Help Me Please - This Is Totally Urgent.

Sep 3, 2006

ok fellas

there are a few things that really bothering me ALOT and i want it sorted otu asap

i have the combo box and want to have it jump to the student details instead it overwrite one part of the name

for example

i have a list said


and at the page for example MUNTZ Nelson
and i want to jump to WiGGUM ralph via the drop down
instead the name MUNTZ is being overwritten with WIGGUM...grrr please help me

the second thing that bugged me is
how do i create a button to go to the report to have it shown to check to make sure it ok before printing... i have two report files so i need two buttons so plz help

and the last thing which might be the dumbest question of all time
how do i make the tables to store pictures and i want to have the picture field on the forums but i cant work out

please help, this is extremely EXTREMELY URGENT

thank you

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Totally New To Xml

Jun 14, 2005

Whilst on holiday last week I have been reading about the wonders of xml! Following this, one of my clients has forwarded a piece of code that he says is "dead easy" to use!!! erm. Maybe easy for some, but total gobbeldy gook to a layperson like me.

What I would really love to do is understand how to use this to automatically fire data via the web from my database to his

I am assuming that say on line 4 where it says "983", I could substitute this with Me.DealerCode (for exampole?)

Here is the code he has sent me

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<proposal request_type="NEW_PROPOSAL">
<vendor>ABC Cars Ltd</vendor>
<customer type="MAIN"> <!-- Range MAIN, JOINT -->
<title>Mr</title> <!-- Range MR, MRS, MISS, MS, DR -->
<gender>M</gender> <!-- Range M, F -->
<marital_status>married</marital_status> <!-- Range SINGLE, MARRIED, DIVORCED_SEPARATED,WIDOWED, LIVES_WITH_PARTNER -->
<address type="current"> <!-- Range CURRENT, PREVIOUS -->
<street> </street>
<employment index="0"> <!-- Range 0,1,2,3, ... -->
<employment_type>E</employment_type> <!-- Range E=Employed, SE=Self Employed, R=Retired, UE=Unemployed, O=Other -->
<company_name>Plumbers Ltd</company_name>
<business_address>1 Plumbing Road</business_address>
<account_name>Mr K Miller</account_name>
<customer type="JOINT"> <!-- Range MAIN, JOINT -->
<title>Mr</title> <!-- Range MR, MRS, MISS, MS, DR -->
<gender>M</gender> <!-- Range M, F -->
<address type="CURRENT"> <!-- Range CURRENT, PREVIOUS -->
<address type="previous"> <!-- Range CURRENT, PREVIOUS -->
<employment index="0"> <!-- Range 0,1,2,3, ... -->
<employment_type>E</employment_type> <!-- Range E=Employed, SE=Self Employed, R=Retired, UE=Unemployed, O=Other -->
<occupation>Project Manager</occupation>
<company_name>Transition Computing Ltd</company_name>
<business_address>Suite 12, Challenge House, Bletchley
<type>U</type> <!-- Range N,U -->
<first_reg>UK</first_reg> <!-- Range UK, OVERSEAS -->
<category>CAR</category> <!-- Range CAR, MCYCLE, LCV, OTHER -->
<classic>N</classic> <!-- Range Y, N -->
<model>3 SERIES (E46) 323CI SE</model>
<transmission>MANUAL 5 GEARS</transmission>
<vat_applicable>N</vat_applicable> <!-- Range Y, N -->
<term>36</term> <!-- Range 12 to 48 -->

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Totally Lost

Oct 12, 2006

Howdy all!

I am sorta new to access (I used to use it about 6 years ago, but haven't latly so relearning everything), and I am trying to build a db to track the different projects I make for my webstore ( (

I am trying to make a form that is tabbed so that I can enter in all my base information (different materials {wood, acyrlic, and specials}, clips, platings, etc..) into my different tables, but for the life of me I can't seem to get anything to work.

I really just want 1 tab per item, so 1 tab for clips that would enable me to enter in all the different clips into my clips table. I can't seem to get a connection of any sort to work and was wondering if anyone had any advice or guidence on what to do?

Thank you!

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Help, Should Be Easy But Totally Lost.

May 6, 2005

ok i no hardly anything about forms, searched the forum no luck.

i have a number of fields in a mainform (created through a wizard) i have no discovered that i have run out of room on the page (Detail Page i think)

so i would likr to add a another page/form within the mainform.

not sure how to go about it, i created a subform but cannot seem to transfer any information to it. i tried copy and paste but this eturns script errors.

i could be going about this the totally wrong way but i dont know.

so what i am trying to do is create a nother form/subform in the mainform (detail) page if that makes any sense

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Totally Stupid Question...

Mar 19, 2006

Right.. I'm a complete noob @ access...

Ok.. I have a yes/no column in my table and I want to build a query on that table so it returns all the records with NO (unticked box).

How do I do that?

Any help appreciated :)

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Need Help, Urgent. :)

Jul 13, 2006

I have a database of employees, sales, products(Sky and Mobile Phone Contracts) and customers(Need to be common and shared between all products). ( A door-to-door marketing company)

Since each product requires different inputting tables, I have inserted all the required fields into the tblSales and then I want to run a query in order to select the needed fields and create a new Sale of a specific product.

However at the same time I want to create a new customer, assign the sale to an employee, select the commission ID that he is going to receive for the job... etc. Well as you can see the problem is that it is not letting me do it due to the fact that an entry is missing in the other table for that client or a client is not yet created for the sale. (Only one autonumber is assigned.)

What am I doing wrong?

Just in case you want to look at my mess... I have attached the DB :P

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Urgent Help!!

Mar 16, 2007

I have the following "range" table. I have a "txtBoxA" (numeric) and "txtBoxPrice". I have to look in the table for the corresponding range of "txtBoxA" and retrieve the VALUE for that range and store it in "txtBoxPrice"

1 500 40
501 1,000 70
1,001 2,500 90

Example: "txtBoxA" = 200 then the corresponding VALUE would be 40 and I would have to store 40 in "txtBoxPrice"

How would I do this??
I'm doing this in ACCESS
Thank you

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Urgent Help Please

Apr 5, 2007

My school coursework database is on my memory stick, and i have just opened it, and all my forms, reports and marcos have gone. The file has gone from 12000kb to 10000kb, and a table MSysCompactError automatically created itself. How can i get it all back?????
The last time i accessed the memory stick was on the school PC.

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Need Urgent Help

Oct 31, 2007

Hi everyone,

I'm developing a small Access 2003 application for a purchase service that includes managing informations about Suppliers, Customers, Carriers, and Orders.
With the Orders issue, I'v created a form to enter all the informations about the order; customer, supplier, carrier, orderID, and a subform to enter the items with their quantity and unit price... I want to:

1- Add a botton in the form that opens a Word document; a Purchase Order, that includes all the information entered in the form.
2- Add a botton to send this document as an attachement from Access via Outlook.

I need a guide step by step to understand how it works in Access with examples if is it possible.

Any help is highly appreciated,

Best Regards,

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Help.. Urgent...

Sep 26, 2005


the scenario..... is i have a column, let say fieldx some of them have 10 characters that is 00000000a0 others are 8 characters 000000ao and i want the 8 char to be also 10 by adding additional 00? is this possible?


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Help Urgent

Apr 30, 2006

my problem is i need query code for
Concatenate Column Values from Multiple Rows into a Single row with Access
like this
Last First Code
------- --------- ----
Lesand Danny 1
Lesand Danny 2
Lesand Danny 3
Benedi Eric 7
Benedi Eric 14

Result should look like:

Last First Codes
------- --------- -----
Lesand Danny 1,2,3
Benedi Eric 7,14

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URGENT Help Please

Sep 12, 2006

hi everyone

urgent help needed with creating a query please...

I have a table with AutoNumber as primary key.
The second column is called ClassID and the third column is called TeacherID.
I want to run a select query that finds all records where the ClassID column and TeacherID column match.
Basically I want to find records where the fields are duplicated.

How do I do this either through Access query builder or SQL view?

Thanks in advance

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Urgent!Please Help :(

Feb 21, 2007

Hi Friends,

I am not very gud in MS Access.Please check out the below example and help me.
Product_name Price
P1 $20
P2 $10
P3 $5.......

Mon Week_no Prod_name No_of items
1 1 P1 4
1 4 P1 10
2 4 P1 20
3 4 P1 10
2 3 P2 50........

Assume that Price of P1 changed to $40 in Feb.
Now I want to calculate amount earned by selling P1 from Jan to March.
Remember (For Jan the rate will be $20 and from Feb to March it will be $40)
If I calculate manually it will be - 4*$20 + 10*$20 + 20*$40 + 10*$40

But How do I do it using a query or code??

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HELP (urgent)

Apr 17, 2005

Hi guys,
im doing a project now, where i have to estimate the service due of cars. For this i need to put a count down timer in one of my FORMS and also REPORTS(sorry about posting about reports in this section but i ddnt want to post twice :rolleyes: but will do if necessary)... i searched a LOT on google but couldnt find anythng..... if some1 could come up with something reasonable, it would be VERY VERY helpful...

Please try to make it before this friday plz if you can...

thanks! :rolleyes:

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Urgent Help!

Apr 21, 2005

Hi i have imported an excel sheet in form as an OLEUnbound.
The form is for registering product details and the excel sheet iam using for price calculations. But when i register a new product the sheet doesnt clear it shows the same values enterd as in the previous product and when i change them the same thing happens with the previous products. I want to use the same sheet with the calculation differently for all product.B`cus the products doesnt have same price.
Any help. I want to use that one sheet instead of making one own sheet for every products. Use the sheet as an mal or something like that.

Plz help.. :confused:
i have included a picture of my form.
when i should register a new product the sheet should be linked for that product only.

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Need Urgent Help

Sep 8, 2004

Hy, I’ve got problem that drives me crazy. i have form with two combo boxes and text field which shows value from table based on a criteria from those combo boxes.

Can i use Dlookup function with more than one criteria like

Dlookup(“myField”,”myTable”,”1valueOfTheField inTable=” & forms!myForm!cboFirst.value &”,”2valueOfTheField inTable=” & forms!myForm!cboSecond.value)

I also know how to make a querry in VBA that gives me correct value but i don't know how to put that value(which is currency) in textbox
Or is there other way to solve this problem and get correct value
Thanks for any help

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Jan 6, 2005

i,m doing a project using Microsoft Front Page.It has to link to database.can i use Microsoft Access to do my database.if not,what should i use?

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Urgent Help!!!!

Jun 4, 2005

hello to all,

i need help with a basic problem. Is it possible to link a listbox and a calander,
My Main aim is to get a booking board for a hotel database, therefore i want it so that when you click on a particular date, the listbox displays all bookings on that date.

Also i need assistance with using queries for derived entities!!
Please help

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Urgent Help

Oct 6, 2006

Hi i have a problem coming up with the ans to the last part of this text. Can anyone help me?

The information technology (IT) department in your school has asked you, a part-time
employee at the department, to help create a database to track fundraising activities
and donations in your school. In the past, the school’s fund-raising foundation has
been manually maintaining detailed records of donors and fund-raising activities. The
school’s president has recently asked the IT department to help computerize the
foundation’s records. Your job is to design and implement the database for the
foundation. The following information is captured in the manual records:
1. Individual_Donor name, address, email and phone number.
2. Company_Donor company name, company address, company email address
company phone number, main contact, main contact phone number, main
contact email and phone number
3. Amount of donation and date of donation
4. The donation can be a one-off donation or a monthly donation (interval of one
month from the date of the first donation)
5. Name of fund-raising campaign (New building fund, President fund,
Scholarship fund, Bursary fund, Star fund)
1. Draw the ERD and database schemas for the donor database that you will
design for the foundation. Decompose the ERD where necessary. You can
make any assumptions that are reasonable for the design. Make sure to
suggest attributes that should be included but are currently not in the manual
system. …………………………………………………………(5 marks)
2. Implement the ERD in Access. Design the tables for the donor database. If
the NRIC number of the individual donor is not available right now, what is an
appropriate primary key for the individual donor? Populate your database
donor with records. ……………………………… ...................(3 marks)
3. Create an input form(s) for the donor database. In your design of the input
form(s), create (a) an input mask for a control and (b) a validation rule for a
control……………………………………………………(4 marks)
4. Create a report that lists the donations in the order of descending amount of
donations. Put in the appropriate donation details. Separate individual
donations from company donations. Aggregate the donations for each
category………………………………………………………..(2 marks)
5. Perform the following queries on your database.
a. What is the largest amount of total donations received over a single
month period (first of the month till end of the month) for 2005?
b. Which are the company donors that donated on a monthly basis and
how much are the donations?
c. List the details of individual donors that donated to the New Building
and state how much they are donating to the fund and on what dates.

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Oct 12, 2006

i want to execut two queries from unrelated table in single query.

is it posiible the below logic
"select PRODUCT_NAME from Products and
select Divisionname from Division "

i want to store colums of two different tables in single table

thanks in advance

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Very Urgent

Oct 16, 2006

i want to execute two queries from unrelated table in single query.

is it posiible the below logic

Query 1: select PRODUCT_NAME from Products

Query 2: select Divisionname from Division "

i want to execute these queries in single query so that
the resulting recordset contains colums of both the

please help
thanks in advance

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Urgent!! 7 Days From Now

Jan 27, 2006

how do i make a query that only shows things with a date in them of only the previous 7 days?

this is urgent due to needing submition in 3 hours time

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Urgent Help Needed

Jun 19, 2006

A record in a table linked to various others has recently been corrupted in my database. When i try to delete the record an error message appears telling me that the 'Search key was not found in any record' and the record will not be deleted. This corrupted record is causing me serious problems and i need rid of it by the end of the day.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Urgent Help Needed!!!

Jul 5, 2006


I am having a problem with all of my comment fields showing up as Japanese and I need to get some reports printed...
Does anyone know how or why this would or could happen?

I have checked the tables but they are normal. When you query the tables is when the comments start to mess up.

Thank you.

Your help is really appreciated!

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Urgent 2003 To 97

Aug 7, 2006

hey people im new here i have a very important question, how can i get a 2003 databse to be read on access 97!!!!! convert?? change format???? save as???? ive tried what i could but i havtn found a way! please help me!!!

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Need Urgent Help With Query

Sep 18, 2006


I had a query which used to work perfectly fine, then I changed one of the field names that the query was returning. And then, I rechanged the same field back to what it was and I save it. Later, whenever I run that query, it asks for a parameter with the same field name I changed even though I don't have it anymore.

Any suggestions why this is happening please!!!!


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