DB Engine :: What's New With NUMA In Server

Sep 9, 2015

What's new with NUMA in SQL Server? Is there any way to get a reading, from SQL Server or perfmon or hardware vendor tools or VM tools, of how much you are crossing NUMA boundaries, and what that is costing? The only "NUMA management" trick I know is setting maxdop at or below the number of cores on a physical processor.  I guess the rest is supposed to be automagic.Is there anything else one can see or do regarding NUMA?

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Soft NUMA Configuration Problem

Aug 10, 2007


I'm working on a SQL Server 2005 database (under Win 2003) which is used for a web application (24/24) and on the other hand for asynchronous works (20h -> 06h).
Sometime the asynchronous works consume all system resources and have for consequence to slow the web application even unavailable.

So I want to install a soft-NUMA configuration in order to limit the CPU access for the asynchronous works.

The test platform is based on two hardware NUMA nodes, each having 2 hyperthreading CPU (4 CPUs per node for Windows). The repartition of the CPU on the two hardware NUMA node is :
- Node 0 : CPU 0, 1, 4 et 5
- Node 1 : CPU 2, 3, 6 et 7

Actually, I'm testing the following configutration on the test platform that is discribed higher :
Configuration soft-NUMA (in the registry)
CPU 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
node 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1
node 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0
node 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

I respected the fact that this is not possible to create soft NUMA nodes with CPU which are on differents hardware NUMA nodes.

In parallel, any CPU affnity is defined because I am on a single database instance.

Then, on SQL Server, I defined an endpoint on the TCP port 2000 by taking care well to give connction right on this endpoint.
At the end, I added in the SQL Server Configuration Manager the TCP port 2000 with a soft-NUMA mapping in order to create grouping. I obtained the following configuration : 1433,2000[5].

With this configuration, normally, when I'm connected to the database by the TCP port 1433, I have all the CPU. In the other hand, when I'm connected by the TCP port 2000, I have just the CPUs of the NUMA nodes 0 and 2 (CPU 0,1,4,5,6 and 7)

However, and this is my problem, when I'm connected by the TCP port 2000 and that I execute a query which I know it consumes all CPU resources, all CPU are used !
In order to verify, I changed the mapping in the TPC port like this : 1433[2],2000[5].
Normaly, with a connection by the TCP port 1433, I have just the CPU of the NUMA node 1. However, all CPU are used by my query.

When I'm looking at the configuration which is in the error log, I don't see anything strange :
Multinode configuration: node 0: CPU mask: 0x0000000c Active CPU mask: 0x0000000c. This message provides a description of the NUMA configuration for this computer. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.Multinode configuration: node 1: CPU mask: 0x00000033 Active CPU mask: 0x00000033. This message provides a description of the NUMA configuration for this computer. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.Multinode configuration: node 2: CPU mask: 0x000000c0 Active CPU mask: 0x000000c0. This message provides a description of the NUMA configuration for this computer. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.Server is listening on [ x.x.x.208 <ipv4> 2000].Server is listening on [ x.x.x.245 <ipv4> 2000].Server is listening on [ x.x.x.132 <ipv4> 2000].SQL Network Interfaces initialized listeners on node 2 of a multi-node (NUMA) server configuration with node affinity mask 0x00000005. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.Server is listening on [ x.x.x.208 <ipv4> 1433].Server is listening on [ x.x.x.245 <ipv4> 1433].Server is listening on [ x.x.x.132 <ipv4> 1433].SQL Network Interfaces initialized listeners on node 1 of a multi-node (NUMA) server configuration with node affinity mask 0x00000002. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.

Is someone know why, in spite of the NUMA configuration, all CPU are used ?
Is there a configuration error ?
Is it necessary to define an affinity CPU in parallel of NUMA configuration ? But how to make, because I work on only one database ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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DB Engine :: Trigger Jobs On Remote Server To Do Its Work On Original Server

May 10, 2015

I'm new to SQL. I have a scenario, Where customer want to move all the jobs from original SQL server to some remote SQL server and want to trigger jobs on remote server to do its work on original server.

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DB Engine :: Copy Files From Source Server On Destination Server

Sep 25, 2015

I want to schedule a job which pulls files from a non SQL server (Sybase) which later needs to have a step 2 kicking the ssis package. Problem is that, on the source a batch file will run every 4 hours and outputs total of 10 text files. (takes 5 minutes complete). Now, on destination i want to pull these files via SQL job but while scheduling;

1. I don't see any option saying like 4 hours 10 minutes or so
2. If its out there, then i believe this might be a problem as this time would be an increment one e.g next run would be 4 hours 20 minutes in that case.

How should i achieve pulling these files up because we have an SSIS package on destination that needs those text files to be used as soon as they arrive on SQL server(destination)

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Cannot Select Server Database Engine When Installing SQL Server Sep 2005 CTP

Sep 30, 2005

I am trying to install SQL Server Sep 2005 CTP - ENTERPRISE, there are 

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DB Engine :: Failure Of Server Agent Service In Server 2014

Oct 15, 2015

The SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER) service on server started and then stopped. If i Manually start the services also SQL Server Agent services are stopping automatically.Though I selected Auto Restart SQL Server Agent if it stops unexpectedly, The services are stopping automatically.TCP/IP protocol was enabled for port 1433.Are there any setup I missed?

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How To Register Local Server Under Database Engine In SQL Server 2005?

Dec 3, 2007

I want to create a database on my local machine and work with it. But I am not able to see the name of my local server under "Database Engine" in the list of "Registered Servers".

Options I tried:

(1) In Registered Servers window, On Database Engine, I right clicked and in that selected "Update Local Server Registration"

(2) In Registered Servers window, On Database Engine, I right clicked and in that selected "New" -> Server Registration.
In "New Server Registration" Window, in "Server Name" drop down I clicked "Browse for more" but still in "Browse for Servers" window, I am not able to see the name of my local server in "Local Servers" tag under Database Engine.

(3) If I do File -> Connect Object Explorer -> Connect to Server window in "Server name" drop down box, if I click "Browse for more", I am able to see local server name eg. "XYZ" under Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services but not under "Database Engine"

Please help me create a new database engine in SQL Server 2005 or list my local server under "Database engine" ?


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Installing MS SQL Server Engine

Sep 16, 2005

Hi everybody.  I was trying to install MS SQL Server Engine this morning.  At the command prompt I typed setup SAPWD=password SECURITYMODE=SQL (where password was my password).  After running the MSI I got the following error: 
Product: Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine -- Setup failed to configure the server. Refer to the server error logs and setup error logs for more information.The Event ID is 1013.  Can anybody tell me how to install this program.  Thanks in advance for any help. 

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Search Engine In SQL Server ?

Jul 23, 2005

hi,I'm building a simple search engine using keyword and title of a page:select ID, content_ID, 3 as 'weight'from tblPagewhere keywords LIKE '%test%'unionselect ID, content_ID, 2from tblPagewhere title LIKE '%test%'now I want to sum and order 'weight'thx

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SQL Server Everywhere Engine Instancing

Jul 10, 2006


Using the SQL Server Everywhere CTP, when I create multiple SqlCeConnections using the same data file, do they each open the file, or is there some sort of engine component running in the process that they each use?


Bryn Rhodes

Softwise, Inc.

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DB Engine :: AD Linked Server

Aug 21, 2015

I have been trying to configure a linked server to AD and have found plenty of write ups on how to do it, but have had zero luck with getting it to work.  I also read that the ability was removed after SQL 2008; is that correct?  I am running 2014 and am seeing the following error trying to expand the tree:

Failed to retrieve data for this request. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc)...An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)

Cannot obtain the required interface ("IID_IDBSchemaRowset") from OLE DB provider "ADSDSOObject" for linked server "ADSI". (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 7301). URL....Then the following error when trying to query:

SELECT * FROM OpenQuery(ADSI, 'SELECT displayName FROM ''LDAP://<DOMAIN>/DC=DOMAIN,DC=<DOMAIN>'' WHERE objectCategory=''User'' ')
Msg 7321, Level 16, State 2, Line 1

An error occurred while preparing the query "SELECT displayName FROM 'LDAP://----/DC=----,DC=----' WHERE objectCategory='User' " for execution against OLE DB provider "ADSDSOObject" for linked server "ADSI". 

The linked server is set for 'Be made by the login's current security context' and local to remote is configured SA to a domain account we use for lookups.  It does not seem to matter if I am logged in to the server with SQL or Windows credentials.  

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DB Engine :: Server Change Name

May 19, 2015

I have a problem upgrading a McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator which uses SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2. McAfee logs indicate that server names from SQL server and from McAfee installer does not match.It seems that the reason is that machine name was changed after SQL Server was installed.

MSDN instructions for sql server name changing give next commands to solve this problem:
sp_dropserver <old_nameinstancename>;
sp_addserver <new_nameinstancename>, local;

But it didn't work for me, because "SELECT @@SERVERNAME AS 'Server Name'" shows correct (actual) name of sql server. So sp_dropserver says that there is now such instance.In the same time if I use this commands:

select serverproperty('MachineName')
select serverproperty('ServerName')

I get old (not actual) name.

epo-server is an actual computer name WIN-VUN5TSKAHG1 is an old name.

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Sql Server Engine In A VM; Data On A SAN?

Jan 10, 2008

Server consolidation is the word of the day here. One of the elements is to use, when applicable, virtual machines in our devstageprod environment. Our sql servers (with local storage) are well utilized and run fine. I don't want to move the entire server (sql 2005 engine + data) into a VM as I think performance will be bad. But, per my question, if only the sql engine is running in a VM while the data is stored on our SAN, I think we may achieve acceptable performance.

Do you have any thought or experience with this mix of Vm and SAN from a sql perspective?



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DB Engine :: Cannot Back Up Server

Nov 19, 2015

i want to ask why database i cannot back up or expand if i make expand the database the message showing "the database (database name) is not accessible. (object explorer)before the database is working fine,

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DB Engine :: Server Log Is Not Created

May 13, 2015

I have SQL 2008 R2 version. The server has enough disk space where the SQL is running. But the log file is not refreshed. in other words a new sql server log file does not create a new file if the old one is full.

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SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine

Feb 28, 2003

I have a few questions about the SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE), sorry there are so many ..

1. Which software products does this come with ?
2. If I create a SQL Server Database and want to distribute it to clients, how do I actually do it with MDSE ?
3. If I need to "upgrade" my database at some point in the future (that may contain data at a client site) how would I go about getting all the data out - would I need to write an external app ?
4. What are it's pros and cons when compared to installing full SQL Server on a client site ?
5. I've heard that the preformance of an MSDE Database degrades severely after more than 5 concurrent connections, is this just due to the performance of the product or is it something to do with the licencing model ?
6. Is it possible to write applications in, say VB, to alter the database once it has been installed on client site e.g. modify/create tables, indexes, stored procedures ?

Thanks for any help in advance ..


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Apparent DB Engine Bug In SQL Server 2005

Sep 1, 2007

SQL Server 2005 SP2 (build 3054)Consider the following scenario:- A complex multi-statement table valued function is created. Let's callit dbo.tfFunc(@Param1, @Param2)- A SELECT statement is executed, that calls the above function twice,each time with a different set of parameters. In pseudocode:SELECT <column list>FROM dbo.tfFunc(1, 2) AS f1<some JOIN operatordbo.tfFunc(3, 4) AS f2ON f1.col = f2.colINNER JOIN dbo.Table1 AS t1ON ...etc.The exact statement is probably irrelevant, as long as the same table-valued function is called twice (I have observed the issue in two verydifferent statements calling the same function). The statement isexecuted in a SNAPSHOT isolation level transaction, although this mayalso be irrelevant.- The statement continues executing for a long time. If sp_who2 is run atthat time, the following row is returned for the statement connection(only relevant columns are shown):SPIDStatusBlkByCommandCPUTimeDiskIOLastBatch63 SUSPENDED63SELECT2928268308/31 18:17:37The statement appears to be blocked by itself. If sp_lock is run at thattime, the following rows are returned:spiddbidObjIdIndIdTypeResourceModeStatus63213166246410TABSch-SGRANT63213166246410TABSch-MWAITIt appears that SQL Server waits indefinitely trying to obtain a schema-modification lock on a resource which already has a schema-stability lockplaced on it by the same connection.The following is pure speculation, but it seems reasonable to assume thatthe server has materialized the result of the first call to the functionusing a temporary table in tempdb, and is trying to materialize theresult of the second call using the same temporary table (same ObjId insp_lock results).I do not know why this does not cause a deadlock error.Unfortunately, I do not have a simple repro script for this. The actualcode is rather complex. While I can devise a workaround, this does looklike a bug. I am posting it here before submitting a bug on Connect, incase anyone can shed some light. Thanks.--remove a 9 to reply by email

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DB Engine :: Restoring A Backup Of Server

Nov 21, 2015

I am restoring a backup of sql server 2005 which I inherited on to sql server 2012 and is in a recovery pending state and the reason why is, this is a backup from a different domain and does not have the logins from the legacy domain, looks like its some access issue as its not being able to find the necessary login on sql server 2012.

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DB Engine :: Auditing Table Name In Server

Jun 18, 2015

Is there any way to know the auditing table name in sql server 2008.

I am performing auditing for practice . i selected application log to store the audit logs.

I want to know in which table auditing results wil be stored .

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DB Engine :: Server TempDB Set On RAM Disk

Oct 23, 2015

I try to find some feedback regarding setting the TempDB files on a RAM disk.Specifically I am looking for "production results" that could show the difference/benefit of such an usage.The tests on physical server and VM I already made have shown a boost in overall SQL Server 2012 performance on SQL Server instances housing data for SharePoint 2013 and Dynamics AX 2012 R2.Graphic below show differences between 5 different configuration on the same physical server:

- Physical HD:  Server with local HD
- Physical SANEX1PRD: Server with TempDB files stored on a low-end SAN
- Physical SAN1: Server with TempDB files stored on a high-end SAN (around 100000 IOps)
- Physical SAN1 Jumbo: same setup with Jumbo Frame activated on NIC and DB engine
- Physical RAMdrive: with TempDB files stored on a 16 GB soft RAM drive within OS memory

Results were really impressive for the DB engine housing Dynamics AX data. My colleagues from the SharePoint team told me it also boosted a bit overall SharePoint performances but they did not have any baseline comparison to show.If you have some feedback, results, links, whatever I am interested.Indeed before setting this to all our SQL Server 2012 instances I y rather collect some *real world* feedback.

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SQL Query Are Being Executed By SQL Server Engine?

Aug 13, 2007

How SQL Query/ Stored procedure are being executed by SQL Server Engine ?

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DB Engine :: How Server Memory Paging Out

Nov 23, 2015

Is there any easy way to detect SQL Server memory is getting paged out? Any DMV query or tips to confirm it is paging out.

My SQL Server Version is: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP3) - 10.0.5500.0 (X64)

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DB Engine :: Unable To See Server Job History

Nov 18, 2015

I am unable to check old history in sql server jobs. I have set limit size of job history. but it will show the old history.

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DB Engine :: Server Restore Database

Jul 20, 2015

I am using SQL Server Management Studio 12 to try to restore a backup to a new database.  I know I have done this before, but cannot seem to make it happen now.  Her is what I have.

Backup file is "C:TempInProcessInspection_DataSQL_backup_2015_02_23_000012_4551393.bak" and it is for sure there. 

This came from a customer of mine.I launch SQL Server Management Studio 12 and log in as SA.  I right click on Databases and chose Restore Database.  I choose Device then file then Add and try to browse the the named location. 

When I get there, regardless if I choose All files or Bak, I see no files.I tried to upload an image of the "Upload Backup File" dialog, but MSDN would let it happen.  When I get to the c:temp folder, no files appear in the window.

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Where's My Default Sql Server Database Engine?

Jul 11, 2007

I am a novice in DB learning.

A few months ago, I installed the ms sql server 2005, and use it to learn the book SQL Server 2005 for dummies. It worked just fine. But after i finished the book, i uninstalled the program and deleted the express database engine. Perhaps it was an incomplete installation, yesterday when i tried to reinstall the sql server 2005, i found some configuration tools still in the directory. So i used windows to remove those tools. After that, i reinstall the sql server 2005, and changed some values in the register. The reinstallation goes well. But after it was done. I started the management studio, there's no default database engine for me to connect! All I could find in Internet is how to connect to a database engine without information about how to create one. Can anyone tell me why and help me out?

i am a novice.

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What Are New In SQL Server 2008 Database Engine?

Jun 29, 2007

Hi, all here,

Just heard about the coming release of SQL Server 2008. Anyone here got some ideas on what are significant new features in SQL Server 2008 Database Engine compared to SQL Server 2005 Database Engine? Would be very interesting to know that.


With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

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DB Engine :: Can Move DLL Through A Connection And Put It On Server?

Oct 21, 2015

Our application installs requiring several SQL servers. Some of the SQL Servers need CLR dlls to be installed. We would like to not run the installer apps on the SQL server machines. Is there any way to use the SQL server connection to install the DLLs?

These dlls are the only reason to run the installer apps on the SQL server machines. To do this would simplify daily installation in all of the various build and test environments.

This would be preferable to using mapped drives etc.

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DB Engine :: Min Memory Per Query Server

May 6, 2015

Is there has any SQL query  to check running out of "min memory per query SQL Server"(default value is 1024KB)?

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SQL Server 2005 Cannot Connect To Database Engine...!

Sep 24, 2007

I've just installed 'SQL server 2005' and it installed the components like .Net2.0 and visual studio 2005 . before installing them I had uninstalled sql server2000 . I ran SQL management studio and tried to connect and makin' servers it doesn't allow me to connect or making any new servers...... it gives me this error
Cannot connect to local.
Additional information:
An error has occured while establishing a connection to the server. ......
need to solve it....

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Microsoft Full-Text Engine For SQL Server

Apr 13, 2008

Hello !
How can I install on  Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005   Full-Text Search Engine ?
I tried to create a full_text_catalog with SQL Server Management Studio Express and I get an error.
Msg 7609, Level 17, State 100, Line 2
Full-Text Search is not installed, or a full-text component cannot be loaded.

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MSDE SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine

Jan 21, 2004

Can someone advise me if this is basically SQL server 2000 and will work effectively to simulate sql server on a stand alone development machine ? Is this what its meant for?

I'm just not clear on this, here is the link:


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine Question

Jan 23, 2004

I'm trying to install Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MDSE) and it said that I require a SA Password. I can't figure out how to do this.
Can anybody help?

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Critical Problem SQL Server 7.0 - Database Engine

Apr 28, 2001

We are a National Level Institutional Stock Broker in India providing trading platform to our Brokers to trade on Exchange nation-wide. We are using Compaq Proliant 8500 Serires computers in clusterd mode having RAM of 1.5 GB on each machine. We are using the Computer-To-Computer-Link (CTCL) solution / application for routing orders of brokers to the Stock Exchange. This application uses the SQL server 7.0 in clustered mode as back-end database on Windows NT Ver 4.0. On daily basis around 20,000 transactions are processed in the database.

Following are the Database Details
1. Dat Size : 1890 MB
2. Log Size : 838 MB
Total Size: 2728 MB

3. File growth options: Automated file growth, By percent : 10
4. Maximum File Size : Unrestricted file growth

On April 25, 2001, we found that application was not getting initialize, we (technical team) checked all the procedures, which are getting triggered at that particular time and found all of them were ok, but application did not started.

We also suspected that one of the procedure might have been corrupted, so we re-compiled all procedures which get triggered before starting the application. After havind done so, the application was still not getting initalized / started.

We also executed following commands:

1. DBCC CHECKDB to check inconsistancy, if any but found none (log is available)
2. DUMP TRAN with no_log (To clear transation logs)

We also executed procedures one after the other sequentially, which were being executed before the application starts after binding once again.

After having done this, we also suspected that the problem might have been with "SQL Server 7.0 database engine" and therefore decided to re-start the computers, after which we found that the applicatio started without any hindrance / errors.

This has raised some issues as follows:

1. Has the database corrupted ? If yes, weather it is possible to run DBCC CHECKDB, SQL queries on a corrupted database ?
2. Was there any systems environment failure ?
If so, is it possible to run DBCC CHECKDB, SQL queries on a corrupted
3. Is there any possiblity of Database Engine failure?
What can be the consequeces on Database Engine failure ?
4. Is it possible that Database Engine Failure is the cause for our case ?

Our some of the engineers are of the opinion that the SQL server need to be shutdown and re-started periodically.
1. Will this in any way avoid such re-currance in the future?
2. If this is true, we would like to have your technical feedback as to why this is necessary?

Should you require any further clarification, I shall be glad to furnish it to you in this regard.

I request you to give your techical feed back on an urgent basis as our applications are CRITICAL and needs UTMOST CARE, hence needs consistancy of database.

I shall be glad to receive your feedback at
my e-mail: gchavan@iseindia.com or (+91)(022-781 2389).

Govind Chavan, Mumbai, INDIA

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