked folder where the BE resides be enough for the users to update the database?


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Queries :: Crosstab Design Is Slow When Opening And Saving In Design Mode?

Oct 6, 2014

I have had to use my first crosstab queries.

I now understand that when opening and saving crosstab queries Access (2010) runs that query to ascertain the column names. Unless you hard-code them. Running the query takes at least 20 minutes.
I have hard-coded where I can, but one report takes arbitrary dates so I can't hard-code them.

I believe that turning off AutoCorrect might make a difference to whether the query runs - but I don't want to turn it off.

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Something About Permissions?

Jun 11, 2006

I'm changong computers and at prestne (for a few days) I am using a borrowed computer. When I edit any of my db's I now get a message telling me that I haven't got permission do carry out what I am doing & the permissions will be erased (can't remember exact message cause I'm on another computer). The edits I have made work ok but I really don't know anything about permissions:confused: It's something I have not been bothered with because this is the first time I've changed computers with all my db's. I use acess 2003. The computer I'm seeing the mesages on is using the version of jet that came with it, my old one had an updated version of Jet (probably not the latest though). Any suggestions?

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You Do Not Have Necessary Permissions

Oct 12, 2006

Hi - I wonder if anyone can help. In my haste today I ran the security wizard on an Access DB and I've locked myself out. Using Win XP home and Access 2003. Now when I try to open the DN it tells me I don't have the necessary permissions. I've hunted through the forum and there seems to be tons of postings on this, and I have tried creating a new .mdw file etc, but just can't get into it. Can anyone help me please in giving the exact steps I need to take to unsecure the DB again, as there is dozens of manhours work in it, and I desparately need to get it opened again. Thanks.

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Permissions Greyed Out

Jul 22, 2005


I have secured a DB and everything is tickety boo except for the fact that I want to be able to administer permissions from the FE (MDE) and the modify permissions button that i have put on a custom toolbar is greyed out when I log in?

I have full admin rights on my group and own all the objects and Access lets me assign all the permissions if I enable the shift bypass and enter the development MDB that way but that's quite a bit of hassle if I want to just change a permission or two.

Can anyone tell me why it won't let me change them?

Thanks, Tom

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VBA User Permissions

Aug 12, 2005

Is there a way in which to assign user permissions to vba code?
I have some command buttons which run vba code but i only want to allow certain users to use these.

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Assigning Yes/no A Numeric Value

Nov 12, 2007

Complete newbie question, I have various yes/no boxes that i want to give a numeric value. The i want to add up these numbers and report it back to a text box.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Group Permissions

Feb 28, 2005

Hi, I have just made my maiden voyage on the good ship "Security Wizard" and the water has been a little rough but as yet I still have my sea-legs intact!

Slight problem though... I want users to be able to add data to a table but not to be able to view the whole table if they try and open it in the database window. Now I know reasonable measures would just hide the DB window but I have the threat of Data Protection Auditors looming over me becuase management "forgot" to tell me security was required and it has already been breached before I used the wizard.

Anyway, I did some research on here and I found a method whereby I can set the table so only I have permission to view/add data, then I can get users to add data via a query with permissions set to Owners.

I'm really hoping that someone will come to my rescue and tell me that there's a much easier way than that...



Thanks, Tom.

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Assigning Value To Checkbox

Feb 15, 2005

I think this should be a simple question, but I just cannot figure it out. I have a form which contains a check box. I want to set the value of a field in a table to 0 if the box is unchecked and 1 if the box is checked.
How can I do this


R Tomalin

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Logins And Permissions

Oct 30, 2004

Ok so my program is nearly complete...

Now I want to add permissions. So far I've gone through the very confusing security wizard and added myself and my boss to the list, but I have no idea what a workgroup is or anything. Also, how do I do permissions, like give myself full permissions, my boss almost full permissions, the secretary access to only certain forms and reports, etc.

And is there any easy way to log when someone logs in and out and what they did, etc.?



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DATASHEET --- Allow Design Changes: Design View Only DOES NOT WORK

May 18, 2007

I have a sub form in DataSheet view and I would like to lock the design so that the User should not change the layout

Even when I set the property of the Datasheet “Allow Design Changes: Design View Only” users are able to unhide the hidden columns and they can also change the size of the column by dragging the column end line

Does any one know how to lock the design of datasheet ( I am using this sub form datasheet for data entry but do not want users to change the layout)


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MSysModules2 Permissions Error?

Nov 9, 2005

My access DB is split into a front and back end - the application runs fine as an MDB file for all user groups.

If I then generate an application MDE file - I get the following error :

'You don't have the necessary permissions to use the 'MSysModules2' object. Have your system administrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you.'

(If I log in (as the same user) to the MDB version of the file - no error displays....????)

Why is this happening?
Ahy ideas would be gratefully received as this is the only thing stopping me from going live with the MDE. app.


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Users And Group Permissions

Jun 12, 2006

We use an Oracle base software called Trapeze and Microsoft Access sometime used as a front hand to access the Trapeze oracle tables.
Since a user has to be created in Oracle, with update, delete, read, write, append rights, for Trapeze to work correctly
Is there a way for me (, even though the user has update, delete, read, write and append rights via oracle) to limit them to "read" only on the table and not update when they access the database through MS Access to create raports? I would like to allow them to create reports by linking to Oracle tables, but I don't want them to be able to update or delete or change the data in those tables.
They only way I want them to change the data has to be through the Trapeze GUI front hand application.
Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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I Need Help - Assigning Age To Etary Group - Can You Help, Pls?

Sep 14, 2006

Hi all!

In my very first thread i bring a doubt that persutes me since laste Friday. I have search in the web an in this forum but, unfurtunantly, I didn´t find a answer for my problem. I hope some of you can help me :)

I am currently trying to construct a Data Base which will keep between 1.000.000 and 5.000.000 registries, and will have about 80 to 90 Fields. As you can see, its very much information to be hold and i need to ensure that the queries, that will be made to this DB, will be the simpliest and fastest as it can be possible.

Anyway, my problem is the folowing one:

I have a table, named Person, and in that tabe I got a field named Age and other on named Desig_AgeGroup. I want to assign the Age to the correnpondent AgeGroup automaticly (e.g.: if there is a registry in the field Age of the table Person thas is equal to 12, I would like that in the Field AgeGroup, in the table Person, appear " Between 1 and 14 years old" after that i typed 12 in the Age field, or after I imported Data to the field Age). For this proupose I had created another table, named AgeGroup, whit the following fields: Cod_AgeGroup, Desig_AgeGroup, Age_min, Age_max. At this point, my idea is to compare the Age, from the table Person, whith Age_min and Age_max, from the table AgeGroup.
However, the only thing i have acomplished whit this method was a Text box that apear in the field AgeGroup whith all the Age groups that I had specified in the field Desig_AgeGroup of the table AgeGroup.:(
Can someone tell me How can the Age groups apear automaticly in that field?

I hope I have been explicit...and sorry my poor, poor english
I aprreciate, since now, any help i can get from you.


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Database Permissions - Can Not Open

Oct 19, 2006

I have copied a work database onto my flash drive and then onto my laptop to do some work in it.

Now I can not open the database because it has the error message.

You do not have the necessary permissions to use the database etc...

I have copied the Application file, the Data file and the Workgroup information file and the only one I can open is Workgroup information file. I have tried holding the shift key down as well.

Any suggestions as I have heaps of work to do and I have tomorrow away from work to do it.

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Fe/Be Update For Permissions Took Two Days

Jan 18, 2007

This is not a question, but a short informational about a phenomenon I experienced at work. We had split a db and put the fe on each user's computer and the be on the server. After updating the permissions for the group, we were still getting "exclusive" issues (even though we knew we had the permissions set correctly). After a call to the main IT division, we were told just to wait a few days and the issue would resolve itself because it would take some time for the network to send the message to all the controlling machines, which would then notify their nodes and set the new permissions. Since the machines "talk" to each other constantly sharing many updates and such - apparently it can take a few days to get the "word" out to all the computers. Well, long story short, that seemed to be exactly what happened, and after two days - all of the systems were up and running and sharing without a glitch. Has anyone ever experienced something like that? I just found it to be a bit strange.

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Assigning Sequential Numbers.

Feb 12, 2007

Yo there - thought Id fire a question out regardin numbering:

I have a table players and a table team.

Players sign up to teams, and I have a report which shows each team, and the players underneath.

Player 1
Player 2

Now, after all the players are assigned to a team, I want to assign each player within each team a random number, sequential.

So when I run the report, it will be like:

Team A
1. Player 1
2. Player 2

Team B
1. Player 1
2. Player 2

Any pointers!?

Cheeas -

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MS Access And Sql Server Permissions

May 8, 2007

I have created an adp, and have created stored procedures for all of my forms. In the SQL Server database I have given my users permissions as db_datareader and db_datawriter, however they were unable to open any of my forms because they didn’t have execute permissions on my stored procedures. I finally had to give them permissions as db_owner so they could use my forms. Do I have to give them db_owner permissions to execute my stored procedures? I know I can go in and assign them execute permissions for my stored procedures, but there has to be a better way. Does anyone know how to give users execute permissions on stored procedures without having to give them db_owner permissions or having to grant execute permissions for each stored procedure individually?

I am still in the development phase of my project and having to assign users or groups with each stored procedure I create could really be a pain. Can someone please help me?

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Assigning Pictures To Records

Jul 9, 2007

I notice that this topic has been done to death.....I have a database that is embedding the pictures and the predictable problems has manifested...the database is swelling up....

I'm learning to adapt the database to include the file location in the form and have the picture box refer to the file location, rather then embedding the picture into it....the problem that I have is that although I know how to do it because I get it.....this database will be run by a number of people, many of which don't have much experience and it must be simple to input the file location. Is there a way to simplify putting the file location in the text box aside from typing it in manually (a search window; like the one that appears when trying to open a file or insert an object, perhaps)....

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Permissions Problem With Mdb File

Jul 12, 2007


Not sure if you guys can help with this one but 6 years ago I used to run an internet marketing company and wrote a database to manage all the info.

I've been out of touch with access since then but recently wanted to get back into it by playing around with the one I wrote, so I searched it out from the deepest darkest folders on my hard drive and double clicked it.......only to find it says the following...

"You do not have the necessary permissions to use the c:database.mdb object" !!! :(

I have no idea why this might be so since it was only ever used on a simple network with no server involved and I am using it here at home on my standard PC.

Anyone got any ideas, or come across this before?????

All help much appreciated :)

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Assigning Data To A Query Using VBA

Jan 16, 2006

I have a form that has a button. This button is used to open a report. The command used to open the report refers to a query and sets the criteria so the report generated only returns values the button asks for.

I know how to set the criteria of a query using VBA, but is there a way to set a field that has no data to now have data?

I have a field in a query called Type and it is set to Null (SQL: Null As Type)
I would like to do this in the VBA, but subsitute the Null for a value that would be specific to the button.

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Login Form To Set Permissions?

Apr 20, 2005

I have built a login form which shows or hides all tool bars depending on the
user name and password. Can I also control the other permissons like being
able to edit forms and tables? I know I can do this using the MS Access
built in functionality, but can I do it programatically from my user login

I set the tool bar visibility, close the login form and open the main
switchboard using the "on click" button of my login form. Can the above
permissions controls be done here as well?

Thanks in advance.


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Assigning Asset To Employees

Jul 26, 2005

Hi, I've lost touch of Access few years back & now I'm back again using Access... kinda rusty & yet rushing for a proj... so I'll very much appreciate if someone can help me on this..... :)

I've a database storing inventory details & after adding these details, i'm supposed to have another form where i'll start assigning these assets to different employees..& of cos, i'll need to edit this form over time if the employee left the company or asset is being transferred to another person. However, this asset list is quite comprehensive with thousands of records, so it isn't feasible for me to list all assets at one go & start assigning different asset to different employee... any idea how I shld go abt assigning? shld i minimise the search by invoice key & track no? (each invoice contains a few grp of items & each grp will contain several items, therefore, i've assigned an invoice key for each invoice & track no for each item.)

any help is very much appreciated.... thanks :)

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Permissions And Program Files...

Aug 20, 2005

Not sure where to post these questions...

Stupid question 1: Where are the Access program files stored? The Workgroup Administrator indicates the Workgroup administrator files are located in the following path on c:......

c:Documents and Settingsmy nameApplication DataMicrosoftAccessSystem.mdw

However, there is no Application Data folder in the folder with my name! In fact, I can't locate an Access folder anywhere on my computer...

Stupid question 2: I know I set myself as the Workgroup Administrator and I do know the password I created. This I did several days ago and it appeared to be transparent as far as accessing, updating, editing, etc.

Tonight I set permissions for another user, entered her name, indicated what forms, etc., she may access, etc.--as a user.

Now when I open the database it opens a logon box with my name. I enter my password and it says it is invalid! I can logon with the user I created, but as a user, she has no administrative permissions. Thus I have screwed myself out of managing my own database!

I have the database on a a jumpdrive drive so I copied it over the one that currently exists on my hard drive. Thinking this would solve the problem, it does not, it opens to display the same logon box!

Is there a way to delete all permissions?

Luckily, I bring the DB home to work on so my copy at work will be unaffected.

Sorry for the long winded stupidity. Any help.....?

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Combo Box Lookup And Permissions?

Feb 27, 2006


Have just created an access 2000 database which when a user logs on to the network as herself and tries to lookup any combo boxes or click a button to run a query from a form it shows or does nothing, yet when I log on I can.

Our IT Services have looked at folder/share permissions which appear to be OK and I've not set any permissions/workgroups in the database.

Can anyone shed any light as to why this is happening please?


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