Custom Input Mask Using Both Text And Numeric Characters For A Form

Feb 19, 2015

I am trying to create a custom input mask using both text and numeric characters for a form.

Example would me ABCD-12345678. However the first 4 letters would would need to be able to change.

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Custom Input Mask

Mar 23, 2005

Is there a way I can customise my input mask for a purchase order? I would like to have the P/O start with the first 2 letters of the customer followed by the month, day, year, and (if possible) numerical incriment. (Incase there is more than one order from the same customer on one day). EX: CH032305-01 = Custom Homes, February, 23, year 2005, first order

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Custom Input Mask For Date Format

Nov 18, 2004

Hi, I would like to create a Custom input mask in access 2000 with the format dd/mm/yy can someone please help me?

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Text Box Input Mask

May 11, 2006

I have an text box with an input mask of
>???????? to convert the text entered to capitals

1. Are there any other ways to convert to capitals?
2. With the way i have done the input mask if you click anywhere in the text box the curser starts from there. I would prefer it if no matter where in the text box you clicked the curser starts from the beginning
How do i do this ?


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Input Mask Only On Date/text Fields

Mar 6, 2008

Good day... beginner Access user (converting from Lotus Approach) and need some help please. Please excuse my novice... I'm on a deadline at work and need help:

-- Data source: MS Excel Table

-- Database form: MS Access 2003

My form is using the excel table as its data source. There are two fields: TELEPHONE AND FAX

When I try to use the input mask in Access to view the numbers in TELEPHONE FORMAT, it keeps telling me the input mask works only on text or date fields. Do I have to first modify the field format in excel? What does this error mean?

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Forms :: Max Length Of Text Box Input Mask?

Jul 9, 2013

I'm trying to apply a custom input mask to a text box control. The text box must contain a 43 character string, broken into sections as follows :


(The format is quite strict and always comprises alphanumeric characters , hence I figured an input mask would, if nothing else, support the user to key the string accurately from its constituent parts...)

However, when I try to apply the input mask to the text box, I seem to run out of characters - I get as far as the below but the input mask wizard won't let me extend the mask to the final 8 characters


Are input masks restricted to 35 characters in length? And if so, how else could I make this, admittedly complex, text input more manageable for end users?

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Forms :: Numeric Only Input For Text Box

May 26, 2013

I want numeric only input for a certain textbox. I can use a ISNUMERIC function to test this, but prefer to use the Keypress event. So far got the following:


Private Sub txt_Position_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
Select Case KeyAscii
Case 8 ' backspace
Case Asc("1") To Asc("9")
Case Asc("-")
If InStr(1, Me.txt_Position.Text, "-") > 0 Or Me.txt_Position.SelStart > 0 Then


It is working alright, except I want to avoid input that has multiple leading zeros, such as 00000 or -00000 (i.e. minus sign with mulitple leading zeros).

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Tables :: Access Input Mask For Text Field

Nov 8, 2014

I'm trying to set an input mask for a text field.

The data will be 1 to 4 digits preceded by 1/

I have tried the masks 1/####;; , "1"/####;; 1/####;; , "1"/#### , '1'/#### but none work as if the first nubber entered is a 1 it replaces the 1 in 1/

If it is a 2 then it works fine.

I can set the 1 to and f (f/) and it works no problem.

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Input Mask, Validation Rule, Search Form

Dec 1, 2005

I have a form that acts as a filter/search engine -- it inputs criteria into a query, then opens a report based on the criteria/query. One of the criteria options is "Supplier Number", which is to be entered into an unbound text box.

All of our suppliers have 10 digits, usually in this format: A123400000 (i.e. First character is either a Letter or digit, followed by four or five digits, then followed by four or five zeros)

Our system works with ten digit numbers, while the people in the dept are used to just typing in "A1234" assuming the zeros are irrelevant.

How do I create a validation rule or input mask where a user can simply type "A1234", then it will return zeros for the remaining of the ten required characters?

I realize the usual response to these type of simple question is "Search the Threads", but I have done so already and still don't have an answer!

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Use An Option Button On A Form To Select An Alternate Input Mask

Sep 25, 2006

I can create a customized Input Mask, however there are two possible structures that the data may take. I think that this should be doable by the use of two fields, if it can be done with one field it would be preferable for searching options. If I have to use two fields there would only be one or the other used for each record so I would prefer to have the unused field inhibited. Either way the code work is beyond my present ability, any assistance would be appreciated.

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Non-numeric Characters

Feb 16, 2008

I wish to check my phone number fields for non-numeric characters.
If the field contains 0-9 then I want to keep the field otherwise I want to replace the contents with a null.
Can you please help?

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Convert Characters To Numeric

Jul 15, 2006

I don't know VBA and I am not a programmer.
I have a table with locations identified by latitude and longitude.
I have separate fields for degrees minutes seconds and decimal degrees.
For example, 50 degrees 30 minutes 0 seconds is also stored as
50.5 degrees. I have a radial search query that finds all targets
within a given distance from a location. The three fields input by the
user are latitude, longitude and distance. The problem is the query
only works with decimal degrees. I want the user to be able to
input in a format like "50 30 0". How do I convert a character string
with non-numeric characters to a numeric string?

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Forms :: Sort Numeric In Alpha-numeric Text

Mar 11, 2014

I have a text field having data i-e HO-1, HO,2, ACW-25 and so on. The field name is nBadge_num and is Unique. The data in this field is sorted automatically like 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 2, 3, 4, 5...because this is the text field.

The number on the form is automatically generated, when the user type HO- for example on field exit event. The last number will generate like HO-5.

Code for automatic number generation is:

Dim dbs As Database, rst As Recordset, Response
Set dbs = CurrentDb
Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset("SELECT Max(Right([nBadge_Num],Len([nBadge_Num])-" & Len(Me.NBadge_Num) & ")) AS MaxNo " _


My problem is when the number is generated it give HO-5 instead of HO-14, How can I sort the numeric part of the field ?

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Count Number Of Characters In Numeric Field

Aug 24, 2006

Does anyone know the syntax to count the number of characters in a numeric field?

If not, how about counting the number of characters in a string?

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Reports :: No Numeric Characters In Print Preview

Aug 24, 2013

I have created a new simple db in Access 2007.

In the Reports, when I go to print preview or even print it none of the numeric characters are displayed.

It does not seem to matter if the character is in a numeric field or a text field and only seems to be characters 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

In the fields with a negative value the - sign is dispayed!

I have checked and appears to be only Access this is occurring with (Excel seems fine).

I have checked another database and it happens there as well.

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Modules & VBA :: Check If String Contains Numeric Characters?

Nov 7, 2013

Is there an easy way in VBA to loop through a recordset and determine if the text string in a text field includes numeric characters?

I'm trying to do something like this:

Do Until rst.EOF
If Left(rst!FldText,10) contains any numeric characters Then
rst!FldType = "Mixed"
ElseIF Left(rst!FldText,10) contains "PO" Then
rst!FldType = "PO"
rst!FldType = "Std"
End If

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Queries :: Alpha Characters In Numeric Field

Feb 6, 2014

I have been downloading .csv files from a construction website that we use to following projects as they develop. I import the file into Excel and then want to bring it into my database. The issue is with two fields I have that are numeric, however, when downloaded into Excel, the information in the two fields now have an (')added to the beginning and end of the string, i.e. and the second field has an (') and (-) to the data.


The second field is a zipcode field that comes in like this:


I would like to design a query to strip the ' from each field as well as the (-) in the zipcode field.If I have to write 2 separate queries that is fine.

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Modules & VBA :: Limit A Field To Only Alpha Numeric Characters

Sep 25, 2013

I would like to know how to limit a field on a form to only Alpha Numeric characters.

Example: ~AAUZNTO

This would be scanned by a bar code and I want the field to show only this when scanned: AAUZNTO

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Input Mask

Apr 26, 2005


I want to use input mask in my email field i.e the @ must be present but i must be allowed to input values or numbers before and after the @. This did not worked because i have fixed the values: ????@????

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Input Mask

May 2, 2005

Dear All,

Is there any way that I can use an input mask to enter serial numbers of softwares.....

the data will be like this...


Thanks in advance


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Input Mask Maybe

Sep 15, 2005

What I have is field called contract number, and its entered as 09-0011, which is ok.

Now I like it to show up in a different field as 090011. I guess my first question can this be done. Or even better how would I do it?

Now your question is. Why don't you put it in correctly the first time, and the answer is we want the number to have a dash.

Any suggestions

Never can be easy for me.

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Input Mask

Jan 31, 2005

let's say i have a field, in which i store and identity card number. This number may consist up to 7 digits (of which 3 are mandatory) plus 1 letter (mandatory) at the end. Thus a valid identity card number may be the following: 1234567M, 123M

Eventually, since the field must always contain a letter, i set the data type to Text with field size of 8 ... and i set the inout mask as follows:

9999000L (since the first 4 digits are mandatory). With this input mask, if i have an ID Number of 123M, i have to input it as 0000123M.

Although, I would like to have the leading zeros, is it possible that during data entry time, i would simply type 123M, and i will get the zeros automatically, after the field loses the focus, rather than having to type them myself ?

Thank You

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Input Mask

Oct 18, 2005

Trying to set an input mask to Capitalize the first letter of a surname but also to do this for ie MacDonald or O'Brian? How can i do this?

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Input Mask

Jul 19, 2006

When you add a new column you can select different data types such as text, memo, currency,...

When I pick currency and typ in 12345 in the column and press tab it automatically puts the sign behind 12345.....

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Input Mask Help

Sep 2, 2007

I am trying to create an input mask for a name field. I have Spanish names with two last names separated by a hyphen, a comma after the two last names, a space, and then the First Name a space and the Middle Name. The First Last Name needs to be in all capitals like the example. Example: NARANJO-Ramirez, Jose Luis

Can someone please help me format this mask. One trick is that there aren't always middle names. Since all parts of the name are different lenghts for everybody, I need to have an optional number of characters for each of the four parts of the name.

Thanks for your help.

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Input Mask

Apr 11, 2005

I have a text box on a form that holds a grid reference, (2 letters and 6 numbers). I have set the box up with an input mask, (>LL000000;0;_). Is there a way that when the user clicks in the box that the cursor will go to the start of the box. At present it goes wherever they click in the box. If they dont notice then the machine starts beeping at them, most annoying!

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