How To Convert Dynamic Properties To SSIS Package Config?

Mar 27, 2006

I'm currently trying to convert over packages from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005. The biggest obstacle at the start has to do with converting my "Dynamic Properties" control. I use it to read an .ini file and load the user name and password to my connections. With 2000 it's nice and easy 1 file 3 lines. While trying to convert it I€™ve had nothing but problems. I've tried the Registry Entry but it forces everything into the Current User and I can't use that I need local machine. There is no documentation and I can't have a xml file with 1000 different username and password settings because 1 person has to update that file with the new passwords. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank You


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Dynamic Properties Task In DTS 2000, Need To Convert It To SSIS

Jun 28, 2007

I have a Dynamic propeties task in dts 2000 that process/executes a global variable.

The global variable basically executes a bat file.

How do i set this up in ssis. The migration failed to properly convert this task.

Please help.

Thank you.

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DTS Dynamic Properties Task To SSIS

Oct 11, 2006

Hi ,

What is the equivalent of DTS Dynamic Properties task into SSIS ?

How do I convert this task to SSIS ?



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Dynamic Database Connection In SSIS Without Using A Config File

May 1, 2008

I'm a newbie to SSIS so this question may cause people to point and laugh. I apologise if that's the case.

I have a configuration database that holds connection details to a remote database. I want to use these connection details to dynamically create a new connection to some remote database.

I usually work in with C# where this would be simple but I can't find how to do this using SSIS.

I have found people using configuration files but as I already have my connection data in a table I don't really want to strip it out. (Also, is it a security risk to have database connection strings stored in a config file?)

I have been able to implement a custom script object to build the connection string and assign it to a user variable within the package but can't find any way to then use that variable to connect to the remote database.

Can anyone help?

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SSIS Equivalent For Dynamic Properties Global Variable Example

Apr 17, 2007


I have a dts package that currently uses a dynamic properties task to set the values of global variables. Each variable is based on the value of a query to the database.

I am in the process of migrating this dts package to SSIS but cannot find an equivalent function. I have looked at property expressions but cannot get this working the same way.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Integration Services :: DTS Config File Using SSIS Package

Sep 3, 2015

After developing SSIS Package (.dtsx file) if I need to deploy to all environments dynamically, then how can I create .dts config file and mention properties in it ? 

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Config File Already Exists Error While Building SSIS Package

Jul 2, 2007


While trying to build SSIS Package Project, the following error is thrown. I have added configuration file recently to fetch the dynamic values such as connection string, output path etc.

I tried manually cleaned up the debug folder and tried build but still the error occurs.

Can any one help in suppressing this error?

Error 1 System.ApplicationException: Could not copy file "D:ExportExport.dtsConfig" to the deployment utility output directory "D:ExportinDebug". ---> System.IO.IOException: The file 'D:ExportinDebugExport.dtsConfig' already exists. at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.File.InternalCopy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite) at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Project.DataTransformationsProjectBuilder.CopyFiles(ICollection fileNames, String outputPath) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Project.DataTransformationsProjectBuilder.CopyFiles(ICollection fileNames, String outputPath) at Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Project.DataTransformationsProjectBuilder.CreateDeploymentUtility(IOutputWindow outputWindow) 0 0

Thanks in advance,


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Failure Writing Properties Running SSIS Package From A Web Service

Mar 2, 2007

I am attempting to run an SSIS package from a web service. Right now both the service and package are on my local machine which is running XP. I have accessed the web service from a client application in debug mode. I am not sure if it is actually running under aspnet_wp.exe because it is XP and a development environment? (separate question)??? The package fails with a series of OnError messages similar to:

The result of the expression ""/c DEL /F /Q "" + @DeployFolder + "\catalog.diff.lz""" on property "Arguments" cannot be written to the property. The expression was evaluated, but cannot be set on the property.

An initial supposition is that the permissions of the web service are inadequate for the package. I have the authentication as "Windows" and <identity impersonate="true" /> in the Web.Config file. When I break in the debugger the Environment.UserName and Environment.UserDomainName are mine and I am an Admin on the box.
the authorization is 'deny users="?".

The article that describes basic implementation of this in a Web Service states:

With its default settings for authentication and authorization, a Web
service generally does not have sufficient permissions to access SQL
Server or the file system to load and execute packages. You may have to
assign appropriate permissions to the Web service by configuring its
authentication and authorization settings in the web.config
file and assigning database and file system permissions as appropriate.
A complete discussion of Web, database, and file system permissions is
beyond the scope of this topic.

And how!

Note that the load is fine and that this is a run time error and that the package runs correctly when run manually from SQL Server using the 'run package' menu item in the Object Explorer tree of the SQL Server Management Console.

I need to know if this is an ASP.NET issue per se or XP or if this is even a security issue. And how to solve it! This is critical path so an expeditious reply with a solution would be greatly appreciated.

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How To Convert SSIS DTS Package TO EXE Applcation

Jun 2, 2006


Does any one know how to conver SSIS DTS package to EXE Format... or

is there any tool apart from SSIS Executable Utility Package.


Deepu M.I

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Pass Dynamic Value To SSIS Package

Jun 6, 2013

I have an SSIS package that has a variable called @RUN_DATE.I would like to create a sql agent job and uses the set values tab to pass a dynamic parameter to the ssis package. for example, i would like to always set the variable to the last day of the previous month. I know that If i hardcode the date as 5-31-2013 it works fine, but i have not been able to figure out how to make the value dynamic by using an expression or if this is even possible.

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What's The Best Practice...1 Package Many Config Or Many Package W/1 Config

Apr 4, 2007

Hello all,

I'd like to know what's considered a best practice in the following scenario...

We're in the process of converting DTS to SSIS, our current SQL2K setup has one DTS package per database, each database and package are mirror images of each other, with the exception of connection properties and the files path's they pull from. (Occasionally there may be a one off Execute SQL Task that differs from package to package...but this will be handled in a different manner outside of the package from this point on)

From a administration perspective this has been somewhat cumbersome, as every time there is a schema change we need to update the transformations in each individual package...after updating 120 packages my index finger has a bad case of carpel tunnel!

My thought with SSIS is that I can create one package, with many configuration files (one for each database).

Now my question is, 1) is this a good idea? 2) Anytime we create a new database (New Customer = New Database) and need to create a new xml config file, do I have to create the config in BIS/SSIS package then redeploy the package?...or Can I simply add a new config file to the appropriate directory and reference this config in the scheduled job?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Pass Dynamic Date Value To SSIS Package

Jun 14, 2007


I have a parent package which accepts date as input. I can configure Set Values of Execute Package Utility with hard coded date value and it works fine. My question is how do I configure Set Values to accept dynamic date value or current date value (may be using GetDate()) ?

Thanks in advance.


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Dynamic Source Table For SSIS Package

Oct 20, 2007

I have created an SSIS package that is designed to move data from SQL Server 2000 to an Access db. I have set the package up to accept four parameters. They are:

the name of the SQL Server Database, which is used in an expression to provide the source connection manager connection string;

the full path to the Access db destination database which is used like #1 above.

the SELECT statement used in an OLE DB Source object to get the data from the source table

the table name which is used by an OLE DB Destination object.
I know that the source and destination tables have exactly the same structure and do not require a transformation.

In order to change variables 3 and 4 from above and have it work, I go through the following steps:

I change the variables to appropriate values.

Go to the Advanced Editor for the OLE DB Source object and click on "Refresh". This produces an error in the OLE DB Destination object that is something like "Validation error. Data Flow Task: DTS.Pipeline: input column "strRECTYPESUFFIX" (301) has lineage ID 17 that was not previously used in the Data Flow task.

Go to the Advanced Editor for the OLE DB Destination which brings up the "Restore Invalid Column Reference Editor". I mark all the columns that show up with the option to <Delete invalid column reference> and click OK

I then reopen the Advanced Editor for the OLE DB Destination, go to the 'Column Mappings' tab click 'Refresh', then in the upper pane where the input and output columns list appear I right click and choose "Map Items by Matching Names"
At this point I no longer have the error and the package will execute without any problems.

I am doing this so that I can load the SSIS package in VB.NET (2.0) so that I can then set these variables programmatically and then execute the package. The problem is that this actually performs steps 1 and 4 above. 2 and 3 are left out and the package fails miserably.

I have found some information that would be helpful if I could get my hands on the appropriate object. I realize that the data flow component would return VS_NEEDSNEWMETADATA from the Validate method, and that could be repaired with the ReinitializeMetaData method of the data flow component ( I assume that is the object to be using in this case). But I do not know how to grab the "Data Flow Component" as an object based upon the "Package" object I have loaded so that I can check if it is valid and manipulate it if necessary.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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How To Convert DBTIMESTAMP Column VAlue To Particular Format In SSIS Package

Sep 4, 2006

Hi i am Using Report_Date Column DBTimeStamp Data type. This isReport Date Taken From Current System Date from Varaible. I need Convert this Date Time Format to the Follwing Foramt .

"TO_DATE(Report_date, 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')"

HOw to Achieve this one in SSIS Package . Any one give me a solution.

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS Package - How To Get Dynamic Date Files From FTP

Nov 11, 2014

I am working on FTP TASK in SSIS Package. i have to get files from FTP that file names are like 20141110.txt. i want to download any particular date file from ftp. How to i set expression in Remote path?

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USING BI Studio How To Create Dynamic Connection String In SSIS Package

Jun 19, 2006


I need help for Connection string:

Requirement: When we create SSIS Pacakge using Businessinteligence studio.Each Source and Destination or whatever we using the Control required DB Connection.

we connect theDB server and Database Table through manaully .Instead of Manual i need dynamic Global varible for Connection String .How to achieve this connection string.

because suppose we create SSIS Package in Developement Server Latter We change the Server from Developement to Another Testing Server . at that time we dont requierd for changing manulay.any one pls reply me.

Same as in Dotnet we give configiration XML file .we gave the Connection strng. how to in SSIS we do?

Thanks & Regards


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Integration Services :: Dynamic Column Mapping In SSIS Package

Nov 2, 2015

I have some source files is there today it will have 4 columns..Tomorrow it will have 10 package is dynamically load the data to destination table..How we have do it in Using script task...

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Integration Services :: Convert Access Database As Part Of SSIS Package

May 15, 2015

I need to convert an access 2000 database to access 2013 and then load the data into a sql server 2012 database. Thus any urls (links) that will show me how to accomplish the following in an SSIS package:

1. Convert an access 2000 database to access 2013 database?
2. Load the converted Access 2013 database into sql server 2012?

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How To Convert String Data Type To DateTime In Derived Column Control In SSIS Package

Jun 26, 2006

Hi ,

I am Using Derived column between Source and Destination Control. the Source input column PriceTime is String Data type. but in the Destination is should be a DATE TIME column. How to Convert this string to DateTime in the Derivied Column Control.

I already tried to in the Derived column control

PRICEDATETIME <add as new column> ((DT_DBTIMESTAMP)priceDateTime) database timestamp [DT_DBTIMESTAMP]

But still throwing Error showing type case probelm

Pls help me on this

Thanks & Regards


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How To Use The Dynamic Properties DTS Task

Jan 10, 2005


I recently came across a DTS made by an experienced DBA and was impressed by the use of Dynamic Properties DTS Task used. As I understood the DTS was generic and if I'm not mistaken, can be easily transferred to another server/machine on an AS IS basis and without having to change any of the properties (server name, login, password etc.) for the source or destination server.

This seems to be a really neat feature.

I tried to put this to use but am having problems regarding how to proceed... Unfortunately I have not been able to find any article either which addresses this particular request and takes a novice step by step so that this feature can be used.

Will appreciate any help.


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Migrate Dynamic Properties

Mar 9, 2007


How do you migrate dynamic properties? I think successful rate is 0% in my tests. Does anyone have an example to show me?

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Sql 2000 Dynamic Properties Task

Feb 26, 2001

DTS now has a dynamic properties task in sql 2000 which at a first glance is pretty cool. However i do not know if it would sort out a particular issue I have.

I need to have a generic DTS package that pulls data from different locations based on the project selected by a user. The source is a btrieve database
The name of the tables change with the project, so for example the F24 project would have its source table named F24TACT and the IFO source would have its source table named IFOTACT.

I need to be able to dynamically retrieve the table name from a local SQL table and assign this name to the data pump for the data extraction..

I don' t know if this is achievable in DTS. I can retrieve the value into a look up variable but how can i set it at runtime ?


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Need Assistance With Dynamic Properties And FTP Task

Apr 4, 2007

Hello,I am building a packge where an FTP task needs to pull down a singlefileevery day from a specific location. The location will only have theone file.The file name will be different every day. A sample of one of the filenameslooks like this:CDNSC.CDNSC.SC00015.04012007The file names will be different every day, as the last eight digitsrepresent the date of the data in the file. The source files will belocatedin a subdirectory called 'outgoing'.My first approach to this has been to use a Dyamic Properties Task tosetthe SourceFileName of the FTP Task. I tried using a sting GlobalVariableexpressed as *.*.*.* thinking a wildcard would work, but it didn't.What approaches can I take so that the Source Filename in the FTP taskwilldymanically update each day to get the one file?Thank you for your help!cdun2

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Dynamic Logging Properties In MS SQL DTS Packages

Feb 7, 2007

Since I can't seem tofind the Microsoft SQL 2000 forum, I will post this here:

I currently have logging enable on several of my packages.
However, we are still in development of our packages and are reaching upwards
of 100 and logging will eventually need to be active on all of them. In
production, there will still be a development server and a production server,
both with different server names and user id/pwd.

I am looking for a way to dynamically change the logon information for the
logging so that we do not have to have someone go through and manually change
the options. I have tried using Dynamic Properties Task, but this only works on
the 2nd run of the package.


As a second question: can anyone explain to me why the errordescription field
in sysdtssteplog is cut short?

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DTS Old Style And Dynamic Properties Tasks

Sep 11, 2007

Im using embedded SS2000 DTS packages in SSIS. These legacy packages use Dynamic Properties Tasks to pick up connection settings from a named ini file. The name of that ini file needs to change occasionally. To date the only way we have of doing this is resetting all the dynamic properties to point at the new ini file. Unfortuntely there are a lot of connections and properties and there is no budget to recreate these packages in SSIS. There must be an easier way?!

Does anyone know how to quickly change Dynamic Properties Tasks to look at a new ini?

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Dynamic Connection String (config File)

Dec 8, 2005


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Migrating DTS Packages Question: Dynamic Properties

Feb 20, 2007

Hi guys,

After DTS Migration is "successful", I opened up dynamic properties step but I saw codes were all commented out inside the public class ScriptMain. Since I am not familiar with Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime, I'm not sure what methods I should use as there aren't much examples available online. How do I do the following in SISS way?

' Add your code here

' Source Type = 2

' Global variable = glvTrade

' Destination = 'Connections';'Trade';'OLEDBProperties';'Data Source';'Properties';'Value'


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Commented Dynamic Properties -- SQL2000 To SQL2005 Mgration

Jun 15, 2007

After DTS Migration is "successful", I opened up dynamic properties step but I saw codes were all commented out inside the public class ScriptMain. Since I am not familiar with Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime, I'm not sure what methods I should use as there aren't much examples available online. How do I do the following in SISS way?

' Source(Type = 2)
' Global variable = SPLastDate
' Destination = 'Tasks';'DTSTask_DTSExecuteSQLTask_7';'Properties';'SQLStatement'

How can i convert this code for ssis ?
Does anyone have any solution ? kind of urgency..


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How To Specify Config File For Package Within A Package

Jan 17, 2007

I have a situation where I have Package A, which is called from Package B. Both packages have been designed to use config files for their connections, etc.

The issues arises when executing Package B. I can specify a config for Package B to use, but how do I tell the embedded package to use its correct config file?

By default, Package A has its config file pointed to development, but I would rather not have to save a special version of Package A that points to production.

I dont see any option within the execute package task.

Any ideas???

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Changing Properties In A DTS Package

Sep 26, 2000

Is it possible to change the database name defined in the destinatation table definition of the transformation object programmitacally?

We have different database names between dev and prod. The package was created against dev. I'm trying to copy the package to the prod server and programmatically change the database name where necessary.

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Help !!! - DTS Package - Advanced Properties

Feb 27, 2001

Has anybody used the "Use fast load" or "Table lock" options in the advanced DTS package properties ? These are supposed to be in the Advanced tab of the Data Transformation Properties dialog box. I cannot seen to find them. I want to set them in order to have the load execute in nonlogged mode. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Depployed Package And DTExec.exe.config ?

Mar 5, 2008

Hi all,

Here's is the situation :
I have a script component that uses the aspnet membership provider to create users from a csv file in an aspnetdb database. In my Business Intelligence Developpement Studio (BIDS) everything works well. I added the aspnet membership provider in DtsDebugHost.exe.config and when I run the package from the BIDS it does what it have to do.

The problems begin when I deploy the package in file system as well as in sql server. When I run it doesn't use the DTExec.exe.config to find where are added the membership provider.
If I refer to that post :
When I run the package from SQL Server it should use the DTExec.exe.config as an app.config for my script component. But it doesn't use it at all and stop with an error that have nothing to do with that. I'm sure that it doesn't use because even when I have a wrong DTExec.exe.config it shows the same error.

If some one knows something about that it will be really great. I need to force my package when it's in stored packages to use one of the *.config as an app.config file.

Hoep it's clear

Thanks in advance for all help

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Package Config Errors - VS_NEEDSNEWMETADATA

Oct 4, 2005

Hi everyone,

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