Get Duplicate Rows In Server

May 11, 2015

I have table with urls as 2 columns named OriginalUrn , NewUrl and  have duplicate rows with same url and different domains.For ex:

I want these 3 as duplicated and I have googled for a query and found one.But the problem is I'm getting only one column but I want those 2 columns. How could it be done.My code is

WHEN CHARINDEX('', OriginalUrL, 1) > 0 THEN SUBSTRING(OriginalUrl, 24, LEN(OriginalUrl) - 23)
WHEN CHARINDEX('', OriginalUrl, 1) > 0 THEN SUBSTRING(OriginalUrl, 27, LEN(OriginalUrl) - 26)


I want to show them as duplicate and want to return those urls.How can I do it

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Retrieval Of Duplicate Rows In SQL Server 7.0

May 14, 2000

How can i retrieve duplicate rows and show in sql server 7.0.
It is very urgent.

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How To Find Duplicate Rows In SQL Server

Apr 30, 2004

I would like to locate duplicate rows within a specific table. This table has 12 diffrent rows.


I have been playing with the following query but can't seem to get it perfect to locate my dups within sql. Can someone help me with the querry?

I'm playing with the following querry.
<list of all columns>
<list of all columns>
Count(*) > 1

Can somone possible input my column names into this querry that would possibly get it to locate my dups? I'm missing somehting and not sure what.

Thanks for any help

SQL Newbie

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SQL Server 2012 :: Dropping Rows With Duplicate Column Name

Feb 13, 2014

I have a query that produces unique rows. However, some of the unique rows have the column called testname that has the same test listed more than once. All I want to do is drop the older testname and keep the testdate column.


From third.test

I want to keep testdate in the query....guessing I need to put in to a temp table then drop the oldest one somehow by doing a subquery using Select Max....

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SQL Server 2008 :: Delete Duplicate Rows From ANY Table

Jul 31, 2015

Is there is 'fairly' simple query to delete duplicate rows from ANY table ?

A script which removes duplicates from a table, when a table_name is supplied.

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SQL Server 2014 :: Find Duplicate Rows Like Same Entries More Than One Time?

Sep 11, 2014

i have a table like below

create table staff_attendance
attendance_id int,
attendace_date datetime,
staff_id int,
working_year int,
hours int

values like

1 2014-06-30 00:00:00.0ST10121
2 2014-06-30 00:00:00.0ST10122
3 2014-06-30 00:00:00.0ST10122 ----same entry like previous one
4 2014-07-01 00:00:00.0ST10121
5 2014-07-01 00:00:00.0ST10122
6 2014-07-02 00:00:00.0ST10121
7 2014-07-02 00:00:00.0ST10122
8 2014-06-30 00:00:00.0ST10221
9 2014-06-30 00:00:00.0ST10222
10 2014-07-01 00:00:00.0ST1022 1
11 2014-07-01 00:00:00.0ST102 22
12 2014-07-02 00:00:00.0ST102 21
13 2014-07-02 00:00:00.0ST102 22

I Need to find the duplicate rows like same entries which is having more than 1 rows.... how do i find?

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Delete Duplicate Rows From Two Tables With Same Structure In Sql Server 2000

Aug 20, 2007


I want to delete the duplicate rows from two tables and get the resultant non-duplicate rows from both the tables into another table

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SQL Server 2012 :: How To Delete Duplicate Rows Present In Parent Table

Oct 19, 2014

I have a master table and i need to import the rows into the parent and child table.

Master table name is Flatfile_Inventory
Parent Table name is INVENTORY
Error details will be goes to LOG_INVENTORY_ERROR

I have 4 duplicate rows in the Flatfile_Inventory which i have already inserted in the Parent and child table.

Again when i run the query using stored procedure,its tells that all the 4 rows are duplicate and will move to the Log_Inventory_Error.

I need is if i have the duplicate rows in the flatfile_Inventory when i start inserting into the parent and child table the already inserted row have the unique ID i must identify it and delete that row in the both parent and chlid table.And latest row must get inserted into the Parent and child table from Flatfile_Inventory.

-- ===============================================================================================
-- ===============================================================================================
USE [IconicMarketing]
--USE IconicMarketing
@FileType varchar(50) ,
@ACDealerID varchar(50) ,


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SQL Server 2014 :: Eliminate Duplicate Rows When Joining Multiple Tables

Jun 8, 2015

We have the below query which is pulling in Sales and Revenue information. Since the sale is recorded in just one month and the revenue is recorded each month, we need to have the results of this query to only list the Sales amount once, but still have all the other revenue amounts listed for each month. In this example, the sale is record in year 2014 and month 10, but there are revenues in every month as well for the rest of 2014 and the start of 2015 but we only want to the sales amount to appear once on this results set.


[Code] ....

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Integration Services :: Loading Flat Files Without Duplicate Rows Into Destination Server

Sep 25, 2015

I have some duplicate records in my flat file. But i don't want to load those duplicate rows into my destination.

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Select Distinct Rows From Duplicate Rows....

Nov 28, 2007

Dear Gurus,I have table with following entriesTable name = CustomerName Weight------------ -----------Sanjeev 85Sanjeev 75Rajeev 80Rajeev 45Sandy 35Sandy 30Harry 15Harry 45I need a output as followName Weight------------ -----------Sanjeev 85Rajeev 80Sandy 30Harry 45ORName Weight------------ -----------Sanjeev 75Rajeev 45Sandy 35Harry 15i.e. only distinct Name should display with only one value of Weight.I tried with 'group by' on Name column but it shows me all rows.Could anyone help me for above.Thanking in Advance.RegardsSanjeevJoin Bytes!

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Jun 25, 2001

I used the following select statement to get duplicate records on Case_number column

select cases.distinct case_link, cases.case_number
from cases
group by case_link
having case_number > 1

I got the error message that

"'cases.warrant_number' is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.
cases.case_number' is invalid in the HAVING clause because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.

Any idea on a better statement to use. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

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Duplicate Rows

Jun 29, 2001

I have a table and this is what i did to get the desired result

Select A.col1,count(A.col1)
from Tab1
group by col1
having count(A.Col1) > 1

i tried this - but it didnot worked - it returned col1 as blanks -
Select A.col1,B.Col2,count(A.col1)
from Tab1 A, Tab2 B
where A.col1 = B.col1
group by A.col1 , b.col2
having count(A.Col1) > 1

As I was looking for all the rows that are apperaing more than once.

Now - The problem -

I have to join this table to another table Tab2 to get the other details.
My Tab2 is a table from where I have to pull the Customer DEtails like name,address etc.
How should I write this query?
Any thinuhts?

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Duplicate Rows?

Jul 20, 2006


i wanna know, how can i check if i have duplicate rows in my table?


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Duplicate Rows

May 16, 2007

Hi. I'm a SQL Server newbie, very experienced with Access, developing an ASP.NET database editor web app. I query the database with a statement more or less in the following form:

SELECT organisation.OrgID, organisation.Name, organisation.whatever FROM services INNER JOIN servicegrouping ON services.serviceID=servicegrouping.serviceID INNER JOIN organisations ON servicegrouping.OrgID = organisations.OrgID WHERE services.service=x OR services.service=y

In other words, I have a database of organisations. The services offered by the organisations are in a separate table, and I only want to return organisations that offer services X or Y.

Okay, now if I did this in Access, this query would return just one record for each organisation that meets the condition, unless I was to include a field from the services table in the SELECT clause, in which case of course I would get one record for each organisation and unique service offered.

But in MS SQL, the query returns duplicate rows if there is more than service offered by the organisation that meets the WHERE condition (=x or =y). Why is this and what do I need to do to my SQL statement to ensure I only get unique rows?

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Duplicate Rows

Feb 6, 2008


I've a query which gets a set of data from multiple tables -

select *
inner JOIN q
inner JOIN t
ON ( =
inner JOIN s
ON ( = )
inner join l
on ( =
and =

WHERE = 764
and = '764'

I get repeated # of rows for each id. I've some 136 rows for each ( there are 6 q.ids and hence I get 816 rows instead of 136) These 136 rows are actually divided among thse q.ids as

id=5, 4 rows
id=6, 8 rows
id=7, 24 rows
id=8, 40 rows
id=10, 60 rows
total=136 rows

Let me know what I'm missing here

Thanks for your help!

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SQL Combining Duplicate Rows, Please HELP.

Feb 1, 2008

I have a question, what does a statement look like that finds the duplicate rows and combines them,
I have a table named PRODUCTS in it 3 columbs Cost, Stock, Part_number.
I need to find all Part_numbers that dublicate, Combine the rows into 1 & combine (sum, add) their stock together is the new row & take an avarerage of their cost and use it as cost in the new row where they combine.
Please help me, I am stalled. Looked all over the internet & could not find anything, I really need this for a project I can not finish.
I have the following SQL statement:
SELECT part_number,
COUNT(part_number) AS NumOccurrences
FROM Products
GROUP BY Part_number
HAVING COUNT(part_number) > 1

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Deleting Duplicate Rows

May 6, 2008

I have a csv file that I need to import daily into a SQL Server 2005 table. Much of the table contents could just be overwritten with the new csv file, however there are a set of Rows within the table that need to be appended to , rather than overwritten. 
There is no Primary Key in the csv file that can be used.  
I'm not sure this is the best approach, but what I have been trying to do, is append the entire csv file to the existing table, and then go back and delete the duplicates.
When I run the Delete, it does delete the majority of the records, but leaves a couple hundred behind. The number left behind varies with each run, can't seem to identify a pattern here. Running the Delete a second time does clean up the rows left behind in the first execution of the Delete, and gives the result I want.
Any thoughts as to why this needs to be run twice? Or is a better approach available?
Here is my code -
SELECT [Pkg ID], [Elm (s)], [Type Name (s)], [End Exec Date], [End Exec Time], dupcount=count(*)
INTO temppkgactions
FROM pkgactions
GROUP BY [Pkg ID], [Elm (s)], [Type Name (s)], [End Exec Date], [End Exec Time]HAVING count(*) > 1
DELETE TOP (SELECT COUNT(*) -1 FROM dbo.temppkgactions WHERE dupcount > 1 )
FROM dbo.pkgactions
DROP TABLE temppkgactions

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Urgent - Duplicate Rows...

Apr 6, 2001


I want to delete duplicate rows in a table, can any one write a sql for doing that...

please help me in this...


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Eliminating Duplicate Rows

Aug 9, 2000


I have a table with four columns. like id,lastname,
firstname,acctname. I have duplicate values for the three columns other
than id column. like

ID FirstNameLastname Acctname
1 john hopkins jh
2 john hopkins Jh
3 david webb dw
4 david webb dw
5 david webb dw
6 Dan Kennedy DK

I want to eliminate the duplicate rows. id can be any one of them.
Can any one suggest me with a query by which i can do this.
Thanks in advance

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Delete Duplicate Rows

Jun 25, 2000

I have a table which looks as follow:

field1 field2 field3 field4 field5 ......
A B C A X ......
A B C B Y ......
A B C C Z ......
A B C A Y ......
. . . . . ......

I want to delete all the rows except one row. Anybody can help?

Thank you very much.

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Duplicate Key But Unique Rows.

Jan 25, 2000

I have a large table that consists of the columns zip, state, city, county. The primary key "zip" has duplicates but the rows are unique.
How do I filter out only the duplicate zips.
Randy Garland

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Delete Duplicate Rows Using T-SQL

Jan 20, 2000

How do you delete duplicate rows in a table so only one row is left in the table, using T-SQL.

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Can We Somehow Mark Duplicate Rows ?

Sep 14, 1999

I am encountering a problem. There are lots of duplicate rows in the cobol flat files (due to improper data entry and missing columns values )from where I am transforming data to sql 7. 0 tables using DTS. After transformation , can I some how mark the duplicate rows ? it is not for the purpose of eliminating them, but to enter the missing values and make all the rows complete and unique.
I have the transformed table as a temporary table. Can I add a column like 'status' etc.. and have the column values marked '1' for the repeating rows etc....
Can anyone suggest 'any' possible way of implementing it ?

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Deleting Duplicate Rows

Feb 11, 1999


I have problem in deleting duplicate rows. I have a identity column in my table, if I try to use correlatted sub query with Delete command it gives error.

The other problem I have is I have a date column in my table and update that column with current date and time. If use a query to fetch a records on a particular day , it does not return any rows

select * from rates where ch_date >='02/11/99' and ch_date<='02/11/99'

If I use convert also there is some other problems. Is there any way to force date checkings to be done excluding time.


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Mar 30, 1999



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Problem With (almost) Duplicate Rows

Jul 9, 1998


I have a table (mytable) with the following structure

docs int
field1 varchar(20)

the information in the table may look like this

docs field1
1 hello
2 hello
3 test
4 test
5 problem
6 problem

The docs column autoincrements and their is a unique constraint on it. The field1 column does not have any constraints on it.

how does on delete the duplicates without deleting both.

I can write a SQL statement to tell me what docs are dups, and what the field1 values are, but I cannot just delete one

Do I write a cursor? or is there an sql statement that would delete just one?


Steve Power

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Deleting Some Of Duplicate Rows

Nov 17, 1998

This is an imaginary problem while discussing ROWID in ORACLE.

Consider a table without primary key, unique key, uniuqe index.
A row has inserted into the table many times.
I want to delete all but one dulicated rows. With any 'where' clause all rows(duplicated)
will be deleted. In ORACLE i can achieve this using ROWID as follows:

Delete from Table_name
where < all column values >
and ROWID <> ( Select max(rowid) from Table_name where < all column values > )

How can this be achieved in MS SQL Server 6.5 ?

According to Dr. Codd's Golden rules for RDBMS one is that
One should be able to reach each data value in the database by using
table name, row idenfication value and column name.

Does MS SQL Server 6.5 satisfy this requirement ?

Also How many of Dr. Codd's 13 Golden Rules for RDBMS does MS SQL Server 6.5
Satisfy? Which doesn't ?

Any discussion about Codd's Rules is welcome.

- Gunvant Patil

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Creating (almost) Duplicate Rows

Aug 6, 2004

Hi everyone, I'm migrating some information for a client at the moment. They had everything in Excel files and I'm getting them into SQL Server. There are some differences in the way I am storing data and the way they were storing data.

For each client they stored, they had something like
Rel1 Rel2 Rel3
100 101 102

Now, what I have is a seperate row for each of Rel1, Rel2 and Rel3 so I would have 3 seperate rows with identical information except for Rel1. So I would have:

So one way I thought of doing it was inserting a new row specifying that the value for Rel2 should be stored in Rel1 and for the next row that the value for Rel3 should be stored in Rel1.

Now, I am able to do this but SQL Server inserts an extra row will the NULL value in Rel1. Does anyone know why this would be happening? I think what it is doing is finding a NULL value in Rel3 after creating the two extra rows and is inserting that NULL. So I think I need to check for NULLs and not allow it to create a new row if, say, Rel3 is NULL.

Any pointers are gladly welcome. (I know it's complicated )

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Need To Get Rid Of Duplicate Rows In A Query

Dec 12, 2007

Hello I am fairly new to SQL and having spent much time over the manual I decided to ask for help. So here's my deal.

I've got a query with 5 tables that I join together


INNER JOIN ThreatCategory
ThreatCategory.threatCategoryID = Threat.threatCategoryID
ON Threat.threatID = Threat_Map.threatID
ON Map.mapID = Threat_Map.mapID
LEFT JOIN person on map.contentPersonID = person.personID
WHERE (((DATEDIFF(dd, Map.dataAcquisitionDate, GETDATE()) > map.goodForDays) and (map.expired = '1'))
or (map.expired = '3'))

The problem is the table Threat_Map is a many to many mapping between the Map table and the Threat table. Eg) A map can have more than one threat and a threat can have more than one map. I know this is not the best way to have a database set up but its out of my hands as to changing the database. What I need help with is this.

My application checks as to whether a certain field in the Map table is expired or out of date (as in the query). If so it gets some required information from the other tables using those joins. However, I don't want to get information for the same Map.mapID that's expired twice. I don't really care which ThreatID I get from the Threat_Map table I just need to get one of them to meet the objects standards. However, so far this seemingly simple task has eluded me. I'd like to do this in SQL. Is there perhaps a way to do this. If not I guess I'll just take care of it in the application.


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Delete Duplicate Rows

Jan 13, 2005

Suppose that we have the following rows in a MSSQL table :


How to remove duplicates (leave only the 2 first rows) ?

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Delete Duplicate Rows

Oct 17, 2005

I have the following query to select duplicate rows from the table. How can i delete them with out using temp table.

select UserName, Title, Name, ColWidth, Sequence
from table1 (nolock))
Group by UserName, Title, Name, ColWidth, Sequence
Having count(*) >1

Any help would be greately appreciated.

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Removing Duplicate Rows

Dec 3, 2005


Please give the DML to SELECT the rows avoiding the duplicate rows. Since there is a text column in the table, I couldn't use aggregate function, group by (OR) DISTINCT for processing.

Table :

create table test(col1 int, col2 text)
insert into test values(1, 'abc')
insert into test values(2, 'abc')
insert into test values(2, 'abc')
insert into test values(4, 'dbc')

Please advise,


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