Subtracting Time Over 24 Hours?

Mar 27, 2006

Any Help!

I have fields that are time formated 99/99/99" "00:00;0;_ and I want to subtract them.

I need to get the results in two forms; first in Days and second in Hours. I have used the obvious subtract one from the other and it gives me days in a rounded numbeer, but the hours is not working out.:confused:


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Subtracting 12 Hours From A Date-time Field

Nov 13, 2007

I am trying to subtract 12 hours from a time-date field when the payperiod does not equal 01.

in a query I have:

work date: iif([payperiod]="01",[StartTime],[starttime]-#12:00:00#) - Access added a PM before the second hash so it looks like this:

iif([payperiod]="01",[StartTime],[starttime]-#12:00:00 PM#)

When I run the query I get a message box: "syntax error (missing operator) in query expression '00:00:PM#,2))". I am unable to open the query to correct the error. I can cop the unaltered query from a back up database.

My question is how do I subtract the 12 hours.



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Subtracting Time

Jun 20, 2006

I have two times I need to subtract in a query. When I subtract these in the query I get a decimal point. How can I convert this data. Thanks

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Subtracting Military Time

Oct 21, 2005

My new job requires me to use access so I'm learning as I go. :confused:
I have already used previous threads from this forum to answer another problem I encountered. Thanks for providing this forum to the public!

I am attemping to run a query that will subtract military time. (I am not allowed to change the format of the times in the original tables. )


Column A Column B
1111 6.5

I need 1111 - 6.5 in Column C

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Subtracting Time Fields

Mar 26, 2005

Before I start implementing this, I would like to know if it is possible to do in principle

I want two fields, say TimeStarted and TimeEnded. I then want to subtract the two from one another to see how long the task took.

Is this possible or would i be wasting my time trying it?

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Adding And Subtracting Short Time Values Together/changing Short Time Into Minutes

Dec 9, 2004

Hello again,

I think my subject heading explains it. How would you add or subtract two short time formatted values and produce a short time value? Also, how would you change a short time value into number minutes. (i.e. 5:30 into 330) Thanks!


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Subtracting Time Without Date Diff

Jan 23, 2008

Hi I have two fields one which represents the time participants went to sleep, one when they woke up however I dont have any dates - it refers to what they do usually. Is it possible to minus sleeptime from waketime to determine duration of time in bed without dates? Or do I assign dummy dates to use date diff function?

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Time In Excess Of 24 Hours

Apr 10, 2006

Looking to have a time field that a user can enter how long they worked an issue. Format should be ##:##, but I'm afraid that if I use text, calculations will be impossible.
How does someone do this if it's expected that the value will frequently go over 24 hours?

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Hours Time Problem

Jun 27, 2006

I want to create a query that will calculate the following:

When a user enters a start time and an end time in 2 seperate fields (eg. 06:00 and 08:00) I want to automatically return how many hours fall between 00:00 to 01:00, 01:00 to 02:00, 02:00 to 03:00 etc through the 24 hour clock.

To give you a background why I want this, I'm creating a labour planning database that calculates the nuber of people available each hour in a warehouse. So when a user inputs 06:00 to 08:00 for overtime work I need the database to tell me 1 hour falls between 06:00 to 07:00 and 1 hour between 07:00 to 08:00.

I'm really struggling to come up with a solution to this one, any help would be appreciated.

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Need Help With Time/ Hours Worked Calculation

Jan 22, 2006

Hi Guys

I need to create a method of calculating -week number,hours worked per week and a leiu hours total.


Users enter their worked hours per day. I need to calculate the total hours worked per user per week and if this is greater or less than their contracted hours a record of this figure over a continual time period (or year).

Variables :- Time worked,Holiday hours,Leiu hours taken,Sick leave, Other authorised leave.

I realise that i'm asking on a lot but working for a charity has financial limits.

Attached the basic database-so far

Thanks in advance for your help


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Representing Time In Hours And Tenths

Mar 13, 2006

I created a time clock module where you input the time in and time out and it takes the difference of the two to give total time worked. However the boss wants the time worked represented in hours and tenths of hours not minutes. How can I take the time, seperate the hours...find out how many tenths of an hour worked and then add the hours and tenths together.

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Total Time On Hours And Minutes

Jan 29, 2007

I am trying to show the time difference between 2 times but the calculation is not working correctly.

First I work out the totaltime on mins between 2 dates using datediff, then I am trying to convert to hours and minutes like :
Total_Time: Format([Sumoftotaltime_mins]/60,"00") & ":" & Format([SumofTotaltime_mins] Mod 60,"00")

This is working until I have something like :


this should work out as 44 hours and 5 mins but for some reason it is showing as 43 hours and 5 mins.

why would this be ?

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Time Exceeding 23 Hours 59 Minutes

Nov 2, 2004

I have a bit of a problem. I am making a program in access 2002. In my program you should punch in hours:minutes, this is for keeping track of how long a job has taken to perform. The problem is that it could exceed 23:59, it could take up to a week or even more. In my database we have already put in a lot of info where it doesn't exceed the 23:59, I would like to keep this posts and just to put in new ones that I could use further on when I am about to take out reports, where I have to calculate time. Is there someone who knows what to do ??



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Calculation For Time X Hours In Table

Nov 19, 2011

I need to calculate in the tbleJobs table, the amount of the jobs total amount and place the result in the JobsTotalAmount field.

This has to be a manual calculation. Not an on event calculation.

Data is coming from two table:

tblLimos has the hourly rate.

tblJobs has the start time, the finish time and the total amount field.

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Storing Time Greater Than 24 Hours

Nov 28, 2011

I am using a database and need a field capable of storing times that will be greater than 24 hours.

I understand there is no "ready made" way of dealing with this in Access, so what's the best way?

The catch is I am using VBA code in Excel to populate the table, the value comes from a cell (in Excel formatted as "[h]:mm").

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Queries :: Calculate Time Period For 24 Hours?

Jul 9, 2014

I have designed an access application that logs emails that come into a department. However, the team leader has asked me to create a report to work out if emails were answered within a 24 hour period.

Is there a method to do this. It is not something I have attempted to do within access before.

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Reports :: Sum Time Greater Than 24 Hours And Keep The Format

Aug 1, 2013

I have a field in my report [Idle]

This has a time in a HH:MM:SS format (so 01:38:23)

What I need to be able to do is sum this greater than 24 hours and keep the format of HH:MM:SS - ideally I need to do this in the form field that I'll be using to sum it.

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Queries :: Time Duration Over Midnight In Decimal Hours

Dec 22, 2014

I want to calculate decimal hours duration taken for a job starting before and finishing after midnight.

I have something that works but it seems cumbersome.

Hour(Format([Job]![Start_time]-1-[Job]![Finish_Time],"Short Time"))
+ (Minute(Format([Job]![Start_time]-1-[Job]![Finish_Time],"Short Time"))/60)

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Modules & VBA :: Adding Time With Work Hours Function

Sep 13, 2014

In my DB that we use and a workflow tool, some of our work has and due date and time.If we get the complete_package our work time starts and we have X amount of time to complete our work. This is something i worked on but set it aside, now i am coming back to try and fine tune this so it returns a more accurate value.

So if we receive and [Date_Complete_Package_Received] at 09/13/2014 09:00:00 AM and based on the work being done we have 5 hours to complete the work, then the [Date_and_Time_Complete_Package_DUE] would be 09/13/2014 02:00:00 AM. That part is simple and i have coding that does that just fine. [SLA_Time] is where it gets the amount of time allotted, we have 5,10,12,14,and 16 hours depending on what is being done.

Me.Date_and_Time_Complete_Package_DUE = DateAdd("h", [SLA_Time], [Date_Complete_Package_Received])

This is done on AfterUpdate of a field on one of my forms and it works the way it is but what i need is to be able to run this through my Workhours Function so i am not getting values that our in off hours.The following doesn't work i know i can't use the Workhours function with the DateAdd but this is just to show what i am trying to do.

Me.Date_and_Time_Complete_Package_DUE = WorkHours(DateAdd("h", [SLA_Time], [Date_Complete_Package_Received]))

I have a Workhours module and it is used for a lot of things and it works perfectly.

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Time Keeping DB - Best Field Format For Working Out Hours Worked

Jun 18, 2006

Hi, I am creating a time keeping db.

Before I jump in and start creating a way to record times worked I thought it best to ask for advice.

The db is created and the last part is to capture by member:
Basically I have the following fields:

Job Type
Date of Job
Time Started
Time Finished

From the data captured I need to create a report to show month and ytd hours worked.

It would be easy to ask the user to calculate the hours worked and input the number of hours, however I would like to capture start and finish times.

Can anyone give me any pointers on the best field types and field formats for capturing times which would then make it easier to work out hours worked.

Thanks in advance


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Reports :: Time Difference Excluding Weekends And Holidays In Hours From Now

Sep 6, 2013

I would like to add time elapsed since an entry was made excluding weekends public holidays and calculating 8 hours a day (from 6am to 2 pm) since the entry was made till the generation of the report.

How shall I approach this in terms of programming ?

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Queries :: Time Sheet / Payroll Database - Calculating Total Daily Hours

Feb 18, 2014

Access Query. I am creating a time sheet / pay roll database and I want to be able to get a total of the daily hours in a query.

For example I have 'Mon Start' and 'Mon Finish' for Mondays in/out times and I have a 'Mon Total' which gives me the total hours worked for Monday.

The problem I have is that Mon Total only works if the hours are say between 07:00 and 17:00, anything after midnight (00:00) like 21:00 to 07:00 and 'Mon Total' goes crazy !!

At the moment 'Mon Total' is the result of CDate 'Mon Finish' - 'Mon Start' (bit rough I know).

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Subtracting Date/time Field From Integer Field

Jan 2, 2007

Hello everyone, I'm encounter a problem trying to write a code.

Date Months_to_credit Final_result
01/31/06 4 10/01/05
02/28/06 6 09/01/05
03/31/06 8 08/01/05

Does anyone have any ideas how to to substract Months_to_credit from Date and to return a date in the Final_result field?

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Queries :: Subtract 8 Hours Of Work From Result Hours

Nov 29, 2014

I want to subtract 8 hours of work of the Result of employee work hours/

There is attachment...

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Subtracting In Access

Oct 10, 2005

I'm trying to do a calculation in access that will allow a user to receive a discount in one field and show the results in another. The form looks like this. Having a hard time figuring out the line total. It's giving me a the wrong amount. The employee discount is $.20 and the price is $2.27 for example.. Thanks

Bound text box [UnitPrice] - Bound text box [EmployeeDiscount] x Bound text box [Quantity] =
Bound text box [LineTotal]

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Subtracting One Query From Another?

Feb 23, 2008

Hi everyone,

I am familiar with databases and basic SQL, but never used Access, so your help is greatly appreciated!

What I *think* I need to do here is take the results from one query, subtract another query from that, then create a table of the results, so that I can make a chart in a report. I say that I *think* I need do that because Iím not confident that this approach is the best but thatís a whole other story...

Please look at the following tables below for an example. The Item table has ItemCode as a primary key. The Bids Table has multiple rows for each ItemCode showing bids for the item:

Item Table
ItemCode Date Address
JH231 2008-Feb-20 123 Test St.
KH831 2008-Feb-21 512 Test St.

Bids Table
ItemCode Amount
JH231 100.00
JH231 60.00
JH421 310.00
KH831 20.00
KH831 40.00
KH831 10.00
KH831 90.00

To make a pretty graph, I would like a table (so a query, or macro, or VBA or something?) that returns the minimum Amount for an ItemCode subtracted from the maximum Amount for an ItemCode based on the example above. What I would end up is something like this:

ItemCode Difference Between Maximum and Minimum
JH321 250
KH831 80.00

I hope this is clear. Any help on how to do this from you Access pros would be great, OR if Iím taking the wrong approach, suggestions on what I should try next. Thanks!!!


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