Analysis :: How To Structure Source Control Folders In Team Foundation Server

Jun 11, 2015

How to integrate current artifacts with TFS ?

For example : We have multiple applications X, Y, Z  each has  its own SSIS solution , SQL Script, MSTR report and documentation.

We move code from Dev to Test and then to PROD

How to structure the folders which will be easy to manage and easy to release ?

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Team Foundation Server Vs Source Safe

Apr 3, 2006

Can someone give some comments on which program to use with SSIS ?

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SSIS And Team Foundation Server

Dec 14, 2006

First let me say, I play to try and write up something more formal with some details of my recent frustrations of moving my SSIS packages into Team Foundation Server, I'm curious though if I'm the only one doing this.

Its seems that TFS is severely lacking some functionality to make it truly useful for SSIS. First and foremost the lack of it's ability to have an offline working mode and its inability to merge DTSX files (coupled with the fact there is no "Check-out but keep local copy" ability)

Has any one else been using TFS and SSIS, are you finding it to be adequate? I'm hoping to find out where the major issues are so we can bring it to the attention of MS for some updates. I fear this combination might not be extensively used and as a result support will be overlooked by MS in upcoming service packs.


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SSIS VSS Source Control Structure

Apr 22, 2007

I have all the config files for my various packages in a folder call configs. It seems that I cannot add folders to the SSIS solution. I can add config files, but they get copied into the root folder, which breaks the directory structure that I have.

Am I missing something? Is there a recommended to manage config files, and other external files used by the SSIS package, in SourceSafe and in the SSIS solution? Thank you.

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Analysis :: How To Right Choose Key Column In Mining Structure For Microsoft Analysis Services

Jun 12, 2015

How to right choose key column in"Mining Structure" for Microsoft Analysis Services?
I have table:

"Incoming goods"

Create table Income (         
ID int not null identity(1, 1)            
[Date] datetime not null,             
GoodID int not null,               
PriceDeliver decimal(18, 2) not null,               
PriceSalse decimal(18, 2) not null,               
CONSTRAINT FK_IncomeGood foreign key (GoodID)  references dbo.Goods ( ID )            

I'm trying to build a relationship(regression) between “Price Sale” from Good and “Price Deliver”.But I do not know what column better choose as “key column”: ID or GoodID ?

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SQL Server 2008 :: Delete Folders / Sub Folders Older Than N No Of Days

Jul 30, 2015

If I run the below command, it clean up the files inside the folders but unable to clean up the folder and sub-folders older than 30 days. xp_ cmd shell ' forfiles -p "D:abcd" -s -m *.* -d -30 -c "cmd /c del /Q @path"'

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Query To Show Only Top Or Main Team For Team Member

Nov 2, 2014

Team members appear twice or more if they belong to more than one team. I need to be able to show their name and main team. Team is not important at the moment but I just like to include all team members and display a team name against them.This is what I have at the moment:

SELECT SystemUser.systemuserid, FullName, TeamMembership.TeamID, TeamName
RIGHT OUTER JOIN TeamMembership ON Team.teamid = TeamMembership.teamid
LEFT OUTER JOIN SystemUser ON TeamMembership.systemuserid = SystemUser.systemuserid
order by FullName

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I Want Source Control For SQL Server 2000...

Apr 17, 2005

Hi guys'n'girls...
I currently work for a company where we develop several large ASP.NET applications which are VERY data centric. But lately we have run into a problem on our developer DB...
On the project I am working on we currenctly have approx. 10 developers working concurrently on the database. That means that we often run into errors caused by two developers working on the same stored procedure, function or trigger so the developer who adds his changes last, overwrites the modifications done by the other developer. The obvious answer is source control for the db, but as far as I can tell this is only available for stored procedures and not for functions or triggers... And even the stored procedure solution isn't very safe because it only works if every developer is editing the procedures through VS.
So what do we do? There must be some solution to this problem... And I'm pretty convinced that we are not the first company to face this problem. Are we doing it the wrong way or do you know another solution?
Thanks in advance!

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Source Code Control And SQL Server Express??

Apr 18, 2006


I was wondering if anybody could advise on source code control for SQL Server express, for the table schema and stored procedures?

I currently use Sourcesafe V6 to work with visual studio 6 and 2003 (although it isn't integrated in 2003), and wondered if that can be used?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I see this as a disaster waiting to happen!

Thanks in advance.


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Help With Query (control Structure + Regex)

Mar 10, 2008


I have the following query I am bulding, its returning the desired results I am just really bad at control statements in TSQL.

What I want to do is dynamically pass the "and landingPage like '/products%' to the SPROC. If I pass nothing this part of the query is not added.

Also, I am wondering how difficult it would be to pass some RegEx into the "landingpage like '%asdf' " part of the query ?
I have started reading some articles but it seems pretty complicated. I am running sql2005 so I am clear on that part.

Any help is much appreicated!!

Thanks again,

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[select_google_referrers_groupByQueryDate_OrderByQueryDate]

@numDays int,
@landingPage varchar(50) = NULL


SELECT CONVERT(varchar(10),GO.queryDate,112) as referDate,

COUNT(GO.queryID) AS TotalReferrers FROM tblgoogle_referrerDetails GO

WHERE DateDiff(dd, GO.queryDate, GetDate()) < @numDays and landingpage like '/products%'

GROUP BY CONVERT(varchar(10),GO.queryDate,112)


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Access Control List (structure) Invalid - Updating Virtual Directory Information

Sep 26, 2005

Hi,I've just installed SQL server and then IIS and SQLCE tools.I created a virtual directory and was trying to update the NTFSpermissions from SQLServer Connectivity management when i got thefollowing error - Access Control List (structure) invalid.Has anyone come across this and if so, what did u do to fix it.ThanksLyn

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Analysis :: Display Calculation For Structure And Attributes Only

Jun 29, 2015

I have a calculation that granularity is on a specific level and therefore would like the calculation to be only visible/calculate when with a specific dimension structure & attributes

SCOPE([Measures].[Complaint Rate]);
SCOPE([Item Dimension].[Item Structure].Members);
this=(IIF([Measures].[Sales Units]=0,NULL,(([Measures].[Count]/[Measures].[Sales Units])*1000000)));

This displays the calculation all the time even if no item attributes are selected, I only want the calculation applicable to the structure & attributes belonging to structure - I tried children, currentmember etc. but no luck - its probably something small I am missing. Tried this too

this=(IIF([Measures].[Sales Units]=0,NULL,(([Item Dimension].[Item Structure].CURRENTMEMBER,[Measures].[Count]/[Item Dimension].[Item Structure].CURRENTMEMBER,[Measures].[Sales Units])*1000000)));

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Function To Create Folders (and Sub Folders)

Jun 5, 2014

I'm using sp_OACreate in a scalar function to create a folder if it doesn't exist, and it works fine if you're asking it to create a single folder. For instance: C:Newfolder

It creates "Newfolder"

However, if I try to ask it to create C:NewfolderNewsubfolder

It doesn't work

Here's the code:

DECLARE @Exists int, @ObjFile int, @ObjFileSystem int, @Folder nvarchar(500) = 'C:',
@Action tinyint = 1 --(0 to check if folder exists, 1 to actually create it)

EXEC dbo.sp_OACreate 'Scripting.FileSystemObject', @ObjFileSystem OUT
EXEC dbo.sp_OAMethod @ObjFileSystem, 'FolderExists', @Exists OUT, @Folder

[Code] .....

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Analysis :: Temp Table Like Structure In MDX To Process Intermediate Result

Aug 5, 2015

I have started working on SSAS since last week, I need to perform some calculations on the data fetched from the cube based on the parameters. SSRS is used to display the output and SSAS is used as a data source.

How i could perform the operations on the data fetched from the cube in SSAS? Does SSAS provides the storage structure like temp table in stored procedure where we can perform the various operations before sending final data back to the client side tool(SSRS)?

OR Is there any alternative way to perform the operations based on the input provided through the parameters

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Data Source View Of Mining Structure Cant Be Edited?

Nov 23, 2006

Hi, all here,

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

I got a quite a strange problem with Mining structure for OLAP data source though. The problem is: I am not able to edit the mining structure in the mining structure editor. The whole data source view within the mining structure editor is greyed. Could please anyone here give me any advices for that?

Thank you very much in advance for any help for that.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,


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Data Flow Source That Will Take A String Variable With Csv Structure?

Dec 21, 2006

I am able to use a custom script task to receive a MSMQ package and save the package contents to a flat file.

I can also use the bulk load task to push the flat file contents into a SQL table.

However, I would like to save the package contents to a variable (done, it works), and then pass that string variable to a data flow task for SQL upload. In other words, I don't see any reason to persist the msmq package contents to disk.

My question is: Which data flow source can I use that will accept a string variable? The string variable will then need to be processed with bulk load or an execute sql task.

Btw, the content of the string variable is a csv style string:




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SQL 2012 :: SSIS - Updating Source And Target Data Structure

Feb 17, 2015

I have a SSIS package that simply moves data from a SQL database A to another SQL database B. I have update (increased) the size of a nvarchar column, on both A and B.I am wondering if there is a way to "refresh" somehow the SSIS package so I don't have to rebuild and redeploy it.The error I get now is a truncation error: "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page".

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Analysis :: Possible To Use Stored Procedure To Control SSAS Partitions?

Aug 19, 2015

I have defined a stored procedure with one parameter. With this parameter I'm able to controll which year of the sales amount data should be selected. This works fine.

Now I want to implement this stored procedure as the source of the partitions. But if I do this I get an error. The syntax-check says, that everything is fine. But if I want to calculate the partition with this command: "exec dst.fact_umsatz_year 0" get the following error (in German):

OLE DB-Fehler: OLE DB- oder ODBC-Fehler : Falsche Syntax in der Nähe von ')'.; 42000; Falsche Syntax in der Nähe des exec-Schlüsselworts.; 42000.
Fehler im OLAP-Speichermodul: Fehler beim Verarbeiten der FACT Umsatz Pivot View-Partition der Anzahl Kunden-Measuregruppe für den Vertrieb-Cube aus der OLAP AS-Datenbank.

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SqlData Source Control

May 28, 2007

hi gurus, 
I am working on creating a new project in and was having problem in locating the sqldatasource and gridview control objects in the data toolbox.
Can anybody help me in adding these controls to the toolbox?
OS=Windows XP
Server =Sql Server 2005
Visual studio 2003

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SQL 2005 Source Control

Jun 11, 2008


I noticed the other day the option to use source control in SQL Server management studio. My question is how do I add sln to existing databases in order to add them to source control??


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Source Control In SSMS

Feb 15, 2007

Hi all,

I'm in need of a source control system that integrates with the Management Studio so that every time i want to modify a table, view, procedure etc I have to check it out from the object explorer and then check it back in again. I have used Visual Source Safe before but never with a it fully integrated with SSMS? What can I do to make this work as smoothly as possible?

Is there any other IDE that handles this better than SSMS?

"Real programmers don't document, if it was hard to write it should be hard to understand"

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Permissions Regarding Source Control In TFS

Oct 5, 2007

Why can't another developer check out SSIS packages from source control in TFS. I have given the developer all the permissions out there. I was the one who had created an SSIS solution/project local on my machine and then added to source control in TFS under the teamproject. The developer can do everything except in the source control explorer, everything is grayed out. I know you can set up permissions in source control explorer, and I have done that. but still no luck. Can it be related to workspace. When I open the Souce control explorer, in the workspace, I see the name of my local machine. should it be different. or is something else an issue.

Please advice.

Thank you.

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OLEDB Source Control

Jan 15, 2008

I was having one package which uses a source query in OLEDB Source Control and fetches the record and a couple of lookups and then an oledb command to insert/update the records in the table using as SP. I changed the source query(Infact the package) and removed in lookup and a different SP was called similar to the old one. But my problem is the package which was before taking only minutes to update 50,000 records is now taking more than 2 hrs. The problem is the number of records it is fetching from the source each time is very less.. its fetching hardly 500 records a time compared to nearly 2500 records before. Where am i going wrong? Any suggestion greatly appreciated.

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How To Get Read Only Control Value Through SQl Data Source

Nov 7, 2006

I am using this sql data source control.
<asp:textbox runat="server" id="txtFromDate" ReadOnly="true"></></asp:textbox>
<asp:textbox runat="server" id="txtToDate" ReadOnly="true"></asp:textbox>
<asp:sqldatasource id="dsClickInfo" runat="server" connectionstring="<%$ ConnectionStrings:activeConnectionString %>"
selectcommand="SProc_GetTransaction" selectcommandtype="StoredProcedure">
<asp:QueryStringParameter QueryStringField="Id" Name="MerchantID" Type="int32" />
<asp:ControlParameter ControlID="txtFromDate" Name="StartDate" PropertyName="Text"
Type="String" DefaultValue="0" />
<asp:ControlParameter ControlID="txtToDate" Name="EndDate" PropertyName="Text"
Type="String" DefaultValue="0" />
I abouve code txtFromDate and txtToDate are marked as readonly so sqldatasource is not able to get value from these controls.
How is it possible?
Please help me..

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Stored Procedures And Source Control

Oct 18, 2005

We have a large team working on applications to support our internal sales and our public dotcom site.  In the process, as you can imagine, we generate a lot of stored procedures and sql scripts going to our dba's for our staging,qa and production environments- but we don't have a solid way to manage it yet.  Some people use Source Safe?  Does anyone have any successes in this area or recomendations?Thanks!s!Stephen Rylander

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SP Source Code Control In MSSQL 7.0...

Sep 7, 2000

We use a lot of stored procedures within our project and I am looking for a source code/versioning control software that can be used with SQL Server 7.0 to track any changes to these stored procedures. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Darrin Wilkinson

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Control Source Field As Value List

Nov 22, 2005

I have a strored proc which adds up fields separated by semicolon into a new one and I'd like to use it as a combo box's control source field as a Value list. But it's just insert the whole field into one line like value1;value2;value3 .
Is there any way to get these values selectable in the combo box?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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3rd Party Source Control That Leverages VSS

Jan 5, 2004

I noticed from this link:

There are four well known products that are used by medium to large size shops to help aid in change management of SQL Environments.

- AbaPerls
- DBGhost
- MSSqlExpress
- SQL Source Control

Does anyone currently use any of the above? Could you briefly explain your likes an dislikes and if you have reviewed any of the other options above when you had to make a decision as to which product to use?

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Scripting Inserts / Source Control

Jan 25, 2007

Hello SQL Server Community.

I'm looking for a way to keep my database in Subversion so I can maintain it in source control.

Seems like the best way to do this would be to dump the database to a text script file. This works fine for creating the database structure and managing those change, however, that database structure is useless without the actual data in the tables.

Is there a good way to generate the inserts for the actual data? Why isn't this an option in the script wizard.

Also, does anyone have a better idea of source control of SQL Server databases in Subversion?


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Source Control / Code Deployment

Jan 3, 2008

Look for recommendations for the best product out there to facilitate both source control and code deployment. Typical features I would be looking for are bullet below:

Control object versions
Automated feature
Capture database changes
Roll-back feature (should such a thing exist)


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Stored Procedure Source Control

Jul 20, 2005

Hi,I am trying to put SQL Server Stored Procedures into Sourcesafe as perthe Microsoft Knowledge Base article 818368, but have run into aproblem.The web server is SQL Server 2000 running on Windows 2003 Server. Theclient dev environment is Visual Studio 2003 Enterprise DeveloperEdition.I have carried out the following steps successfully:-1. Installed Sourcesafe client tools on the Server (sourcesafe is onanother server)2. Run the MSSQLServer service under a domain account that has Readand Write access to the Sourcesafe database.3. Added the above user to Sourcesafe using the Administrator tool.4. Installed the VS6 Stored Procedure Version Control components onthe Server5. Enabled Version Control for Stored Procedures on the clientHowever when I right-click on the Stored Proc node in Server explorerI do not get any of the Sourcesafe menu options. They are not greyedout, they are simply not there!Any help would be appreciated.Alternatively if anyone has recommendations for other strategies orother tools to use for this purpose than Sourcesafe then this wouldalso be welcomeKarl

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SSIS Project And Source Control

Aug 26, 2007

Our team has the following problem:
I create a SSIS project in VS and add it to Team Source Control. When the project and all it's files exist on a machine and I want to open the project from Source Control, everithing works fine, but when another developer, who doesn't have the files on his machine, wants to open the project from Source Control he is required to check out the project file.

I've investigated the problem and found out that each project has a database file (with .database extension) and project file contains a reference to it. Once the user opens from Team Source Control a project that isn't presented on a target machine, the VS creates a new database file on a local machine and insists to change the reference in the project file.

Does anyone have a workaround for the problem?


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Reporting Service And Source Control

Aug 30, 2007


We have encountered a problem using source control with reporting services. Im writing this post to find out whether we are doing something wrong, or reporting service just don't store everything in source control.

My problem is as follows.
My collegue creates a report with a dataset and this report contains several parameters. He tests this, deploys it, and checks it into the source control through Visual Studio.
The following day I get responsibility to alter something in this report. I checks out everything from source control, starts Visual Studio. But... A few important things are missing. The credentials for the dataset for once (this is a minor issue) since these might not should be stored in source control anyways. What is worse is that all the parameter settings are missing. What was entered was a query to a stored procedure where e.g 5 parameters in the report was mapped to parameters in the stored procedure. Now the query has been changed to text type, and the parameter mapping is missing.

This does make it impossible to cooperate on creating reports. If I now make a change in the parameter configuration, my collegue won't receive this when synchronizing source control, and the risk of deploying something incorrect is too high.

Can anyone help enlighten us. Are we doing something wrong? Is there some manual step that needs to be done to ensure that everything is stored in source control? Or is it just something we have to live with, not being able to trust source control when doing Reporting Services?

Best regards

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