Developing A New Plug-in Algorithm

Feb 7, 2008


i'm making my master thesis about a new plug-in algorithm, with the LVQ Algorithm.
I make the tutorial with the pair_wise_linear_regression algorithm and i have some doubts. i was searching for the code of the algorithm in the files of the tutorial and i didn't saw it. I have my new algorithm programmed in C++ ready to attach him, but i don't know where to put him, in which file i have to put him to start to define the COM interfaces? And in which file is the code of the pair_wise_linear_regression algorithm in the SRC paste of the tutorial?


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Data Mining Plug In Algorithm

Jun 28, 2007

Hi !!

I read that it is possible to create a custom algorithm and use it as a plug in to sql server 2005. What programming language are available for this purpose ? C++ only ? Can I use .net ?

Thank you!

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Getting Attribute Statistics In Plug-in Algorithm

Nov 29, 2006


for an internship i am writing a data mining plug-in algorithm in SSAS in C#. My algorithm is a subgroup discovery algorithm and for determining the quality of the the discoverd rules/ patterns, i need to know what the support is of the rules.

The rules are of the form (a = x AND b < y THEN c = z). I managed to obtain some statistics by calling MarginalStatistics.getCasesCount(..,..). But I would like more functionality.

For example the data mining structure:

id | column1 | column2 | column3 | column4
1 1 1 1.0 1
2 1 2 2.3 1
3 1 2 1.1 2

I want to evaluate the rule (column1 = 1 AND column2 = 2 THEN column3 > 0). The result should be 2. Now is my question, how do i get the support of my rule in my in C# written algorithm?

Thanks in advance,
Joris Valkonet

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Probit Regression Plug-In Algorithm

Feb 6, 2008


I need to develop a Probit Regression Plug-In Algorithm.
Does anyone know if the plug-in framework will reasonably handle a Probit Regression?
Is anyone aware of any code or materials, specific to a Probit Regression Plug-in, that would help me to do this?
I am also interested in applying the dprobit methodology found in Stata for infinitesimal changes in independent variables.
Has anyone been successful using Stata to implement an SSAS plug-in algorithm?

thank you,
Bill Littlewood

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Problem With Plug-in Algorithm In SQL Server 2005

Jun 9, 2006

Hi,all here,

Could please anyone here help me for this problem?

My problem is: I have registered my plug-in algortihm with SQL Server 2005 analysis services, and I can see my plug-in algortihm added to the analysis service configuration file (msmdsrv.ini). But why I can not see my algorithm appearing in the list of algorithms when I tested it? Really need help for that.

Thanks a lot for any guidance and help.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

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Plug-in Algorithm In Data Mining Using SQL Server 2005??

Aug 31, 2006


actually i want to implement a c# component that can help third party data mining algorithm

and i want managed plug-in algorithm (without wrapper),.

is it possible to write whole application in c#

as Analysis servisce is in c++ , can we implement it in c#

thanks in advance


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Assertion Failed Error While Resizing A Vector In A Plug-in Algorithm

May 1, 2007

I got an Assertion failed error while resizing a vector in a plug-in algorithm.

In order to isolate the problem I created a simple model class in Navigator.h file as shown below:

//========================= begin code =======================

class CStateStats
DOUBLE m_dblSum;
DOUBLE m_dblSqrSum;
m_dblSum = 0.0;
m_dblSqrSum = 0.0;

class CAttStats : public DMHALLOC
dmh_vector<CStateStats> vstatestats;
CAttStats() : vstatestats (*this)

//========================= end code =======================

The access to DMHALLOC is provided in that class and in Navigator class as shown below:

//========================= begin code =======================


public DMHALLOC,

public CComObjectRootEx<CComMultiThreadModel>,


public ISupportErrorInfo,

public IDMAlgorithmNavigation



NAVIGATOR() : _viAttributeOutput(*this), _vCAttStats(*this)

//========================= end code =======================

I succeded making room for _vCAttStats vector, but when I tried providing room for the vectors of the vector I got an Assertion failed error (file dmhallocator.h Line:56 Expression assert(_dmhalloc._spidmmemoryallocator != NULL)). Please, see the code below, included in NAVIGATOR::GetNodeArrayProperty function:

//========================= begin code =======================

_vCAttStats.resize (2); // <<<<< succeeded here!

// make space for the states

_vCAttStats[0].vstatestats.resize(ulStates); // <<<<<<< assertion failed here!

//========================= end code =======================

I tried using a vector-of-vector approach and I also succeeded.

But I have to use that kind of structure: a vector of class with a vector inside.

I think I must provide a similar approach of vector-of-vector existing in DmhVector.h but I don't know how to do it.

I would apreciate any help.

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Plug-in Algorithm In Data Mining Using Sql Server 2005-- Modification For Association , Classification??

Sep 7, 2006

managed plug-in framework that's available for download here:

This package includes the source code for a sample plug-in algorithm written in C#.

in this source code all .cs files are modified for clustering algorithm

if my plugin algorithm is of association or classification type then what modifications are requried in source code???

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Plug-in Install Issue

Mar 4, 2008

I have installed the plug-in on two different virtual machines. On one, everything works fine, but on the other, the plug-in does not seem to load when Excel starts. I can see the plug-in the "Inactive Application Add-ins" section of the Excel Option Add-Ins panel, but when I check the two Add-in options in the "Manage Add-ins" dialog, they do not move up to the "Active" section. Stopping/starting Excel does not resolve the issue.

Any ideas on how to get Excel to make the plug-ins active?

Thanks ... bill burrows

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Plug-in GetNodeProperty ATTRIBUTE_NAME

May 16, 2007

I'm in trouble with my Plug-in Algorithm while filling out my model rowsets.

How to return ATTRIBUTE_NAME through GetNodeProperty if does not exist an ID to do it? Also it appears that no call is made for retrieve such node property.



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SQL Express SP2: Cant' Select SourceSafe Plug-In

Apr 21, 2007


In SQL Express SP2, when I select Tools > Options, there is a place where I am supposed to be able to specify the source control plug-in. I have SourceSafe 2005 installed on this machine, so I see these choices in the drop-down:


Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (Internet)

The problem is that whenever I select one of the SourceSafe options, it goes back to "None".

I'm not even sure how the source control intergration works, but I figured I have to select the plug-in before doing anything else.

How can I select the SourceSafe plug-in under SQL Express SP2?



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About Plug-in Algorithms In SQL Server 2005

May 22, 2006

Hi, all here,

I am having a question about plug-in algorithms in SQL Server 2005. Since we are able to implement our own algorithms in SQL Server 2005 analysis services architecture, so my question is: what benefits can to a great extent be achieved? Like say, we are going to implement a plug-in algorithm, so what considerations should be concerned?

Thanks a lot in advance for any guidance and help.

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How To Develop Today Screen Plug In For WM5 Pocket PC

Apr 17, 2007

Hi, anybody help me how to develop Today Screen plug in for WM5 pocket pc.

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More Questions About Data Mining Plug-in Algorithms?

Jun 6, 2006

Hi, all here,

I am having a more considertaion about Data Mining plug-in algorithms. When we say we are going to embed a uesr plug-in algorithm, so what is the context for that ? I mean in which case then we thing we need to embed a user plug-in algortihm? I know when we say we are going to embed a user costomermized plug-in algorithm, it means we want something more costomized. But what kind of customized features are generally concerned? Is it independant for different market sectors?

I dont think we can just try to embed a plug-in algorithm then compete it with avaialble algorithms to see which one is with better prediction accuracy?

Would please someone here give me some guidances about that?

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Developing WAP Using ASP.NET And Web Services

Sep 25, 2004

Hi all,

I would like to develop WAP using ASP.NET which can connect to the Database( MS SQL Server ). Is it possible to do it? I try to find the tutorial but I cannot find it.

Another thing I want to ask is can I connect the WAP to the web services that I create using ASP.NET, anyone can tell me how to do it.

Thanks, Regards.


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Help Developing SQL Query

Jun 22, 2001

I need to create a query that will pull all of the records that are statused as 'OUT' from my RECORDS table and then get the last (chronologically) 'OUT' record from my IN/OUT table for each record it pulled from RECORDS.

I can get the records out of RECORDS without any problems but I don't know how to set up a query that will pull the last chronological 'OUT' record from my IN/OUT table. Is there a way to do this in SQL?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Developing New Task

Oct 6, 2006


Can i inherit a existing task to a new custom class to add functionality to custom class.

for eg: Inherit lookup transfor which is already present in SSIS to add some funstionality into it.



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Developing A Database System

Jul 16, 2013

company is developing a database system containing information about cities, towns, and villages in the country. The number of cities, towns, and villages are in thousands and the database program should allow users to search a particular place by name. Users should also be able to search all places that match a particular value or range of values for attributes such as location or population size. This particular feature is known as a range query.

If the database is meant to support range queries that can return many cities that match the query specification, the entire operation may be allowed to take longer. To meet this requirement, it will be necessary to support operations that process range queries efficiently by processing all cities in the range as a batch, rather than as a series of operations on individual cities.Different indexing methods can be used to perform this operation. What will be your choice if:

a) database is created once and has no change over a period of time

b) database is created once and database is changed over a period of time

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Assistance Developing Query

Jul 23, 2005

Good Day;I would appreciate assistance developing a query that I haven't beenable to develop without using a second table. I wish to count thenumber of records that are still open on the first of each month.Each record has an open date and a close date or the close date isnull i.e., the record is not yet closed. I've previously beaten thisby building a table, simply a list of the dates for the first of eachmonth for the next ten years or so, and then selecting values basedupon a date selected from that table. However I'd be happier if Icould do it without the second table. I'd be prepared to accept theMin(Date) for each month as being the first of the month.I've included some DDL statements to build and populate the table ifthat helps. Since the selection is rather small and all the opendates are very close together I think the result will be simply adecreasing count from the month the first record is opened till today.A pseudo code select statement might look likeSelect Min(DateOpened) As DateOfInterest, Count(*) as [Qty Still Open]FROM DetailTWhere DateReceived > DateOfInterest or DateReceived is Null andDateOpened < DateOfInterestGroup by Min(DateOpened)Order by Min(DateOpened)I hope I've explained it sufficiently well.CREATE TABLE [dbo].[DetailT] ([Autonum] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL ,[QDNumber] [varchar] (50) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL ,[DateOpened] [smalldatetime] NOT NULL ,[DateReceived] [smalldatetime] NULL ,)Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('C15788', '06/04/2005 9:35', 07/04/2005)Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('B16091', '06/04/2005 9:36', '07/04/2005')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('B15001', '06/04/2005 9:51', '08/04/2005')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('M18696', '06/04/2005 9:56', '06/04/2005')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('C14969', '06/04/2005 10:05', '10/04/2005')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('O10091', '06/04/2005 10:08', '12/04/2005')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened)VALUES('D01197', '06/04/2005 10:13')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('H15001', '06/04/2005 10:15', '08/04/2005')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('J15090', '06/04/2005 10:24', '08/04/2005')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened)VALUES('J01202', '06/04/2005 10:31')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened)VALUES('G01193', '06/04/2005 10:32')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened)VALUES('K01164', '06/04/2005 10:35')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened)VALUES('K01162', '06/04/2005 10:48')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened)VALUES('F01124', '06/04/2005 10:59')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened)VALUES('H01147', '06/04/2005 11:01')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened)VALUES('S15068', '06/04/2005 11:10')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('E12322', '06/04/2005 11:32', '07/04/2005')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('A12205', '06/04/2005 11:37', '06/04/2005')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened, DateReceived)VALUES('D12259', '06/04/2005 11:40', '07/04/2005')Insert into DetailT (QDNumber, DateOpened)VALUES('C03394', '06/04/2005 11:51')If you made it this far thank you for your patience. Any help would beappreciated.Thank you.Bill

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Sdk For Developing Sql Server Front-end

Feb 1, 2006

I am in the planning stages of a front-end to access sql server databases. The project involves analysis of stored data as well as storing results of the analysis. The classes for the analytical part is fairly complex so I would like to speed up the data manipulation part of the project. I am already familiar programming with ADO but I was hoping for a more complete solution. Is there a sdk or example code (third-party OK) that could facilitate this?

The client is not especially fond of .NET and would prefer to use VB6. However, with the right solution, C# or VB.NET would be acceptable languages.

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Developing New Task In SSIS

Oct 6, 2006

Hi All:

For making a custom Task in SSIS, is it possible to reuse the existing code base? For e.g. If i need to append some functionalities to LookUp Transform. Can I inherit the lookUp transform class?



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Developing A SQL Server DB (noob Question)

Jul 31, 2007

I'm beginning development on a medium/ sized in-house web based system.  Well moving from asp/mysql to server.  Re-doing DB design as well.My question is does it make sense for me to develop the SQL DB in Visual Studio 2005 pro, and then later move it to a real SQL server?  Or basically what is the best and/or most practical way to do this development.  Any other IDE's out there?Thanks 

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I Have Been Developing In Visual Studio 2005...

Sep 7, 2007

how do i view the databases that i have made in my web sites in MICROSOFT SQL SERVER STUDIO EXPRESS? can anyone help?

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Developing Database For Mobile Phone

Mar 9, 2008


I am developing a Translator for a mobile phone and I am using MS SQL server 2005 for creating my database.. I am having a problem in creating a relationship between my tables.. I have the following tables:
English(engcode,engword) - engcode is primary key
Esperanto (espcode, espword) - espcode is promary key
EngEsp (engcode,espcode)..

The problem is that the icon "relationship" is disable in sql 2005 and i am nt able 2 create the relationship..

Any Suggestions??? Please help me..

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Programmatically Developing An Entire Package..

Jun 8, 2006

Hi all,

I am trying to write a program that creates packages on the fly depending on the variables you pass. for eg. It should create connection managers on the fly specific to a certain file in the variable (eg. sample.csv). the package has a dataflow task and it has flat file source and oledb destination.The problem I am facing is the flat file source when assigned to a flat file connection manager(dynamically), it is not giving any source output columns. i.e, the value for DFSource.OutputCollection(0).OutputColumnCollection.Count is Zero. But when I use the same code and reverse the source and destination(oledb as source and flatfile as destination), it is working fine. I searched everywhere for resources on how to develop packages programmatically, but could not find any except one example on msdn. If anyone knows about this prob or any useful resources on this subject, it would be really helpful.



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Developing SSIS Pacakges Programatically Using .NET

Oct 22, 2007


I have .NEt web application where i have to tranfer large number of records (50,000 to 1,00,000) from one DB to another DB.I want to use ssis pacakge to do this task , but my requirement is to build this ssis pacakge dynamically using .NET framework.

Is it possible to develop SSIS pacakge from scratch using .net programming?
Suggest me any other alternative options if you have ?


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Developing App That Will Use SQL Server Express On Back End...

Sep 21, 2007


I have the full version of SQL Server installed on my machine and am developing an app using BI DTS packages, VB.Net, SQL SPs, etc.. I will need to deploy this app w/SQL Server Express (SSE).

-Do I have to install SSE on my development machine for the purpose of creating the install package of my application? I am afraid that if I do install SSE on my machine, it may mess up my installation of the full version of SQL Server... will it?

-Can you point me to a link with information about how to do the development with the full version of SS, and create the installation package using the SSE?

Thanks for your help.


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Advice On Developing A Mobile App That Uses SQL 2005 CE

Mar 9, 2007


I am new to SQL 2005 CE but fairly experienced with SQL 2000 and know my way around SQL 2005. I am creating a PDA app that must support the following scenario:

My company has a SQL 2000 server with a "computer assets" database. This asset database must be able to be transferred to an .sdf file (SQL 2005 mobile) on the PDA when the user docks their PDA to the desktop PC (not the same machine as the SQL 2000 server). This transfer can be via an option in the mobile app that is initiated by the user, or automatic.

The mobile application basically supports stock-taking of the assets, so users go out on site and record information about the assets. This information is stored in a separate .sdf database on the PDA.

When the user gets back to the office they dock with their desktop and then must transfer the data from the second .sdf database onto the SQL 200 server. Lets call this the "asset metadata".

thats basically it! but im having issues finding the right process to attack the data transfer tasks.

My issues:

- Firstly, how do i populate the .sdf on the PDA for development purposes? Microsoft tutorials seem to be geared at SQL server 2005 management
studio only. I only have SQL server 2005 Management Studio Express on
my development machine as well as all the necessary SQL 2005 CE SDKs and VS2005. We
do not use SQL Server 2005 at my organisation as yet and it will be some time before we migrate across. In effect im looking for something that behaves like a DTS package to transfer data across.

- How to populate the "asset database" .sdf file from the SQL 2000 server when the user has docked to their desktop PC? (This needs to be refreshed )

- How to transfer the "asset metadata" from the .sdf on the PDA to the SQL server?

ive looked at merge replication a little but am not sure whether this is what i need and again most online information seem to be tailored to SQL Server 2005.

Can anyone kindly point me in the right direction?

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How To Connect To My Local SQL Server (For Developing)

Apr 20, 2007

I can't found my way to connect to local SQL server (On My Computer)

can any body help me

Ahmed Gaber

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BUG In BIDS When Developing SSIS Packages

Feb 1, 2007

There seems to be a BUG in BIDS when developing SSIS packages using the Import/Export Data wizard.

If you use the wizard to import a large number of tables, and then select all the tables, and then choose to delete exisiting data in each table, the PrologueSQL file does NOT get built correctly. Instead of having a

TRUNCATE tablename Go

for each table, it just has a bunch of "Go"s with nothing between them. In the step immediately prior, where you confirm what the wizard will do, it tells you, after each table, that it will delete any existing data...but it doesn't do this.

If, during the wizard, I select each individual table one at a time and tell it to delete existing data, then it will get built correctly, but not if I select them all at once...YET, if I do select the whole block, choose delete existing data, and then select any single table, it shows that table as being set up to delete existing rows.

This is very frustrating when trying to import large numbers of tables.

Am I missing something? or is this really a bug?

Thanks, Jeff

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An Argument Against Running Or Developing In SQL Compatibility 8.0 Mode

Oct 29, 2007


I've been scouring the forums and the web for anything that would substantiate an argument for database application developers to keep developing in SQL 8.0 when we have migrated to SQL 2005.

I read somewhere that compatibility 8.0 mode is an intern stepping stone for migrating from 8 to 9, but it seems 2005 will handle and run compat 8.0 databases just fine.

So am finding it really diffucult to substantiate my argument against running 2005 with all databases in compatibility 8 mode indefinitly.

Any suggestions or links that could help me with this.


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License Of Developing And Distributing Based On SQL Server XE

Jul 2, 2006

Hi all,

I need to find all information about distributing SQL Server XE and applications using it . Is it legal ?? should it be used just for educational use?!!! could it be used to develop a commercial software !! what limitations are controlling this ??

thanks in advance !!

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Developing DW Project On SQL 2008 - Does It Make Sense?

Feb 5, 2008

Dear all,

We started to develop a datawarehouse solution for client back in December 2008 based on SQL 2008.
We are convinced that we can use some of the new feature included in the new version which is the reason we we chossed to go down this path.

Due to the delay of the next version we have some question that I would like to hear you opinion on.

The estimatet "go live" date is during spring (march/april)

Is it wrong to contiue the development on the 2008 version?

We would need to run Release candidate at the customer site until the product is released. Is there any major changes coming up that are already known?

So far in the development we have had no big problems with releasecandidate.

Thank you for you feedback.

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