Disadvantages Of The Implementation Of Explicit Subtypes On MS SQL 7 And Oracle8i/9i

Jul 20, 2005

Could some database expert post some information or link about that?



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How To Create Database Link In MsSqlServer To Oracle8i

Oct 13, 2006

Hi All,
Can somebody please help me, how to create database link to Oracle from MsSqlServer200.

If I want to view data in both databases at a time then query would be like the following:

dblink name : SqltoOraclelink
table Name : EMP (this could be available in both the databases)

query in MsSqlServer200 EnterpriseManger:
select empname, empno from EMP msemp, emp@SqltoOracle oraemp where msemp.empname = oraemp.empname

Then this query results the rows from both the databases where empname is same in both the tables

My question is: How can I create this Database link "SqltoOraclelink" as I can do the same thing in Oracle.

As this is in urgency, it would be greate if somebody help us asap.

Thanks in Anticipation,

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Migrating From Oracle8i To SQL Server 2005 Operator (+)

Nov 11, 2006


I have a problem, i am upgrading a system that uses Oracle databases for using SQL Server 2005 databases. The thing is that the operator (+) (involved in many queries) is from Oracle and operators(*= and =*) are not supported in SQL Server 2005 (and not comply with the Ansi standard) i need help translating these queries. An example would be like this:






I didnt include the SELECT and ORDER BY text because i dont think its important. Also i know that you have to move the outer joins to the FROM clause but i didnt manag to get it. Could you help me? thank you in advance.


Fernando Martinez

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Autonumber Disadvantages

Oct 4, 2004

i am thinking of using autonumber in my table which is more likely to grow over time. but i am also concerned that what if the records get too much? is there is any other fields to use instead of autonumber? is uniqueidentifier a better option? i have a bit of discussion with my colleague about this matter.

any help is appreciated

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Disadvantages Using Functions

Jun 21, 2001

any disadvanges using user defined functions calling from stored procedures??

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Advatnages And DisAdvantages Of

Apr 7, 2004

Running SQL Server as a DOMAIN user account.

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DisAdvantages Of Cursors.

Apr 25, 2008

can any one help me out to know the disadvantages of the cursor

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Disadvantages Of Using Uniqueidentifier (Tell Your Tale)

Nov 19, 2003

Dear SQL...

I'm about to use uniqueidentifier and NEWID() for my new DB,

The DB may grow wild and I want to super safely create connections between tables,
so it would not just rely on numbers (that can B changed) as used with IDENTITY...

If U had some BAD experience with this or if U have any tips I can use please let me know


Should I take any special steps when using index on it ?

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Replication Ty

Feb 13, 2008

Can any body help me in knowing what are the advantages and disadvantages of all the three replication types?

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Advantages/Disadvantages To Using More Than One Database

Dec 18, 2006

I have a content site where everything is currently in one SQL ServerDB. As I add features to the site, for example message boards andblogging, does it make sense to put those features in a separatedatabase? What would I lose and gain in doing so? Thanks so much.Erik

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Advantages/Disadvantages B/w Being Consultant Vs Employee

Jul 12, 2000

Hi, I would appreicate your opinion/ feed back about Being consultant vs Being employee.

What are the advantages/disadvantages.
Does consultant makes more money than an employee and why so

Thanks for your response

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Advantages&&Disadvantages Logical Drives

Aug 5, 2005

Are they're any real disadvantages or advantages in having 1 massive disk partioned to create 2 logical drives (not including the C drive) and separating the SQL Database File & Transaction Log so that it doesnt reside on the same logical drive?

After all, it is still a single disk.


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Disadvantages Of Running 80 Compatibility On 2005?

May 1, 2007

I have a hosted solution where the web host provider tells me I'm running on a 2005 platform, but when I check the DB options, it shows compatibility level 80. The provider tells me I'm not losing any performance by running in the lower compatibility mode. Is this truly the case? What else am I losing out on in terms of features or capabilities?

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I Want To Know About Advantages And Disadvantages Of SQL Server 2005.

Nov 23, 2007

Please reply me as soon as possible.

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Olap Mining - Advantages, Disadvantages And Problems

Jan 19, 2007

Dear Sirs and Madams,

it's quite hard to find informations about OLAP mining I think. So I have some questions to you:

What advantages do I have by using Olap Mining instead of "normal" mining (relational databases)?
Is it just faster or are there other advantages?

What are the disadvantages? The data can be overaggregated (no detailled results), can not? Are there other disadvantages?

What problem do I have to face?

Whats going on with empty cells?

Thank you very much in advance and have a nice weekend.


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Transact SQL :: Disadvantages Of Column Store Index

Nov 3, 2015

What are the disadvantages of columnstore index in Sql Server 2012

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Security Implementation With SQL 7.0

Aug 10, 1999

I am trying to understand the way roles/users/permissions fit together in SQl7.0.
I created a user/login FSHUTE than I created a role called Developers and
granted permissions to all the objects in the database.
Then I made FSHUTE part of the Developers role.
FSHUTE is also part of the DBO role.
There were some problems accessing the objects.
If a users belongs to multiple roles are the permissions cumulative?
Or do they replace each other?
Do I need to give to the individual user access to every object?
Since I was completly comfused I ran the SP_helprotect procedure and only the permissions that were associated with FSHUTE displayed.

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Where To Put System DB's With SAN Implementation

May 21, 2008

This is my first experience with a SAN and we're about to migrate my SQL server to the SAN. The SAN is a nice product made by HP and worth about $200k, so it's not a cobbled together system...but I can't find any documentation to indicate if I should have the system level db's (master, msdb, and tempdb) running of the local system or the SAN.

The next step is a cluster, which brings forward the same question...do I store the system level db's on the local or the shared storage device?

Anybody have experience with this?



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Implementation Of SCD Without Using A Wizard

May 24, 2007


Please someone tell me the procedure of implementing the Slowly changing Dimension without using a wizard.



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New SQL Replication Implementation

Jul 24, 2007


I'm just beginning my R&D on SQL Server Replication for a project and had some questions about what paths to pursue

We have multiple locations which we want to all work off the same set of data essentially, but the kicker is that many of the sites become disconnected for minutes or either days at a time due to their remote locations, so we cannot simply deploy a web application with one SQL backend because remote sites will be unable to work during service disruptions.

Ideally, what I'd like to be able to do is have multiple instances of the SQL server/web applications(one at each site..they all have their own internal network), but which replicates with the main site/all other sites whenever it can(i.e. the internet is available). So one site goes without internet for a few days, they have up to date data from the last replication and they can work off their own sql server/web application, and any updates they've made/or any updates from other sites they've missed during the disconnected period would be replicated when the opportunity arises(ie. the web connectivity comes back)

Is this scenario possible? and I am struggling to find the right strategy path for implementing something like this. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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Does SSAS Allow Implementation Of SCD?

May 25, 2007

Can I implement a slowly changing dimension type 2 in SSAS. I am looking at creating an SSAS cube which can pull data directly from an operational OLTP database. The source database does not maitain history of changes for the dimensions, and I wanted to know if SSAS will help me keep that history by defining certain dimensions as a SCD. If so how do I define that rule. All tutorials I have read only skim on that topic and don't describe the steps/ways to define it in SSAS. Any help would be appreciated.

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Implementation Question

Sep 6, 2007

Hi All!

Not being an ace on T-SQL or working with Sql Server in general beyond the basics, I thought I'd ask for some input/ideas/feedback on an implementation question...

Here's the simple scenario:
I new user is added to a Users table in a Master database. Because of size limitations in Sql Server Express, every user has her own little database. This database gets created at the same time as the new user is inserted into the Users table. The name of this database is stored as a field in the Users table.

How would you go about implementing a scenario like this? Would you implement it at all or solve it in some other way?

I was hoping I coudl write a stored proc. that takes the user data and new database name as parameters, adds the user to the Users table and then creates the new database... Is this feasable? (Some prel. research would suggest that this might not be as simple as it seems...)


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Regarding.....Full Text Implementation..........

Sep 21, 2007

I have implemented Full text search in my web application.
I am using sql server 2005 database.
I used “contains “Keyword for full text search.
These are syntax as given below: CONTAINS    ( { column | * } , '< contains_search_condition >'     )  < contains_search_condition > ::=         { < simple_term >         | < prefix_term >         | < generation_term >         | < proximity_term >         | < weighted_term >         }         | { ( < contains_search_condition > )         { AND | AND NOT | OR } < contains_search_condition > [ ...n ]         }  
My search gives correct results according to AND NOT and OR.
But, it is not working if I used AND. 
Please give me solution.
Its very urgent for me…… 

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XNOR Condition Implementation

Mar 31, 2008

Hi there,I want to implement XNOR condition in my SQL statement.XNOR =====x  y  = ? ---------0  0  = 10  1  = 01  0  = 01  1  = 1Can any one help me out what operator I should use?BTW what operator do we use for C# or VB.Net?Thank you for any tip.-Ahsan

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Resources On Security Implementation

Jun 9, 2000


a) Thanks for all contributions on this site, they have been very useful but,
i am trying to implement a security procedure including auditing on sql server 6.5,7, sybase and oracle can anyone help?

b) does any one know any site like this that covers issues on oracle ( besides Oracle Technet)?

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Hiding Implementation/Code

Jul 14, 2004

We are planning to sell a software.. and don't want our clients to access the code or database design.

Is there any way to hide the stored proc/trig code and the database table?

Help is highly appreciated.


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Base Database Implementation

Jan 31, 2006

I am currently looking to buy or build software that enables my firm to:

Run a set of scripts to create a base database - empty database with minimum amounts of data (i.e. lookup data and seed data). So that when a new development project begins all that is needed to build the database is to run these scripts.

The challenges we face is managing these scripts. It would be easier from a manual perspective to only have 5-6 scripts, so that we do not need to manually open and execute each script (representing an object). The problem with this is when you modify a stored procedure, you modify it in your version control platform (which is single object based) and then you need to find and replace the object in your script.

What we are looking to do is buy or build an application to manage these files for us. I was wondering if anyone has purchased a solution to accomodate this?

We currently have ApexSQL Diff - which works well to compare contents of databases (structurally it does well, seems to have a problem comparing data but that is another discussion). What it does not do well is script out an entire database, and if it were to do this, it would put it all in one file.

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Learning Microsoft's Implementation Of SQL

Jul 7, 2007

Hi All,

I have Oracle 9i personal edition on my laptop which I use to learn Oracle/SQL including creating and quering tables. With this I have been able to go into jobs confident with being able to query Enterprise implementations of Oracle in a commercial environment.

Now I would like to learn Microsoft/SQL and I was wondering whether Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 Express will be enough for me to learn MS/SQL like Oracle personal edition has.



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Active Directory Implementation

Jul 20, 2005

We are implementing Active Directory. I need to know if this will presentany issues/changes for our SQL Server 2000 servers.TIADave Edwards

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Need Category Table Implementation Help

Apr 20, 2008


I new to sql procedures and I need your advice on below subject. Thanks in advance.

I have products table that has catid (string 50) and subcatid (string 50) I like to transfer the string to another table (categories) and keep only int values in products catid and subcatid.

therefore I created categories table and added 3 fields;

catid int (primary and autonumber)
catname string 50 will be equal to category name in products table
parentid int (if it is a parent category, it will be equal to 0 otherwise if it is a subcategory it will be equal to parentcatid)

so instead writing a vb program I like to ask your advice on better solutions.

please help

Also I am using sql express 2005 and I wanted to practice (learn) sql DTS. is there any way I can download this package and work it with my system?

thanks again

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Variable Array Like Implementation Using T-SQL

Aug 13, 2007


I want to perform Oracle's VARRAY like implementation in SQL SERVER. How should I go about it?
I've done an implementation in Oracle where I have a VARRAY variable which stores a number of insert statements where each INSERT statement is a single array element. I then traverse through the VARRAY and executed each INSERT statements inside a loop.

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Is This Outer Join Implementation Dependant?

Jan 9, 2007

Hi all,
Sorry if it looks a little cluttered!I have these two tables: CAMPAIGN(MEDIACODE varchar(10) UncheckedSPECIALOFFERCODE varchar(15) UncheckedLAYOUT varchar(10) UncheckedHEADERTEXT varchar(100) CheckedSORTORDER varchar(10) UncheckedSORTORDERCOLUMN varchar(50) UncheckedWIDTH varchar(50) Checked)andPROMORATEVIEW(MEDIACODE varchar(10) CheckedSPECIALOFFERCODE varchar(15) CheckedCAMPAIGNCODE varchar(15) CheckedNUMBEROFISSUES smallint CheckedRATE decimal(9, 0) CheckedDESPATCHMETHODCODE varchar(50) Checked)CAMPAIGN HAS ONLY ONE ROW:(CE DG8398 GRID ASC NUMBEROFISSUES NULL)ANDPROMORATEVIEWTOO MANY AND HERE A VERY SMALL RANGE OF RECORDSMEDIACODE SPECIALOFFERCODE CAMPAIGNCODE NUMBEROFISSUES RATE DESPATCHMETHODCODE(...CE CER1R02 CER1 12 429 WCE CER1R03 CER1 24 829 WCE CER1R03 CER1 12 429 WCE DG8398 DG8398 12 411 FCE DG8398 DG8398 12 405 1CE DG8399 DG8399 12 399 WCE DG8399 DG8399 12 735 1CE DG8399 DG8399 12 756 ACE DG8400 DG8400 12 756 ACE DG8400 DG8400 12 396 W...)Now the question:Why these two OUTER JOINS RETURN the same number of rows in My Sql2000 & 2005 express???1.SELECT DISTINCT P.MEDIACODE, P.SPECIALOFFERCODE,CD.MEDIACODEFROM CAMPAIGN AS CD RIGHT OUTER JOINPROMORATEVIEW AS P ON P.MEDIACODE = CD.MEDIACODE AND P.SPECIALOFFERCODE = CD.SPECIALOFFERCODE2.SELECT DISTINCT P.MEDIACODE, P.SPECIALOFFERCODE,CD.MEDIACODEFROM CAMPAIGN AS CD RIGHT OUTER JOINPROMORATEVIEW AS P ON P.MEDIACODE = CD.MEDIACODE AND P.SPECIALOFFERCODE = CD.SPECIALOFFERCODE AND CD.SORTORDER IS NULLIf you still with me here is what I am trying to do:to right outer join the campaign with promorateview and the if it's not overriden in campaign( there is no record for MEDIACODE, SPECIALOFFERCODE in campaign ) I will use that view to override the default values.I suspect that the last statement makes no "influence" on right outer join.Another work around for me now is that if I create a view that has these values and then filter it with VIEW.SORTORDER IS NULL it does the job but I am trying to get rid of this extra view.Thanks for your time, avarair

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Stop Word List Implementation

Sep 26, 2007

I would like to introduce stop word list in my search engine tool (web page).  Could anyone please provide me the steps required for implementing this? 
This is basically to filter the stop words used for searching in my search page.  The technologies used are ASP .NET 2.0 using VB .NET, VS .NET 2005 and SQL Server 2000 as the backend.(Note: I have already got the stop word list with me).

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