Analysis :: Add Population Data In SSAS Cube

Aug 7, 2015

I want to implement population data in sales cube.

Fact table has customer code which is foreign key of Customer master dimension which in turn is linked to census data dimension. Census data dimension have city wise population data having foreign keys of zone and state.

We want to add population data in fact table.

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Analysis :: SSAS Planning / Forecast Copy Data In Cube

Oct 2, 2015

Is there any way to copy my Data of 2015 to the Planning/Forecasting Value of 2016?

My question is based on that we use INFOR ION BI right now and there we can just add an Button in our reports wich physically copies the value from one year to the next year based on some other rules in the cube.

Now I need to make this example work with SSAS and Excel PivotTables but I cant figure out how.

I have absolutely no clue where and how to accomplish it. Do I use Calculations, do I use Actions, do i make it in the Dataview, Cube or directly in Excel?

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Analysis :: SSAS - Roles With Read Definition Access Are Not Able To See Data In Cube

Nov 25, 2015

I am facing a very weird issue in our SSAS database. We have several roles with 'Read definition' access. None of these roles are able to see data in the cubes. I have checked these roles over and over and there is no problem with the definition. Each of the roles have been given read access to Data Source, Cube and Dimensions.

The users are able to access the definition and structure of the cube i.e. they can see the measures & dimensions available but when they drag measures and dimension attributes in the browser (SSMS) OR execute an MDX - they get null values. The roles with 'Full Control (administrator)' access are able to see all the data without any issues.
I have tried the following:

1. Deleted all roles and re-created.
2. Created roles directly on SSAS DB.
3. Deployed all objects and processed the DB.
Each time only the admins are able to see the data.

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Analysis :: Using Calculations In SSAS Cube?

May 21, 2015

how can use this mdx script in the calculation part of a cube, will i simply dump it in the script form by starting with the 'create member current cube.

[measures].[abc] on 0,
[xyz].[xyz].(&0):[xyz].[xyz].(&60) on 1
(tail([month].[month].[month].members,6))on 0

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Analysis :: More Than One Cube In One SSAS Database

Dec 13, 2010

Is it possible to have more than one cube under one SSAS database? For example I have a database "Test" and in this the cube exist is "TestCube", is iit possible to deploy another cube "TestCube2" under the Test databse?

If yes then what is the process to do that, the reason I am asing is there are some common dimensions used n both the cubes and I am not sure what is the best way so that I can use the shared dimension?

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Analysis :: ABF File - Restoring SSAS Cube

Oct 25, 2010

I have a .abf file, which I am attempting to restore. I go to Management Studio and attempt to restore the cube.

However, whenever I attempt to restore the following error message occurs:

"File 'C:/.......' specified in restore command is damaged or is not an AS backup file.

The following error occured:

Access is denied (Microsoft SQL Server 2008  R2 Analysis Services)

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Analysis :: Deploying SSAS Cube With Different Name On Same Server

Jun 21, 2013

How can i deploy an existing cube with a new name on the same server?

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Analysis :: SSAS Model Where Never Need Cube To Be Offline

May 21, 2015

I am thinking of a possible design where the cube will never go offline.

Usually when I do some code changes on my cube the cube goes offline and I need to Full Process it again to get it back .

However , in cases where the cube is extremely critical for the business users , it would be great if I can deliver a solution where the cube never goes down.

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Analysis :: How To Connect SSAS Cube To Server

Jun 12, 2015

How can I connect ssas cube to server. I have no SSAS SERVER INSTANCE...

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Analysis :: Count Distinct In SSAS Cube?

Sep 8, 2015

Background: I have a Huge fact dimension table(table has both measures and dimensions) that i am using to build a SSAS Cube. 

The table didn't have a unique identifier, so the database team added ROW NUM as a column to the table which i am using as a PrimaryKey in my Cube build. I was able to create a cube successfully with it without any issues.

Problem: Now customers are asking for a 'Claim Count calculation' which shows the Distinct Claim Count. 

Its defined as below :

Count(Distinct Claim_Number || Claim Year || Claim Month)

. All the 3 columns are available in table, but when i am trying to create this Count Distinct Object in the DSV the Cube processing time increased by 5 times, as now i have to use a GroupBy function in my SQL.(There are around 30 columns to group by). 

Is there a better way to achieve this Count(Distinct Claim_Number || Claim Year || Claim Month) without using groupBy in DSV SQL logic? I cant seem to find any Count(Distinct) function in the Cube Calculation functions?

Environment: SSAS 2012 Multidimensional Model

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Analysis :: SSAS 2012 - Notification While Cube Is Processing

Apr 16, 2015

I am working on SQL 2012.We have a SSAS Cube build. On top of it client use Excel to connect to SSAS Cube and See the reports.My Cube process every hour and take almost a 1-2 min to Process.When ever End user/Client See or refresh the Excel report (Which use Cube as Source),WHEN CUBE IS PROCESSING ,they get an error that Source is not available

We Have tried best but cannot bring down the Processing time of the cube to 3-5 Second , so that End user don't face report refresh issue at the moment of cube processing 

Requirement :In Case End User see the report while Cube is processing from back end , Instead of Error they should see some customize Msg which we can provide some thing Like "Data is Refreshing , please wait ".

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Analysis :: SSAS Multidimensional Cube On A Single Table

May 7, 2015

I have only 1 denormalized table that is being used in a SSAS Tabular model(which is about 3GB). I am doing a POC to convert it into a SSAS Multidimensional and explore it.


1st Question) I am seeing that there is no Primary Key(unique key) in the current denormalized table. (Tabular Model didnt require any primary key). But i think for Multidimensional the key is mandatory? Should i generate a composite key myself in a Named Query based on this table(in the DSV)?

2nd Question) What is the best way to design my Multidimensional Cube/Dimensions based on this single table?

Say if i comeup with a Composite Primary Key called (PK_ID) . Should i be splitting up my facts / dimensions in my DSV using Named Queries similar to below(Using the same PK for my dimension tables also?)

a) FactTable = Select PK_ID, Qty1,Cost1,Price1,Amount1 from Table1
b) StoreDim =  Select PK_ID, StoreName,StoreDese from Table1
c) ItemDim  =  Select PK_ID, ItemName,ItemDesc from Table1

Would this work?

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Analysis :: Set Attributes In Sort Order For A Dimension In SSAS Cube

Jul 22, 2015

For Example: I have one dimension named as "Name", Under this I have "FirstName" and "LastName" Attributes are there.But when i drag "Name" dimension, By default "First Name" dragged. But i Want "Last Name" should drag.

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Analysis :: How To Set Attributes In Sort Order For A Dimension In SSAS Cube

Jul 22, 2015

I have a dimension like Districts, Under that 2 Attributes are there i.e,District ID and Districts. When i drag Dimension "Districts", in OLAP grid it come District ID first. But i want Districts to drag first. How can we sort Attributes(District ID and Districts) for a dimension.

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Analysis :: How To Display 1/1/1753 Value In Excel While Browsing SSAS Cube

Jul 8, 2015

I have connected to  SQL SERVICES ANALYSIS SERVICE database through excel and when I observed that value of the date attribute is displayed as ######## in the excel for 1/1/1753.

I am able to see the value 1/1/1753 in the Cube browser but not able to see the vale in the excel.

how to replace this value with blank in the  excel.

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Analysis :: Changing Ssas Cube Form-view Background Color?

May 13, 2015

I want to change the color of the ssas cube calculated member in formview from red background to white or back to default color settings. This also includes changing the text color back to default. What properties do I have to change?

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Analysis :: Measures Showing No Rows In SSAS Browser After Cube Processed Ok And Calculate Command Is There

Jun 10, 2015

I've created a cube and it processed fine. The calculate command is there. The measure that I'm attempting to run in the SSAS/Visual Studios browser is simply a count rows measure.  When I drag the measure to the window, it says no rows available.  If I click on the filter that allows nulls, the only change it makes is that it goes from no rows available to "NULL". 

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Missing Data With SSAS Cube As A Report Data Source

May 9, 2006

I've got a report that is using a cube as a data source and I can't get the report to show all the data. Only data at the lowest level of the cube is displayed. The problem is that most of the data I'm concerned with is at higher levels. There's no problem with the MDX. I get the correct results when I run the query.

I'm using a table to show the results. I've also tried a matrix, but I get the same results. I'm using SSRS 2005 and SSAS 2000.

Anyone have experience with this? Am I missing something simple?

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Reporting Services :: Refresh SSRS Report As Soon As Its SSAS Cube Data Source Is Processed?

Oct 12, 2015

how to trigger report's refresh following its underlying SSAS cubes process?

I want to keep reports data updated at all times, especially when this happens while user is already browsing the report..

I don't want to set an auto refresh for the report every 5 minutes as my cube is processed only one time during the day...

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Analysis :: How To Extract Data From SSAS Cubes Into A Table

Jun 19, 2015

I need to extract data from SSAS' cubes into a SQL Server table.

I already read examples using Linked server (with openquery), SSIS, etc. However, the result always return as many columns per dimension as levels. I need to extract all members of a dimension in a column. E.g., when excecuting the following MDX query in Adventure Works 2014:

select [Measures].[Sales Amount] on columns,
       Non Empty [Date].[Calendar].members on rows
  from [Adventure Works]

I would like to get this result (MDX query in SSMS), but with keys displayed intead of names:

But I get this (MDX thru openquery or SSIS):

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Analysis :: SSAS Dimension Data For Roles Not Working

Apr 21, 2012

I have 5 cubes, and hierachy defined for all cubes. for example:geography database with 5 continents as cubes and contries as dimensions.Now when i am doing security restrictions on my dimension ex: In USA dimension if i want only to give access to texas region then i should be able to see only texas cities. But i cansee all the states under USA even after selecting only Texas region under Dimension data tab inside ROles section in SSMS.I have tried security at database ,cube level as well as dimension level.But still not that because of some wrong design of cubes or something related to database design.? I am not able to undersand that except roles everything in my cubes or datawarehouse is working fine without and defect in data.

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Analysis :: SSAS 2012 - MDX To Find Last 7 Days Data In Where Clause?

Jul 6, 2015

I have a MDX query , where I have a date Range in where clause.

I want to replace it with Cuurent Date and Last 7 days date.

I tried multiple ways using NOW function , but could not get it correct .

modifying the Query so that I can fetch DATA for last 7 days 

FROM ( SELECT ( [Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Year].&[2015].&[2015]&[3].&[7].&[20150706] : [Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Year].&[2015].&[2015]&[2].&[6].&[20150629] ) ON COLUMNS

I want to replace Date Hard code value , I have used Calendar Hierarchy of date dimension. to find Last 7 days Data.

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Analysis :: OLAP CUBE And Data Sources

Aug 4, 2015


1. SQL Server Data Warehouse
2. OLAP CUBE in Analysis Services

My question is - If my SQL Server Data Warehouse is changed (Having Append Data) - Is that My OLAP Cube will have the Append Data?

It's possible, my OLAP Cube always having Append Data if my Data Warehouse is changed? If yes, how to do it without re-deploy and re-process my Analysis Services Project.

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Analysis :: SSAS Tabular Missing Data Column Doesn't Deploy

Aug 2, 2015

I have created a tabular model with VS 2013 Ultimate. I deployed the model several times and everything works great with Power Pivot.

One of the dimension tables, "Age", has an integer field that is null. I updated that column in SSMS to have values, processed the table in VS and the "Age" column now has integer values.

I deployed the model again, connected with Power Pivot, and the "Age" column still has not data. I refreshed the Excel spreadsheet several times, started a new one, deployed several times and there is still not data in the "Age" column even though it clearly exists in VS.

I opened SSMS on the Analysis Service and queried the table in question and it also shows no data in the Age column even though it is in the data table and the VS model.

I can't find anything different about this column than others that contain data. How can this be happening?

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Analysis :: SSAS LastnonEmpty Not Showing Data For Entire Time Hierarchy?

Jun 8, 2015

I have a time dimension which has Date, Week, Month and Year. However, the hierarchy will have only Week, Month and Year. It works great for any Sales measure with AggregateFunction as SUM.

I have created a new measure with AggregateFunction = LastNonEmpty. Also in the backend, I have pushed all the inventory data to last date in every month as inventory is always looked on a monthly basis not on a weekly basis. This measure shows correct data for every last week of the month in the hierarchy. However, Months and Years are displayed as zeros.

what I am doing wrong.

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Analysis :: Excel 2010 Not Refreshing Data From Cube?

Aug 21, 2015

So I use Excel 2010 connect to a cube I have built.  Then I change some values in the cube via my ETL and re-process the cube.  Then I verify that record is NOT there in the fact table - check!

However, when I refresh the worksheet where the pivot table is pulling data from the cube, but that old record wont go away!

Just realized my cube data source on the dev server, was in fact still configured with my local workstation name. Once I updated that, processed the cube all was well.

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Analysis :: How To Restrict Cube Users To See Only Last 2 Days Of Data

Nov 9, 2015

in cube we have one role defined. users in that cube should be allowed to see only last 2 days of data. I mean they should be able to browse only last 2 days of data based on current date. How to implement?

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Analysis :: OLAP Cube Data Visualization Tools For Desktop?

Jun 5, 2015

I am looking for some Simple/Best Data Visualization tools for Desktop which accept data from SSAS Cubes.

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Analysis :: Creating Cube With AMO - Cube Has No Measure Groups?

May 19, 2015

I have problems creating a cube with AMO.

I can add the cube to the database object and fill it with dimensions and a measuregroup (see code below).

If I call cube.Update() it says something like "Error in meta data manager. Cube has no measuregroups." (getting the message in german language)

The error in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.OperationException.Results.Messages is -1055653629

I can't find any documentation about this (or any other) error code in Microsoft documentation.

Here's my Code:

Cube newCube = database.Cubes.Add("MyCube","MyCube");
newCube.Language = 1031;
newCube.Collation = "Latin1_General_CI_AS";
CubeDimension dim = newCube.Dimensions.Add("dim1","dim1","dim1");
CubeAttribute attrib = dim.Attributes.Find("dim1Attr1");


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Analysis :: Data Masking For Dimension Attribute Based On User In SSAS 2014 Multidimensional?

Jun 15, 2015

I am trying to implement data masking based on user login and not sure why this is not working. I have the dimensions DimBrand, DimProduct and DimUser. I should mask the BrandCode with 'XXXX' nothing but in the report all the BrandCode should appear but few of the code will be masked if the user is not belongs to that group. I have a fact table FactProduct in this. In the cube I created all these 3 dimensions and the fact table. I created a new dimension DimBrandMask and I separated the code over there with a relationship with the actual DimBrand dimension. In the cube a reference relationship is set up with the measure group. Created a role with read access.

In the dimension data tab of role I put the below MDX to allowed set.

NonEmpty([DimBrandMask].[Brand Code].Members, (StrToMember("[DimUser].[Login Name].[Login Name].[" + UserName() + "]") ,[Measures].[Dim User Count]))

And in Denied Member set i put the below MDX

IIF( (StrToMember("[DimUser].[Login Name].[Login Name].[" + UserName() + "]"), [DimUser].[Access Right].&[False]), NONEMPTY( [DimBrandMask].[Brand Code].Members,(StrToMember("[DimUser].[Login Name].[Login Name].["
+ UserName() + "]"), [DimUser].[Access Right].&[False], [Measures].[Dim User Count])),{})

Note I created one measure group from the DimUser table and the measure [Dim User Count] is used in the above query.

I am expecting some result like below

Brand      BrandCode           Count
Brand1      b1                       6
Brand2     XXXXX                  5
Brand3     XXXXX                 10

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Analysis :: Cube Extracting Data From Physical Or Logical Star Schema?

Oct 22, 2015

We have an OLTP database and operational reporting is carried out on a replica server / database. We have plans to build a new data warehouse and an analysis services cube.

Question 1:Should a cube be designed to extract data from a physical star schema rather than a logical one (3NF relational (ODS?) using a data source view to derive the star)? I'm guessing for performance it's better to pull data from similar structures (physical facts and dimensions as required by analysis services) but is the difference significant?

Question 2:Depending on the answer to q1, is it bad practice to ETL data from a staging database (replica > staging) directly to a star schema (multiple data sources and cleansing / business rules required)? Or should it be processed from staging to an ods and only then to a star schema (physical or logical). I still don't know if an ODS is required but I guess the consideration for this decision is whether the business would require  daily operational (or ad hoc) reporting on the consolidated data sources (without needing historical DW functionality).

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Analysis :: Cube Measure Does Not Show Any Data When Drag And Drop In Browser

Aug 26, 2015

I created SSAS cube in VS 2008 and have been able to deploy it successfully to the server. While creating the cube I was able to browse dimensions and all underlying tables just to make sure it has data. After deploying successfully when I drag and drop any measure group to browser it does not display anything.

The only thing I did different from straightforward cube building process was that when I created those measure groups the partitions that were created by default were giving me some unknown errors so I had to delete them in order for cube to process successfully.

Did that made any difference because I thought partitions are for improving query performance and has nothing to do with cube processing errors.

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Analysis :: Cube Needs To Be Deployed From VS After SSIS Analysis Services Processing Task Completes?

May 13, 2014

I have a cube that we are processing nightly via an Analysis Service Processing Task in SSIS.  In order to increase the performance of the processing time, we elected to use a lot of rigid dimension attributes, and do a full process of everything in the SSIS task.  The issue that I am having is that after that task completes, I need to go into Visual Studio to deploy the cube becuase we are unable to browse or use the cube.  This issue seemed to start once we changed the SSIS Analysis Service Processing Task to do a full process on the dimensions, rather than an incremental.

I would expect that once development is done, and it is processed and deployed, that is it.  My thinking is that the SSIS task should just update the already deployed cube,

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