Optimize An Access Application Size

Jan 1, 2008

Hello everyone,

I've just finished my access application, but its size is 4 Mb. I expect that it will be much bigger once users begin to add records.

What is the best way in Access to keep the size of the file as small as possible?

Many thanks in advance,

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Optimize Insert To Access DB

Nov 28, 2006


I'm using access tables to store my data. to retrive data I use jet odbc engine in c++.

I want to insert a large amuont of records (about 20 mega records) to my database in the fasts way i can. if i use sql syntax (insert into table ()....) it's takes for ages (about 500 records per second).

if i'm writing a csv file and then use import (via access) it's much faster but here I have two problems
1.I dont know how to use the access import tool from c++.
2.I dont think I can distributie the access import tool with my product.

so my questions are :
1. Does any know any tool that insert records in an optimize way?
2. How can I use the access import tool in c++?
3. Can i use the jet engine to import csv files?

thank ishay

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Controlling The Application Window Size

Jan 25, 2007

Can i set the physical dimensions of the MS Access main window from code, like when I open my first form?

My main development computer has a massive big screen, but I mainly program for 1024x768 screen. When the database appears on my screen I'd like to resize it bigger as I see fit, but have my code open it to a 1024x768 sized screen when it opens on someone else's computer.

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Optimize Mail Merge With MS Access

Feb 11, 2008

Currently there is a MS Word application that runs a MS Access query to generate data for the Mail Merge with a document.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how this process can be optimized? Specifically, looking to reduce the amount of time required to produce letters (best practices).


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Opening Access Application Like Desk Application Done With Java Or Vb

Jan 5, 2014

it is possible to Open access application like desk application done with java or vb, or install access application as exe or similar methods. My requirements is to giving a access application to customer with data base for printing an invoice. when he running the aplication he can see access open and tables, queries forms left hand. how to hide these thing ?

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Is It Possible To Integrate MS Access Application To A Web Application??!!

Jun 11, 2007

We have an extensive reporting application in Access and would like it to be available through a web application. I've went down the road of migrating this application to SQL to use SQL Reporting Services; this is a good tool but I am wondering if MS Access has an easier solution for me other than migration to SQL.

I'm looking for a solution that will make these reports available over the web for many users. Price tag is a consideration...need to know if there is any.

Please help...thanks in advance for any thoughts!!!!

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Optimize Query

May 14, 2007

I have a query in ms access. (It is used to simulate inventories under (s,q) policies(not really important)).
It is used on a big table(1.000.000 entries), with data on ship dates and quantities of about 70.000 parts. It adds to the 4 columns one extra columns, with the usage in the leadtime prior to the ship date of the specific part number. It works, but it is too slow. I can only run it within 10 minutes if I leave a number of parts out of the table simulatie. Does anyone have an idea how to optimize it, so that I can include all parts?
SELECT simulatie.product_nr, simulatie.date, simulatie.customer, simulatie.usage, Sum(simulatie_1.usage) AS usagetotal
FROM simulatie AS simulatie_1 INNER JOIN simulatie ON simulatie_1.produkt_nr = simulatie.produkt_nr
WHERE (((simulatie_1.date) Between [simulatie].[date]-[simulatie].[leadtime] And [simulatie].[date]))
GROUP BY simulatie.produkt_nr, simulatie.date, simulatie.customer, simulatie.usage;

Note that the query works only on a single table.

Any help would be appreciated!

ps. version:Ms access 2002

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Queries :: How To Optimize A Query Expression

Jan 18, 2015

how to optimize a query expression. I have the below query that determines the employees rate, based on which bracket their total income falls into. I'm concerned that I have not writting this expression in the most efficient manner.

SepEmployeeIncomeTaxRate: IIf([SepEmployeeTotalIncome] Between [Sep_Txl_TaxGroup1_Min] And [Sep_Txl_TaxGroup1_Max],[Sep_Txl_TaxGroup1_Rate],IIf([SepEmployeeTotalIncome] Between [Sep_Txl_TaxGroup2_Min] And [Sep_Txl_TaxGroup2_Max],[Sep_Txl_TaxGroup2_Rate],IIf([SepEmployeeTotalIncome] Between [Sep_Txl_TaxGroup3_Min] And [Sep_Txl_TaxGroup3_Max],[Sep_Txl_TaxGroup3_Rate],IIf([SepEmployeeTotalIncome] Between [Sep_Txl_TaxGroup4_Min] And [Sep_Txl_TaxGroup4_Max],[Sep_Txl_TaxGroup4_Rate],IIf([SepEmployeeTotalIncome] Between [Sep_Txl_TaxGroup5_Min] And [Sep_Txl_TaxGroup5_Max],[Sep_Txl_TaxGroup5_Rate],0)))))

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Need Help To Optimize Performance On Linked Tables On A Network

Oct 13, 2004

I have a problem trying to improve performance on a database with linked tables across a network. I found in MS Access Help that you can do the following (see bullet below), but I have no idea how to use the OpenRecordset method. Can anyone give me an idea how to code this, or update the linked table with the information given below.

*You can greatly enhance performance when opening the main database and opening tables and forms by forcing the linked database to remain open. To do this, create an empty table in the linked database, and link the table in the main database. Then use the OpenRecordset method to open the linked table. This prevents the Microsoft Jet database engine from repeatedly opening and closing the linked database and creating and deleting the associated .ldb file.

I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance,

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How To Gain Access To The Database From An Access Application?

Jan 10, 2007


I have this Access application. Now I want to see the databases and fields defined.but when I open the access file, it straight opens the access application.
Then when i press Alt+F11, it opens VB Editor. Then when I click on Design mode it comes back to access in the design mode, but still does not shows the design mode for databases and reports and all.

I can remember there is one more step I need to do after getting into the design of the form.But I cannot remember that

Could anyone please help me out


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How Can I Pack My Access Application

Aug 5, 2005

I have done my access application. I will give it to my friends to use but dont want them to modify my program. So, plz help me to lock the design view(like some access application) so every using my program can't access it to modify.

Or who can tell me the way to hide everything in design view. Just show the interface. Eventhough when user hold "Shift" button while openning but still cant view a design view part.

I'm not goood at security in Access. Plz help me to show this problem.
Thank you everyone.

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Runtime For Access Xp Application

Oct 10, 2005

I am developing an application in access xp (2002) and want to distribute it as a runtime application. I do not have the Office xp Developer version and thus need to buy the MS Office Developer. It is still available and if so, where can I buy it? Or can the Visual Studio Tools for the MS Office System make a runtime version from access 2002?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Sample Application In Access

Feb 1, 2006

i want to develop application in access like inventroy control.But i have no knowlege how to do it.Please guide me.I want some sample or frame to develop
application in acess.Thanks in advance.

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Sample Application In Access

Feb 1, 2006

i want to develop application in access like inventroy control.But i have no knowlege how to do it.Please guide me.I want some sample or frame to develop
application in acess.Thanks in advance.

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Distributing An Access Application On CD

Feb 24, 2006


I have created a website that includes an Access database providing a directory of manufacturers and suppliers to complement a magazine version.

The requirement now is to distribute the catalog on CD as well and the challenge is how to supply a query function?

I created a cd version of the website and it works fine - except if the user does not have Access installed the queries dont work.

I know the MS Developer Edition is the preferred route but it is very expensive for a simple application like this - does anyone know of an alternative approach?


Tony Randell

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Want To Open An Application Via ACCESS..

Mar 14, 2006

Hi all..

I need to open an application when user clicks a command button...From this forum I have learnt that I can use SHELL command..but when I use this command to open an application, it opens a new instance of the application everytime...Can I bring the application to the foreground if it was already open?

Thanks in advance.

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Running Access 2.0 Application

Jul 20, 2006


I have an Access application which was written on Access 2.0. I need to run it (as is). I saw that it was possible to run it using some kind of Access 2.0 runtime environment - my client uses the following command to run the application:

Msarn200.exe application.mdb /ini application.ini

Where can I get this MSARN200? Do I have to find the Access 2.0 installation itself?

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Smart Access Application (vbs)

Oct 30, 2006

Hello everyone. This is my first post (for not asking help :) )
I look at topics for start up options etc and I think all of this its ok but there is a smarmiest way to start your application. So here we go..
We make a vbs Script

Set WSHShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WSHShell.Run """C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11MSACCESS.EXE""/RUNTIME ""C:Documents and SettingsEvalDesktopDataBaseUI.mdb"""

And we start The Access In runtime and open your Db
Note this working with Access 2003 .If you have an other version just change the access directory C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11MSACCESS.EXE
Where is your Office Access
Then you can make a shortcut of your .vbs script and rename it ass you like
Youre Application Name. You can change the Icon (If you have a Program Files Folder Place your icon) Right Click Properties/Change Icon
Then your app is starting in Access /Runtime and everything is fine :)

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Customizing An Access Application

Dec 6, 2007

Hello Forum members

Am an ardent access user and have a small problem that am Requesting for help.

I have designed an application software using access and I would like to peddle it to a few prospective clients. I want to package it as a trial software to run for thirty days and after that if the clients is not satisfied,I want it to disable but store the data. How is this possible.

All help is appreciated

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MS Access Application As Stand Alone

Jan 18, 2008

Using the MDE-menu function in MS Access it returns an error. MS Access is not able to make a MDE-file of my database. I prefer to make a runtime of my database, but surfing the internet I can not find a way to do this. Can you give me directions for this?

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3rd Party Application Within Access

Jan 31, 2008


can a 3rd party application be run within an access window? i am looking only for Acrobat reader butr dont want it to open outside of the database. i would like to try and have it open in a window on a form only keeping it within the database itself.

if it can be done, where can i look up the info needed to achieve it?

many thanks,


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Access Application Locked

Aug 18, 2005

I have an access application which is locked for edit. When ever i open this application it shows me the main menu, i want to edit this menu but it does not give me any option, even the Access File menu and toolbars are not visible. Please help

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MS 2000 Access Application Is Crashing

May 30, 2005

My MS 2000 Access application is crashing and returns a msg something like this: "Your Access application caused an error and Access must be closed"
This occurs only when I execute some forms; always the same forms cause the problem.
Somebody told me to copy the .mdb to another place in my HD and change the names of the forms.
I did it and it always works well!
Any good reason for that?
My app is not yet splited in FE and BE. Splitting would help?

Thanks a lot

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How To Secure Access 2000 Application..

Jun 1, 2005

I have Access 2003 in my computer and I have developed an application which I want to share with my co-workers. But they have only Access 2000. Since MDE is only in 2003, I had to convert my 2003 application to 2000. Is there a way to secure 2000 application? I dont want anyone to change my code or import or read my code..I am not sure what is possible..Could someone please tell me how I can do that?


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Can I Send Email From An Access Application.

Jun 2, 2005

Does anyone know if it is possible to send an email when a button is clicked?

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Adding A Help (.chm) File To Access Application

Sep 6, 2005

Please I have designed an access application and also created a compiled file. But I cannot attach it within code to work from my application.

I need urgent help to achieve that.


Peter Chogudo

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