Menus Lost

Feb 2, 2005

In Tools, Startup I deselected all options but now I want to display the toolbar and menu again. I can't figure out how to undo what I've done.

Help appreciated.

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How Do You Undo Lost Shortcut Menus?

Jan 7, 2008

Hi everyone! Well, I goofed... I was trying to figure out how cause access to launch a switchboard I made and NOT launch the regular shortcut bars or database window. Well, fortunately the help file told me I could change that in tools...startup options...

I found it, and it worked great, except I can't get back into my regular shortcut menu features, including the startup options themselves to reverse it. I did figure out I could reclaim the database window by pushing f11, but sadly have been unable to figure out how to get to my shortcut menus and back into startup options. Anyone know how I can get back in?

Next time I'll have to make a copy before doing that...

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Lost Menus In Access... No View Or Tools After I Messed With Tools/Startup

Dec 17, 2004

I wanted a Switchboard page in Access to open automatically when the database was opened. I've done that but, as I did it, while in the Tools/Startup to set Display Form Page (in this case a switchboard page but it's not opening full screen and I ow have no way of editing anything), I stupidly de-selected the options there...
Display database window, Display status bar, Allow built in tool bars allow toolbar/menu changes.

Now I have lost the tools Menu, the View Menu and others (where one sees, File, View etc at the top of the window) and I can't work out how to get them out. I can no longer view my Access pages in Design View so I can't amend the any pages.

Can anyone tell me how to get my View and Tools menus back on my Access app window?? It's a bit of an emergency... been up all night and have to hand this in as coursework at uni in about 3 hours and I've screwed up right at the end and can't do the last couple of things before putting it on a CD for my tutor to mark.


I'd also like to know how to get it to open the first form at full screen.


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Jan 18, 2006

I was curious,

How do you add a Menu to a form? Like is there a way to have a Main Menu bar and add the individual menus/menu items with custom events? As well can i cusomize the context menu for the form, or make a popupmenu that is executed upon clickin a command button?

There is a lot of help on how to attach menus to properties and such, but I can't find an item "Menubar" in the access interface.


Jaeden "Sifo Dyas" al'Raec Ruiner

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Restore My Menus

Apr 13, 2006

I have an application that hides all the normal Access menus, so that the user can only use the buttons that I have put on the screen forms. Now however, when I open up access, I cannot get to any of the Access menus. It shows the toolbar, but not the normal FILE/EDIT...TOOLS/HELP menu.

How do I toggle this back on? Everything I have been able to find so far tells me to go to the TOOLS menu ---- I cannot get to the TOOLS menu.

Thanks. BTW, I am not really as stupid as this post makes me sound.

Mike Redmond

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Restoring Menus

Jun 26, 2005

I'm sure there must be a simple answer to this question but I have been unable to locate the answer.
I recently finished a database program under Access 97 and unchecked the boxes to allow menus. Now I need to fix a few mistakes and need to access my code or the menus to do this. Is there a way to get access to my code.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Toolbars And Menus Have Gone

Mar 16, 2006

I did something in the start up options with this database.

Now when I open it I can't get Access to function as normal.

There is no right click, no tool barr or menu.

Any ideas?

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Custom Menus

Oct 25, 2007

Since the introduction of 2003 when you create a custom menu you always get the 'Type in a question for help' tag and the min max close buttons. Is there any way of removing them or disabling them?

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Disable Menus

Jan 30, 2006

I have the following code in the on_load of all of my forms to disable all menus:Dim i As IntegerFor i = 1 To CommandBars.CountCommandBars(i).Enabled = FalseNext iThe problem is that when I open a report in preview mode I cannot close, print, etc.Two questions:1. Is the above approach the best way to disable all menus and toolbars?2. How do I add a custom toolbar (already created) to the report preview only. I've tried doing in in the properties and by me.toolbar = "custom toolbar." Neither approach works. I suspect that the code I've used to disable the menus is keeping me from adding custom menus where I want them?I should also mention that I have also turned off all of the menus, toolbars, etc. in the options/startup.Thanks for your help!

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Editing Menus

Nov 16, 2004

hello everybody
I've created 2 menus using macros and everything works perfectly.
The 2nd menu has 2 commands and I want the second command of the menu to be "activated" only if a specific form is open.Otherwise the command must be in the menu, but not enabled. I also want to put a line between these 2 commands. Is it possible? Thanks in advance

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Creating Menus

Nov 14, 2004

Hello everybody
Could someone please explain me how can I create a couple of menus that execute commands in my db? I would like to open certain forms or reports using menus. If it is possible pls give me an example, of 2 menus each having 2 commands. Thank you in advance

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Custom Menus

Oct 15, 2005

How do I make my own menus? Is there some kind of wizard or what? I know how to select a menu to use, but as far as making one I've never done/seen it done before.

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Drop Down Menus

Oct 11, 2006

I can't figure out how to create drop menus in design view in a table. I put the option in the toolbar but its gray so I can't use the option. I have followed the wizard and its not working so I am doing something wrong!!

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Eabling Disabling Menus Etc

Oct 25, 2005

Hello i would like to ask if there is any way for me to enable the menus , the menu bar and the database window if i disable them from the startup options of my Db ?

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No Toolbars, Menus Or Tables

Nov 22, 2007

Hi All,

A previous employee of the company I work for setup an access database, which works well. But he populated some drop down lists and didn't give us the option to add additional items to those lists.

He has also done something that when the database is opened the usual access menus and toolbars disappear.

I'm pretty sure that the lists are collected from a table in that database, but I can't view the tables either :(

I have managed to get the start form into design view and also to open the code builder, but I can't see anything in there.

If anyone can offer any help or suggestions on how to access the tables when it's been locked out, I'd be grateful.

Kind regards,


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Access 2007 And Menus

Feb 26, 2008

Hi all,

After searching through the "search" field, I realize lots of us are having problems with the menu's in access 2007.

After converting my 2003 DB to 2007, my menus are still there, but displayes as Add-ins instead of as the menu bar. I can't find any options to change during the conversion.
I have tried importing my Logon window with the options "menus and icons" clicked, but this didn't change anything.
If I open the DB in 2003 Format, then go to the options in Access 2007 I can choose the menubar, but if I convert to 2007, the menubar is only available as add-ins. Is there any way round this?

Appreciate any help - it is so time consuming trying to figure this out - and I seem to go round in circles, ticking options on and off... perhaps some dear soul has already found the answer!

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Hiding The Built In Menus

Mar 15, 2008


I went into tools, startup and unchecked allow full menus. Now when I open the DB, I don't have the tools menu so I can check the allow full menus. I need to get this back so I can continue working on the DB. There must be someway to get this back/reverse it.

Access 2003



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Menus In Access 2003

Mar 22, 2008

Hi, I have hidden all the menus and added one of my own custom menus to a DB that I was creating. That DB has been completed. Now when I open a blank DB to commence again, I have the same hidden menues and my one custom menu. Is there away in Access 2003 that I can replace the template, for example, MS Excel and Word have .dot and personal.xls. Is there an easy way to bring them all back. I checked in startup for a restore defaults, however this does not work. Any ideas. Garry

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Navigating Forms Using Menus

Sep 9, 2005

with the help of this site, i have made big advances in learning and adapting code, in building my access FE on an SQL BE.

however, i have a problem, i cant find any information on in how to resolve.

i am using menus to navigate between forms, but i cannot synchronise the critical value between the forms.

so i am on a form with critical value, say hullID

i use a menu command to open another form, but i need the form to open with the same hullID as the critical value as the previous form which is about to close.

because i can go to the new form from any form, using the menu command, i cannot directly link the critical value,

is there a way to use the critical value from the current focus form, to the new opening form

many thanks in advance

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Displaying Menus In Forms

Feb 4, 2006

I have written a DB for work that collects information on a range of events (eg safety incidents, improvement suggestions, etc) and reports on them. I am now trying to improve the security & integrity of the data by restricting user access to menus.

I can use the start up options to turn off menus, etc but want to allow users to use the default right click menu in forms to sort & filter the forms. But I don;t want users to have access to the other default menus (eg the one containg form deisgn). Is there a way to just select this particular menu to pop up on a right click?

Because I have not been able to find an answer to this I tried designing my own toolbar containig the sort & filter commands I needed. I created a custom tool bar using the menu/customisze options and called it "tbarSortFilt".

As soon as I place it in the menu bar it goes "dim" and I cannot select the options. When I over ride the start up options ("shift" key) and then right click in teh form both the default menu come up (as expected) and the "tbarSortFilt" menu lights up -- but is not active.

I have also tried

DoCmd.ShowToolbar "tbarSortFilt", acToolbarYes

to no avail.

Clearly there is something pretty basic I am not doing. How can I use the strat up options to turn off toolbars and then show AND activate my customized toolbar?

Regards Stephen :confused:

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Recall - Hide Menus

Dec 5, 2004

How do I hide the built in Access menus on a DB? i.e. the file, edit, view etc.


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Menus Instead Of Command Buttons

Jul 23, 2012

I have attached a screen shot of my application. I want to create menu commands instead of command buttons. How can I create menu in access 2010.

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Refering To Menu Bar Commands And Sub Menus

Aug 1, 2005

I have a custom menu bar that has a couple of menu lists, with a list of five custom commands that i want to run,depending on what is selected.I know you can assign a macro to each command,but is there a way to know which command has been selected.
What i want to do is to have 1 macro that will run several functions depending on what was selected, rather than 1 macro for each button

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All Menus & Toolbars Missing In Access

Nov 14, 2006

I started access today and all my icons and menus are gone from the interface. I am forced to right click on all my queries and tables to perform any action. All I have at the top of my window is the usual "Microsoft Access" caption. Absolutely nothing else. Other than that, Access is fully functional provided I can use the right click commands. Has anyone encountered this? Help!


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Argh! Disabled All Menus In Startup

Apr 19, 2007

I disabled all the menues in the do I reverse this?

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Dependent Drop-down Menus Not Working

Jul 17, 2007

Hi all,

This is my first time posting at Access World Forums and I hope you can help me out.

I think this is a fairly simple problem but due to my lack of experience (this is actually my first time using Access) I am unable to figure out what is wrong.

I have a entry form for a series of problems that needs to be documented on the plant floor.

The issue is in the 'Manual_Entry_Rewinder_Detail' form where I have two drop-downs -one for the category of which the problem lies and another drop-down for the actual problem itself. I have made (or tried to at least) make the problem drop-down dependent to the category drop-down. The purpose is to list only the relevant problems after the category is selected.
I have made a category ID of which I labelled for each problem. This of course corresponds correctly to the actual (an existing) category ID. Please take a look at the two tables: "Problem" and "Category" for details.

I followed this tutorial .
I even downloaded and inspected their sample database with no idea on what is wrong with my own.

Please help!

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