Forms :: Access Permission On Tabs For Some Users

Jul 23, 2013

I have a form with several tabs and I don't want to give permission for some users on some tabs. How can I do it?

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How To Create Users And Permission In MS Access 2010

Apr 29, 2013

how to add security features into My Access database. i.e create users with permissions/login.

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Forms :: Restrict Ribbon Tabs To Users

Nov 29, 2014

I want to restrict the users to only be able to access certain tabs in the ribbon .example "user1" cannot access the external tab and the create tab, but can access all others.

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Forms :: Show Tabs And Subforms In Tabs Only If Data Exists

May 6, 2013

I'm trying to clean up a form a bit and have it only show certain subforms/graphs if the data exists. I already have columns in a combobox query to show an "X" for if certain data appears:

Now, I know I could build another query and have some system go through and identify these things, but the easiest thing would be to reference the "X" in the columns of the combobox. Is there an easy way to reference values in the other (non-primary) columns? Or can you think of an easy way to make these subforms only be visible when the data exists? Maybe have an on load event for the subform?

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Forms :: Navigation Form - Limit Access To Tabs

Feb 7, 2015

I have navigation form with 2 tabs I'd like to limit access to users with certain type of account.

There are 2 tables in database that contains user names and types of accounts (tblSecurityLevel and tblUser), and they are used to set user name, login and security level.

It works this way: when you open form, it checks if PC name corresponds to name in UserLogin field (tblUser), if it does it gives appropriate access level depending on set user security, if PC name is not on the list user will be logged as guest.

So far, I used this code and it works great for limiting access to 1 tab:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim UserLogin As String
Dim userLevel As Integer
UserLogin = Environ("Username")
Me.TxtLogin = UserLogin

[Code] ....

Is there a way to expand the code and add second tab (or even third) with this table structure (I'd like to be able to keep login which 1st checks for pc name).

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Forms :: Access 2010 The Same Record Be Selected In Each List Box Within The Form With Tabs

Sep 21, 2013

I have a form with 3 tab controls. Within each tab, there is a bound list box that lists records based on a combo box selection. All list boxes are bound to the same table and records in each tab will be in the same order.

Tab1, listbox1:Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4
Tab2, listbox2, Field1,Field2, Field5, Field6
Tab3, listbox3:Field1, Field2, Field7, Field8,Field9

I would like the same record be selected in each list box within the tabs, e.g. when record #2 is selected on tab1, the same record will be selected on tab2 and tab3, or if I click on tab 2 again and change the selection to record #3, record #3 will be selected on tab1 and tab2.

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Access Permission

Jan 17, 2007

Hi there

Can i set permission on a single button in a access database form for specific number of users. And rest of the database is available for everybody ?


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Access 200 Permission Lockup

Feb 20, 2008

Either when copying from one db to another on my machine or running a db produced on that machine on a network, I get the message "the database has been placed in a state by user (my machine is called "Rat") that prevents it from being opened or locked". =Error 3734.
The security data says I am "Admin" and permission is set for Admin and Users. It has been doing this intermittently for a while and now does it all the time.
Follow up data
All databases are created, revised and run on home machine (Rat) and run on the office network.

The offending DB will permit internal design, editing , copying and will accept pasting IN of tables etc. from other DBs. But it will not allow copying OUT of files such as a table to other DBs even on the machine that created them. However it will allow copying and pasting of objects such as forms in visual form or individual query cells to other DBs.

Iíve carefully compared the Tools/Security/User & Group Permissions with a good running version of the DB and can see no difference.
Permission settings on good and bad DBs are:-
Permissions: Admin Object: Current DB
Checked: Open/Run, Open Exclusive, Administer.
Iíve also checked each individual filesí Permissions. The .ldb file, viewed with Word with the offending DB running on my office machine (Weasil), reads:-
WEASIL_ Admin_

The creating machine ďRatĒ uses the Account ďRichardĒ: but I have had few similar problems before. While revising the DB, I made 30 copies of at each stage along the way but saved carefully each design change and certainly did not deboot the computer without doing so.

Iíve tried the above procedure on my computer (Weasil) at the office, but got the same result. So itís not the computers or MS Access 2000 program. Somewhere along the line, perhaps, the DB got corrupted. It Repaired and Compacted OK but still has the problem.

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Why Those Permission Differences Btw Access Files ??

Sep 1, 2005

Hi accessors,

I have 1 permissions related Q.

If I create msaccess db by calling the app through its icon, i get a db with following permission items :


but if I create it through rightclick> new> ms_office_access_application, I get a db with:

VS Developers(compNameVS Developers)

Why /the hell/ those differences btw the same kind of files ? :mad:


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Column Permission In Access Table

Jan 4, 2005


I have a table in Access database. I would like to set read only permissions to some of the fields/columns in the table. I do not want user to alter or edit some fields/columns in a table. Could someone give a solution for this?

thanks in adavance


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Access 2003 Security Permission Problem

Oct 19, 2006

I have a database, which contains linked tables to another database. The information held in the tables are mostly open for every permitted user but some of the table informations are restricted to a few user only. To manage all of this different permissions I created a workgroup, changed all the necessary things to become an administrator and run the security wizard to secure my database. Finally I want to give every single group the access it belongs to. And there is my problem.
I have a form which has a VBA code underlying which selects data from a table and two queries and where the user can set individual criterias. For me as an admin user this form works perfect. When I log on as a user I can't find out how to set the permissions not to receive the error message: "You do not have the necessary permission to use the 'MSys Table' object...." The user should not be an admin user and I already set the modify, update, delete, read, read design permission to the group. Nothing helps.
Please if anybody has an idea what I can try I really would appreaciate this help!
Thanks very much :)

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Users Unable To Access New Forms/tables

Aug 1, 2005

I enabled security on an .mdb which included several users that are in the Full Data Users group. After I did this I needed to add a new form to the application, so I logged into the application and added it. However, though the admin group and the Full Permissions group can access it fine, the Full Data Users group cannot. I have double checked all of the settings and have even rebuilt the .mdw file to no avail. Any thoughts?

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Switchboard Front Page - Users Able To Access Forms For Data Input

Dec 8, 2011

I have created a switchboard 'front page' through which I hope for users to access the forms for inputting data.

Within this front page I have an 'enter' button - successfully created - everything.

However, I am unclear as to how you activate this, or any other button. I have linked it to the appropriate form and stated the action I want it to undertake, but nothing is happening.

What further instructions do I need to provide ...and where?!

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Forms :: One Table / Three Forms - Each Form With Control Tabs

Jul 4, 2013

I'm trying to make a very simple click through data entry screen in Access 2007. For each record I want to have a standard form with three buttons at the bottom. Each button opens a new form (each form has a set of tabbed pages on it as there is lots to enter).How do I make sure that each of the additional forms populate the same record as the main form.

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General :: Access Document Tabs

Nov 9, 2012

I have a problem with the way my forms are opening.The problem is with the document tabs, not the in form tabs.Basically the database will open the login screen (Modal & Popup) on load, after a successful login the user is redirected to a diary events page and the login form closes, then a user can select an ID (hyperlinked) which will open up a popup/modal form for more details and then if they want they can click a button within the popup which will view all client details.

I use VBA to close any popup/modal forms and open the Main Client Screen, at this point there are only 2 forms open in Single Form format, which is the diary events page and main client screen.The problem is once you click "view client" and the form opens, it defaults to the diary events tab, so the client screen is opening behind the diary events form, you then have to click the document tab for "client screen" to be able to view the form, which is a minor issue but annoying still.

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Auto Tabs In Forms

Mar 3, 2005

I am releatively new to using Access. I have a form created and linked to tables. I would like to know if there is a way to have the form automatically tab to the next field for me. I have several fields that have the same number of characters entered for every record. I would like it to jump to the next field once I've entered the maximum number of characters in that field. I tried setting the fields in the tables to the length I want, and it does stop me from entering any more than that in the forms, but I still need to press the tab key. Kind of annoying after a while. Anyone know how to do this? THanks.

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Forms And Tabs And Text Box

Oct 19, 2005

I am trying to create a simple form with tabs. I want each tab to read from different tables.

I created the Form
I droped the Tab Control on it and made 2 more tabs

Now I want to add Text Boxes and populate them with values from a specific table. In the Control Property of each Text Box I set it to =[Table]![Field] and I get #Name?

I cannot seem to link the Text Box back to the specific table.

Once I do that I want to be able to Goto Next, Goto Previous etc.


Thanks in advance

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Forms :: Navigation Forms - Moving Between Tabs

Aug 21, 2013

I have set up my main data entry form as a navigation form with 5 tabs/pages. The first three all contain fields from my main data table, the other 2 tabs/pages have fields from related tables.

Ok, so my question is: is if there is a way to go from tab/page 1 through the other 4 in succession with the main primary key (in this case an object ID number) automatically populated through. As it is now, when I start a new record for an object on tab/page 1, and then go to the next tab/page, it registers a new record has been created (at the bottom of the form it updates the total amount of records entered), but I have to manually enter in the ID field at the top the object ID number that I am entering info for. Otherwise it is still showing the details associated with the last record I was in the form updating.

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Opening Forms In Different Taskbar Tabs On XP

Dec 21, 2006

Hey guys,
We are running a mdb access file that spawns different 'windows' or forms if you will. We've had a request from a staff member that they be opened in different taskbar instances in windows xp. It does in windows 2k, however.

The only way of swapping forms at the moment is to click "Window" and then the form name.

Any idea's guys?

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Forms :: Tab Control Form With About 5 Tabs

Nov 21, 2013

I have a tab control form with about 5 tabs. However when I move to the tab that has a datasheet form, the page moves down. You have to scroll up to see the above tabs. Is there something I'm missing on this simple tasks? Is it better to have it as a basic form for easier interface.

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Forms :: How To Manually Make New Tabs To Appear On Second Row

Jun 30, 2014

How can I manually make new tabs appear on the second row when they normally would not?

I want to force some tabs onto the second row of a multirow tab control...

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Forms :: Getting Same Subform To Update Across Different Tabs

Jul 14, 2015

Update an old database (2005 old) with new employees, jobs, etc.

Unfortunately, the old database had a lot of restrictions, was outdated in what we needed (even had the companies old name), and so forth. So, I decided to build a new one. I am at the very end of this journey and there is one thing that is keeping me from completing it:

When I put in a new employee's name, I do so in my first tab, Employee Data. The subform in this tab is "subEmployees" and it's source is a table called "Employees". My next tab is "Drug Tests" and in it is a subMaster and subChild. The subMaster is "subEmployees". A few more tabs over is "Training History", where again, there is a subMaster and subChild. Again, the subMaster is the form "subEmployees".

I would think that since all of these are the same subform or whatever, they should all update immediately when the other one's are changed. That, however, is not the case. I have to close and reopen (or enter/exit design view) to update information. Once the information is there, however, I can change it freely. I assume this is a problem with "requery" but I don't know how to fix it, as it is obviously refreshing just fine.

I do have code for requery but it came from the previous database (as my major is chemical engineering and I know very little about code) and the code only deals with the subChild of my "Drug Tests" and "Training History" tabs.

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Forms :: Buttons Showing On All Tabs?

Mar 8, 2013

I have a database where I used a template as it's base. On the main "Welcome" screen there is a Tab Control with 4 pages in it. In the template, they added a button to 1 of the pages only. In other words, it is not visible on the other 3 pages.

My question is... how the heck did they do that??? I added a button on the same page right next to it. And no matter what I do, it shows up on ALL 4 pages!

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General :: Import Spreadsheet With Multiple Tabs Into Access

Aug 20, 2013

Need to get these into Access from an excel spreadsheet (located on sharepoint). I'm using the spreadsheet fields to create the table fields in Access.

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Forms :: Embed Navigation Form Instead Of Using Tabs

Oct 21, 2014

I have a form with a lot of data structured in tabs. Since the tab loads all the data at once while the navigation form browses to the desired form. I have tried but the issue is the Master-Child link. The form in the navigation form is not considered as a subform, hence, no way to set a Master-Child link. The navigation form itself is the subform but even when setting up a link there it has no influence on the form displayed by the navigation form.

[URL] ....

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Forms :: When Navigating Tabs - Preventing The Loss Of First Tab

Aug 7, 2014

First thing: I have a navigation form that leads through 5 subforms on my database. One is a data entry form, the rest are various informative forms with explanations, images and other text mainly. In this scenario, a user enters data on the first tab but doesn't finish it. The user clicks over to check up on some guidelines on the other tabs and then comes back to the first tab for find that all of the fields he entered reset and he lost everything.

Is there a way of preventing this from happening? Plan A would be for me to allow the user to switch around tabs without losing the data he or she entered into textboxes or dropdowns. Plan B would be for me to have a popup that appears when he tries to switch tabs that warns him of data loss and that he should save before moving tabs.

PS: One other thing: I have the standard Access wizard search button on my first tab that allows the user to search records. This works well, but I'd like for the search box to close immediately after a search turns up a matching record. This seems odd, but the users requested it because manually closing the search box after every search can add up to a lot of wasted time.

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