Lost Passwords

Jun 22, 2005

I created a DB in an old PC of mine for a customer. I set passwords for user accounts to prevent users from accessing the design etc. I bought a new PC lately and I want to open the DB to work in it but I get an error saying that I do not have the rights. I suppose I need to create the same accounts in my new PC as in the old one but I don't remember the username or password that I was using back then. Any Ideas???

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How To Recover Lost MDB Files Passwords

Jul 21, 2012

Due to my carelessness I lost my passwords of MDB files. I used to write all my passwords on a diary. But last week I lost it somewhere and hence I lost all my passwords. I have several MDB files of MS Access but now without passwords they are useless as I can't open them. How to recover my lost passwords back?

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Jul 21, 2005

How do I set up my database so that a password is required if the User tries to press F11?

Any ideas?


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Need Help On Passwords

Mar 16, 2006

hiya everyone:o . is there anyone that can help me.i need to know how i can put passwords onto access programs i have made. so when i open a form you have to enter a password to get in to it.
thanks richie_b60:confused:

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Admin Passwords

Nov 1, 2005

Within our client estate, there are a number of types of machines and a number of admin passwords that go with them

I need to put an agent on each of these machines but first i need to make all the admin passwords the same or add our domain group to the local administrators on that machine.

In order to do that I need to know what the admin password is for that specific machine

So a series of attempts with various different passwords and users names are required.

so something like this maybe

dim admin1 as string
dim pass1 as string
dim admin2 as string
dim pass2 as string
dim admin3 as string
dim pass3 as string
dim admin4 as string
dim pass4 as string

call Shell("psexec \ -u + admin1 + -p + pass1")
if error = 1 then

call Shell("psexec \ -u + admin2 + -p + pass2")


end if


Is this the best way to approach this? - Am confused? - Thank you

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Storing Passwords

Nov 4, 2005

Hi guys how do you store secure passwords in the database?

So that if someone has acess to the database they want be able to see what they are.

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Enable Passwords

Jun 12, 2007

I've created users and groups in my access database and assigned the permissions. My security wizard is not working. How do I enable the secuirty-- force the users to logon with a username and password?

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Users And Passwords

Feb 12, 2008

This is probably a really easy thing to do but I need to set up users and passwords to access a database that will contain sensitive information so cannot be accessible to everyone.

Can someone please tell me an easy step-by-step way on how to do this, with multiple users allowed to add and edit information (but not the workings of tables, queries etc)?

I am pretty much self taught so nothing too technical if possible!!

Also, the user's name needs to be input into an "Entered By" field in a form automatically depending on who has logged in when a new record is created.

Thanks in advance for your help with this.


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Getting Passwords From Forms

Feb 23, 2006

hey, i have been designing a database and i have made a switchboard with forms on it and i have another switch board with backoffice functions which i only want staff with admin rights to be able to get into. i am using the code below but what i need to figure out is how to select any Password from the "Password" field where users have "Admin" in their "Access Rights" column. if that makes sense to any of you!

heres the code

Private Sub cmdOpenEmpForm_Click()

'Attached to On Click event of cmdOpenEmpForm

Dim strPasswd

strPasswd = InputBox("Enter Password", "Restricted Form")

'Check to see if there is any entry made to input box, or if
'cancel button is pressed. If no entry made then exit sub.

If strPasswd = "" Or strPasswd = Empty Then
MsgBox "No Input Provided", vbInformation, "Required Data"
Exit Sub
End If

'If correct password is entered open Employees form
'If incorrect password entered give message and exit sub

If strPasswd = "Graham" Then
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmEmp", acNormal
MsgBox "Sorry, you do not have access to this form", vbOKOnly, "Important Information"
Exit Sub
End If
End Sub

at the moment the password is just set to Graham, any help would be fantastic

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Database Users And Passwords

Aug 2, 2005

I would really like to have a better understanding of the secrurity that comes with access. I would like my DAP to be able to log in with the previleges given for each user. I would also like these previledges to work when someones opens the database with access, however, whenever I set the secureity stuff, copy the database to the fileserver, I can then open it with another computer without any problems. Why is this? Thanks guys, I'n new here.

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Hidding Things & Passwords

Sep 21, 2005


I want to prevent people accessing the control boxes on a 'satalite' mdb. I have hidden the control at the top through the start up options, but havent prevented the special keys as I occassionally need to get in this database for error fixing and such like. I want to know if I can put a password on this function, so that if they know it and try it it asks for a password before opening the control windows/table pages etc.

does anyone know if this is poss and if so how too ???

Thanx in advance for your time

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Linked Databases Passwords

May 11, 2007

I am currently working on a database which has links to two other databases both of which are password protected. The problem occurs when the main database needs to access data in the others as it prompts for their passwords to be entered.

I was wondering if anyone knew a way to automate this so that the user would not be asked for the password but instead it would be coded into the main database.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Passwords Or Creating Workgroups

Mar 31, 2008

I have developed an MSAccess Database on my Workstation with an authorized MSAccess License, and I need now to share this Database with other people from your company that do have MSAccess license as well.

I also need to secure my Database with access, read, modify and delete options because only one user knows how to run simple queries and create basic tables but the others only know how to enter data and analyse the info with Excel.

From what I understand, I am the admin and they are the users.

Question 1: Is it possible to unset the "Exclusive mode" to allow the users to enter data at the same time the Admin does?

Question 2: Is there another way to limit the access and define permissions other than with Workgroup - Workgroup Administrator does not seem to be user friendly. Would it be better to create a switchboard?

Question 3: Is there a site where I can get detailed instructions (courses) on Workgroup settings?

Thanks a zillion.

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Can You Put Passwords On Buttons In A Form???

Apr 12, 2005

Im doing a project and i have two different views i.e. Branch View and Staff View but i dont want Staff view to be able to access Branch details and visa versa!! Is there any way i can do this??

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Passwords & Command Buttons

May 6, 2005

Hi all,

I'm having a problem trying to get some code to work that a member of this forum helped me with some years ago. Basically I have a form with a combobox that is used to select the user name and a textbox for the password to be entered. There are two different types of user, manager and clerk. The logon button must open the selection screen form but if the user is a clerk, then the delete client command button must be disabled.

I keep getting a 'Compile Error stating Block If without End If' and I'm not sure where I'm going wrong.

I'm also not sure what code I should be writing to disable the command button dependant on user.

I know this is not great security, but it's only going to be used as an interim solution for 4 people (none with access experience). Can anyone please explain to me why I'm getting the compile error and what code I would need to disable the command button on the form and where I would need to put it.

Many thanks.

Here is the code:

If Me.Password = Me.Combo10.Column(4) Then
If Combo10.Column(3) = "Manager" Then
DoCmd.OpenForm "frm_Splash_Screen"
ElseIf Me.Password = Me.Combo10.Column(4) Then
If Combo10.Column(3) = "Clerk" Then
DoCmd.OpenForm "frm_Splash_Screen"
End If
Msgbox "Incorrect Password, try again"
End if

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Accessing The Database With Passwords

Jan 7, 2005

I have a database of books that contains all the informations about the books in a library, and ofcourse the forms for accessing the database ie searching adding editing and all this, is it possible in access to make a restriction so that only the administrator can edit or add to the database and the other users can only search for books and print reports
I know the logic of creating a password table and a form with a username and a password which checks if the user can access and then open the corresponding form (using isvisible property for the edit and add botton)
but even if i did that the user in reality can see the tables and the forms of the database and can change them directly
please if anyone has an idea??????

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Setting Up Users With Passwords

Mar 9, 2007

I am getting ready to set up my database with users who will need to log on. I did a test on a sample database, but for some reason, my database became unavailable, and it never gave me a login box. Is there somewhere one could point me for some detailed info on setting up users and levels in MS Acess? All of the books I have on Access just kind of skim over the subject.

Secondly, in a select query, is there a way to assign a field that is part of a table a value. For instance, upon running the select query could I assign the field CurrentUser =user() ? If so, then how would I do this? I am using data access pages for data entry, and I want to be able to track the person who enters the record without them entering their username for every record they process, but, here is the drawback, they are not starting new records, they are merely adding to a record that someone else started.

Even assigning the value =user() on the data acess page field does not rectify this problem. This only works when you start a new record. I am really stuck on this one, and I know virtually nothing about SQL or Visual Basic..... the last time I programmed was in the 80's and I was a whiz at BASIC and PASCAL, lol. I know, I know, I need to get off my rear and start trying to pick up on this stuff. Anyway, I think the answer to my problem somehow lies in assigning the field the value =user() from the query, but I am stuck on how to accomplish this.

Help me Access Gods

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Passwords Visible On Web Forms?

Oct 11, 2013

I have a form that includes a text box for a password. The passord works fine on a local table, but when I upload the form to the web the password is visible. How can I format the text box so that the text box shows "*******" on the web form?

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How To Edit User Passwords In Access

May 31, 2006

I have finished my database and I have started getting the user level security all setup. I have all the permissions and users working fine except that as I was creating the accounts I entered phony passwords thinking that once i had everything worked out, it would be easy to edit them or change them to real ones, but I cannot figure out how to do that.

Does anyone know how to do this?



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Adding Users/changing Passwords Via VBA

Jan 19, 2005

so i'm using MS Access security features, .mdw file and all that jazz. i'd like to market my program, but i don't want to have to add/delete users and change/add/delete permissions for every new/existing user. is there any way around this via an unbound form in vba, ie, something like "New User Name: _______" "New User Password: _______" "New User Permissions Group: (dropdown)"? is this possible, or MUST you go through the security page?


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Database Over Network With User Permissions And Passwords

Dec 19, 2006

Hi guys,

I have very nearly completed designing and making a database for stock control for my company, and am now a little concerned on how it is going to be implemented. It is going to be done over a network, with only a handful of users. The idea is to have every user log in but with each person having different permissions. i.e onl;y being able to access maybe one or two forms, but also having an administrator that can view every form. Now, i am aware of the security settings in the tools menu, would this be the appropriate way, or would i have to creat an empl;yee table and set permissions thropugh vb? This is the first database i have constructed and need a little help!

The second problem is that the database will be over a network. Would i have to put the backend in one place and then have the front end installed on all the pc s and just access the backend when i its needed? Forgive me if this sounds a bit stupid but as i have said this is new to me..

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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How To Secure Passwords Stored On Access Or Implement Server Security Over Jet?

Nov 21, 2007

I'm not sure which is the better of two options-

My problem is I need to make it easy for my users by authenticating themselves once when they open the database. User-level security is adequate for that job, but when I need to use the authentication information for connection string, I'm a bit antsy about storing it somewhere in Access, as I understand that passwords shouldn't be stored in the database itself (and as far as I can tell, it's not even encrypted or hashed!)

I am wondering if converting it to MDE would be sufficient to encrypt the password or will it still be apparent using a hex editor? I also know that Jet can try to use its own security to authenicate to the back-end, but not sure what I need to do to prompt Jet to pass along the credentials.

Alternatively, would it be better to somehow implement login using backend's security model, if even possible?


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Lost A Dll?

Jun 21, 2007

i have just had a problem

if i try to edit an open form by clicking the design icon, i get a message

cant find the call back function or macro "fdesign". ican still close the form and open it from the dbs window

this is affecting accessXP and access20003, but not A97

ive tried repairing/reinstalling the XP installation (but not the 2003 yet), but this has not fixed it.

Any thoughts?

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I'm Lost

May 23, 2007

I have a table and it has:

match(Y or No)

I would like to make a query+ report so that in the report it looks like this:

<<Name>> <<Surname>>
<<state1>> <match>
<<state2>> <match>
<<state3>> <match>

in one line, at the moment I made a query and the name shows 3 times...

can anyone here give me some hints how to show the name once + the match. Thanks in advance


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Lost And Need HELP!

Sep 26, 2007

I am new to using MS Access and am already frustrated that a simple task is getting the better of me.

My situation is that I work for a company that has a number of reps, which are allocated their own ticket books(block). Each book is 50 tickets in size i.e say from number 320500 to 320549. All tickets are entered through our internal system for whatever the ticket was used for.

Now here is my problem. Each block is registered to an individual rep which we need to keep record of as to which tickets are allocated to them, other then having to enter each ticket individually into our ticket block records system, I am trying to make a database entry that accepts the reps name, ticket block start number and then automatically adds the next 50 tickets to that rep, so when we use a search field on any ticket it displays the rep that the ticket was allocated too.

In my head i'm looking for the MS Access way of doing the following:
[tickblockstart]+1 until [ticketblockstart] = [ticketblockstart]+50

Can anyone help me with this probably very easy problem, that i can not seem to grasp at the present time.



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Im Lost!

Nov 16, 2005

hiya, im trying to create a button my form that will move all 'finished' records from where they presently are, to another table.
the button does work, it moves the records into the 'new' table, however it does not DELETE them from the table i moved them from, so now the records are stored in two tables??

the code i have is as follows:
FROM Table1
WHERE Finished='Yes';

if there is something different that i should be doing, or a better way to do this move, please let me know.

(also if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it)


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