Access C# Code From Integration Services

Apr 26, 2007

I have an application in C# in which i have few events like download,Import and I have written all the code for that and its working fine but I have to schedule these processes so that I need not to run it manually daily. I am trying to write an Integration services package through which I could handle the required event, without rewriting the whole code.

Please Reply.



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Integration Services :: Send Mail Task Error - Attempt Was Made To Access Socket In A Way Forbidden By Its Access Permissions

Aug 18, 2015

I have trying to execute the Sendmail task in my development envinorment i face this error..I have given the clear details error message below,Please have a look.

[Send Mail Task] Error: An error occurred with the following error message: "Failure sending mail.  System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server  System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions ".Alternatively  i use the  SMTP connection to create the subscription as well,its working properly.

Here we are accessing SMTP connection manager as Virtually.Here in my client network we are using Macafee Anti virus ,We have excluded the Rsconfigration file in the excluded list.I dont know why this problem occures again using Sendmailtask in ssis?

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Integration Services :: C# Code To Create File From Variable Value?

May 5, 2015

My Execute SQL Task will store the file name into a variable(mFile) of type string datatype.

Now I wanted a script task (C# code) to create a filename from the variable (mFile) value.

Since it is a common issue I tried a lot in the internet but none of the queries worked.

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Integration Services :: SSIS View Code After Encrypting

Sep 15, 2015

Before we release an SSIS package into our test environment and then eventually into our production environment, we  set the package protection level to "EncryptAllWithPassword"

The "View Code" feature is a nice tool to find things that might be buried in the package somewhere (e.g an complex expression to a variable).

PROBLEM : After one sets the package protection level to "EncryptAllWithPassword", one cannot see the xml source code any longer. It's like compiling and saving cs to the bin. Is their a way to view the code again??

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Integration Services :: XML Code Is Coming When Open Dtsx Package?

May 13, 2015

When I double click on dtsx package , i am getting XML code. I am unable to get the Graphical View. Recently I have installed Visual 2013.

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Integration Services :: SSIS Package - Create Different TXT File For Each Code

Jun 25, 2015

EDate Datetime,
Code varchar(255),
Cdate int,
Price int
drop table Test

[Code] ....

I have this Query and the below output:

EDate Code CDate Price
2015-06-24  RX 20150701 22
2015-06-24  RX 20150701 28
2015-06-24  RX 20150701 43

[Code] ....

Now the task is to create  SSIS package which will create different .txt file for each Code

1) RX20150624.txt
2015-06-24 00:00:00.000 RX 20150701 22
2015-06-24 00:00:00.000 RX 20150701 28
2015-06-24 00:00:00.000 RX 20150701 43

2) NG20150623.txt
2015-06-23 00:00:00.000 NG 20150701 43

3) HO20150624.txt
2015-06-24 00:00:00.000 HO 20150701 43
And so on..

But the requirement is to have a dynamic query where we can have more number of Codes or less number of codes and similarly the package should generate dynamic text files, one .txt file per code. What is the best way to create a package which can meet the above requirement?

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Integration Services :: How To Write ETL Package Addressing Different Collations Or Code Pages

Jul 13, 2015

Default code page in ETL package is 1252 which will not work if the collation is different e.g in Japanese_CI_AS, it is 932.

My question is how to write a generic ETL package so that it can cater any collation or any code page.

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Integration Services :: Comma Separated Value In A Flat File With Two Columns (Code / Name)

Oct 21, 2015

I have one requirements below..

Table input
Eno        ename                  Eloc       
1              Sid                         
Pune     101,201,301,401,501,601

Eno        ename                  Eloc       
1              Sid                         
Pune     101
1              Sid                         
Pune     201
1              Sid                         
Pune     301
1              Sid                         
Pune     401
1              Sid                         
Pune     501
1              Sid                         
Pune     601

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Integration Services :: How To Execute Custom Class Library Code Through SSIS

Jun 11, 2015

I have a requirement in which i have to create a custom .net class library for Ex:-I retrieve password(s) from a thrid party component. Below is what i am doing.

(1) Created a custom class library which reads a custom .xml file from a drive Ex:- "D:MyAppMYAppCofig.xml" and sets to my properties of my custom class library and inside it i created an instance of third party component's class and passed these values. Since i need to use this .net custom class library both in web and ssis/database side i am using this custom .xml file.

(2) After validating passed data (properties set in custom .net class library) the thrid party component instance object created in my custom .net class libraty returs a password to me own custom .net class libray.

(3) This password I use in my web app for connecting to database. This code is working fine.

(4) My question is how to execute a custom .net class library code through ssis and to use the my same custom .net class library and pass the password to my SSIS component / taks so that that code block also uses the returned password to connect and do any needed tasks? In other words how to use custom .net class library from SSIS.

My Environment is as follows:-
SQL Server is : 2008 R2
VS.NET 2013

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How Do I Use SendMail Option In The Integration Services - I Found The Code On MSDN, But, How Do I Make It Workable?

May 14, 2007

if I have the following code:

using Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime;
using Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.SendMailTask;

class TestSendMailTask

public static void Main()

Package pkg = new Package();

ConnectionManager smtpCM;
smtpCM = pkg.Connections.Add("SMTP");
smtpCM.Name = "SMTP Connection Manager";
smtpCM.ConnectionString = "smtphost";

Executable exe = pkg.Executables.Add("STOCKendMailTask");
TaskHost thSendMailTask = (TaskHost)exe;
thSendMailTask.Properties["SmtpConnection"].SetValue(thSendMailTask, "SMTP Connection Manager");
thSendMailTask.Properties["ToLine"].SetValue(thSendMailTask, "");
thSendMailTask.Properties["CCLine"].SetValue(thSendMailTask, "");
thSendMailTask.Properties["BCCLine"].SetValue(thSendMailTask, "");
thSendMailTask.Properties["FromLine"].SetValue(thSendMailTask, "");
thSendMailTask.Properties["Priority"].SetValue(thSendMailTask, MailPriority.Normal);
thSendMailTask.Properties["FileAttachments"].SetValue(thSendMailTask, "C:\test_image.jpg");
thSendMailTask.Properties["Subject"].SetValue(thSendMailTask, "Testing the SendMail Task");
thSendMailTask.Properties["MessageSourceType"].SetValue(thSendMailTask, SendMailMessageSourceType.DirectInput);
thSendMailTask.Properties["MessageSource"].SetValue(thSendMailTask, "This is only a test.");

DTSExecResult valResults = pkg.Validate(pkg.Connections, pkg.Variables, null, null);

if (valResults == DTSExecResult.Success)




How do I make it a workable package so it compiles , w/ javadoc style comments and instructions, so, other people can use it?

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Integration Services :: How To Get Content Of Cache Connection Manager In Script Component By Code

Jul 27, 2015

ConnectionManager manager = Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.DtsConvert.GetWrapper(base.Connections.Connection);
IDTSConnectionManagerCache100 cache = manager.InnerObject as IDTSConnectionManagerCache100;
if (cache != null)
  System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("Cache is found.");
and use
IDTSConnectionManagerCacheColumn100 id = connMgr.Columns["Id"]; get the column info.

but how do i get the cache connection content ?I want to look in the content in a script component code. 

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Integration Services :: SSIS 2012 Script Component Binary Code Not Found

Apr 21, 2015

After adding Service Reference  to WebService, the Script Component has Binary Code not found, red circle not showing these are the steps I followed:

1) Add Script Component as Source
2) Add 3 x Output Columns Col1,2 and 3
3) Add HTTP Connection URL>..Binary Code not found, red circle showing
4) Add test code to Sub CreateNewOutputRows     Dim i As Integer = 6       Binary Code not found, red circle not showing
5) Add Service Reference URL...Binary Code not found, red circle showing again

Should just adding Service Reference cause Binary Code not found, red circle to appear. I have to set  precompilescripttobinary option , however cannot see this option in 2012

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Integration Services :: Text Was Truncated Or One Or More Characters Had No Match In Target Code Page

Aug 11, 2015

I'm trying to import data in Excel into SQL Server table which you would think would be an absolute doddle seeing as they're both key Microsoft products in the BI family..One of the columns in Excel spreadsheet is Comments1 and a couple of the values in this column are over 300 characters in length yet when I set up the Excel source and then open Advanced Editor and look at Input and output properties this column has a data-type of Unicode string [DT_WSTR] with length of 255 which leads to the truncated error in the title.

I've researched this and on find going into the registry and updating the TypeGuessRows value from 8 to zero. I've done this and yet the data-type is still showing as Unicode string [DT_WSTR] with length of 255. I've even moved the row with the largest number of characters to the top of the spreadsheet and changed the TypeGuessRows value to 1 but the data-type still stays the same.I can't believe that it's soooo difficult to import data from one of Microsoft's key BI applications to another using their 'world-class' integration tool.

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Integration Services :: Code To Show StartDateTime And EndDateTime In Body Of Email In SSIS

Nov 23, 2015

Code to show the package StartDateTime and EndDateTime in body of the email in ssis send email task.

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Integration Services :: Unable To Get Return Code Executing SSIS Package From Stored Procedure?

Jun 11, 2015

We are executing a SSIS package using a xp_cmdshell command in a SP as shown below. This package does consumes time to execute almost 90 minutes and does get executed successfully too. But the strange thing is we don't get the result in @result variable just because somehow the next sql statement after the below highlighted statement doesn't get executed at all.  After checking execution stats for the SP using the query attached below we observed that somehow the SP vanishes out of the execution stats for the server.

 SELECT @cmd = 'dtexec /FILE "D:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100DTSPackages.....PopulateReport.dtsx"'          
  SELECT @cmd = @cmd + ' /Decrypt T@!0er '          
  SELECT @cmd = @cmd + ' /set package.variables[vAppID].Value;' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),@appId)          
  SELECT @cmd = @cmd + ' /set package.variables[vDBName].Value;' + '"' + @db + '"'          
  SELECT @cmd = @cmd + ' /set package.variables[vBuildMFF].Value;' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),@BuildMFF)          

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Access To Integration Services

Jul 25, 2007

Hi Guys,

I have a quick question, Can i access the SSIS services of a Server from a remote server using Sql Server management studio.

I'm trying to access a third DB server and i can access it using Sql server management studio with sa and password but the integration services aren't there and when i try to explicitly connect to it, it is not connecting

Any ideas?

P.S: Can any of you recommend a very good book as I've done some work with it but it seems i might be the one doing more work with BI from now on as the organisation is not going to appoint anyone else in this position.

Thank you


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Granting Access To An Integration Services Server?

Apr 13, 2007

I have followed the instructions in this topic: and I have read Kirk Haselden's blog post on the subject (which contains the same info) and I still CANNOT manage to grant non-administrators the ability to access an IS server. They constantly get the Access is Denied error. Has ANYONE actually gotten this to work? If so, could you please share what you did?

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Unable To Access MSDB On Integration Services

Mar 23, 2006

Hi all

I have a little problem with my IS Server.
I am using Windows Server 2003 64bit and IS 9.0.1399.
I have two named instances for databases.

I am able to connect to Intergration Services just with the
Servername (no Instance Name) and I see the folders in there.
When I try to open the MSDB Folder (under "Stored Packages") I
get the following exeption:
"Failed to retrieve data for this request ...."
and Additional informations: "Login timeout expired ....."

I am of corse administrator, so permission will be ok ...

Any ideas?? Thanks for any comment!!

Best regards
Frank Uray

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Access Denied - SQLSERVER 2005 Integration Services

Nov 15, 2006


I am getting access denied error "cannot connect to server" while trying to connect Integration Services. I am trying to connect from my laptop to the SQLSERVER database server.

I followed the document "Connecting to a Remove Intergration Services Server" , doc id: aa337083.

But I can connect to IS if I log remotely to the server.

Any thoughts on this ?



I am getting following errors.


Cannot connect to cvsslmdd1-vm.


Failed to retrieve data for this request. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoEnum)

For help, click:

Program Location:

at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Enumerator.Process(Object connectionInfo, Request request)
at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.VSIntegration.ObjectExplorer.ObjectExplorer.ValidateConnection(UIConnectionInfo ci, IServerType server)
at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.ConnectionDlg.Connector.ConnectionThreadUser()


Connect to SSIS Service on machine "cvsslmdd1-vm" failed:
Access is denied.

Program Location:

at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Application.GetServerInfo(String server, String& serverVersion)
at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.SmoEnum.DTSEnum.GetData(EnumResult erParent)
at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Environment.GetData()
at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Environment.GetData(Request req, Object ci)
at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Enumerator.GetData(Object connectionInfo, Request request)
at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Enumerator.Process(Object connectionInfo, Request request)


Connect to SSIS Service on machine "cvsslmdd1-vm" failed:
Access is denied.

Program Location:

at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Wrapper.ApplicationClass.GetServerInfo(String bstrMachineName, String& serverVersion)
at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Application.GetServerInfo(String server, String& serverVersion)

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Integration Services :: Importing Percentage From Excel To Access

Dec 18, 2013

When I import a pecentage from Excel to Access it either showas as 100% or 0% in Access. How do I bring in a percentage such as 92.5%?

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Integration Services :: Correct Syntax To Access A Variable

Sep 30, 2015

I am having trouble finding the correct syntax to access a variable. I have a variable defined in the Variables window: The variable name is formatedDate. The DataType is String.

I am successfully setting the value of the variable in a Execute SQL Task. The SQL is as follows:

SELECT LEFT(CONVERT(VARCHAR, MAX(ReportDate), 120), 10) as formatedDate
from DimReportDates

The Result Set is set to “Single Row” and properly set up. 

No problem so far. I can see with a watch that the variable has the correct value, something like:


Now, in a subsequent step, a Data Flow Task, I want to access the variable. Actualy it is in the SQL statement of a OLE DB source in the Data Flow… I have the following:

Declare @sDate smalldatetime
SELECT @sDate = xxxxx

I have tried several things substituting xxxxx above, but nothing seems to work. One variation was


 Another was

((DT_WSTR, 10) @[User::formatedDate]).

I think I’m close, but just can’t get it. What is the correct syntax.

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Integration Services :: Login To SSMS Got Access Denied Error

Sep 9, 2015

When I try to connect to "Integration services" in "SSMS" with my window authentication, for some servers can able to connect. But for some server i am getting error like "Access denied".

To fix these Access Denied, as per instruction from google, i have configured the Administrative Tools-->Component Services->Component Services-->Computer-->My Computer-->DCOM Config-> Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 11.0--> Right
Click-->Properties-->navigate to “Security”--> then adding the Active direcotry login in the "Launch and Activation Permissions", "Access Permissions" and "Configuration Permissions".

Then this issue was fixed. I want to know why this was happening to some servers only, what is the reason behind this.

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Integration Services :: SSIS 2005 - Unable To Access MSDB

Apr 22, 2015

I have a little problem with my IS Server.I am using IS 9.0.1399 (SSIS 2005).I have one instance for databases.I am able to connect to Integration Services just with the Servername (no Instance Name) and I see the folders in there.When I try to open the MSDB Folder (under "Stored Packages") I get the following exeption:

"Login timeout expired/An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections.SQL Network Interfaces: Connection string is not valid [87]."

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Integration Services :: Access Derived Column From OleDB Command

Nov 6, 2015

Is it possible to access a Derrvied Column from an OLE-DB Command? I have to Update a Table with a join and i need from the source Table columns which have to be pivoted before i can use it in the update Command.

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Integration Services :: Access To Path Denied In Script Task

Jul 31, 2012

Note: this applies to SQL 2012 only. I'm using the project deployment model in SQL SSIS 2012

I have a script task inside the SSIS package that renames some files on a domain share. (mydomainmyfileshare)

The database owner is a domain user (mydomainsvclogin)

I start the package from a stored procedure like so:

EXEC [SSISDB].[catalog].[start_execution] @execution_id

When the package is deployed to my local machine, it executes without error.

When it is deployed to a remote server on the same domain (2012), I get an error:

Access to the path mydomainmyfileshare is denied.

The report log show that the caller is mydomainsvclogin. I added some informational logging of my own and I see that the variable System::UserName is also mydomainsvclogin

I logged on to windows as mydomainsvclogin and verified that I can modify/delete/change files on  mydomainmyfileshare

On older packages, I used credentials and proxy accounts to set up access to domain resources.

How do you specify the account (a domain account) that will access domain resources in an SSIS 2012 package ?

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Integration Services :: Truncate Or Delete Access Table Using SSIS?

Sep 4, 2015

I have to truncate  access table before I insert records to access database table. 

I tried using Delete From Table_name  or Truncate table Table_NAME and I have used Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider. It does not seem to work. I read some post on forums. None of them seem to work while truncating or deleting records from one of the access database table.

Is there any easy way to truncate access database without using script component and VB scripts. I do not know how to Write VB scripts so trying to find alternatives.


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Integration Services :: Access A Remote File On Shared Folder SSIS

Sep 9, 2015

I have a package that need to copy a file from a remote server using path like, inside of Microsoft data tools, everything runs fine, because y access to those folders on the windows sessions and enter my credentials. however how to I set up the package to use my credentials on the remote server?  

Without it, I got error Executed as user: NT ServiceSQLAgent$RETAIL_PRO.and this user does not exists on remote server. so got access denied. error. 

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Integration Services :: Convert Access Database As Part Of SSIS Package

May 15, 2015

I need to convert an access 2000 database to access 2013 and then load the data into a sql server 2012 database. Thus any urls (links) that will show me how to accomplish the following in an SSIS package:

1. Convert an access 2000 database to access 2013 database?
2. Load the converted Access 2013 database into sql server 2012?

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Integration Services :: Delete And Insert Rows In Access From SSIS Package

Sep 4, 2015

I have a ssis package which identifies duplicate records in access database. I have staged access database into sql sever and created ssis package. Now, I have final list of records which needs to be delete from access database and new records which are to be inserted into access database. 

What do I need to do if I want to delete those duplicate records directly from access database using SSIS. I cannot truncate whole access database and reload. I just have to delete duplicate rows from access db and add new records.

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Integration Services :: How To Access Object Type Variable In Execute Task

Nov 18, 2015

In my ssis 2012 package, I have a 'object' type variable with some table like records. I want to do some SQL operations like insert/update on the records in another table based on this 'Object' type variable records. Basically I want to use a MERGE statement with another physical table with the records in the 'Object' type to map/use the Object type variable in Execute sql task.I am not good in script task. How to utilize this Object variable in a Execute sql task?  

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Integration Services :: How To Access Remote System Folder In Local Machine Using SSIS

Aug 12, 2015

I have to access the remote system folder files in local machine using SSIS.

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Reporting Services And Sharepoint Integration - Sharepoint Alternate Access Mappings (Zones)

Mar 2, 2007

I get the following error when I try to navigate to a report/model/data source, stored in a Sharepoint Document Library using a Sharepoint URL based on an Extranet or Intranet zone - but it works OK using the url for the Default zone:

System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: The specified path refers to a SharePoint zone that is not supported. The default zone path must be used. ---> Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.SecurityZoneNotSupportedException: The specified path refers to a SharePoint zone that is not supported. The default zone path must be used.

Is this a limitation of the SQLRS-WSS3 integration or is there a workaround?

Many thanks to anyone who can help!

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How To Optimize Integration Pacakages Or Best Practices For Integration Services

Sep 11, 2007

Hello friends.
I managed to design an Integration service package,but the desired level of performance has not been achieved(i.e it is performing slow).
So I want to know what are the best practices for optimized solution .
In my package I'm exreacting data from XML file and Storing it in SQL server database with some processing dring data flow.

I'm using
1) Two Script Task Control -In these control,I m opening the connection to XML file through code and
iterating each record at a time.
2)Two OLE DB Command -Each fetched record from script task component is processed in OLEDB command through
stored procedure and then inseted into database.
3)One for Loop -This loop contains two script Task control and two OLEDB Command control,
(mentioned above),for fetching single record and inserting it in database.
4)One derived Column
5)One Multicast
6)One Character Map
7)One OlEDB Source

As with my current performance I'm able to insert one record in every .5 second (Which is much below to acceptable limits)
Is control lying disabled on SSIS designer pane also affect the performance of execution.

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