Help For Importing CSV Data File To Table

May 30, 2007

Hi all-

I am in need of some help importing a .CSV file into a SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition.
The problem is I already implemented Bulk Insert task in SSIS but it is not importing any data. My detailed layout is as follows :
In SSIS package1 -
In Control Flow Bulk Insert Task has been inserted
Properties of Bulk Insert Task:
Connection adtc009d.ganny
Destination Table ganny.dbo.t4
Format Specify
Row Delimiter {CR}
Column Delimiter Comma{,}
Source Connection
File r.csv
Options Check Constraints
Maxerrors 20

This bulk insert task is connected to Data flow task, if we click edit to data flow task, data flow section will come, here Flat file source & OLE DB Destination is there. Flat file source is connected to OLE DB Destination.

Properties of Flat File
Connection Manager
Flat file connection Manager
here by clicking new link flat file properties to this.
by clicking preview all data are visible
Properties of OLE DB Destination editor
Oledb connection manager adtc009d.ganny
Data access mode: Table or View - fast load
Name of Table or view dbo.t4

After designing all this then if I start debugging I could able to get records are imported to a table.
Please suggest me where I am going wrong.

Thanks in advance

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Integration Services :: Importing Text File Into Table - Random Data Order

Aug 3, 2015

I'm importing comma-delimited text files into a SQL table. The data imports in a seemingly random order. One time I import and the lines appear one way and the next time I import they import another way.

Is there a way to force the text files to import in the same order the data is found in the file?

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Importing Data To An Existing Database Column From An .xsl File Or .cvs File

May 15, 2006

good morning,

 I want to load data that i receive everydays from my customers in .xls file format (excel) or cvs file format,  to the database that i have created on this purpose. but  when trying to do that whith SSIS; i got an error message .... that i can't import redudant data in my database column.


Best regards.

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Memo Data Type Import Error While Importing Data From Access File Into SQl Server 2005

Sep 10, 2007

I have one column in SQL Server 2005 of data type VARCHAR(4000).

I have imported sql Server 2005 database data into one mdb file.After importing a data into the mdb file, above column
data type converted into the memo type in the Access database.

now when I am trying to import a data from this MS Access File(db1.mdb) into the another SQL Server 2005 database, got the error of Unicode Converting a memo data type conversion in Export/Import data wizard.

Could you please let me know what is the reason?

I know that memo data type does not supported into the SQl Server 2005.

I am with SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition with SP2.

Please help me to understans this issue correctly?

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Importing Data From A CSV File

May 19, 2004

I am building a aspx/c# application with SQL Server 2000 backend. Now i want to have the option for "Importing" the data into one of the tables in my database.

The source file for the import is a text file , CSV format. I want the users to click on the "Import" button placed on my webform and supply the souce file and the data should get imported into the SQL Server 2000 database table.

I want to know the various ways to implement this. Is it possible to invoke the DTS and then DTS will itself guide the users do the import? or if i need to write a SQL query , what would that be like??

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Importing Data From CSV Or Txt File

Jul 27, 2006


How can i import data from a csv file or text file

i have the text file located at C:Imports/Importdata.csv

the table that i have is as follows:

Invoice_no VARCHAR(50),
RefText VARCHAR(50),
CustomerDetails text,

i dont have any data for the invoiceID is it possible to import the data from the csv file .... the csv file partially is shown below...

Invoice_no, RefText, Customer details
272727, treesale, Garstang
345667, TidyBox, northampton


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Importing Data From Txt File

Mar 8, 2007

I have 30 text file with same format that I have to make SSIS package so that I can populate my permanent tables. Because they are just record keeping data we are not ver concerned about validating the data. We just want to copy and dump it in permanent table. Which should mean the least amount of work, because I used one file as a sample, did advance formating to give column names. Now, I did one simple dataflow task that takes the flat file and tranfers the data to OLEDB SQL server database table. Unfortunately, it keeps giving me error. I believe this is because of NULL. I want to take care of this without making staging tables and validating data. Any ideas?

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Importing CSV File In To Database Table

Aug 12, 2007

Hi to all

I am working on import module.
is there any direct query to import a text(CSV) file in to a database table?

any one can help me in this matter?

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Importing Data Into MS SQL 2000 From XML File

Jun 9, 2006

Hi Everone,I'm writing a script to import data from an XML file, and this tutorial isreally an awesome guide : ... problemthough is here's a snippet of my XML file:<planets><sun rise="6:23" set="20:33"/><moon rise="18:54" set="4:26"/><mercury rise="7:50" set="22:11"/><venus rise="4:24" set="17:38"/><mars rise="9:45" set="23:40"/><jupiter rise="17:23" set="4:20"/><saturn rise="10:09" set="23:53"/><uranus rise="1:38" set="13:10"/><neptune rise="0:23" set="11:13"/><pluto rise="20:38" set="7:25"/></planets><moon><phase date="7/6/2006" text="Waxing Gibbous">9</phase><phase date="7/7/2006" text="Waxing Gibbous">10</phase><phase date="7/8/2006" text="Waxing Gibbous">11</phase><phase date="7/9/2006" text="Waxing Gibbous">12</phase><phase date="7/10/2006" text="Waning Gibbous">14</phase></moon>The tutorial seems to work well with entries in XML that look like this:<nighttime><txtshort>A moonlit sky</txtshort><txtlong>A moonlit sky</txtlong><weathericon>33</weathericon><hightemperature>100</hightemperature><lowtemperature>74</lowtemperature><realfeelhigh>108</realfeelhigh><realfeellow>74</realfeellow></nighttime>But when the XML file has more info (not sure technically what it's called)like the date and text options above in the phase tag, I'm not sure how toimport these into MS SQL. In MS Access I did do an import from this XMLfile, but alas it didn't see these entries in the phase tags either.Suggestions? I'm trying to use the XML Bulk Load component, but I'm sureI'm missing something. Thanks for any suggestions ...Sam---Sam Alexander - sam.alexander(at)sidebandbbs(dot)com or telnet://"Data is not information, Information is not knowledge, Knowledge is notunderstanding, Understanding is not wisdom." -- Cliff Stoll--- Synchronet 3.13b-Linux NewsLink 1.84--[SideBand BBS - telnet://]--

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Creating And Importing Data From A CSV Or TXT File?

Jul 24, 2007

I am using SQLServer 8.

I have several files that were FTP'd from our legacy COBOL system. I am in the process of cleaning them up and saving them into CSV format.

I was told that I could use the BCP utility to import them into a SQL database, but the documentation I have is not real clear on that.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to import these files? I have created the database but not the tables.


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Importing An XML File With Hirarchial Data

Nov 10, 2005


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Importing Data From An Excel File

Nov 13, 2007

Hi all,
I am trying to export data from an excel file to SQL Server database for reporting. Unfortunately I get the following errors.

[OLE DB Destination [54]] Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR. An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80040E21. An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft SQL Native Client" Hresult: 0x80040E21 Description: "Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done.".

Could some one bail me out of this bug.



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Importing Data From A Flat File

Mar 11, 2007

I have a flat file data source - call it "order". Its a text file that looks something like this:


CUSTOMER|Acme Industries

I would like to write the metadata to a [order header] table and the ITEMS to a [order detail] table. Can someone direct me to a example of something similar?

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Importing Excel File Into A MS-SQL 2005 Table

Jun 14, 2006

I hope this is the right forum for my question.
I'm developing a website for a Prepaid Calling Cards distributor. Each of the cards they sale have a list of the countries the card is good for. I need to import this data into my countries_rates table. The file they are giving me is an excel file that contain 3 colums (fields)
1- Country-Name
2- Rate
3- Card_$_Price
these files contain aproximaly 400 rows so it will be a hasle to have to insert it manually every week.
In my web application I need to create a form where the user will select the card from a dropdownlist and then find the excel file to be imported for that card.
I would like to know how do I do that with Visual Studio 2005, SLQ 2005 and C#
please direct me to some links where I can learn how to do this or please send me some code snips I can see how is done.

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Importing Text File To SQL SERVER TABLE

Dec 15, 2000


I am writing program in VC++ through SQl-DMO calls.My problem is when i when i tranfer(import) a text file(comma seperated) into SQl server through a SQl-DMO method called ImportData which is a method of Bulk copy object.Its is not able to convert the data field in the text file to corresponding value datetime in SQl server whereas other data types are working perfectly.

This is the record i need to convert:

90,MichaelB,Wintriss,Inspection,Paper,11,Job101,1, {ts '2000-12-10 15:54:56.000'},D:public233 and 247233.mcs,

and this is the date field
{ts '2000-12-10 15:54:56.000'}

Whereas if i export a table in SQl server in Binary mode and then import the file back it works but when do it as text it gives the above error

Pls help me in this i would be very thankful to you.

Note: I am using SQL Server 7.0 version

Jitender Singh

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Importing Txt File To Multiple Table In Sql 2000

Jul 20, 2005

Hi There,I am looking for information on how to import the txt or csv file tothe multiple table in sql 2000. If you have any kind of inf. pleaselet me know wheather we can do this and how.below is the detail information.I received txt file every day which contain the information from 3different related table in my sql 2000 database. Right now we arekeyin the information from the web site (which is link to the txtfile) to our database, but i am wondering if we can import thoserecord in the tables.the header of the file goes to table1 and when we insert the record intable1, it should generate the autoidentityrecord (PK), and that PK islink to other table2 and table3 where rest of the information from txtfile goes. For table2 and table3 there are multiple record per our txt file each row is separated with row header, like HTC100WITH ROW NO. 1,2,3.., which indecate this information goes to tableand 1,2....are the different row number.Please let me know whether we can achive this task or not.Thanks for all you help in advance.Indra.I have pasted my txt file below:========"FHS000",20041029,0900,,"10",1,"TRAILB10_20041029_1B",3,"2.20","Pason-DataHub",,"#Well 1098831406 Tour 2004/10/29 Trailblazer 10 148",1,"EDR_3-0-10_HF2ETS 2.2""CON000",1,0000,0759"CON000",2,0800,1559"CON000",3,1600,2359"HWI010","0312857","COMPTON BRANT 15-7-18-24","COMPTON PETROLEUMCORP.","TRAILBLAZER DRILLINGCORP.","15-07-018-24W4","100/15-07-018-24W4/00","HANKPARANYCH","CURTIS FIESEL",20041029,,,"10",20041027,0600,,,"148","DD04485","VERT.","NO",,"HCO030",1,"Daily Walk Around Inspection","HP","CF""HCO030",2,"Detailed Inspection - Weekly (using checklist)","HP","CF""HCO030",3,"H2S Signs Posted (if required)",,"HCO030",4,"Well License & Stick Diagram Posted","HP","CF""HCO030",5,"Flare Lines Staked","HP","CF""HCO030",6,"BOP Drills Performed","HP","CF""HCO030",7,"Visually Inspect BOP's - Flarelines and DegasserLines","HP","CF""HDC040",1,"Rig Site Health and Safety Meeting (one/crew/month)","CF""HDC040",2,"C.A.O.D.C. Rig Safety Inspection Checklist(one/rig/month)","CF""HDC040",3,"Mast Inspection Before Raising or Lowering","CF""HDC040",4,"Crown Saver Checked","CF""HDC040",5,"Motor Kills Checked","CF""HFU050",2300,2100,,"HWE060",-5,"Deg C","COOL","WEST","SLIPPERY",,"HCS070",1,177.8,,"mm",25.3,"STELCO","J-55",8,108.44,3.84,108.44,"HCS070",2,114.3,,"mm",14.14,"STELCO","J-55",72,979.50,3.84,979.0,"HDP080",1,127,79.4,"kg/m","E",57,127,"mm","3 1/2 IF",10,"DC","HDP080",2,89,19.7,"kg/m","E",68,120,"mm","3 1/2 IF",15,"DP","HPU090",1,"F-800","EMSCO",254,"mm",,,,"HPU090",2,"F-800","EMSCO",254,"mm",,,,"HTC100",1,"Rig up and tear down""HTC100",2,"Drill Actual""HTC100",3,"Reaming""HTC100",4,"Coring""HTC100",5,"Condition Mud & Circulate""HTC100",6,"Trips""HTC100",7,"Rig Service""HTC100",8,"Repair Rig""HTC100",9,"Cut off drilling line""HTC100",10,"Deviation Survey""HTC100",11,"Wire Line Logs""HTC100",12,"Run Case & Cement""HTC100",13,"Wait on Cement""HTC100",14,"Nipple up B.O.P.""HTC100",15,"Test B.O.P.""HTC100",16,"Drill Stem Test""HTC100",17,"Plug Back""HTC100",18,"Squeeze Cement""HTC100",19,"Fishing""HTC100",20,"Directional Work""HTC100",21,"Safety Meeting""HTC100",24,"WOD""HSS110",1,1,"SWACO","N","110",,"84",,"HPA130","COMPTON BRANT 15-7-18-24",20041029,"COMPTON PETROLEUMCORP.","TRAILBLAZER DRILLING CORP.","CURTISFIESEL","10","ALBERTA","N",253"TCP130",1,,,,"kPa",140,,,,"mm",,"TCP130",2,,,,"kPa",140,,,,"mm",,"TCP130",3,,,,"kPa",140,,,,"mm",,"TTL160",1,1,0.00,0.25,0.25,21,"SAFETY MEETING WITH TONG HAND""TTL160",1,2,0.25,1.75,1.50,12,"RIG TO AND RUN CASING""TTL160",1,3,1.75,2.00,0.25,7,"RIG SERVICE""TTL160",1,4,2.00,2.50,0.50,5,"CONDITION MUD & CIRC.""TTL160",1,5,2.50,2.75,0.25,21,"SAFETY MEETING WITH CEMENTERS""TTL160",1,6,2.75,3.50,0.75,12,"RIG TO AND CEMENT CASING""TTL160",1,7,3.50,6.00,2.50,1,"SET SLIPS, TEAR OUT RIG, CLEAN TANKS""TTL160",1,8,6.00,8.00,2.00,24,"WAIT ON DAYLIGHT/TRUCKS""TTL160",1,9,,,,,"CEMENT WITH BJ USING 13 TONNES OF BVF-1500 NP + .7%FL-5,GIVING 15.5 m3 OF GOOD""TTL160",1,10,,,,,"SLURRY @ 1718 kg/m3,PLUG BUMPED & HELD @ 03:30 HRSOCT 29/04.""TTL160",1,11,,,,,"RIG RELEASED @ 08:00 HRS OCT 29/04""TTL160",1,12,,,,,"MOVE TO 12-3-18-25W4""TDI170",1,"JEFF CASE",8,10,475,"Deg C",,,"RUNNING CASING",,,,,"TLN175",1,"VISUALLY INSPECT PINS, RAMS AND STOOLS PRIOR TO LAYINGOVER DERRICK""TPA180",1,1,"DRILLER",647172865,"JEFF CASE",8,,,"JC""TPA180",1,2,"DERRICK HAND",648519056,"BRYAN VANHAM",8,,,"BV""TPA180",1,3,"MOTOR HAND",651056533,"NEIL WILLIAMS",8,,,"NW""TPA180",1,4,"FLOOR HAND",640352662,"TARAS WOITAS",8,,,"TW""TPI190",1,"REG",25,,,,,,"TPI190",2,"REG",25,,,,,,"TPI190",3,"REG",25,,,,,,=====

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Creating A New SQL Table By Importing In A Delimited File

Feb 17, 2008

How do I do this?

I cannot find any facility like there is a Access for getting external data.

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Importing Xml File Data To Sqlserver 2005

Jun 10, 2008

hi all,i have a table called Employee in sql server 2005 as shown beloweid       ename      esal001       john         5000002       lina          4000 I need to fill the above table from xml file(Emp.xml) as shown<Root> <Employee>   <eid>003</eid>   <ename>rose</ename>   <esal>2000</esal></Employee><Employee>   <eid>004</eid>   <ename>sam</ename>   <esal>6000</esal></Employee></Root> plz try to help me i am in need or give me any helpful suggestions  thanks in advance    

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Importing Data From Excel File Into SQL Server

Apr 9, 2000

Can anybody please give an example of how to import data from an Excel file to SQL Server in a VB Application using DTS.

I am particularly facing problems creating the connection for the Excel file. An example for that would be aprticularly helpful.

Thanks in adv,

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Error When Importing Data From Excel File

Aug 22, 2006


This is what i'm doing:

IF EXISTS (SELECT srvname FROM master.dbo.sysservers srv WHERE srv.srvid !=

0 AND srv.srvname = N'ExcelSource')

EXEC master.dbo.sp_dropserver @server=N'ExcelSource', @droplogins='droplogins';

EXEC master.dbo.sp_addlinkedserver
@server = 'ExcelSource',
@srvproduct = 'Excel',
@provider = 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0',
@datasrc = @Chemin,
@provstr = 'Excel 8.0';

EXEC master.dbo.sp_addlinkedsrvlogin
@rmtsrvname = 'ExcelSource',
@useself = false,
@locallogin = NULL,
@rmtuser ='ADMIN',
@rmtpassword = NULL;

set @NomServ = 'ExcelSource';

This create a linkedServer to read my ExcelFile.

Then i'm doing this:

EXEC ('Insert into Elements (No_element, Nom_elem, Desc_elem, Code_grpe_classe, Tps_elem, Code_sgrpe, Code_produit)
Select No_element, Nom_elem, Desc_elem, Code_grpe_classe, Tps_elem, Code_sgrpe, Code_produit
from ' + @NomServ + '...[Elements$];')

This is where i got an error. The error is:
The OLE DB provider "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0" for linked server "ExcelSource" does not contain the table "Elements$". The table either does not exist or the current user does not have permissions on that table.

I can't figure out what i'm missing. I've add permissions for EVERYONE on the file and on the folder just to be sure and i still have the same error. How can i check if the table [Elements$] exist ?

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How Can I Specify The Data Type When Importing Txt File Data Via DTS?

Jun 27, 2006

I create a txt file with a bash script, and i need to use it in a DTS package. But, i don't know how i can specify the type of my column. So in the transformations task, i have an error due to an incompatible type. what can i do to fix this error ?

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Issues Importing A Text File (tab Delimited) To A SQL Table

Dec 7, 2005

I have a text file I am trying to import to a table. This text file is in a tab delimited format. I am using DTS to import the data to a new table I made. The fields are varchar and are set to allow nulls & allow 8,000 characters per field.

The error I am getting is that the data exceeds the allowed amount (or something like that) in col4.

Now I have checked everything in column 4 and nothing exceeds 5,000 spaces/characters combined. I have checked the entire sheet (in excel) for that fact, and there is not one single column/row/cell that exceeds 5,000 spaces/characters combined.

What the heck could be causing SQL to tell me I am trying to import too much data in one column when there is nothing that even comes close to 8,000 characters & spaces combined?

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Integration Services :: Importing Excel File Into Table

Sep 24, 2015

'm getting the following error when trying to import an Excel file into SQL..I'm using SQL Server 2014 Express

- Validating (Error)
Error 0xc00470b6: Data Flow Task 1: The LocaleID 0 is not installed on this system. (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

Error 0xc004706b: Data Flow Task 1: "Source - Sheet1$" failed validation and returned validation status "VS_ISBROKEN". (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

Error 0xc004700c: Data Flow Task 1: One or more component failed validation. (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

Error 0xc0024107: Data Flow Task 1: There were errors during task validation. (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard).

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Importing Data From Flat File Into 2005 Express

Nov 16, 2006

Hello everyone,

I have exported data from few tables from my old sql server 7.0 database. Now, I need to import those data into new database which is on SQL Server 2005 Express. How do I do that in 2005 express server? Any idea?

Or, is there any better way to import data for selected tables into new database?


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Problem Importing Data From SQL To A EBCDIC Text File

Feb 21, 2008

Hi, how are you?
I generated a Data Flow Task where a OLE DB Source connects to a SQL Server and gets data from a table. The next step, writes a txt file with the information (Flat File destination).
All data is imported to txt fiel if this one is configured as Code Page: 1252 (ANSI - Latin I) in the connection manager for the flat file. But if I change Code Page: 500 (IBM EBCDIC - International) which is the one I need beacuse I have to imported in a mainframe, it doesn't work.
This is the error that I receive:

Code Snippet
TITLE: Package Validation Error
Package Validation Error
Error at Data Flow Task [Flat File Destination [31]]: The code page on input column "STATUS_CD" (1293) is 1252 and is required to be 500.
Error at Data Flow Task [Flat File Destination [31]]: The code page on input column "SRC_NUM" (1294) is 1252 and is required to be 500.
Error at Data Flow Task [DTS.Pipeline]: "component "Flat File Destination" (31)" failed validation and returned validation status "VS_ISBROKEN".
Error at Data Flow Task [DTS.Pipeline]: One or more component failed validation.
Error at Data Flow Task: There were errors during task validation.

Does any one knows how can I convert from ANSI to EBCDIC or what I have to configure so as to not receive that error messsage? Thanks for help and time.

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With Ssis :flat File Importing Data Problem

Dec 21, 2006


I have a problem with some in a file.
when i excute ma package to import data with my *.cvs file ssis bloqued le data flow in the line number 1042 and output this error : column delimiter note found for the column 50 wich is the last column .

How can i resolve this problème please.

Thanks all

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Flat File Source Not Option For Importing Data

Feb 8, 2006

I was getting the product error associated with the full version of SSIS not installed so I ran the installation again and selected the Integration Services check box.

Now when attempting to import data into a database, the drop down list doesn't have a flat file option.

How do I import data from a txt, csv file?


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SQL Server 2012 :: SELECT INTO - Importing A Text File Into A New Table?

Jun 6, 2015

how to import a text file with a list of NI numbers into a new table with a column to list all the NI numbers? I think I use the Select INTO clause, but not sure how to do this?

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Importing An Excel File And Save Data Into A Database In My Web Account

Aug 30, 2007

Hi everyone, sorry if this message is not supposed to be posted here.
I'm learning , and would like to know how I can insert data from a excel file into a database on my web account. Pretty much insert/update information in the database using excel file or a access file. 
Thanks a lot in advance

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Problem Importing Data From Flat File Into Decimal(10,2) Field

Oct 30, 2007

Problem importing data from flat file into decimal(9,2) field. The data in the flat file is 000001453 and I am copying it to a decimal(10,2) field and instead of showing up in the 0000014.53 it comes across as 0001453.00. I tried defining the input columns a few different ways but none seemed to work. How do I do this with SSIS or do I need to write a SP and use convert? Thanks.

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Problem Importing Csv Delimited Text File Into A Sql Server 2005 Table

Apr 25, 2006

I am using the Bulk Insert command and trying to import a CSV delimited text file into a table and I am having problems with the quote field delimiters ", " The command below works but it takes in all the "" quotes as well and the field delimiter comma , works only if the commas are the separators only. If I have a comma within a address field for example then the data gets imported into the wrong fields. What can I use to identify that the text qualifier is ". I don't see where I can use the bulk insert command to determine this. Is there another command that I can use or am I using this command incorrectly. I thank you in advance for any response or suggestion you may have.

BULK INSERT AdventureWorks.dbo.MbAddress

FROM 'a:mbAddress.txt'





CODEPAGE = '1252',




Here is a sample ascii file I am importing as well you can see that 6330 has a extra comma in the address line.

6317,26517,1,0,"1403 W. Kline Ave","","","MILWAUKEE","WI","53221","","",0.00,"MILWAUKEE",79,"",1/25/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6318,26225,1,0,"501 Dunford Dr","","","BURLINGTON","WI","53105","","",0.00,"RACINE",101,"",1/25/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6319,20101,1,0,"2115 Cappaert Rd #35","","","MANITOWOC","WI","54220","","",0.00,"MANITOWOC",71,"",1/25/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6320,23597,1,0,"728 Woodland Park Dr","","","DELAFIELD","WI","53018","","",0.00,"WAUKESHA",133,"",1/25/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6321,23392,1,0,"7700 S. 51st St","","","FRANKLIN","WI","53132","","",0.00,"MILWAUKEE",79,"",1/25/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6322,26537,1,0,"W188 S6473 GOLD DRIVE","","","MUSKEGO","WI","53150","","",0.00,"WAUKESHA",133,"",1/26/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6323,25953,1,0,"3509 N. Downer Ave","","","MILWAUKEE","WI","53211","","",0.00,"MILWAUKEE",79,"",1/26/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6324,19866,1,0,"10080 E. Mountain View Lake Rd. #145","","","SCOTTSDALE","AZ","85258","","",0.00,"MARICOPA",13,"",1/27/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6325,25893,1,0,"W129 N6889 Northfield Dr. Apt 114","","","MENOMONEE FALLS","WI","53051-0517","","",0.00,"WAUKESHA",133,"",1/27/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6326,26569,1,0,"8402 64th Street","","","KENOSHA","WI","53142-7577","","",0.00,"KENOSHA",59,"",1/27/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6327,24446,4,0,"83 Sweetbriar Br","","","LONGWOOD","FL","32750","","",0.00,"SEMINOLE",117,"",1/30/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
6328,19547,1,0,"4359 MERCHANT AVENUE","","","SPRING HILL","FL","34608","","",0.00,"HERNANDO",53,"",2/8/2006 0:00:00,"admin"
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Importing Data From Another Table

Mar 23, 2006

Hi All,I'm coming from using MySQL, and in their dialect you could pull data from one table to another using the following: INSERT INTO Table1 (fname, lname)VALUES(    SELECT fname, lname    FROM Table2    )Let's assume Table1 is a simple table with the fields ID (PK/Identity), fname, and lname.  This query would grab all the first and last names out of Table2 (fname and lname fields) and insert them into Table1, generating the ID for each new row.How would I do this in T-SQL?

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Need Help With Importing XML Data To A Table

Jul 23, 2005

Using some VB sample code on the Internet I have the followingthat works well and exports a set of records to an XML file:Dim oCmd, sSQL, oDomSet oDom = CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0")Set oCmd = CreateObject("ADODB.Command")oCmd.ActiveConnection = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=(local);InitialCatalog=TestXML;UID=sa;Password=123456"sSQL = "<ROOTxmlns:sql=""urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-sql""><sql:query>" & "select *from tblTest for xml auto</sql:query></ROOT>"oCmd.CommandText = sSQLoCmd.Dialect = "{5D531CB2-E6Ed-11D2-B252-00C04F681B71}"oCmd.Properties("Output Stream") = oDomoCmd.Execute , , 1024oDom.Save "C: emp estdts.xml"This is my first day of using XML in SQL Server and I need help on howto imitate INSERT statements by basically importing data from an xml file.With some changes I managed to write VB code that seems to be readingthe XML file I exported earlier but I can't seem to know what to do to beable to take the data only of the XML and INSERT it into a table.The code I used is the one found in the SQL Online Help, search in INDEXfor "OPENXML" and then choose "USING OPENXML"If you have sample code or can point me to a link that has sample code toachieve what I want, I would appreciate your help.Thank you

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