Having An Option Button Select A Different Subform To Come Up In The Same Location

Aug 17, 2004

Asked this one yesterday but I think I must be doing somthing wrong. I have a main form named "Techdata" on this form I have an option group with 2 option buttons. I would like when selecting the first option button for the subform "effectivity" to show up on the main form. When the second button is selected I would like the subform "effectivity single" to show up in the same place where "effectivity" was(would like effectivity to be invisable then).
Can anyone walk me through this from whoa to go as Im havn a lil bitta trouble

Thanks for your time everyone

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Use An Option Button On A Form To Select An Alternate Input Mask

Sep 25, 2006

I can create a customized Input Mask, however there are two possible structures that the data may take. I think that this should be doable by the use of two fields, if it can be done with one field it would be preferable for searching options. If I have to use two fields there would only be one or the other used for each record so I would prefer to have the unused field inhibited. Either way the code work is beyond my present ability, any assistance would be appreciated.

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Forms :: Option Button Link To Invisible Subform?

May 8, 2014

I have two option buttons, 1_optn and 2_optn. I have two subforms, 1_frm and 2_frm.

When clicking the little round dot (the option button) for 1_optn, I want the subform 1_frm to become visible. Likewise, when clicking 2_optn, I want the subform 2_frm to become visible. In the properties panel, both forms visibility is set to No.

I have tried creating a Macro and the best I've gotten is using the OpenForm function but that opens up the forms in a new window. I'd set the Macro to the OnClick event for a combo box (as I couldn't get the option button to work) so when "1" is clicked, the form would pop up. But they have to be in the same form. No pop ups. It also has to be an option button, not a combo box or list box.It also has to be a Macro. No Event Procedure coding unfortunately.

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Select Option Group Option Based On Checkbox Value

Aug 22, 2005


I've got an Option Group with 3 options; Yes, No and Future.

I also have a range of Check Boxes; 1 for every day of the week.

When one of the check boxes is selected I want the Option Group to change to Yes.

Currently, the Option Group defaults to Future and No will only be available by manually selecting it. This doesn't need to be changed.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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Automate User Option To Move Files From One Server Location To Another

Oct 17, 2006

I am fairly new to databases and have goolged for this question. I have a database created that will keep track of drawing files in our archive. What I would like to do is, give the end-users the option to type in the file location and click a button to copy there files from their project folder directly to the archive directory on the server.

Would this be fairly easy to do or would it require the assitance of a access database programmer? Thanks for any help.

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Modules & VBA :: Allow User To Select A Location To Save Just A Copy Of Image In JPG Format

Dec 6, 2013

Access 2010:

The database I'm working on stores label images, or better stated, it stores file paths where the label images are stored. These paths are used in reports and forms to view the label images within the database. What I'd like to do is to create a "save" or "email" button that will allow the user to select a location to save just a copy of the image in jpg format. I realize that it is possible to imbed the jpg image into a report and export it as a pdf. What I'd really like to do is find a way to save the image (perhaps by copying it from the path in the database and simply relocating it) and preserve the jpg extension if that is possible.

I am also aware that there are third party applications that will convert pdf reports into jpg files however network restrictions keep me pretty limited in my ability to download third party software.

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Button To Jump To Index Location In Combo Box.

Feb 2, 2006

I've been using a combo box to jump to a specific record in a form. But, even with the comb box set at 15 lines long, with many hundreds of records in the form the vertical slider on the combo box is a little small and can be jumpy (moving 1/32" jumps 10 names, etc.). The combo box is formed from:
SELECT [cust num], [last name], [first name]
FROM [this table]
ORDER BY [last name], [first name];

I'd like to put in some boxes that will jump the combo box to a certain set of names. For instance, put in a box with a label on it that says "M". Pressing this button would jump the combo box to the first [last name] that starts with the letter M. For instance, if I have records for:
Then it would jump to Macaroni. But, if Macaroni is deleted, then Martin would be the first name that begins with M and pressing the "M" box should jump the combo box to Martin.

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Modules & VBA :: Import Button To Ask For Location Of File

Oct 22, 2013

I have been searching all over on how to create an import button on a form in access 2010 where I can set which table it should copy the data into but the user could locate the import file.

NOTE: the reason being I have locked all the ribbons...

If necessary I could make a specific import template file which would have all the headings locked...

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Option Select

Aug 21, 2004

Hi there!

i have a list of provinces in an option select right, so when i
click one province i want it to chance the header of my page
according to the provinces, and i have no idea on how to do that.

Can someone please help with some code!

Kind regards

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Forms :: Search For And Upload A File To Specific Location Using A Command Button

Jan 11, 2015

I would like to create a form that allows me to search for a folder on my desk top, then once located i can transfer that file to a specific location on another drive, Similar to the Browse / upload function you see on many applications.I am using Access 2003. Is this possible??

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Modules & VBA :: Adding Button With Special Functionality - File Location In Database Path

May 28, 2014

In the access form I want to add a button with a special functionality.

After clicking "Select file" button special window should be open (or something else). It should give user a possibility of files locating (doc, pdf, rtf, txt ...).

After selecting the file and confirm the choice in the table "File_location" in database path to the file should be saved .

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Is There A Way To Use Keyboard To Select From An Option Group?

Apr 17, 2005

I have a user who can't operate a mouse and I want to make it possible for him to select from an option group using only the keyboard.This is possible if a default button is stipulated, but can it be done when there is no default?

There is no event associated with the keyboard in an option group, only with the controls within it. I tried using the Got Focus event on an option Button, but entering the control doesn't cause the options to receive the focus, seemingly.

Any ideas, (they don't have to be fully formed) would be gratefully accepted.

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Query Criteria With Option To Select All Records

Aug 22, 2007

I am developing an Event Management DB for business training courses. I have an attendees table with a link to CompanyNames. I wish to be able to produce an attendees report based on the CompanyName ie all attendees from the selected company. I have done this by using a dropdown of companynames on a Criteria selection form. This works well.
What I would also like to do is print the same list without the companyName criteria. I am aware I could make another query but was hoping that maybe there is a way of setting up the criteria in the companyName field so that it could accept either a company name or ALL company names.

Hope someone can help.



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Forms :: Select Record On Subform To Select Default Value In Combo Box?

May 6, 2014

I have a subform containing a list of Funds and attributes such as Asset Type, Fund Manager, etc.

Currently, I have a textbox, where the the control source is set so that it will be updated with the Asset Type from the subform.

I also have an unbound combo box that contains a list of Asset Types queried from a table via row source, where user can select the Asset Type.

What I would like is when a record is selected from the subform, the Asset Type is selected on the combo box as a default value. User can select another Asset Type if required. How can I do this?

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Option Button ??????

Jun 6, 2005

Lets say that I have a large list of locations in a listbox. What I want to do is to be able to have an option button that I can press in that will sort these locations. Like 3 or 4 different buttons, lets say like retail, finance, ect. Anyone know what kind of code I might have to use to make these sort on clicking the option button?

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Option Button - N/a

Mar 23, 2006

I'm working on a survey database, I'm having the users select the opton button to rate (1 - 10). Then as an after thought, I thought I would add a button that says N/A or doesn't apply. Course option buttons store numbers.

ANy idea's on how to accomplish this? What ever value gets stored I wouldn't include it in the results.

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The Option Button

May 30, 2006

Hi peeps,

I am encountering a few problems when I'm using the options button on a form.

Is there a way for the options button to display a different value instead of a -1 when the data is transfered to a linked table? i.e Good or Poor or Fair?

Also can a number of option buttons have the same control souce? at the mintue I have three buttons pointing at one control souce and when I select one of the buttons they all get selected.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Option Button

Dec 7, 2006

I have a table that has 300+ peoples names on it. Each of these people has a region they belong to 1,2,3,or 4. I also have a form that has 3 combo boxes that are linked to this one table. This information is sensitive and can change by importing new data as well. Is there a way that I can add 4 option buttons, depending on what the user clicks on Opt1, 2, 3, or 4... that is what populates the combo boxs? This seems rather simple, but I can't figure it out.

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Value Of Option Button

Jan 24, 2006


how do I reference the value of an option button in an option group?

i tried this:
Code:If [exact] = -1 Then where = where & " AND [SerialNumber] = " & Me![serialno] ElseIf [exact] = 0 Then where = where & " AND [SerialNumber] = " & Me![serialno] Else where = where & " AND [SerialNumber] Like '*" & Me![serialno] & "*'" End If

attached is an image of the form.


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Modules & VBA :: Possible To Export Select Records And Fields In Those Records To A Specific Location?

Jun 15, 2013

In an Access 2010 form is it possible to export select records and fields in those records to a specific location?

Set objDialog = Application.FileDialog(4)
With objDialog
.AllowMultiSelect = False
.Title = "Please select a File"
.InitialFilename = "C:"
If .SelectedItems.Count = 0 Then
MsgBox ("Action Cancelled")


The user can select the directory using the code above, but can specific fields in records be exported to a excel workbook in that selected directory?For example, if the are 5 records in the database can the fields LastName,FirstName,BirthDate in records 1,2,3 be exported to Setup.xlsx in that selected directory?

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Modules & VBA :: Listbox Setup With Option To Select Multiple Items

Jan 7, 2015

I am trying to set up a listbox with an option to select multiple items (I have done this and tested it with debug.print and it seems to work). I am then building a filter statement with VBA. I want to then use a button to add this statement to the filter in a subform with (a datasheet design), and then requery it.

My code below seems to be working in part. But I am getting all the items at times. Seems to work consistenly when selecting one item only, but I can't see anything wrong with my 'OR' statements when I debug.print.

Private Sub Command176_Click()
Dim i As Integer
Dim strFilter As String
Dim blnFirst As Boolean
i = 0
If Me.List163.ItemsSelected.Count = 0 Then

[Code] .....

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Option Button Unclick

Feb 2, 2006


Does anyone know how to unclick an option button on a form after a selection has been made?

One option is to go to the form and delete it there. But I am looking for a more effective way.


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Grey Option Button

May 23, 2006


I have a group of option buttons. A user can select more than one. However, currently all of the option buttons have a grey spot in them except for the first one which is blank. I want all of the option buttons to be blank.

Any thoughts?


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Calculation Using The Option Button

Jun 14, 2006

Hi there guys,

I have set up a form that is going to be used as a survey.

I have 19 questions that need to be answered and have set up an option group for each question containing 5 option buttons in each.

Is there away to calculate a total score?

for example if all questions were answered using opt5 then the total in the textbox would appear '95'

Thanks for all your help!

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Forms :: Option Group To Select Subforms To Be Displayed - Popup Message

Aug 23, 2014

I have a form with an option group to select subforms to be displayed .To save space on the main form I have added a subform (frmSubService) to the option group to display some of the data that was originally on the main form. The subforms data source is the same as that of the main form but only displays five fields.

After editing data in the subform frmSubService, if I then click on a field on the main form no problem, however if I click on an option button to view another subform I get a messagebox pop up with the following message;

The data has been changed. Another user edited this record and saved the changes before you attempted to save your changes. Re-Edit the record.

If I click OK,and without re-editing the record, I can open another subform.

I have checked and the data changes made on frmSubService, in both cases, has been saved.

How do I prevent the pop-up message?

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Option Button Description Table

Nov 13, 2007

Option Button Description table

I would like to create a table containing description value of my option button group.

This is my description table:
1Lenke 1
2Lenke 2
3Lenke 3
4Lenke 4
5Lenke 5
6Lenke 6

And this is my table containing selected option from the form:

How can I associate description with the selected options?

Many thanks,


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